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2002/6/14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:25094 Activity:nil
6/13    Can somebody id this song?  It's usually played in old b&w movies
        with settings in paris.  I hear it's something like rose colored
        life or something.  It's in french and I'm trying to find the mp3.
        \_ "Vie en rose". Most famous version is by Edith Piaf.
           -- ulysses
           \_ well, "la vie en rose".
              \_ Heh. This is what I wrote first. Then I googled and the
                 first result listed "Vie en rose". Go figure.
                 \_ Can someone post the URL for the MP3?  I searched "vie en
                    rose" and found several songs that are different.  I don't
                    know which one is the right one.
                    \_ Try searching for "edith piaf" instead.
                       \_ Is it this one?
                          do - - ti la so mi do
                          ti - - la so mi do ti
           \_ Woah, cool.  The motd is showing emergent behavior.
              \_ How so?
2002/6/14 [Uncategorized] UID:25095 Activity:high
6/13    Anyone know where i can rent a medium sized UPS, preferably one that
        didn't beep at me when it was unplugged.
2002/6/14 [Computer/Domains] UID:25096 Activity:high
6/13    URL forwarding guy here. Domain name with dotster for $9.99, free URL
        forwarding with While looking for free url forwarding, I
        found some dns registrar that was $10/yr + free url forwarding/dns,
        so I guess you can do it all in one place... but works fine.
        Just thought I'd let you motd'ers know.
        \_ Thanks! What's your Web site? - URL forwarding guy #1 fan
           \_ I did it for a friend.
2002/6/14 [Transportation/Car, Finance/Investment] UID:25097 Activity:nil
6/14    If one buys a car with financing (say 5 years and some interest
        rate) how does one sell the car before the 5 years is up?  Is there
        a way?
        \_ No.  you're utterly fucked.
2002/6/14 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:25098 Activity:nil
6/14    Ok you know that song Phil Hartmann sang on SNL "love is a dream"?
        Anyone know, did they invent that song or is it taken from somewhere?
        \_ Who was funnier than Phil Hartmann?
2002/6/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25099 Activity:nil
6/14    Yawn... if this morning's motd isn't the most dull as well as
        uninformative we've seen in weeks, I'll eat my cat.  We already have
        people censoring anything remotely interesting.  Why not go all the
        way and burn the dull shit too?  Just add a line to your .login or
        something to zero the motd and get it over with.
        \_ I am bi midget who has two half-step children by my sister and I
           want a sex change operation because of my religion, can you help?
        \_ Just taking a breather -soda conservative
2002/6/14 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:25100 Activity:nil
6/13    Say you're going to rent your house. Where do I get a "middle-man"
        who will fix stuff and deal with legal issues? How do I get such
        info? Thanks.
        \_ Legal issues? What do you mean legal issues? As for maintaining
           the property, you want to hire a property management company. --dim
           \_ property management companies are scum.  this will make you
              a slum lord, and if you post your address, i'll be glad
              to burn your fucking lawn as a public service.  do not listen
              to this jackass unless you want to be a jackass too.
                \_ say they don't pay rent (and you get screwed cuz your
                   mortgage depends on it) and lets say they're not leaving
                   unless you evict them... or they sue you for bad wiring
                   that shocked their cats or something. You know the ususal.
                   \_ Well duh, isn't it obvious from the above post?  All
                      people who rent out their property are scum.  All people
                      who rent from them are victims and God's Chosen angels.
                      There are no owners who aren't evil and there are no
                      renters who would ever even think of doing something
                      less than kind because it isn't in their nature.  If
                      the renter does something the landlord doesn't like,
                      they must've deserved it and more.  Power to the people!
                      (Note: this was 100% sarcasm for the impaired among us)
                      \_ landlord, property owner != property management
                         company, moron.  there are lots of great landlords
                         out there, just not property management companies.
                         why don't you try reading a post before you reply?
                         or just fuckoff.
                         \_ WTF?!  A Traitor To The Cause posting on the motd!
                            *ALL* landowners are villainous!  They just use
                            these white thug hiring "property management"
                            companies to hide behind so FOOLS LIKE YOU will
                            STUPIDLY make a distinction between OWNER and
                            MANAGER.  You think the owner doesn't know what's
                            going on?  FUCK!  The vicious evil white owner
                            *HIRED* the manager to fuck you and all renters on
                            a daily basis!  You've been taken in!  There are
                            *NO* great landlords.  The only good landlord aka
                            slumlord is a dead one.  We need to take all the
                            extra property they're not using and give it back
                            to the people!  Vive La Revolution!
                            \_ post your address, you fucking pussy, and i'll
                               burn your lawn.
2002/6/14 [Finance/Shopping] UID:25101 Activity:nil
6/13    Mailing lotsa books to France (10 pounds?). Is USPS cheaper or UPS?
        \- bookrate is relly cheap! ... at least USA. You should pack the
           stuff pretty well however. For international stuff, I belive
           printer matter is also cheaper than letter type stuff. I once
           sent an associate in london a poster and it would have been a hell
           of a lot more expensive if i had put a letter in the "london tube"
        \_ why send them 10 lbs of books when you can send them 10 lbs of
           \_ there must be something with a better boom/weight ratio than
              plastique these days.
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