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2002/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:25022 Activity:nil
6/6     C'mon, don't you want that CoolPen or ink for your Printer?
2002/6/7-8 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:25023 Activity:high
6/6     imap via ssl on csua is down: ports 585 and 993 both refuse connection.
        Why does csua require ssh when we are only allowed to use nonsecure
        \_ You could always do IMAP over SSH like what I do.
           ssh -g -l jondoe -L
           then connect to localhost:20143 from your client. -jeff
           \_ Works great, thanks so much for the great tip!!!  Now I
              don't have to badger our sysadmins about this any more, they
              have resisted installing imap/ssl...
        \_ You are a moron.
           \_ well, no.  this has been happening all too often lately.
              root has been pinged about putting ssl+imap into inetd, but
              as yet nothing has been done about it.  They could get the
              complaints and the security concern out of their hair
              very quickly...  Granted, the person could ssh tunnel
              themselves, but changing your config when it's soda's config
              that's broken is a time sink.
              \_ Or they could *GASP* read mail on soda!
                 \_ If we offer a service, we should do at least the bare
                    minimum to keep it running.  it's not that hard to put
                    it into inetd...
                 \_ that's not the way of the true alumni!  POP YER MAIL!
                    \_ Fuck off, paolo.
                       \_ That's no way to talk to an Dept Honored Officer!
                          \_ Heh.
        \_ IMAP/SSL is now available.
           \_ how about POP/SSL?
           \_ how about SSH/SSL??  I want my secure link to be totally secure!
2002/6/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Sports] UID:25024 Activity:moderate
6/7     A female company manager makes an employee shave himself and skate
        through Southampton city centre in a pink bikini so he could watch
        England's next World Cup match:
        \_ This sort of misandry will NOT BE TOLERATED!!!
        \_ In Southampton, the guy raised 470 quid skating a circuit of the city
           center three times and it made the news. If he did this in Berkeley
           or, better, the city, I doubt anyone would even notice.
        \_ In Southampton, the guy raised 470 quid skating a circuit of the
           city center three times and it made the news. If he did this in
           Berkeley or, better, the city, I doubt anyone would even notice.
           [ reformatted - motdformatd ]
           \_ Sure they would. The headline would be, "Male employee sues
              female manager for sexual harrassment."
        \_ 1: this is from ananova.  ananova is not a real news source.
           2: if at all true: lawsuit, firing, etc and rightly so.
           \_ Sounds more like something that was said as a joke, and he
              took her up on it.
2002/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:25025 Activity:kinda low
6/7     Now that Department of Home Land Security is formally established,
        shouldn't we change "Department of Defense" to
        "Department of Offense," since it is all DoD does anyway?
        \_ The best offense is a good defense?
        \_ As you know it used to be Department of War.
        \_ DoD is the Dept. of External Defense, DoHLS is the Dept.
           of Internal Defense (AKA the Secret Police)
        \_ I guess this was an attempt at trolling but whatever.  The military
           spends most of it's time polishing boots and waxing hood ornaments.
           If you want to spew you'll have to do better than this.
        \_ what's the difference. It's just like working in a company. You
           get a big reorg, a few bosses are hired or fired but most of the
           stuff is still the same. Different name, same crap.
2002/6/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25026 Activity:nil
        \_ not work-safe
2002/6/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:25027 Activity:nil
6/7     What's the easiest way to limit bandwidth by user or process?
        \_ altq
2002/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:25028 Activity:high 66%like:25033
6/7     paolo, which grad sk0l you going to?
        \_ People are stalking Paolo too now?
           \_ Why not?  He got a CS Dept award for being an outstanding
              CSUA Officer.
        \_ Taking the MCAT again, will not know until get score.
2002/6/7-9 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:25029 Activity:very high
6/7     Google has a bunch of openings for anyone interested in that sort of
        abuse.  All sorts of stuff for everyone.  Craig's List.
    \_ I wouldn't say "everyone". Seems like there's nothing for
       "computer science" as such (programming etc.) mostly hr/sales.
        \_ Google posts a slew of reqs every few weeks, but it's less clear
           if they actually intend to hire anyone, or if they're just
           trying to give the illusion of prosperity.
        \_ mgoodman works for google.
           \_ mgoodman, so what is it like at Google?
              \_ I do not start at Google until Monday. -mgoodman
        \_ abuse? i went out with a hot chick from google once. she had no
           complaints about the place.
           \_ sounds like you spent more time looking at her tits than
              listening to her.  anyway, there are jobs if you want one.
              \_ What cup size?
        \_ What do you mean by abuse? Gourmet meals?
           \_ You think the meals make up for the rest?  There's a reason they
              get food.  It isn't because they're the only place in the entire
              universe with enlightened management.  Go ahead, apply, tell us
              how kewl it is.
                \_ Please enlighten me, What is the problem with Google?
                \_ yes, please tell us.  How hard to they work you there?
        \_ They get 600+ resumes a day and they currently employ fewer
           than 300.  Good luck.
        \_ Why is Google abuse?
        \_ any people you know work at Google?  Any CSUA?  how hard is
           it to get a job there?
        \_ They get tons of resumes but their recruiters called _me_ and I
           did the phone screen thing.  Talked to some child who never worked
           anywhere but there who didn't know how to do an interview.  I got
           screened out because (and I swear this is true) I wasn't willing
           to move to mountain view to be closer to work.  I lived about 35
           minutes away at the time.
           \_ how do you know the reason they screened you out?  Did they
              volunteer the information or did you ask when they called you
              back?  What did you say?
              \_ they called me back and told me flat out.  said my technical
                 skills were exactly what they were looking for but they were
                 "deeply concerned about my level of commitment" since I wasn't
                 willing to move there.  talking to them was like talking to
                 cultists.  speaking of cultists ask me about my Maxis
                 interview someday....
                 \_  Isn't that criteria illegal?
           \_ any other experiences with google's interview process?
        \_ My Google fun: apply for position X.  They call, say, "oh that
           position's too junior and low-paying for you, how about position Y?"
           OK.  I phone interview for Y.  They love me.  Weeks go by.  Call
           back: "OK, how about we phone screen you for position X?"  Uh.. but
           <insert obvious problems>..  what happened to position Y?  "Oh,
           it turns out it isn't really open, it was posted by mistake."  Yay.
                \_ I think you're all brimming with shit.  2 sodans
                   work at google now, it's not impossible to get a job
           \_ how do you know they loved you the first time?  What did they
              tell you at the end of the first phone screen?  Expect to go
              on site?
2002/6/7 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:25030 Activity:high
        "BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing's most popular newspaper has unwittingly
        republished a bogus story about U.S. Congress threats to skip town for
        Memphis or Charlotte unless Washington builds them a new Capitol
        building with a retractable dome."
        \_ Go go yellow journalism!
           \_ racist.
              \_ moron (or troll).
                 \_ racist.
2002/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:25031 Activity:nil
6/7     a new bottom has been formed!
        \_ heart shaped? round? flat? saggy?  big? small?  -ass man
2002/6/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:25032 Activity:high
6/7     I don't get this India/Paki thing. What's so special about Kashmir?
        Are they fighting for oil? minerals? Surely they're not fighting
        for stupid fir are they?
        \_ one of the legacy Britsh Empire left behind. This, along with
           Isreal/Palastine, Kuwait/Iraq, Hong Kong/China mainland, as
           part of White Man's burden to Civilize world.  American is
           trying to out-do Britian by muddling with North/South Korea,
           North/South Vietnam, and China mainland and Taiwan island.
           \_ isreal/palastine? legacy of the british empire?  you're
              an idiot. read the fucking bible.
              \_ uhm what about it?  Where's the part in there about suicide
                 bombers?  I recall God saying suicide was a sin.
           \_ White Man's Burden?  All "White Men" are not responsible for what
              the British aristocracy did over the last several centuries.
        \_ they're fighting for religious reasons mostly but im no expert.
           or maybe you could say it's political with religious underpinnings.
        \_ They're fighting over sweaters.
           \_ Is this Kashmir really the same "kashmir" as the variant of
              "cashmere"?  Or is it coincidence?
              \_ It's where the animals with the wool used for cashmere
                 sweaters are from.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Yep. Clearly stated with no bias at all. Sure-thing.
              \_ "I saw it on the net!  It must be true!  It's like Peter
                  Jennings!  Yeah!"
        \_ They're both huge Zeppelin fans.
           \_ DUDE!
        \_ Kashmir is a very rich and beautiful piece of land.
           \_ i guess if you like living at 5,000 feet on a bunch
              of rocks.
              \_ Not down in the valley.  It's beautiful.
                 \_ No one is going to nuke anyone over a "beautiful valley".
          \_ Nice to find such a clearly un-biased source of information.
             Does anybody have a source OTHER than <DEAD><DEAD> and
    Perhaps a BBC fact file or something from
             the Economist?
             \_ Yeah, because the BBC is so unbiased
                \_ I did say "perhaps". Can I get you to volunteer a source
                   my sardonic and as yet not very helpful friend?
                   \_ I get all my facts from the BBC.  My mind is now clear
                      of all bias.  Truth is a beautiful thing.  I now have
                      A Beautiful Mind.
        \_ how come nobody mentions the section of Kashmir that is controlled
           by the Chinese?
           \_ It is in the Himalayas and is worthless and has no inhabitants.
           \_ And it's controlled by the Chinese who neither India nor
              Pakistan is capable of going to war against because they'd just
              get crushed and make an excuse for the Chinese to move south.
2002/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:25033 Activity:nil 66%like:25028
6/7     psb, which grad sk0l you going to?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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