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2002/6/19 [Health, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25144 Activity:kinda low
6/18    I think all you trolls and flamers should read this and take
        it to heart:
        \_ Not that valid points are not potentially being made, but it's
           difficult to seriously listen to someone who uses contrived
           pronouns like 'hir.'
        \_ Silly.  It isn't about self-hate.  How stupid.  'Hir' trolls are
           much different than motd trolls.  Here you're a troll for having a
           non-leftist political philosophy or not agreeing at all times with
           the RIDE BIKE USE LINUX crowd.
2002/6/19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25145 Activity:nil
6/18    UCLA ee guy, I just got the URSA letter. To get everything right,
        we're suppose to get a bill after Sep 1? And can we get a BruinCard
        before paying it? Also, they haven't told us who my advisor is, how
        do I know what classes I should take in my first quarter? My
        enrollment period is 6/26, how about you? Also, did you get a TA job?
        I applied but they never responded.
2002/6/19-20 [Industry/Jobs] UID:25146 Activity:insanely high
6/19    How many hours a week do you work?
        \_ during the dot com boom, +75 hr/week. After, 30 hr/week. The funny
           thing is that now I enjoy my life more than before even though I
           was almost a paper millionaire.
           \_ do you have a 4 day workweek? or just slack off?
        \_ A little bit more than 40.
        \_ 0. -grad student
        \_ 60+ -grad student -- not all grad students are lazy fucks.
           \_ sign your name.
              \_ why?  what do you care?
           \_ Yeah, some get the energy to moan.
        \_ Work is relative.  Does being _at_ work count as work even if I'm
           just surfing?  Total time lost is 40-100/wk plus commute.  Real
           work time is 10-65 + commute.
        \_ 30 hr/week physically at work...actual work, 10hr/week.
        \_ 40 hr/wk, 45 if you include commute, 35 if you deduct breaks.
        \_ seems like people are working less post-boom.  Is work getting
        \_ 65 hrs/wk during the boom, 35 or so now.
        \_ 50 hrs/wk at a dot-com during the boom, 40 or so now.  Now my
           salary is 20% higher, but I now get tiny options on stock
           which probably won't go up.
        \_ 0. -laid off dotcommer
        \_ seems like a lot of people are working less than during the dot
           com boom.  Some are happier now.  But are you getting bored
           with your work?  Are you doing more fun things with your free
           \_ I'm getting more, I'm working the same, I'm not any happier.  My
              problem is I don't want to work *at all* but can't afford to just
              quit and not have an income.  Starvation is so annoying.
              [and stop deleting my stuff. i was here first you motd smushing
             \_ I'd like to work about 20-25 hours per week with 8-10 weeks
                  vacation per year, but unfortunately, there is the 40
                  hour work week and only 3 weeks vacation per year.
                      Actual time spent working is less than 40 hours,
                      maybe less than 30.  Time spent at work probably
        \_ Since we're project-based, it's roughly 35-40 hrs during non-project
           time, and x hrs during project crunch time. (x = whatever it takes)
2002/6/19 [Uncategorized] UID:25147 Activity:nil
6/18    In Lilo&Stitch, is Lilo pronounced as Lie-Lo or Lee-Lo?
        \_ commercials say /Lee-Lo/
2002/6/19-20 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:25148 Activity:nil
6/19    just installed xemacs for the 1st time (on a pc running
        win 2000).  never used it before.  the dired doesnt seem
        to work from the keyboard.  is this one of those
        'differences' between xemacs and emacs?  or is there a
        way to get dired to work the same way as in emacs?
        thanks in advance,  hahnak
        \_In my xemacs, the dired button on the toolbar opens a windows
          dialog box, but "M-x dired" runs the regular text-based dired.
          I'm sure you can customize this behavior, check
2002/6/19-20 [Health] UID:25149 Activity:very high
6/19    Can someone recommend an effective, painless pubic hair removal
        technique?  I tried tweezing it recently but this almost always results
        in an infection. Thanks.
        \_ squssors!  see the bottom of the page. we use them in my lab
           to cut .5 mil wires, which are much finer than a human hair.
           Unless they launch themselves a half-inch out of your nose I bet
           no one notices.  Unless you've got a nose-hair inspector to deal
           ...and they're only 12 bucks.
           \_ .5 mil? As in 0.5 mm? That's orders of magnitude thicker than
              the average human hair.
              \_ 1 mil means one thousanth of an inch, which is about
                 25 microns. a human hair is about 70-100 microns, or
                 3-4 mils in diameter(a micron is 10^-6 m).
                 \_ Who the hell uses this unit and, more importantly, WHY?
                    \_ It's very common in circuit board manufacturing, for
                       instance. Why ask why? --dim
        \_ what about one of those spinning blade "shavers", made by
           Braun or companies like that.
           \_ yes, what about them? Do they work well?
        \_ Why bother?  Who could possibly be interested in your nose hairs?
           Unless they launch themselves a half-inch out of your nose
           and wave madly at passers-by, I'd bet that no one notices. Unless
           you've got a nose-hair inspector to deal with?
           \_ Because he doesn't want to look like an ugly unkempt sloppy nerd?
           \_ I bet your wife has visible nose-hairs
        \_ Um... scissors?
           \_ Scissors works well for me.  As for why bother, when my nose hair
              is too long it makes the inside of my nose itchy.
        \_ Fire.  Light those suckers up!  Works for me!
           \_ Just don't inhale at the same time. Very bad.
        \_ I just grab 'em and yank 'em out. Not really painless, though.
        \_ Whatever the solution, it don't cure ugly
           \_ It's not a cure, but it does temporarily fix one of the symptoms.
        \_ Nads!
2002/6/19-20 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25150 Activity:kinda low
6/19    Is there a free program that does scp on window 95?  (This is for a
        machine at work, over which I have no control.)
        \_ I don't know if it works on Win95, but it works on Win2k and
           Win98:  putty and pscp.  Do a google search.
        \_ As the above person said, pscp works.  Also try WinSCP.  Has some
           issues with its interface (at least the version I have), but does
           the job.
        \_ The link is:
        \_ the scp (and ssh) programs for cygwin work pretty well. I realize
           that this is overkill for this problem, but you may find cygwin
           generally useful as well.
2002/6/19 [Uncategorized] UID:25151 Activity:nil
6/19    Happier before, during, and after sex?
        before: .
        during: .
        after:  .
2002/6/19 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:25152 Activity:nil
6/19    Is this true or bogus or biased:
        \_ biased.
Ah, Gandhi, the one that sat on his ass for months while the Indian
National Army men(those former Indian soldiers under the Japanese) were
campaigning for the release of their leaders and rioting on the streets
even getting killed. When Gandhi began to see an opportunity opening he
began a peace march which seem laughable to the Brits because all they
had to do was wait until they go away. But the riots and mutiny was
another matter.

 "In 1956 Lord Attlee(former Prime Minister of Great Britain)
  was asked a question about Britain's hurried withdrawal from
  India in 1947. The British statesman who presided over the
  transfer of power to the leaders of India and Pakistan was
  halting in Calcutta for two days during his passage through
  India...Attlee was as good as his reputation for plain
  speaking. Without caring about the official British propaganda
  line, he mentioned a number of reasons for Britain's momentous
  decision, the most important among which, he emphasized, was
  that "the loyalty of the men of the Indian Army to their British
  commanders had been UNDERMINED by Subhas Chandra Bose's
  (Leader of Indian National Army) actions..." Incidentally,
  Governor P.B. Chakaravarti asked Lord Attlee his opinion on
  an allied subject as well. "Toward the end of the discussion",
  he wrote, "I wanted to know to what extent Mahatma Gandhi's
  non-violent movement had influenced the British decision to
  leave India. There was the flicker of a cautious smile on
  Attlee's lips as he uttered with slow deliberation the word
  'MI-NI-MAL'..."  Who had brought the country(India) so near
  its goal? General Sinha's answer is: "The above facts confirm
  that the INA(Indian National Army, which Japan helped to create)
  had a great psychological and political impact even though its
  military impact was not so significant. They also bring out that
  the Indian Army played a silent but significant role toward
  bringing about the independence of India.
            (Pandit's "The Last Days of Netaji")
2002/6/19-20 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:25153 Activity:high
6/19    All knowing motd,  What is the nationality/ethnicity/origin of the
        surname "Kanarek."  Maybe someone who has more search web fu than me
        can recommend how to find out.  The origin-surname-genealogy sites
        given by google are too weak for this name.
        \_ Most likely Polish, but could be Czech, Slovak, or one of the
           minority western slavic languages (Sorbian or whatnot),
           hypothetically speaking. Based on 3 minutes of googling and
           knowledge of a Slavic language, I'm fairly convinced that the main
           occurence of the name is from Polish "kanarek", for (small?) canary.
           "Kanar-" is the obvious borrowed root, and -ek is a common Slavic
           diminutive suffix. Not that this precludes the Oriya theory below,
           but Google gives tons of hits in Poland and with Polish first names,
           and none with Indian names or in India, so the Polish theory is
           more likely. (To substantiate this -- do a google image search for
           "kanarek" and you'll see a few pictures of canaries.) -alexf
        \_ why don't you just ask her?
           \- Konarak is famous sun temple in the indian state of
              Orissa. Are you sure about the spelling?
              \_ fine. if you dont want to ask her, then go to google
                 and type kanarek and look for other people with that
                 last name to get clue. As a last resort, call up someone
                 in the phone book. These techniques work even when you
                 have no fu.
                 \_ None of these will work if the name is sufficiently rare
                    or a very unusual spelling of a common name.
        \_ PicsP
              <DEAD><DEAD> -alexf
              \_ Wow!  She's hot!  Better than all the h0t 4z1an ch1kz!!!
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