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2002/6/9 [Uncategorized] UID:25043 Activity:nil
6/8     Why are the previous two dates tomorrow?
        Does it make a motd message last longer?
2002/6/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:25044 Activity:nil
6/9     Twin bed for sale, $80.  ~ 1 year old, wood frame, good mattress.
        Originally $300.  Tried to sell it for $180 and some guy nearly
        bought it.  Now I'm in LA and have to dump it. Available in 2 or
        3 weeks.  Mail mjm
2002/6/9-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:25045 Activity:very high
6/8     What's an environmentally sound way to dispose of kitchen fat?
        My Eisenia fetida composting worms don't like it.
        \_ In case this is a serious question.  That's another reason why
           I became vegan.  Without eating animal products, I don't have
           any animal products to dispose of.  All my kitchen scraps go
           into my compost piles.  I have a pretty big worm colony in my
           backyard.  :-)  If you care enough about the environment to
           keep composting worms, I recommend that you go the extra step
           and become vegan.
           \_ on the other hand you can just quit being a pussy and throw
              shit in the garbage where it belongs instead of it stinking
              up your house.  Most "vegan" composters I know are lazy fucks
              who "compost" in the kitchen because they're incapable of
              taking the trash out.
              \_ you don't know any vegan composters. We do not associate
                 with fuckers like you.  I'm quite proud that my family
                 only produce one grocery bagful of garbage a week.  You
                 lazy polluters makes me sick.
                 \_ One bag a week?  You don't have kids.  Anyway, how do you
                    *know* if you associate with "fuckers like him"?  You think
                    normal people are as obnoxious about their beliefs as
                    freaks like you and shove them in everyone's face at every
                    opportunity?  No.  You have no idea.
              \_ just throw it on the street.
                 \_ that requires effort too.  better to be a farty smelly
                    housed fat vegan with stringy hair.
        \_ make a lantern using fat + cornoil + cardboard + thick thread
           it will keep the electric bill down.
        \_ soap?
        \_ I don't know about eco-friendly, but at least it won't smell.
           my mom always poured it into yogurt containers and refrigerated
           it until it hardened, then threw it in the trash.
        \_ kitchen fat? dude, toss it.  whats more bio-safe than fat? sheesh.
                   \_ nyet.
           feed it to your pigs or something but oh wait then there's methane
           destroying the atmosphere!  egads!
        \_ you can't compost meat-fat, just toss it, or coat your
           entire body in it and start greeting each morning by
           taking a quick dip in the san francisco bay - danh
             \_ If "toss it" means throw it in a landfill, I'm looking for
                a way to recycle it.
                \_ if you really care, you could probably make candles out of
                   it.  -tom
                   \_ nyet.
                \_ I use it as sunblock.
                   \_ Feel how soft my skin is.
                \_ landfill it. its 100% bio. its happy there.
        \_ Buy a diesel car, convert it to biodiesel, and use it to drive
           to work:
2002/6/9 [Uncategorized] UID:25046 Activity:nil
6/8     Why are the previous two messages dated tomorrow?
        \_ Because they are, roll the bones.
             \_ Translation: "I don't know, but I'm arrogant."
        Does it make a motd message last longer?
2002/6/9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:25047 Activity:high
6/8     Can anyone actually tell the difference between a 96Kbps MP3 and
        a 128Kbps MP3? I justed recorded the same piece and can't tell the
        difference! On the other hand 64Kbps is not as clear and the degration
        is slightly noticeable.
        \_ after a certain point, the human ear can't tell the difference.
           \_ But this is not that point.
              \_ some people are less sensitive and can't tell the
                 \_ Question concerned existence of positive, not of negative
        \_ your ear isn't trained for it.  many people can tell.  you're just
           not one of them.
        \_ I can. I am musically trained and do audio engineering, however.
           I find 128kbps acceptable; I don't encode any lower than that
           in stereo for my repeated listening.
        \_ Don't forget that there are other elements to this than your ears
           and the MP3 file.  What about the speakers or headphones?  The amp?
           the DAC?  I can easily hear a difference between CDs and SACDs on
           my stereo, but I'm using some really good equipment.  If you're
           listening to this through the sound card and speakers on your PC,
           then it's no wonder that you can't hear a difference.
           \_ you are 3l1t3 you use SACD!
2002/6/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:25048 Activity:low
6/9     Is it worth seeing a Woody Allen film (Celebrity) because Bebe Neuwirth
        is in it?  Or should I just try to track down The Paint Job.
        \_ fuck off.
        \_ Tawei is that you?
2002/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25049 Activity:high
6/9     What is up with the logos of and being
        identical? Same font, same arrow.
        \_ what about Lucent and Zachary's Pizza?
        \_ what about and yermom?
        \_ Obviously, they are both part of a vast Washington state conspiracy
           to brainwash the rest of the country.
           \_ obYerMomAndMyDick
2002/6/9-10 [Consumer/Audio] UID:25050 Activity:moderate
6/9     What's a good CD to MP3 encoder?  RealOne only does 96KBps
        \_ You are still using real? Dude, they have marketing tactics that
           rival M$ with their stupid start center, take 5 and etc. And now
        \_ Real has a craptastic MP3 encoder.  Use LAME with --alt-preset
           \_ I forgot to add: for CD ripping, use Exact Audio Copy or CDex.
        \_ Audiograbber + LAME encoder. The freeware version lets you
           encode only half the tracks on a CD, but you can keep restarting
           the app until the the tracks you want to rip are available.
        \_ Grip + lame --r3mix. (really good variable bit rate encoder.
           I listen to mp3s with a pair of AKG studio monitors)
           \_ --alt-preset standard is supposed to be better than --r3mix
2002/6/9-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:25051 Activity:very high
6/9     awwwwww, man!  my troll got deleted! must train harder.

        Secret FBI files reveal covert activities at UC
        Bureau's campus operations involved Reagan, CIA
        \_ Reagan?? that guy was just a figure head, an actor....
             As for the substance of the article.... really who cares... you
           see in my view our entire system sucks big eggs. The whole idea
           of man has certain freedoms is a joke. The case about that guys
           computer which contained the details of 9-11 but the fbi couldn't
           look at in until they had a search warrant, obivously that case
           is blown out of proportion but still the issue is that MAN
           doesn't have the rights. But you then get into a little game
           theory,, how do you try to keep the average mans rights, well
           obivously that means you have to break the rules for certain
           indididuals for the better of the society. Ya so what the fbi was
           looking into UC faculty and heads, who knows what else they were
           doing and hasn't been disclosed nor never will be disclosed.
             That should NOT be the issue- they main point to EVERYTHING
           should be- was it done to better society? Know that is a
           debateably point on "whoes" society, but still I hope you get my
            This article just says that out of 6000 people - 1 person was
           harrassed. Is that the price we pay.... maybe, if that one person
           happens to be a friend of mine its hard to sell but what if that
           one guy was really making like bad for millions others, in that
           case its a no brainer.
             The idea of MAN's rights needs to be considered in much greater
           debt. Much like the 3 laws of robots and the creation of a zeroth
           law, protect society over all else.... if that rule wasn't
           created......but it initially din't exist because people were to
           worried about the safety of each individual life. This is the
           argument you trying to discuss, but this argument is just beyond
           current media and press. Instead they like to get political and
        \_ [ kinneydrivel deleted. ]
           Kinney if you don't acknowledge human rights, I would be happy to
           shoot you like a dog, next time we meet.  I know you wouldn't
2002/6/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:25052 Activity:very high
6/9     Serious question: I sometimes email co-workers in Japan. Should
        I append -san to a person's name when addressing them in email?
        I see other people doing that, but I don't know what it means.
        \_ Serious answer, -san I believe is how you address someone politely.
           For example, Noburi-san may mean Mr. Noburi or something, even
           though Noburi may be a first name. It's just a custom there. Note
           that this applies when addressing a male (esp. if he's older than
           \_ what if they are the head of a lab and have a phd? is
              there an equivalent to "Dr." in common use?
              \_ XX-kyoju is how you address somebody who is a professor. If
                 you are not sure if they are a professor, you can say
                 XX-sensei. -- ulysses
              \_ XX-kyoju is how you address somebody who is a professor. If you
                 are not sure if they are a professor, you can say XX-sensei.
                  -- ulysses
                  \_ so if someone haves the same rank in the field as
                     a professor, but does not teach at a university(head
                     of a lab in industry) can you still use sensei?
                     i thought sensei meant teacher, directly translated.
        \_ Yep, especially if they have an umbrella:
           \_ Remember, umbrellas don't kill people, people kill people!
        \_ just ask the others why they do it to see if you should too.
        \_ email their hookers. it's classier.
           \_ email them hookers, it's more appreciated.
        \_ Yes.  If you don't, it can be taken as disrespectful.  And you
           should address women with -san too.
           \_ unless you are Kenshin, in which case you must use -dono
        \_ Do they address you the same way?  Address them the same way they
           do you.  Or you could take the When In Rome approach.  You're in
           America.  We don't add -san to emails.
                \_ Yup, it's all about expectations and these woolly samurai
                   don't expect you to pretend you know their culture.
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