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2002/6/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:25077 Activity:high
6/11    hmm... why don't people use motdedit?
> w hkg
USER             TTY      FROM              LOGIN@  IDLE WHAT
hkg              Gd       http://bighome.netlogic 10:42AM  4:31 vi /etc/motd.public
        \_ why should they?
           \_ A locking mechanism. Common courtesy. To not be a h0zer.
              \_ I have no locking problems with emacs (I don't lock
                 people out, and no one locks me out) and if my posts
                 get overwritten once in a while its okay.
                 \_ I use a different method but I also don't overwrite other
                    people's stuff and I'm ok with it if my stuff gets smushed
                    sometimes.  Where did the motdedit Nazis come from anyway?
                    \_ just trying to make it easier for you to do the right
                       thing. --god
                       \_ ve haf our vayz!
        \_ because they don't.  Roll the Bones.  Roll the bones.
2002/6/12-13 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:25078 Activity:moderate
6/11    Yemeni victims of racial profiling by Bush Nazi Brigade
        \_ Bad Troll. No cookie.
        \_ I don't think it's a big stretch to think that many citizens
            of  Yemen are dedicated to destroying the US, what do you think?
           \_ you would punish them all for the actions of a tiny few?
2002/6/12-13 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:25079 Activity:high
6/11    Does anyone have experience with bitkeeper? There is a guy
        at work who thinks that it is the best version control system
        ever and wants us to use it, but I'm just not convinced that
        its orders of magnitude better than cvs and clearcase.
        \_ if you work at transmeta and the "guy at work" is finnish
           and answers the the name of a certain Peanuts character you're
           not going to convince him to use cvs.
           \_ he's a fucking idiot.  the code base is a mess.
              \_ he's done more with his life than you have with yours.
                 \_ oh really?  so he's written some code, annoyed lots of
                    decent hard working people and has a job at a dotcom that's
              sun standard or something else.
                    totally fucked.  yes?  and?  go suck his dick if you think
                    he's some sort of god.  linux weenies... get over it.
           \_ I work at sun. We are using cvs for our project, but there
              are problems and we are looking at switching either to the
              sun standard or something else. - op
        \_ Forget all others. Use Perforce.
           \_ Perforce doesn't support some of the platforms we use
              and the source isn't available so its not an option
              for us. - op
                \_ what platforms?
                   \_ bsd/linux on sparc, and a few others I can't
                      talk about. We tried running it under solaris/linux
                      emulation, but ran into some problems.
                        \_ If your company is using bsd or linux on sparcs
                           they are retarded, if both then fucking retarded.
              \_ You're seriously be editing the source to your vcs?  No way.
              \_ You'll seriously be editing the source to your vcs?  No way.
                 \_ Since the source isn't available we can't build it
                    for our unsupported platforms.
                    \_ I see.  I misread.  My error.
2002/6/12-13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25080 Activity:moderate
6/11    Anyone going to the Mozilla Release Party tomorrow?  Anyone
        interested in carpooling and/or splitting cab fare? -dans
        \_ where/when/what city
        \_ I wanna go! I wanna go! Let's jus take my car after returning the
           keg. What say you? ,wllm
           \_ bring pocket protectors.
              \_ And be sure to wink at the ladies. They love that.
                 \_ So do the men.
2002/6/12-13 [Reference/Military] UID:25081 Activity:very high
6/11    What is the criterion used by the airlines to selectively screen
        passengers right before boarding (after scanning the boarding pass)?
        I got screened and thoroughly searched both times I flew (int'l) after
        this became a standard procedure even though I look nothing like and
        is not someone from middle east or an islamic country.
        \_ they dont use a criterion.  To do so (i.e. select all middle-eastern
            looking people) would be racial profiling.
        \_ you know those Reserve MPs they have patrolling aren't carrying
           loaded weapons.  They're carrying unloaded weapons.
           - sodan with brother in law patroling O'Hare
        \_ seriously, realistically, the underpaid workers who select who
           to screen pick the people they know aren't going to give them
           problems.  Sometimes you just want to go home safe and sound
           and you don't particularly care about the plane.
        \_ My freind looks like a terrorist, and they gave him the whole
           9 yards.  I think they also search the white people so that
           arab americans do not get offended.  They backed off when the
           playstation 2 in the black suitcase started normally.  Though
           in retrospect, the IDE hard drive bay could pack many explosives.
           \_ yes, my friend's uncle's son works at SFO as a screener
              and the standard procedure is that before they get to the
              middle eastern guy they'll search the prev guy very thoroughly
              as an insurance to potential lawsuits
           \_ oh it's WAY WAY simpler.  Go to some grocery store and buy
              chardonay.  Uncork, drink, consume.  Fill bottle with gasoline.
              now, Recork (yes there are kits for home wineries for this).
              Pack in suitcase.  They NEVER ask about wine or sample wine.
              Now you have an excuse to carry 6 BIG FUCKING MOLOTOVS on
              the plane.  How to deploy: go to bathroom.  Smash bottles necks'
              together.  Use socks and plastic BIC lighter to light.  Throw
              \_ bfd.  And so what?  You'll burn yourself alive and force the
                 plane to land early?  gosh, that's uh truly erm terrifying!!!
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