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2002/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25001 Activity:nil 76%like:25006
6/5     Is is safe to delete my ~/.cpan/source/ directory without breaking
2002/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25002 Activity:low
6/5     Are you guys on UTC? (6/6)
        \_ no, we're on THC!
2002/6/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:25003 Activity:high
6/6     Does the campus block morpheus et al?
        \_ No.  -tom
           \_ nor should it.
           \_ How do they stop individual users from using 99% of the
              bandwidth? Do they limit bandwidth per port?
              \_ TCP stops it.  And most of the networks on campus are
                 10-megabit shared ethernet with 150+ hosts, so there's
                 not a lot one host can do anyway.  The aggregate bandwidth
                 issue is the problem, not any single user.  -tom
                 \_ I thought it was the tragedy of the commons?
                    \_ Thats what the Berkeley traffic shaper is for
                    \_ Do you have any idea what the term "tragedy of the
                       commons" means?  -tom
2002/6/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25004 Activity:nil
6/6     What is soda's IMAP server?  I tried and failed.
        \_ Well, try it again.
        \_ telnet csua 143 to verify.
2002/6/6 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25005 Activity:kinda low 50%like:24416
6/5     pboynton, are you going to grad school too?  -- pboynton #1 fan
        \_ Oh god no. Not another of these. Please make it stop!
        \_ pantiesP
           \_ she doesn't wear any.
              \_ I'm sure she does.
                 \_ yes, but what color?
                    \_ light purple
2002/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25006 Activity:nil 76%like:25001
6/5     Is is safe to delete my ~/.cpan/source/ directory without breaking
        anything? I'm running out of disk space.
        \_ as long as you're not building anything right now, you should be
           fine clearing it out.
2002/6/6 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25007 Activity:nil 60%like:24034 75%like:24416
6/6     chialea what are you advice for applying to grad school?
                        -senior, got a job offer but planning to go back
        \_ Take e190.
2002/6/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25008 Activity:insanely high
6/6     Is it just me remembering with rose-colored glasses, or has the
        motd become a more hostile place for women than it used to be a
        few years ago? -- '97 grad
        \_ rose colored glasses.  the motd has always been hostile to
           everybody, particularly women. for example, i have no
           idea what your gender is, but i'm hostile to you for
           being an idiot.
        \_ It's not that the motd is more hostile to women now.  It's just
           that there weren't women back in 1997.  Fortunately I graduated
           and women stopped being afraid to enroll in Berkeley CS.
           \_ Damn, so it was you who stopped all these girls from
              signing up CS!
              \_ Yeah.  Sorry.  My bad.  -geordan
           \_ Not true. There was ahm, chris, jsl, cynthia, ikiru... i
              don't remember them being harrassed on the motd.
              \_ raytrace, lila, kane, lolly, tabloyd... the list goes on.
                 the thing is, if people were being hostile or, more likely,
                 bitter toward women, one of this contingent would kick his
                 ass.  GO RACHEL!  DROP HIM!  TAKE HIS WALLET!
                 \_ Anyone know who's the author of the current harassment?
                    We can take steps.
              \_ Today's new word is "sarcasm."  Listen and learn.
              \_ Your memory is pretty poor, whenever chris (the one who
                 worked at Taos) posted she used to get harrassed.
              \_ How could anyone leave out lisha?
                 \_ Or rip?
                    \_ um... I was doing just fine forgetting about rip.
                       now i'll have to go back to therapy.  you're getting
                       my bill.
                    \_ or anitac
        \_ still nobody has answered me as to why people are stalking chialea?
           \_ The simple answer is no female in recent csua history, not even
              lila, went so far out of her way to attract attention to herself
              as chialea. You're just seeing the natural response to that.
              \_ Um.  And how did chialea go out of her way to attract
                 attention to herself, exactly?
           \_ if any of the females have a complaint, they should email
              \_ yes thats a nice thought but you cant do anything about it.
                 \_ Don't be so sure. Use of the motd is logged and the
                    campus has anti-harassment policies.
                    \_ the motd is not logged in any way you could clearly
                       and suffuciently link a person to a post to make a
                       case. you're in fantasy land.
              \_ the politburo have done something about it before.  It
                 was pretty effective.  They can do it again, or add
                 on the idea.
           \_ The motd stalking of chialea is a joke, just like the ucla ee
              guy and cs guy thing.
              \_ Really??  I thought you were serious.
        \_ in the mid 90's, the women on soda were better able to take care
           themselves and gave as good as they got.  Of course, few, if any,
           of these women were CS students, let alone majors.
           \_ some of them weren't even women.
              \_ or men.
2002/6/6 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25009 Activity:nil
6/6     Looks like Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has some job openings
        for jobs like SysAdmins and Unix Support/Programmers.
2002/6/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:25010 Activity:moderate 50%like:25038
6/6     kinneyspew moved to /csua/tmp/motd.kinney
        (the moron apparently doesn't know how to use motdedit).
        \_ I wasnt' aware that motdedit was MANDITORY.  it seemed more
           like a suggestion.  Can we get some clarification on that? -!kinney
           \_ motdedit isn't MANDITORY, but if don't use me and your stuff
              gets deleted don't complain.
              \_ mandAtory.  sheesh.
2002/6/6-7 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:25011 Activity:nil
6/5     Where is Yahoo options do I opt out of the mailing list?
        \_ also
2002/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:25012 Activity:high
6/5     Does anyone know the name of the female model in those iMotors flash
        ads embedded in Yahoo pages?  She looks hot.  Thanks.
        \_ Chandra Levi.
           \_ You mean "Levy"?
              \_ No, Lev-ey (sp?)
2002/6/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:25013 Activity:nil
6/6     On NT4.0 is there a way to tell it to refresh its DNS cache?  My other
        machine rebooted and obtained a new IP addr via DHCP, while the
        original IP addr was assigned to someone else's machine which also uses
        DHCP.  Now my NT machine still thinks my other machine has the original
        IP addr.  Thanks.
        \_ On win2k you can "ipconfig /registerdns" this might also be possible
           on nt4.
2002/6/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25014 Activity:high
6/6     Anyone have a copy of windows 1.1 (sic) they are willing to give
        me a copy of (or point me to url?) -crebbs
        \_ is Windows 1.01 good enough?
             \_ should be. thanks. -crebbs
        \_ windows 3.11?
           \_ Yes, that's right, 1.1 (sic) means 3.11.  Very good!
        \_ try the old warez sites. the ones that keep out of date games
           from the 80s.
2002/6/6-7 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:25015 Activity:high
6/6     On NPR the other day I heard a doctor say that there are 12 fruits
        and vegetables that you should only buy organic because of the
        high levels of pesticides in the nonorganic varieties. He listed
        strawberries as the fruit that you should definitely only eat organic.
        Anyone know what the other ones might be?
        \_ Do you remember exactly when?  You can use their web site to
           find the show and transcript, most likely...
             \_ Thanks. This is what I was looking for. -op
        \_ NPR?  Dude just wash your produce before eating.
           \_ It's not just about what you're eating.  Environmental
              responsibility is a big portion of the decision to eat
        \_ Speaking of organic food, where are some good places in the
           south bay to buy organic food?
           \_ buahahahaha...  but seriously.  there's a place down by santa
              clara university
2002/6/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25016 Activity:high 57%like:24978
6/6     Looks like that "How to Attract & Date Asian Women" class has been
        \_ Maybe it's been filled?
        \_ Just get one of those t-shirts that says "Looking for a
           Japanese girlfriend" written in Kanji.
2002/6/6-7 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25017 Activity:nil
6/6     tcsh.core :  Is it a core dump file? Can I delete it?
        \_ tcsh never crashes. erase all evidence. report to food vat
           immediately.  thank you.  the computer is never wrong.
2002/6/6-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:25018 Activity:kinda low
6/6     Age of Mythology-- DUDE or DUD?
        \_ Just play Age of Empires.  It's still the best.
           \_ I or II?  Have you tried Empire Earth?  Or Star Wars
              Galactic Battlegrounds?
              \_ Not ROR, not II, just AOE.
        \_ I have Empire Earth. It is friggin complex, with 240 units to
           memorize. Graphics is awsome, but the learning curve is too high
           \_ Just rush through the ages as fast as possible and zot them with
              cyborgs and heavy bombers.
        \_ When is Warcraft III coming out? I've not played video games in
           a long long time. What's a good game to get this summer?
           \_ Current projections put it at 2 July.
2002/6/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:25019 Activity:kinda low
6/6     Presume you guys read this already... but just in case
        \_ Don Marti is a dork.
2002/6/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:25020 Activity:nil
6/6     Dee Dee RIP
2002/6/6-7 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:25021 Activity:high
6/6     Dear Grad Students (or future grad students), I got into a ~20th
        ranked school and I'm considering an appeal for the other schools
        that I didn't get in. While appeals work for undergrad (so I've
        heard), how effective is it to appeal for grad schools?
        \_ i know of a case for engineering grad school where calling
           up and being persistent got someone into a #8 school to
           which they had been rejected.
           it can't hurt; they already rejected you, right?
                \_ what school is #8?
        \_ MS or Ph.D?
        \_ I don't have an answer but I just want to ask if there are cases
           where PhD applicants were rejected but were offered MS candidacy?
           \_ I heard of at least one case that this is done.
                \_ what school?
        \_ Try being the big fish in the little pond
        \_ Try sucking cock better.
        \_ you have no skills?  get a job.
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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