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2002/5/24-25 [Computer/Theory] UID:24928 Activity:moderate
5/23    For those of you who missed the "commanding heights" on PBS, you can
        actually watch the whole series online.
        I hope that all PBS shows are online in the near future.
        \_ The url for the qt movies is:
           Its pretty cool that PBS put the show on the web. I'd
           like to see other PBS series on the web as well, starting
           with American Experience and Nova and perhasp the recent
        \_ From the "STORYLINE" link:
           "For more than half a century the battle of ideas will rage. From
           the totalitarian systems to the fascist states, ......"
           What's the difference between totalitarianism and facism?
           \_ Fascism is a form of totalitarianism with some additional
        \_ cool... do we really still have any libertarians left?
           \_ We never had any real libertarians.
2002/5/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:24929 Activity:high
5/23    Take one look at this naked chicken and tell me that the
        Anti-GM crowd is all whack.
        \_ GM?
        \_ that's not GM.  that's cross breeding. and don't say "that's a form
           of gm".  this is not what anti-gm is about.
           \_ You may be right but the photo caption says "genetically
              engineered" not cross-bred.
              \_ and you trust a reporter... read the article.
                 \_ But hey, it was a "photo caption!"  Even less likely than
                    a fucked up headline, we *know* a photo caption is always
                    going to be perfectly accurate!  That's photo journalism,
                    pal!  The best photo journalism and dontcha forget it!
        \_ So they made a chicken without feathers?  BFD.  Maybe you noticed
           the great variety of wolves around lately?  We call them 'dogs'.
           Very few of them look anything like wolves anymore.  No one seems
           really concerned about it.  This is not GM.  The anti-GMers are a
           bunch of luddite whackos.
           \_ as this is not GM, how exactly does it say anything about anti-gm
              people?  And many anti-gm people are far from luddites.  They
              just have a clue about long-term impact
              \_ They have conjecture and random guesses and FUD.  These are
                 the same people who opposed the great revolution in farming
                 that feeds the world today and are now opposing the next
                 great improvement in agriculture.  This is between veggie
                 burgers made from non-locally grown food carted here at
                 great expense and a toke on their bong and a few sheets of
                 acid.  Worse than being luddites which actually doesn't bother
                 me all that much per se is that these people are elitist
                 hypocrites who are happy to enjoy the fruits (ahem) of the
                 last great advances which are good enough for them but not
                 happy to see the next wave of agtech which might make all
                 sorts of interesting, edible, and nutritious foods easily
                 and cheaply available to everyone.  Fuck em.  -GM all the way
2002/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:24930 Activity:nil
5/24    rest in peace, Stephen Jay Gould.  (Wow, I only found out about this
        today.  And if it matters, I really thought he was fun to read)
2002/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24931 Activity:nil
5/24    They came by air, now they will come by *sea*--see the second half
        of this article:

Microsoft also will use the Windows update to crack down on
software pirates: It identified a stolen unlocking combination widely
distributed on the Internet to install Windows XP illegally.
        \_ Not surprising, but url?
        \_ duh, you're supposed to use one from work.
        \_ So what if the "pirates" don't auto update?
        \_ What is wrong with Windows 2000?
           \_ Latest == '1337est
                \_ Yeah even if it can't run the latest games like GTA3 without
                   special patches....
2002/5/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24932 Activity:nil
5/23    So how was/is the party?
        \_ Um it's on the 25th.  Go.  See for yourself.
2002/5/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24933 Activity:very high
5/24    Motd Poll:
        When you say something stupid on the motd are you
        Just trying to piss the rest of us off: ...
        Certain that you are not being stupid: ......
        Just fucking stupid: .
        Stupid is as stupid does:
        Trying to earn Twink Points from Tom: ..
        \_ you'd have to sign your posts to do that.  -tom
           \_ Not really.  You hand out plenty of points based on your guesses
              and assumptions.  I want more points, damnit!
2002/5/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24934 Activity:nil
5/24    They came by air, now they will come by *sea*--see the second half
        of this article:
        \_ I hope we get a new wave of creature feature films out of all this
           hysteria.. (IT CAME FROM THE OIL TANKER!)
        \_ Don't you think that much of this uncorroborated information is
           specifically designed to instill unnecessary fear and terror?
2002/5/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24935 Activity:high
5/24    How do I satisfy a woman?  -soda l0ser
        \_ Um.  kill yourself?
        \_ This is a troll but I'll bite anyway: in short, you're fucked.  Your
           problem is that most women won't touch a guy they think won't
           satisfy them.  This makes sense, yes?  Your issue is that they'll
           know it because you exude lack of confidence and experience so you
           won't ever get a chance to get experience, success, and thus
           confidence.  Catch-22, kid.  I skipped all this when it magically
           popped into my head one day at about age 16 that women want to get
           laid, too.  Once you absorb this you'll feel better about it all and
           maybe starting getting laid and then you'll learn what they want.
           \_ Satisfying them in bed is the *easy* part...
              \_ Sometimes.  Sometimes not.
        \_ Find the clitoris -chef
             \_ Two words: Canned beans.
          \_ What does BDG have to say about this?
        \_ tell her you know how to post to the motd properly.
2002/5/24-26 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:24936 Activity:high
5/24    best cellular provider in bay area?
        \_ gsm: voicestream, otherwise at&t
           \_ i thought voicestream hasn't started offering services in
              the bay area.  i agree with the at&t assessment though.
        \_ verizon works well but is pricey
            \_ not true.  I have the $25 plan.  It works great for my need.
               100 peak and 3000 off-peak with home area covering northern
               cal and Nevada.  I will be on my third year with verizon.
        \_ whatever you pick, make sure it is NOT cingular. it's a P.O.S.
           \_ no Sprint either, also sucks.
              \_ They all suck, but cingular sucks in bizarre and intriguing
2002/5/24-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/BayArea] UID:24937 Activity:kinda low
5/24    Anyone knows a good place to play squash in San Jose area?
        \_ on a related note how about badminton in east bay/SF (excl fremont)
           \_ South San Francisco High School.  Mondays ~6:30pm.  -- yuen

        \_ how do people who wear glasses play sports such as
                badminton or squash -- contacts, special goggles, surgery?
2002/5/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24938 Activity:nil
5/24    how do I change my passphrases in tripwire?
2018/11/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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