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2002/6/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25034 Activity:very high
6/7     I'm going to live with a girl next semester. She has a boyfriend, but
        always disses him, and talks to me more than she talks to him. I like
        her too. People tell me that living with her is a *bad* idea. Are they
        just immature freaks or is there some truth to what they are saying?
        BTW, this isn't a troll, I'm actually doing this.
        \_ I admire your open-mindedness, I suppose, for asking for
           relationship advice on the motd. Start by asking yourself *why* you
           want to do such a thing. If you can get as far as an honest answer
                             \_ thing == living with girl, or thing == asking
                                motd about it?
           to that, the rest should become pretty clear.
        \_ she must think you're gay, and is treating you like a 'best friend'.
        \_ living with girls is like living with guys.  If you can ignore
           her and generally rely that she will be able to pay rent, and
           if she doesn't have any pets that will cause you allergies, go
           for it.  Just don't try to fuck her or delude yourself about
           platonic relationships.
           - guy who's lived with girls as roommates (double/tripple),
             flatmates, etc.
        \_ Is your name Robert? If so, I'm going to kick your ass.
           \_ Are you kidding? She and I have been having the time for weeks,
              now, dude. I got over this guy's problems awhile ago. I can't
              help it you can't keep your girl satisfied. -- robert
        \_ Wow.  The number of alarm bells that went off in my head while
           reading this:
               cause for worry.  I've had both male and female roomates
            "I'm going to live with a girl..."  - alarms go off
               problematic.                              -mice
            \_ ???  I don't really see why this by itself would be a
               cause for worry.  I've had both male and female roommates,
               and I can't say that living with women has been any more
               problematic than living with men.                   -mice
            "She has a boyfriend..." - DEFCON 3
            "...talks to me more than she talks to him." - fighters scrambling
            "I like her too." - nuclear weapons launching
        \_ So either a) You want to fuck her and, thus far, have failed to do
           so, in which case, yes, move in with her, fuck her brains out, just
           make sure you can still be civil toward each other and pay the rent
           when things cool off. or b) You sort of kind of like her and, um,
           maybe someday you'll work up the nerve to tell her how you really
           feel, in which case, either grow some nerve or kill yourself now.
           P.S. If it's b), let me know where you'll be living next semester
           and I'll fuck her FOR YOU (she is cute, right?).
        \_ If you can handle listening to her and her boyfriend fuck in
           the room next door, goferit. If you think you have a crush
           on her, probably not. -someone who has been there
           \- Treat OCF Staff Like Dogs --cgd && psb
           \_ Take a note from The Three Musketeers if this is happening.
              \_ Yeah when she is doing her bf and another guy in a
                 threesome in her room. Been there.
        \_ Is her name Shelly?
        \_ do you really like wiping away his cum and her tears from her face?
        \_ Interesting thing is, if you think you like someone, but actually
           try living with her, you might learn that you can't stand her.  It
           may take a while to get there or it may take no more than a week.
           It's surprising how nice single's life can be when looked at from
           the other side of the tracks. (formatd)
        \_ It's not like you're marrying her.  It's no big fucking deal.
2002/6/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25035 Activity:kinda low
6/7     ucla ee guy, after I sent in my SIR they never mailed me a thing.
        How about you?                                  -ucla cs guy
        \_ I called them on Tues. and a lady at the dept. told me that
           my SIR had been received. She told me that registration info
           would be arriving latter this month. -ucla ee guy
           \_ COOL thanks for calling her and letting me know   -ucla cs guy
        \_ by the way weren't you waiting for Stanford? What happened? For
           me, they never sent me a letter even though they claimed to have
           done it, and gave me an email rejection when I asked.
2002/6/8 [Uncategorized] UID:25036 Activity:nil
6/7     djpaolo are you a grad student? are you going to be one?
2002/6/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25037 Activity:moderate
6/7     So when are you libertarians going to disavow the Cato Institue
        and all the other Bush Ass kissing warmongering groups?
        \_ Because the left is tax & spend and for big government which is
           the exact opposite of what a lot of libertarianism is all about?
           Troll, before you post drivel about someone else's philosophy you
           should take at least 30 seconds to find out what that philosophy
           is all about.  I'm not a libertarian but I at least bothered to
           find out what their core beliefs are at one point in my life.
2002/6/8-7/5 [Reference/Tax, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25038 Activity:nil 85%like:24888 50%like:25010
6/7     [ moved to /csua/tmp/motd.kinney ]
        \_ Cool.  In response to the 6/15 babbling, uhm, dude, we're in a
           recession.  Companies fail during bad times.  Maybe you remember
           when the Federal Government (your tax dollars) had to bail out
           Chrysler?  The S&L's?  Several State governments that have gone
           bankrupt over the years?  There's nothing new here, dude.  There are
           incompetent people at high levels who take huge risks or just make
           lame decisions and kill their companies.  It's been going on since
           we've had companies in the modern sense.  Big yawner.
        \_ Whew that's a lot of spouting.
2002/6/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:25039 Activity:high
6/7     Has anyone ever been to Chez Panisse Restaurant and the upstairs
        cafe? Besides price, are they significantly different?
        \_ I disliked the downstairs because of its lack of choice.
           If you don't happen to like what they're serving, you're hozed.
           I've been in the cafe once and I liked that OK.  --PeterM
        \_ Mostly in tone and service. Food is about the same, and the
           difference isn't worth the price differential except on very
           special occasions (gotta try the fixe prix once.)
        \_ Went to cafe not upstairs.  Service was third rate.  Food was very
           mediocre.  Price was too high.  Tables were tiny and packed in like
           FreeDay at Disneyland.  It's all hype.
                   \- you can disagree about the food and you certainly can
                      disagree about the price-performance [i'm so-so on
                      both at CP-Cafe] but if you think the service was
                      3rd rate, you are simply an idiot. This is like
                      thinking jove is a better editor than emacs. Like emacs
                      CP has been around a long time [for a USA restaurant]
                      has evolved to the point where it really runs well.
                      On the upstairs/downstairs question, IMHO, the are
                      "philosophically aligned" but different restaurants.--psb
                      \_ when the wait staff is rude I must be an idiot for
                         thinking so?  okey dokey!  I'll go find the rude prick
                         who 'served' our table and tell him how sorry I am
                         that he was forced to wait our table.  whatever....
                         jesus christ, they hired my ex-girlfriend for their
                         wait staff and she sure as hell didn't have a good
                         "service oriented" personality.  you're clueless.
           \_ The cafe is soso, but the downstairs is amazingly good, and
              not really that expensive for what you get.
        \_ when I got a job I went there for celebration with my gf. Simply
           overrated and not worth going the second time. Then again you have
           to be a food snob to appreciate the food there.
2002/6/8-10 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25040 Activity:high 54%like:25909
6/9     what's a good place to donate used computer equipments?
        \_  -tom
           \_ removed <> so that w3-follow-url-at-point works
                \_ no there isn't.
              properly - #1 emacs fan
              \_ Replaced <> as per RFC 1738.  Fix emacs.  -tom
        \_ There was a story on /. about this, maybe 1 mo. ago. -pld
                \_ no there isn't.  <-- I didn't say is; I said was. -pld
        \_ how used? give it to me!
           \_ I fucked your mom on it about 24 years ago.  Benny?  Is that you?
              \_ Dad?  Dad, is that you?  OH MY GOD! DADDY!  You have any idea
                 how much child support you owe Mommy?  Hope you're rich!  -Ben
2002/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25042 Activity:low
6/8     Where's the best, free, most complete MSDS web site?
        \_ if you're really concerned about the health risks of a
           material, don't just read the msds.  that's just a
           place to start.
        \_ I don't know about best, but we used this one in chem 3B:
           It's linked from the chem 3B website:
                \_ Thanks, that's just what I was looking for.
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