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2002/6/11 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:25061 Activity:kinda low
6/10    What is "progressive scan" wrt DVD players?
        \_ STFW. google "dvd faq progressive scan" +"I'm Feeling Lucky".
        \_ Progressive scan de-interlaces the signal sent out of the
        DVD player.  However, most TVs cannot handle a progressive signal
        anyway, and displays that can are often of high quality so they will
        have their own de-interlacer and scaler.  Progressive just means
        displaying the lines of the picture on the screen one after the other
        going down, instead of first displaying all the odd lines in the
        picture, and then the even for every displayed frame.  Try setting
        your computer monitor to interlaced display (if possible) and you'll
        see how crappy it looks.
        \_ Using the digital TV's doubler entails an extra couple digital
        2 analog conversions, and mitsu's doubler is not great anyhow.
        And computer in interlaced is much worse than tv which uses source
        material of 24 or 30 fps.
2002/6/11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25062 Activity:moderate
6/10    A while ago there was   so thread about linux clients and solaris
        nfs.  Today i found out that the default nfs packet size on 7.3
        (redhat) is 32k not the old linux 8k.  This causes clients to pound
        on our nfs server.  Dunno if it helps.
        \_ from mount_nfs(1M)
                Set the  read  buffer  size  to  n  bytes.   The
                default  value  is 32768 when using Version 3 of
                the  NFS protocol. The default can be negotiated
                down  if  the  server prefers a smaller transfer
                size. When using Version 2, the default value is 8192.
        \_ After the tip from akopps, I found these relevant bugid
2002/6/11 [Uncategorized] UID:25063 Activity:nil
6/10    what's Condorcet ranking used for in practice?
2002/6/11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25064 Activity:very high
6/10    My boss has this idea of creating a cross-carrier SMS
        application.  Search the web only showed me companies that
        sell cross-carrier SMS platforms.  I can't seem to find any
        pointers to how such application can be created.  Any ideas?
        It would seem to me the carriers would have to expose their
        SMS gateway APIs to accomplish this.  BTW, one explicit
        requirement is not to use the SMTP implementation of SMS that most
        carriers allow.
        \_ Short answer: If you're in Europe, SMS is already standard and the
           API is already public.  But, then again, cross carrier SMS already
           works in Europe so what you propose is unnecessary there.  Since
           you're in the US, you are, as the French say, fucked.  If you're
           not going to use the SMTP to SMS gateways that the telcos provide,
           you get to contract with each and every telco for the privilege of
           using their SMS systems, most of which were never really built to
           interoperate.  Telcos are big and slow.  Expect six months
           negotiation time, and make sure your contact at each telco was
           hired in the last month or two because average telco turnover time
           is roughly six months.  I'd be happy to chat with you about this
           some more, but it would be on a consultancy basis.  Send me email
           if interested. -dans
           \_ I saw the french get beaten up by Jet Li.  That was GREAT!
              \_ Yeah, I saw that move too.  It kicked ass. -dans
                 \_ where are the 3133+ logout pics, raverboy?
                    \_ Hi Paolo.  Yes I have pics, yes they're going up when I
                       get the chance.  But first I have to crack open
                       photoshop and filter out that nasty blue shift your
                       camera introduced into them.  Say, seeing as you live
                       across the hall from me, why the fuck are you asking
                       this on the motd?  Seems, um, inefficient.
              \_ Yeah, I saw that movie too.  It kicked ass. -dans
              \_ With a French flag on a flagpole, no less!
                \_ which one was that?
                   \_ Kiss of the Dragon
           \_ Someone told me to use SMPP.  Is that really universal? -op
2002/6/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25065 Activity:very high
6/11    Another flirting question.  Is it appropriate to wink at women
        (married or single) at work?  I think it's just playful fun and they
        almost always smile back at me.  Anything wrong with that?
        \_ Other than it showing your complete lack of style, no.  Why
           don't you just keep eye contact for a little bit, make sure she
           does and then go up to talk to her?
           \_ What are you going to say when she goes to HR or tells everyone
              else in the office about the geeky guy that's "staring" at her
              all the time?
              \_ IDIOT, that's why you start a normal conversation with her
                 first.  Do you see the picture?  Am I getting thru to you?
                 do NOT put her on a pedestal, treat her like a normal being
                 BEFORE you start trying to get into her pants.
                 \_ Your words: 1) stare at her, 2) wait til she acts like a
                    deer in the headlights, 3) walk up and dazzle her with
                    your charm, 4) have short conversation with HR on the way
                    to cleaning out your desk, 5) post resume.  It sounds like
                    a solid plan to me.  Well thought out.  I wish you great
                    success in your future.  -Your Friend
        \_ Only oily head used car salesmen wink at women.
           \_ Only men who want to get laid wink at women.
              \_ Only men who want to but never actually will get laid
                 wink at women.
                 \_ You'll have to redefine virginity then.  It works if
                    you're not an idiot about it.  It's called "flirting".
        \_ You're assuming people want you flirting with them.
           \_ Duh, how would you know if you don't try?  Chicken?  Egg?
              \_ Uh,  ask her out on a date.  It sure beats acting like
                 a pervert and looking like an idiot.
                 \_ Good call.  Just walk right up and ask her out.  Good way
                    to be subtle about avoiding company policy.  Very high
                    risk with absolutely no reason to think she likes you
                    first.  You're a genius!
                    \_ If she doesn't like you, she'll say no politely.
                       If you do this sleazy winking shit,  she'll tell you
                       go fuck yourself.
                       \_ She will file a sexual harassment lawsuit against
                          you in which she will accuse you of all sorts of
                          lewd behavior which the feminazi lesbian man-hating
                          judge will assume is true (even if you prove its
                          not) and then you will be slapped with a multi
                          million $ fine, which will reduce you to living
                          on the streets where you will be fighting with
                          the rats, cats, opposums and racoons for rotting
                          leftover beans in the bottom of rusting tin cans.
                          Of course she will be spending that money on
                          underage over-developed boys and girls at
                          some exclusive south pacific island resort. And
                          what's worse is that you weren't even married to
                          her, so you didn't even get action from her.
                          Trust me, avoid women, avoid them at all cost.
                          It is much safer to drink drano than to get involved
                          with a woman.
                          \_ Married men live longer, but married men are a lot
                             more willing to die.
                             \_ "What is the point in living if you can't
                                 feel alive?"
                          \_ BDG?  Is that you?
        \_ Sissy.  Wait until they look seriously out you then stick your
           tongue out at them.  Get a tongue ring for bonus points.
           \_ ever made out with a girl with a tongue ring?  It's nice.
              \_ It was good until it got hooked into my cock rings.  Ow!
              \_ Especially one with a tongue ring and big (but not too big)
                 tits and a cute face.
2002/6/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:25066 Activity:moderate
6/11    I'm looking for a decent free macro recorder/scripter for windows
        (2000).  You know something where i can record my mouse moves,
        edit it and play it back.  Recommendations?
        \_ Something like silk?
        \_ winrunner
2002/6/11-12 [Computer/Domains] UID:25067 Activity:high
6/11    Anyone know of an alternative to <DEAD><DEAD> that provides domain
        names for free?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> (dynamic or static ips)
        \_ the site mentioned here a couple of days ago looks
           promising (although the guy seems to be in financial trouble too,
           so it's unclear how long that site will stay up)
2002/6/11 [Science/Space, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:25068 Activity:nil
        About 8 paragraphs from the end:
        One question on everyone's mind was whether the light actually
        got dimmer, so resourceful Daily Californian photographers Ian
        Buchanan and Robert Katzer took light readings near the peak of
        the eclipse and half an hour later.
        The camera said it needed a 1/250 of a second near the peak of
        the eclipse but only 1/640 half an hour later -- proving that the
        eclipse did block some light, even if most people couldn't tell.
2002/6/11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:25069 Activity:moderate
6/11    Bad news for everyone involved.  Not as bad as it might be and not as
        bad as other places in the world which are on the verge of nuking
        each other but still pretty bad.  This won't end well.
        \_ "liberating all of historic Palestine" != Israel's Elimination
           \_ uhm, how do you figure that?  We're talking about the Israel &
              Palestine on Earth, not on Mars.
           \_ "Fifty-one percent of people surveyed said the end result of
               the uprising should be "liberating all of historic Palestine,"
               referring to British-mandate Palestine, part of which was
               recognized as Israel in 1948."  There isn't much Israel left
               if you roll back to pre-1948 borders, is there?
        \_ I like the "almost half of all respondents believed Palestinian
           President Yasser Arafat would win elections," rather than "More
           than half didn't think Arafat could win election."
           \_ Most polls are split into the equivalent of yes/no/not sure
              as three options, so if the split were 49/31/20, it would
              be appropriate to talk about the plurality as being almost
              a majority.
2002/6/11 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:25070 Activity:moderate
6/11    Want to graduate, but failed your classes? Get a lawyer and get
        out on time!
        \_ Now there's a winner.  "Yeah, I needed a lawyer to graduate."
        \_ Damn... I have 180 semester units, but can't find a degree.
           Can I just get a lawyer? --scotsman
        \_ What a chicken school district.
2002/6/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:25071 Activity:moderate
6/11    I'm ebaying my race car bed. I just want it to go to a good home. I
        made the necessary modifications so that an, uhhh, adult can use it.
        Fuck, I hate having to sell my toys, but maybe someone else will make
        better use of it.       -wllm
        \_ Somebody jus bought my dearest peice of furniture- for a 3-year
           old. Anyways, it's no longer available. ,wllm
           \_ delete your post
        \_ Hey wllm, when are we returning the keg from The Great Logout?
2002/6/11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:25072 Activity:nil
6/11    Does anyone know what is wrong with agate? Is there an alternate
        news server?
        \_ its broken?
        \_ someone forgot an apostrophe in a config file?
2002/6/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:25073 Activity:nil
6/11    In the SunOS5 realloc() man page, it says:
        "If size, nelem, or elsize is 0, a unique pointer to the arena is
        returned."  What does that mean?  Thanks.  --- yuen
2002/6/11-12 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25074 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Is agate down?
        \_ ping agate
           \_ I think he wants to know why nntp is not working:
              soda$ telnet agate nntp
              Connected to <DEAD>agate.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>.
              Escape character is '^]'.
              503 NNTP server unavailable. Try later.
              Connection closed by foreign host.
              \_ Obviously it's unavailable and he should try later....
        \_ Ask rob to come back and fix it.
        \_ soda 9: telnet agate 22
           Connected to <DEAD>agate.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>.
           Escape character is '^]'.
           SSH-1.5-OpenSSH_2.9 FreeBSD localisations 20010713
           So, cool, how long has agate been freebsd?  It was a Vax the last
           I knew....
           \_ gee, it was running FreeBSD for several years now. Are you one
              of those who also think that the OCF still uses Apollo
              Domain workstations?
              \_ I loved those Apollo's.
              \_ Hi Dumbshit, what did I say? "It was a Vax the last I knew".
                 What else did I say?  "how long has agate been freebsd".
                 Thank you for answering my question about how long and fuck
                 you for implying I'm stupid for not keeping up with every
                 change of random UC hardware/software.
                 \_ God, grow up. Or get that dick extension surgery you
                    seem to be so desperately in need of.
                    \_ Yes I should grow up.  I'm such an asshole for asking a
                       simple question.  I aspire to be just like you one day!
                       I'll come on the motd and personally insult people I
                       don't know who have done no harm.  Good choice.
2002/6/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25075 Activity:high
        \_ I saw my brother-in-law's dog doing that all the time, even in front
           of people, until he was castrated.  Imagine when there were guests
           and that happened.
        \_ Is it the same sky who claimed to have a hot korean gf?
           \_ Yes.  Why do you care? -sky
              \_ Because you have H07 4ZN CH1X!
                 \_ Any more pics of your gf?
2002/6/11-12 [Computer/Domains] UID:25076 Activity:high 70%like:23483
6/11    Welcome to the VeriSign Registrar WHOIS Server.
        The IP address from which you have visited the VeriSign Registrar WHOIS
        database is contained within a list of IP addresses that may have
        failed to abide by VeriSign's WHOIS policy.  Failure to abide by this
        policy can adversely impact our systems and servers, preventing the
        processing of other WHOIS requests.
        What's a way to run whois from the soda command line that works?
        \_ there isn't you lame ass.  you got soda banned from verisign's
           whois server, you dumb ass munch.
            \_ Seriously, is there a different whois app/server setup?
                \_ dont use soda.  use *any* other machine.
        \_ works on my linux machine.
2019/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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