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2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24976 Activity:nil
6/3     Is the phrase "in action" (e.g. "seeing my product in action")
        formal, or is it too colloquial?
        \- probably not good to use in something formal.
        \_ very informal.
        \- probably not good to use in something formal. unless it is a
           program on how to learn french while lingering on womens'
           breasts. --psb
           \_ Now you know why you have fans.  --psb #1 Fan
           \_ "Women" is plural, so it would be "women's", right?
        \_ I have never heard of that phrase, unless of course by product, you
           mean my dick.
2002/6/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24977 Activity:high
6/3     Motd rating:
        Inverse relevance rating:       5/10
        Percent threads infected by yermom:     4/13
        Freeper rant rating:            0/10
        You're an idiot replies:        1/13
        URL inclusions                  12/13
        Overall                 Satisfactory performance, but room
                                for improvement.
        \_ Uhm, excuse me, but uh, fuck yourself.  Thanks!
           \_ ah yes.  Self importance  8/10
              \_ Not self important.  You're wrong.  Still, go fuck yourself.
                 \_ Self importance is exactly how it comes across.
        \_ the motd is useless. we all know this.
                \_ Yeah, but it's a useful sort of useless.
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/Audio] UID:24978 Activity:nil 57%like:25016
6/3     To those with an Asian fetish:
        \_ With a course number "911NNY", it's highly suspicious.
           \_ true.  So you are saying they are scammers?
              And is not legitimate somehow?
           \_ "... after lots of men tried to pick her up ...".  Hmm, is that
              real considering her look?
              \_ What look? She's totally hot. Anyone got anymore beers? I'm out.
2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24979 Activity:nil
6/3     Lame dolphin story deleted. Don't you have anything better to do?
        \_ don't you?
2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24980 Activity:nil
6/3     What are you people doing this summer?
        \_ packing.  Rolling. Smoking.
           It's the answer you _want_ to hear right?
2002/6/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:24981 Activity:very high
6/3     Network Newbie here. I am now collecting data on my T1 lines and also
        my LAN traffic. A couple lines are sustaining 300kbps even at 5AM...
        I'm suspecting that this is streaming audio or some rogue host
        downloading several gigs of data. Actually, usage goes UP from 10PM-3AM
        Is there any way (on a Cisco box) to split up traffic monitoring
        by TCP/UDP port?
        \_ generically the answer is to stick a hub in there and sniff packets.
        \_ turn ip accounting, that'd be one way. -ERic
             \_ Thanks.
          \_ and you can also look at matches on an access list, but that would
             only get traffic measured in #packets, not bandwidth..
             \- tcpdump + some contrib ware maybe.
        \_ don't forget to beat the crap out of whichever idiot is doing it
           once you find them.  keep the user base cowed.
2002/6/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24982 Activity:nil
6/3     ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v doesn't update.
        \_ so mail mehlhaff!
        \_ duh.
        \_ motd != mellhaff
        \_ motd update restarted.  was locked on an RCS interactive query again.
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Sports] UID:24983 Activity:nil
6/3     Is it my imagination or has the World Cup pool shrunk? What happened
        to Iran and Colombia, for starters? -- ulysses
        \_ Ireland beat Iran to gain entry in the finals. You have to
           understand that what is going on now is the World Cup finals.
           There have been something like a thousand games that lead up to
           the games going on now with the 32 finalists.
           \_ Thanks. The folks here have bestowed upon me a little clue
              as well.
        \_ Ya, we're at such a loss that Iran is not in the world cup. Here
           come the Ali et al. "Iran is a major soccer playing country"
           \_ I don't know Iran's overall record but I do know about one team
              they beat... -- !ali
              \_ Yes, in '98 they beat the team that finished dead last.
                 Woo woo!
                        \_ That's not the point. So, would a lack of the
                           US in the world cup also create such a "loss"
                           in you?
              \_ Which team?
                \_ Iran beat the Great Satan in 98. - danh
                   \_ Ah, you mean the US.
                      BTW it's amazing that US once won over England.  I
                      thought soccer started to get popular here only in the
                      past decade.
                   \_ At what?  What's this World Cup thing?  Yachting?
                      \_ it's that thing where every 4 years,  people from
                         all over the world go to your mom and bang her.
                         hence "world". the term Cup refers to the athletic
                         supporters needed after your mom drains the last bits
                         of jism from the contestants.
2002/6/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24984 Activity:high
6/3     anyone had problems with a Redhat 7.3 NFS client and a Solaris 8 NFS
        server with the Client flooding Server with packets?
        \- dunno if this is related but see ~psb/linux-nfs-problem.
           i would try tcpdumping to see what is going on. this is a
           little tricky unless you have something nfs protocol aware. --psb
           \_ Luckily linux is only the client here. I'll try this tcpdump
           \_ snoop is NFS protocol aware. Unfortunately, it runs only on
              \_ tcpdump on redhat 7.3 is also somewhat NFS-aware.
        \_ Just saw plenty of reports like this one on,
           check it out. -akopps
           \_ Thanks! I think that's it. The same symptoms/behavior. It's
              been a painful week. (our snoops showed them as UDP packets)
        \_ As a fellow linux victim I can say linux sucks.  If this is a server
           environment and you don't specifically *need* Linux, then use *BSD
           or something else which wasn't written by a million monkeys.
2002/6/5 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:24985 Activity:kinda low
6/3     anyone know where to get a CD of old radio shows - like The Saint
        Sgt. Preston, Dragnet, George && Gracie, that show where you hear a
        gunshot and the narrator says, "That was the shot that killed <forgor
        name>'s life, How do i know? because I'm ... <forgot name>"
        \_ The last show you mentioned is "The Lives of Harry Lime,"
           a radio follow-up to the movie "The Third Man" --- do a
           Google search for CDs or MP3s.
2002/6/5 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:24986 Activity:nil
6/3     chialea, did you write the Berkeley review? This sounds like you:
        \_ Nah, doesn't sound like chialea. Doesn't talk about herself nearly
           enough, and is too concise and factual.
           \_ I think the dead giveaway is it doesn't have any
              variation of "bah!"
2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24987 Activity:nil
6/3     If I pay Alumni fee can I get <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ I dunno..  bob doesn't come cheap... -- bob's pimp
           \_ bob's been known to give freebies to the hot.  Are you hot?
              \_ I expect at least a bottle of wine... -bz
                 \_ we bought you a white zinfandel once!
        \_ I've paid the alumni fee, but I still can't seem to get
           ~<my username>. If someone know how to get this, please
           post on the motd.
2002/6/5 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:24988 Activity:high
6/3     Is anyone driving to Monterey next Monday? I need a ride to Usenix
        conference. -akopps
        \_ ajani is going, not driving AFAIK, and also looking for a ride
           \_ obBuyACar.
              \_ How about Greyhound?
        \_ Where's the "RIDE BIKE" people?
           \_ I already offered to pay him 36 cents a mile to ride bike.  -tom
              \_ will that even cover his food?  it sure as hell won't cover
                 the value of his time.
                 \_ Time spent riding a bike down the coast to Monterey
                    is inherently well-used.  -tom
                    \_ That's a personal opinion.  That may work fine for your
                       life but other people aren't living your life.  I'll
                       bet greyhound and public transport could get him there
                       and back for under $99 for everything.  Probably less.
                       Not everyone has decided to effectively retire to a
                       government job in their 20s.
                        \_ I'm sure your personal opinion is sitting around
                           a conference room with a bunch of pathetic geeks
                           splitting hairs over the merits of the various
                           Linux distributions is much more interesting than
                           having the life-affirming experience of a bike tour
                           on one of the best bike touring routes in the world.
                           Have fun, loser.  -tom
                           \_ I actually laughed out loud when I read this.
                              Why do you get so personally offended when you
                              see someone else choosing a path through life
                              different than that you chose for yourself?
                              You know _nothing_ about my or most anyone else's
                              personal opinion about what is more interesting
                              or "life-affirming" and then toss in a grade
                              school level personal attack at the end.  Give
                              yourself some twinks points and get over it. You
                              might be sure of lots of things but your personal
                              certainty doesn't make you right in any way.
                              Have fun, tom.  -toms #1 loser
                              \_ Look, if you're going to attack someone
                                 personally in the motd, you can't be upset
                                 when they respond in kind. -!tom
                                 \_ Who attacked him personally?  If he took
                                    that as a personal attack valium is the
                                    solution.  He never said he took it as a
                                    personal attack.  Have Berkeley students
                                    become so sensitive that *any* disagreement
                                    is seen as personal?  God save Cal.  While
                                    I'm here, who said *I* took it personally
                                    when he called me a loser.  I *laughed*.
                                    Sheesh.  Spread the valium at the next
2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24989 Activity:nil
6/3     Which mobile phone service has good coverage in Mountain View
        and Palo Alto?
        \_ at&t does at HPL, palo alto
        \_ yermom did last night on Capp St around three before she got
           picked up by the fuzz.
           \_ This is one of the worst "yermom" references I've seen on the
              motd. It makes no contexual sense. You should be ashamed.
              Yermom sure is.
2002/6/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24990 Activity:nil
6/3     Can we get rid of the link to our finger information from
        the CSUA web site?  This may be a source of spamming.
        \_ 'touch ~/.nofinger' to make yourself invisible to fingerd,
           'touch ~/public_html/.noindex' to remove your homepage
           from the CSUA index. -- jwang
             \_ Thanks. When does that update?
                \_ every Sunday at 2:15am.
2002/6/5 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:24991 Activity:high
6/3     If you "cat" a long file, then you minimize the window during that
                                           \- iconify > minimize
        time, what happens to stdout/the output while the window is minimized?
        \_ If you're on a remote system, it's sent over the wire, where
           it's ignored by your window manager.  If you're on a local
           system, you can reduce the amount of time it takes your prompt
           to return by writing the output to a file because the video
           card is no longer bottlenecking the execution of the job.
           \_ "ignored by your window manager" also means you'll get to the
              end of the file faster for the same video display update reason
              if your video card *really* sucks.  A modern video card won't be
              a bottle neck in either case.
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer] UID:24992 Activity:very high
6/3     hey old people, what's the name of the tune
        in "The Bard's Tale" when you had your bard
        play a tune?  Maybe there were six different types of bard
        spells?  I used to play it on a c64 a lot - danh
        \_ speaking of which, have any of you tried playing any really old
           games on your P3 or P4?  How well does it work?
           \_ Is wizardry 7 old enough?  It works great on new machines.
              -- ilyas
              \_ was it designed for DOS?  Win 3.1?
                 \_ DOS, I think.
              \_ is Wiz 7 real-time?  Does it go back too fast?
                 Does Mahalito still exist?
        \_ This "old person" a geezer at 32 would know that there's a million
           walk throughs and other info on the net.  obgoogle
           \_ obPSB
        \_ There were six different tunes.  One was "Traveller's Tune" iirc.
        \_ I still have Bard's Tale running on my PC under an Apple ][
           emulator. It runs fine. <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Are there emulators for Linux?  I have old 5.25 disks w/
              AppleWorks files that I want to read.
        \_ BARDS TALE III character advancement cheat:
           Make 6 new characters of any class, race, etc...
           Form a party of 7: 6 new chars and one mage with the "super"
           damage spell-  i forget the name but it would do lots of damage.
           Go to temple in Skara Brae, Tarjan, teleport spell to lower
           corner of 3rd level, down, go fight brilhasti Ap Tarj.
           If you beat brilhasti, all the 1st level characters advance by
           something like 60 levels.  -joshk
           \_ don't you wonder what all the old game programmers are doing
              these days?
2002/6/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:24993 Activity:kinda low
6/3     Can I tell internic a nameserver is at an ip address
        already registered as another nameserver? - danh
        \_ Yes, theoretically as many as you want.  A nameserver can
           handle any number of domains.  Otherwise look at
  ; update time (24hours) is a bit suck,
           but otherwise it's okay.  -John
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:24994 Activity:high
        So do restaurants have an obligation to disclose the
        ingredients of their food?
        \_ yes
        \_ no
        \_ different per country.  mcdonalds is evil.
           \_ not as satanic as Taco Hell.
           \_ every restaurant has health 'issues' in their kitchens.  if
              you're concerned about what you're eating grow and make it
              \_ Most residential kitchens have even *worse* problems.
        \_ the difference here is mcdonalds flat out said the fries were
2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24995 Activity:nil
6/3     Child seat kills man.  This child seat thing has gone way overboard.
        I think it's time we finally put an end to it and banned child seats.
2002/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24996 Activity:very high
6/3     Beware yahoogroups users.  Be sure to modify your "marketing
        preferences" which has a default setting of "yes".  Same with
        \_ Be sure to FORMAT YOUR MOTD POSTS!

6/ 3    Bringing peace to the middle east: cooking jews.
        \_ these bastards add a bunch of new subscriptions to your account
           sometime after you sign up and make all of the options "yes"
           to receiving their spam. -- joeking
           \_ ifile!
2002/6/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:24997 Activity:high
6/4     I'm looking into backup software and hardware, I have 2 Terabytes.
        I haven't found any useful reviews, any comments/useful links?
        \_ damn, that's a lot of porn
2002/6/5 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:24998 Activity:high
6/6     Why does the US like Egypt and Turkey so much? Egyptians bomb shit left
        and right, and Turkey... well, I don't know anything about Turkey other
        then the fact that they are Arabs that pretend to be Europeans.
        \_ Turkey has good strategic value all around.  And Turkey is nice
           to Americans.
           to Americans.  Egypt has good strategic value too (the Canal).
           \_ It's also a Thanksgiving staple.
        \_ Go to Cyprus and ask them about Turkey...
           \_ Go to Armenia and ask them about Turkey...
2002/6/5-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:24999 Activity:high
6/6     Mozilla 1.0 Win32 install on /csua/tmp
        \_ Does it not suck?
           \_ It does indeed not suck. I was expecting it to suck, and it
              ain't sucking.  -- former non-believer who last tried it at 0.8
                                 and thought it's a piece of crap until trying
                                 1.0 this morning
        \_ Is there a solution to how slow mozilla/netscape is loading
           \_ Loads within about 5 sec on this p200, 64M ram, win98
              running (not my choice) and an @home tap. (quickstart
              thing disabled fwiw)
           \_ hope the bbc gets a clue?
           \_ loads pretty fast for me. --scotsman (freebsd)
             \_ Perhaps, I'm using my freshly downloaded win32 install.
                \_ Are you using the mozilla quick-start thingybutt?
        \_ takes forever to start on my laptop (512 mb of ram) and is much
                slower than IE. The RDF mail/news is cool tho.
           \_ your laptop sucks then, or you need to defrag in the worst way.
                \_ and defrag is related to memory/CPU how? Get a clue.
2002/6/5-6 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25000 Activity:very high 66%like:24757
6/5     chialea, will you marry me?  I'm so in love with you!  -your #1 fan
        \_ you're so dreamy, will you marry me too?  -- chialea #1 fan #1 fan
           \_ is chialea chialea #1 fan #1 fan?
              \_ No.  -- chialea #1 fan #1 fan #1 fan
                 \_ You're BACK! Will YOU marry ME?
                      -- chialea #1 fan #1 fan #1 fan #1 fan
        \_ she should marry ucla cs guy or ucla ee guy
           \_ They seem pretty happy with each other already.
           \_ They're marrying each other.
              \_ I'm sure they would be happier with chialea rather than
                 each other.
        \_ Lea will marry you only if you complete three tasks.  First,
           you must get a PhD from a reputable CS or Math department.
           Then, you must earn a Nobel or a Turing prize.  Lastly, you must
           accumulate a fortune of $30G or greater.  You must complete the
           tasks in that order.
           \_ Is that a G for "grand" a la 1e3 or G for "giga" a la 1e9?
                \_ it's G for "nweaver is an idiot".  -tom
           \_ If you manage to do this while having an even number as the
              number of seconds remaining on the timer, you'll also unlock
              the secret level. -geordan
           \_ If you win the Nobel prize, you get like a million bucks.
              \_ which would be a small start on the way to $30G
           \_ How about the Fields Medal? Will she marry me if I win the
              Fields Medal, or does it have to be a Nobel or a Turing?
        \_ chialea, so when you headed to cmu?
           \_ Did you know that if you switch two letters in cmu you get cum?
        \_ can I have your old underwear?
              -- chialea #1 fan
        \_ stop it guys, you're making alexf and that too-ey (sp?) guy
           \_ boy you ARE lazy...  "twohey" is spelled out in the motd.official
              \_ AKA "the other guy"  Like I said no one cares about the
                 other guys, just chialea.
                 \_ HEY! I care about the other guys! -yermom
                 \_ I doubt chialea cares about the other guys either.
                 \_ you calling chialea a guy?
        \_ will the ucla cs guy make his proposal to the ucla ee guy as
           \_ Yes. On the motd, tonight at 11... stay tuned!
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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