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2002/6/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:25109 Activity:kinda low
6/16    What is/are the legal driving age(s) in western european countries
        like France, England, etc?
        \_ 18 is the norm.
        \_ Better question - when do girls become legal?
           \_ In Denmark girls in the teens are legal.  Great country unless
              you're looking for a cute virgin.
              \_ Again with the virgins...  why would you want a virgin...
                 teaching is a turnoff.
                 \_ Certain people perfer certain things.  For example, some
                    people love to be school teachers even though I can't stand
                    kids these days.
           \_ As usual, the internet, is, once again, your friend.
2002/6/16 [Uncategorized] UID:25110 Activity:nil
6/15   Tickets for SF Opera _tonight_.  see ~jon/opera.tix  --jon
2002/6/16-17 [Consumer/Camera] UID:25111 Activity:high
6/15   Anyone care to recommend a digital camera?  I want a 6x zoom at least.
       Optical.  At least 1280x1024 resolution. --PeterM
        \_ honestly, from what you want, i can tell you that anything
           on the market will do.  It is *IMPOSSIBLE* to make good 6x zoom
           lenses anyway. so, the piece of glasses/plastic at front of your
           camera will be the bottleneck on the image quality.  For
           just average image quality (which is what you want, and there is
           nothing wrong with that), just get the cheapest 2 megapixel
           camera you can find on the market... unless, you are a gadget
           geek and want the woo and ahhs from your friends.
           A word of advice: 2x zoom is good for normal uses, and the shorter
           end is more important than the longer end.
                                -- kngharv
        \_ 1280x1024 < 1.5megapixel, so you can go low end...
        \_ I have a Cannon S330 and like it a lot. It only has a 3x optical
           zoom, but it may be sufficient if you only need 1280x1024 --twohey
           \_ My S330 is a 2 MegaPigal camera.
        \_ Definitely look at the Fuji 4900/6900 and the replacement for those,
           S2 or something.  If you want 6x or greater in a decent camera
           that doesn't cost $1000+, you're looking at Fuji or Olympus. -tom
        \_ Peter--I have a Digital Ixus 300.  It's not the newest or the
           best, but it's still the nicest camera I've ever had.  The colors
           are great, and although it's just 2.1MP and 3x optical zoom,
           I can only recommend it. had some
           great objective criteria when I was trying to decide.  Also,
           keep in mind that I will buy a regular 35mm film camera if I ever
           want really high quality images.  -John
           \_ If you can wait, wait until the true "digital SLR" comes out.
              Right now, the SLR is not quit there yet because they can't
              make the size of the sensor equal to those of 35mm.  That
              will be at least 3+ years from now.
                \_ why do you care about the size of the sensor?  It has
                   virtually nothing to do with image quality, unless you're
                   using a recording medium with low resolution (like film).
           \_ by the time you do that, digital will be higher-quality than
              35mm.  It already is in many cases.  -tom
              \_ depend upon what do you mean by higher-quality.  If you are
                 talking about images on computer screen, perhaps.  If you
                 are talking about large prints, then, digital still got a
                 long way to go compare with Leica or Contax.  Then again,
                 most people who is serious about photography tend to
                 use medium format anyway.
                \_ top-quality digital cameras already compete with 35mm for
                   print quality.  Even my camera, which is two generations
                   old, produces better 8x10 prints than cheap film cameras.
2002/6/16 [Reference/Religion] UID:25112 Activity:nil
6/16    Crusade Propaganda
2002/6/16 [Reference/Celebration] UID:25113 Activity:nil
2002/6/16-17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25114 Activity:moderate
6/16    Remember Lynxgate, that Washington Times inspired witch hunt?
        Here is what really happened. Of course, they will not issue
        an apology.
        \_ Nice unbiased source.  I love how they dismiss the case of the four
           murdered firemen.
        \_ Um, no.  I don't remeber this at all.  Are you sure you're not
           taking some incredibly minor issue that was poorly reported on and
           using it to push your own agenda?  If so, get used to
2002/6/16-17 [Recreation/Humor] UID:25115 Activity:low
6/16    SEVEN SINS is a theatrical experience somewhere
        between performance art and stand-up comedy. At each performance
        seven performers take the stage for ten minutes a piece to tell the
        audience an autobiographic and funny story. All of the stories in
        each show are loosely tied to one of the seven deadly sins: ENVY,
        GREED, PRIDE, LUST, SLOTH, WRATH and GLUTTONY. For instance, opening
        night will feature LUST. The cast and the sin change with each show,
        although some performers repeat. On the eighth and ninth
        performances, we'll encore the best performances in two shows
        recapping all of the sins.  Running time is approximately 70 minutes
        - no intermission.  All performance will be held at Venue 9.
        LUST (June 9th), ENVY (June 16th), GREED (June 23rd),
        SLOTH (June 30th), PRIDE (JULY 7th), WRATH (JULY 14th) and GLUTTONY
        (JULY 21st)
        \_ FLATTULENCE (every day)
2002/6/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:25116 Activity:high
6/16    Better late than never.  From the Motd Movie Critic:
        Spider Man: Good.  Fun.  Go see it.  Do not expect best movie since
                    JC was born.  It's good but only a desperate movie going
                    public could boost it to the top 10 overall movie list.  A-
        Sum of all fears: Mediocre.  Highly disappointing.  BA plays CIA Wonder
                    Boy Jack Ryan (they mushed the script so for a young Ryan).
                        \_ CIA Boy Wonder Jack Ryan sounds better.
                    Unfortunately BA's character is a moron and BA is also a
                    moron.  Bad script combined with moronic actor does not
                    make for a believable top notch intelligence character.
                    Also disappointing are the villains who have minimal
                    motivation and are never fleshed out at all.  Jack vs.
                    the Cardboard Kings.  This Critic also objects to the
                    PC-ification of the book where the terrorists were arabs,
                    not re-fried Nazis who have nothing to gain from a nuclear
                    war.  C.
                    \_ I also forgot to mention to lack of reality of the whole
                       aircraft carrier thing.  I'm changing it to a C-.  -MMC
                    \_ I recommend Bourne Identity. It was a great movie
                       inspite of Matt Damon. Some decent car chases (no where
                       near as good as the chases in Ronin, but still pretty
                       good) along with good fight scenes and plot development.
                       There were weak parts in the background story but it
                       wasn't glaring like Sum or say Art of War. A- - !MMC
                       \_ "no where near as good as the chases in Ronin?"
                          ok, you're officially an idiot, and are
                          fired from motd movie critic.  those were the
                          worst chase scnenes i've ever seen in any movie.
                          i walked out of the movie after about forty minutes
                          of those idiotic car chases between luxury cars on
                          shitty european streets.
                          \_ to clarify: the above about Ronin was not from the
                             MMC.  It was the !MMC who posted.  Thanks. --MMC
                          \_ okay, name a movie with better chase scenes than
                             Ronin. IMHO, the photography, the settings and
                             the cars were well chosen in Ronin. - !MMC
                             \_ the H in IMHO stands for humble, and
                                yet you have appointed yourself motd movie
                                critic.  your opinions are neither
                                humble nor good. go away.
                                \_ !MMC != MMC
                                \_ I'm not the motd movie critic. I'm just
                                   some random anon. guy who happened to
                                   like Bourne Identity and the chase scenes
                                   in Ronin. I thought other motd readers
                                   might like BI, so I mentioned the parts
                                   that I liked about it in comparison with
                                   other movies motd readers will probably
                                   have seen. - !MMC
                                \_ The MMC has not yet reviewed BI or Ronin.
                                   When and if the MMC reviews these movies,
                                   you, loyal motd reader, will be the first
                                   to know!  --MMC
2002/6/16-17 [Finance] UID:25117 Activity:very high
6/16    Is the Last Starfighter a poor man's Star Wars, or just a better movie?
        I pose this to you, Motd Movie Critic.
        \_ At the surface level, LSF and the first SW appear to be variations
           on the same poor-boy-saves-galaxy theme but the similarity ends
                       \_ you mean "poor white boy" why can't
                          poor non-whites eve save the galaxy?
                          poor non-whites ever save the galaxy?
                          \_ 'cause black men are always getting into trouble
                             with the MAN (ex. SW:ESB)! Well, except in Men in
                             Black, ID4 and DS9 where a poor black man saves
                             the galaxy.
                             \_ DOn't forget Aliens!!!!!1!!
                             Asian men have often saved the galaxy as well
                             (Consider Sulu in ST:TVH, ST:UC and "Harry" in
                             ST:Voy, given the economics of the 23rd and 24th
                             centuries both could be considered "poor" as they
                             don't earn anything except room, board and
           there.  LSF never really leaves that level and takes the viewer on a
           child's arcade-comes-to-life fantasy while SWI sets the stage for
           deeper issues of good and evil and the nature of man.  "better" is
           in the eye of the beholder.  Sometimes you want bubble gum.  Other
           times you want bubble gum with good vs evil and the nature of man
           thrown in.  -MMC
           \_ but you have to admit, Burgess Meredith's car in LSF was way
              cooler than the Time Travelling Delorean.
              \_ Burgess Meredith? Try again.
                 \_ Hint: We got trouble in river city.
2002/6/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:25118 Activity:low
6/16    The AP libels Egyptian academics.
         \_ what's the libel?
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