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2002/6/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:25053 Activity:high
6/9     at the very end of Return of the Jedi, Luke sees three
        apparitions: Yoda, Obi-Wan, and a third man. who is that last that the pre-Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker?
        \_ yes.
        \_ I think that's Obi-Wan's mentor who died in the first episode
           \_ bzzt! wrong!
              \_ why?
                 \_ A.. because the first answer is right,
                    not is Qui-Gon Jinn he (sic, Qui-Gon Jinn he is not)
        \_ and they're going to add Amidala in the Ultimate Edition when
                it comes out in about 5 years
                \_ I heard about this. so they're planning on adding her
                   to this specific scene?
                \_ Nah, they'll add Jar-Jar.
                        \_ Jar-Jar is going into Episode IV (aka the orignal
                           Star Wars, aka "Star Wars: A New Hope").
        \_ the correct answer is, "Who GIVES a SHIT?" - Triumph.
        \_ yes, it's anakin's reformed spirit/soul.  And as for the rest of you
           don't even bother making noise about the re-re-make of the first 3
           movies.  it's stupid.  no one is going to see that shit.  lucas is
           a freak.  a super freak.  he's super freaky!
2002/6/10 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:25054 Activity:nil
6/9     learn the *truth* behind the environmental movement!  exxon is
        your friend, learn how!
2002/6/10-11 [Computer/Networking] UID:25055 Activity:high
6/10    Sometimes when the net is slow, my ssh connection
        drops characters going from my computer to csua (but not in the
        reverse direction, as far as i can tell).  Why does this happen?
        Since ssh runs on top of tcp/ip, shouldn't the dropped packets get
        retransmitted?  Or is this some anti-replay feature?
        \_ 1. the sequence numbers become way out of wack for the TCP to handle.
        \_ 1. the sequence numbers become way out of wack for the TCP to
           2. those "queued" packets get dropped eventually (think the routers
              care about your connection until time ends?)
              \_ yesh but your TCP stack should still eventually resend them.
                 I hink you have more of an OS problem than a networking one.
                 \_ I use freebsd 4.5. It still times out.  What do you use?
                    \_ Turn on keep-alives.
                    \_ My connection isn't timing out.  It's just dropping
                       characters.                      -op
        \_ winXP never times out.
        \_ I read somewhere that telnet uses UDP.  Is that true?
           \_ No.
2002/6/10-11 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25056 Activity:nil 75%like:24779
6/9     UCLA ee guy, what happened to Stanford?
        \_ I haven't heard, they seem to take their own sweet time with
           hcp apps. -ucla ee guy
2002/6/10-11 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Security] UID:25057 Activity:kinda low
6/9     I have a geocities website and my own domainname. Is there any free
        service to do DNS+Url Redirection of my domain to geocities? I couldn't
        figure out if is what I needed. -fuless, not faithless
        \_ some domain registrars will do redirects for you as part of the
           service.  shop around.  maybe your own already does this.
        \_ I ended up using --opp
2002/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:25058 Activity:very high
6/9     awwwwww, man!  my troll got deleted! must train harder.
        \_ even kinney trolls better than you.
           \_ ouch!

        Secret FBI files reveal covert activities at UC
        Bureau's campus operations involved Reagan, CIA
        \_ [ kinneydrivel deleted. ]
           Kinney if you don't acknowledge human rights, I would be happy to
           shoot you like a dog, next time we meet.  I know you wouldn't
           \_ murder isn't about human rights, per se.  and btw, you don't have
              the "right" to be alive anyway.
               \_ Umm, yes, you do.  It's not inalienable though. -RAH
                  \_ From where does this "right" derive?  Do only humans have
                     it?  Do only Americans have it?
                     \_  Yes.  Terrorists (that is, non-Americans) have no
                         right to live, and we're finally enforcing that.
2002/6/10-11 [Science/Space, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:25059 Activity:high
6/10    Eclipse Today:
        Anyone know where to get eclipse glasses in the south bay (mnt. view
        san jose area)?
        \_ I wonder how many people blew out their digital camera CCD trying
           to photograph this thing.
        \_ I'm going out to the Great Circle to celebrate the New Cycle.
        \_ Whole Hippie Online sells them.  They have a store in SJ next to
           "Get A Job You Fucking Hippie" Resume Service
           \- er can you actually "blow out" a CCD? ... i mean short of
              shooting a laser into your camera.
        \_ The radio said for Bay Area about 60% of the sun will be obscured,
           but people won't notice any dimming of the sun light.  I don't
           understand why it won't get any darker than usual when more than
           half of the sun is obscured.
           \_ take physics 7C
              \_ oh, really?  i'm about half way through a phd in physics,
                 and it's not obvious to me, but i guess i don't have
                 your godlike insight.
                 \- i think it is eye reaction perhaps. i think between
                    aperture change and some difference in processing high
                    contrast probably explains it. e.g. i think often a room
                    with a naked lightbulb looks darker than a shaded light.
                    however if you use a light meter, you will proibably see
                    the reverse. if anyone own a light meter, see if you can
                    measure a difference. a spot meter on a newish camera
                    might do it too. --psb
                    \- actualy i thought about it some more and i think the
                       eclipse simply doesnt block a large area of the light
                       inclident on the earth. would you notice the light
                       level change in a room if a disk blocked only the
                       area of the lightbulb ... hard to explain without a
                       pciture. ok tnx.
                       \_ Actually a better analogy would be a disk
                          blocking part of a spotlight, because in the
                          lightbulb case you'd be getting much of the light
                          reflected off walls.  At any rate, I think the
        \_ Try the SF Exploratorium gift shop.  It's located at the Palace of
           Fine Arts. -dans
           \_ Hey dans, I heard you were a 31337 raver kidd13.  Who's throwing
              3133+ logout parties these days?  Any pics?
              \_ Hi Paolo.  Yes I have pics, yes they're going up when I
                 get the chance.  But first I have to crack open photoshop
                 and filter out that nasty blue shift your camera introduced
                 into them.  Say, seeing as you live across the hall from me,
                 why are you asking this on the motd?  Seems, um, inefficient.
                          light being scattered by the atmosphere
                          contributes a lot to the perceived brightness.  I
                          do recall the local brightness not changing very
                          much until only a few seconds around totality.
           \_ The sun is just really really really bright.
           \_ well it seemed quite a bit dimmer to me at 6pmish, the peak
              of the eclipse.  Though I doubt I'd have noticed it if not
              that I knew there was an eclipse going on. -ERic
              About 8 paragraphs from the end:
              One question on everyone's mind was whether the light actually
              got dimmer, so resourceful Daily Californian photographers Ian
              Buchanan and Robert Katzer took light readings near the peak of
              the eclipse and half an hour later.
              The camera said it needed a 1/250 of a second near the peak of
              the eclipse but only 1/640 half an hour later -- proving that the
              eclipse did block some light, even if most people couldn't tell.
2002/6/10-11 [Consumer/Camera] UID:25060 Activity:high
6/10    I have a client who is interested in photography.  For years he
        has used film, and is now interested in moving his archive of
        images into digital form.  He is an amateur bordering on
        professional, and he is interested in improving.  His archive
        contains several thousand images which he is willing to
        scan, manipulate via PhotoShop, categorize, and store.  The
        problem is indexing such a store-- he would like the primary index
        to be by location (where/when the photo was taken) but secondary
        indexes on (for example) subject, source, modificationHistory,
        etc.  Short of creating a relational DB schema and writing a gui
        for it myself, what are his options?  His computer skills are
        limited, but he's willing to pay for something that works well and
        won't destroy the image data.  He is also interested in
        specialized hardware for automatically scanning 35mm film
        negatives.  Any recommendations/links appreciated. -- mjm
        \_ try thumbsplus from cerious software (  It
           does this sort of organization and management fairly well.  -mice
        \_ stock agencies use a few db products for cataloging, some
        limited shareware stuff is out there.  There is not good stuff
        for batch scanning of negatives though - I find it often doesn't
        stay aligned within each frame.  It will take a while.
        \_ I'm also interested in this. Any suggestions? -!mjm
        \_ I'm also interested in this. Let me know what you end up doing.
           \- the Nikon coolscan8000 will do 5 at a time. you can get a
              batch load that will do a bunch at a time but it is noncheap
              batch loader that will do a bunch at a time but it is noncheap
              and yes there may be some minor alignment issues if you are
              really picky but you can scan oversize range and crop later,
              that transmit a lot of light, in my experience. --psb
              although this causes some edge problems on certain slides
              that transmit a lot of light, in my experience. a company i
              have some affilation with is working on some software
              to glue together various image management softwares in the
              while camera -> webpage pipeline. i may be looking for
              alpha/beta testers at some point. --psb
                \_ Is the 8000 much better than the much cheaper 4000?
                   \- look at the stats and see what you want/need.
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