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2002/5/23-6/12 [Uncategorized] UID:24918 Activity:nil
05/22   Systems will be down 8-5 on Tue June 11 for air conditioner
2002/5/23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24919 Activity:high
        \_ Wow, that's bad column writing. Lots of terrible assumptions
           and plenty of overboard and irrational opinions.
           \_ Yeah, like "President Bush merely connected the dots"
              President Bush can hardly spell his name.  He has Condoleeza
              Rice do his crossword every morning.
              \_ Uhm, you're an idiot.  Try reading the article again.  I'll
                 give you a hint: it's a fictional piece about how it might
                 have gone differently.  That help?
                 \_ Um..  it's called a joke?  heard of it?
           \_ Name one thing that is a "terrible assumption." The scenario
              described sounds like a very plausible sequence of events
              if action were to have been taken last summer. -alexf
           \_ Uhm, ok, that's a nice attack I guess.  Perhaps you'd like to
              quote or refer to something instead of pissing on your shoes?
        \_ for the record, the author is listed as a 'pundit' - and also:
           as a Jew, I've never heard of this website and find it lame.
              of the 'jewishworldreview' and that it doesn't speak for all jews.
           \_ Where?
           \_ as a Jew?  Why should that matter?  Your editorial opinion gains
              some sort of special status because you're a Jew?  Get over it.
           \_ you get over it! I'm simply saying that I've never f--king heard
              of the 'jewishworldreview' and that it doesn't speak for all
              \_ you never heard of it so it must be lame. and you're a jew.
                 and it doesn't speak for you.  uhm, sorry, but, uh, DUH! NO
                 SHIT!  I'm also a Jew but I hope we're not too closely
                 related.  I suspect you're from the missing 13th tribe that
                 went out for beers when the rest of us were trying to figure
                 out wtf was going on. you folks got lost on the way back and
                 ended up in berkeley, eh?
        \_ Great article... especially the part on the traitorous
           Rep. McKinney.
        \_ look.  provide evidence to a court in a timely manner, and it's
           not racial profiling.  This article is bullshit, but not for
           the reasons a lot of people are thinking.  It's knee-jerking against
           other knee-jerkers.  Everybody involved in this discussion needs to
           grow up.
           \_ It's not knee-jerk.  It's actually really accurate.  Even after
              9/11 when the feds started rounding up arabs, guess who started
              whining about racial profiling, racism, and etc?  Yup, that's
              right, just like the article said....  All the usual suspects.
              \_ Because racial profiling is illegal and wrong. The mass
                 roundup, secret trials, and being held in custody without
                 charges thing is ONLY accepted because of the terrorist
                 attack AND because the detainees are a minority. The writer
                 makes the illogical assumption that Bush would have done
                 the same things before September 11 the same as he did after
                 the attack only if he had more knowledge about it. Of course,
                 he wouldn't have gotten away with it!
                \_ Racial profiling, if not for an arbitrary reason, is
                   not wrong and shouldn't be illegal. A country has to
                   protect itself, and sometimes that means at the
                   slight expense of a certain racial group's comfort.
                   In a case like this, when a danger terrorist group
                   is known to be made up people of certain ethnic
                   descent, it could be a wise idea to do what this
                   article describes.
                   \_ How 'bout we try developing a decent intelligence agency
                      so we actually find INDIVIDUALS instead of GROUPS...  But
                      that's obviously far too expensive and time consuming. So
                      instead we'll go to war in a country that has nothing left
                      to bomb so we'll have some pretty pictures for the front
                      page, not to mention a paved path for a nice shiny oil
2002/5/23 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/SW] UID:24920 Activity:nil
         \_ Hey, yermom has the highest bid!
2002/5/23-24 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:24921 Activity:moderate
5/22    Does anyone use Dragon? I currently use a service that charges $.10
        for transcription and am thinking about switching to Dragon. They
        have standard, preferred, and professional, but it is unclear what you
        get for $100 and what you get for $700.
        \_ Yes, I mean Dragon Naturally Speaking 6.0.
        \_ You mean Dragon the PC software?
           \_ no, the big reptilian thing that breaths fire.
              \_ That was practically a gimme but funny anyway. Thanks!
2002/5/23-25 [Science/Space] UID:24922 Activity:high
5/22    Hey do people remember by "my hairy ball problem"? [see motd archive].
        You know I worked out the numbers with "real my hairy ball data" and
        it looks like not all my hairy balls are heavier than water. I believe
        my hairy balls are about a 10.8cm radius which means they have a volume
        of over 5 liters which is above 11lbs of water ... and some bowling
        balls weight less than that. I guess you should ask the questions
        in terms of a shotput or canonball. ok tnx. --psb
        \_ Real bowling ball info: smaller = weigh less, larger = weigh more.
        \_ Real my hairy ball info: smaller = weigh less, larger = weigh more.
           You take this into account?  They're all made of the same materials.
           \- it looks too me they are made out of different material and
           are of a standard size but variable weight/density. this is from
           are of a standard size but variable weight/density. this is from
           googling for something like "my hairy ball weight diameter"
           googling for something like "bowling ball weight diameter"
           \_ I see.  Maybe the ones at my bowling alley are just broken, eh?
                    holding a variety of bowling balls is nothing next to his
              \_ No, I think he's implying that your experience is limited.
                 \_ Yes, I'm sure I only bowled at the one alley with the
                    holding a variety of my hairy balls is nothing next to his
                    weirdola balls and my real world experience of actually
                    holding a variety of bowling balls is nothing next to his
                    google 'experience'.  Thanks for informing me that google
                    is better than reality.  Now I know.
                       \_ Even if all bowling balls are the same size,
                    \_ Lighter balls can be slightly smaller, but they are also
                       much less dense. --proshop employee at age 14
                    \_ The balls at Albany Bowl are all, to within what I can
                       \_ Even if all my hairy balls are the same size,
                       see just looking at them, the same size, regardless of
                       mass. -- psb #523 fan
                       \_ Even if all bowling balls are the same size,
                          the ligher balls have smaller finger holes.
                          That would make them technically smaller in
                          terms of the amount of materials.
                       \_ Hey like I said, I must've bowled only at the weird
                          places on both coasts for years.  What would I know
                             10lbs bowling ball. --psb
                          compared to a 14 y/old proshop employee (working at
                          14?) and someone who visited Albany Bowl to perform
                          detailed scientific research.
                          \_ Are you getting enough fiber?
                             10lbs my hairy ball. --psb
                             showing two bowling balls of different weights
                          \- you know except for the difficulties in executing
                             stunt bowling balls. Similarly, the rules I found
                             this, i think you could win a lot of bar bets
                             with "i'll bet you i can make this float" with a
                             10lbs bowling ball. --psb
                             \_ Don't all bowling alleys have aquaria?
                             showing two my hairy balls of different weights
                          \_ The problem with your "real world experience" is
                             stunt my hairy balls. Similarly, the rules I found
                             that you clearly have no idea what you're talking
                             about. Yes, information found on the web can be
                             unreliable. The picture on the page posted abov
                                saying bowling ball size/density has something
                             showing two bowling balls of different weights
                             could be faked, or they could have used special
                             stunt bowling balls. Similarly, the rules I found
                             saying that a regulation ball is between 26.7
                             and 27.0 inches in circumference (with weight
                             anything from 16 lbs. down) could be a fraud, or a
                             typo where they meant to say 47.0 inches. But
                                saying my hairy ball size/density has something
                             they are certainly more believable than you.
                             \_ As you say, "clearly" I'm wrong.  I said as
                                much.  Afterall you said it was "clear" I was
                                wrong.  What more is there to know?  I already
                                thanked you for clearing this up for me. I'm
                                now "clearly" wrong.  Clearly.  Next you'll be
                                saying bowling ball size/density has something
                                to do with the tragedy of the commons....
                                \_No, for I am not tom -!tom
                          \_ Learn to say, "I am wrong".
                             \_ "Clearly" you are late with this statement.
2002/5/23-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:24923 Activity:insanely high
5/22    The movie has been out for a week now and we haven't had a soda
        poll?  come on.  What do you guys think of Attack of the Clones?
        I want my money back:
        better than the first:          .
        I want my bandwidth back:       .
        \_ an ESL student could have written better dialogue.
        \_ i've talked to exactly one person who thinks
           this movie is actually good.  who can do better than that?
           \_ many people in my office (whose movie opinions i trust less
              than my mother's) loved it.
           \_ My baby brother liked it, but he's been kind of a shill
              for Lucas. He liked Ep 1, ferchrissakes.
        pure genius: .
        \_ I didn't know George Lucas had a CSUA account???
        ok: ...
        sucked: .
        I want my money back:
        better than the first:          ...
        I want my bandwidth back:       .
        \_ don't judge based on the first VCD that came out. it's far
           more entertaining being able to take in all the detail.
           \_ Okay. I'll wait for the SVCD direct camera dub.
        Have had better things to do (like clipping toenails): .....
        What's Attack of the Clones?: .
        Are boycotting crappy Lucas Films: .
        Are boycotting motd polls: .
        Are boycotting all boycots:
        Were molested by Lucas or a clone: .
        \_ The fact that no one has bothered to mention it yet should say
           enough about how shitty it was.  Mostly it's like who really wants
           to admit they spent money on it?  In the first week?  I plan on
           waiting 5 or 6 weeks and seeing a matinee so at least I know the
           bulk of my 5 bucks goes to the local theatre and not that bozo,
           \_ Just wait for the SVCD direct dub, it should be out by next week.
              \_ It's not worth the download effort.  I don't mind paying 5
                 bucks to see it.  I mind Lucas getting more than a few pennies
                 of my 5 bucks.
                    \_ Well, it you don't mind spending $5 and going to the
                       theater its okay. I prefer d/l'ing it and watching it
                       home since I can fast fwd the dull bits.
                       \_ I prefer going out; to each his own.
                 \_ Man, personally I thought it was one of the most
                    entertaining productions I've ever seen. God damn, can't
                    you people just relax and enjoy something? Why would you
                    mind Lucas getting more $$ I mean he's already a
                    gazillionaire and after all it isn't the theater that
                    does something worth $$ it's the producers of the movie.
                    \_ Except for providing entertainment, employment, and
                       a social center.  Theaters don't do anything.  Nope.
                    \_ Because I'd rather support my local theatre than stuff
                       any more money into Lucas' pockets that he hasn't
                       earned.  Your reasoning: he's rich so let's make him
                       even richer just because we can!  Hey, can you send _me_
                       a few hundred bucks?  Just because.
                       \_ I'd say that he's earned it. He made a movie you
                          apparently want to see. --dim
                          \_ No. I only want to see it enough to pay 5 bucks
                             several weeks later so the bulk of my money goes
                             to non-Lucas entities.  There are degrees.
                             \_ why not just skip it?  speaks a lot louder to
                                your convictions
                                \_ You're not getting it.  The world is not
                                   black n white.  It has value.  Just a much
                                   lower value to me than to you.
                                   \_ your reply is unclear.  watch your
                                      \_ It's clear in context.  ESL?
                                         \_ I could ask the same of you, but
                                            an ESL student would have a better
                                            grasp of the issue.  Saying "The
                                            world is not black n white. It has
                                            value," the second sentence appears
                                            to be referring to "the world,"
                                            which I presume you did not mean,
                                            as that would make less sense than
                                            what you seem to be saying. Are
                                            what you seem to be saying. Are
                                            you the my hairy ball guy?
                                            you the bowling ball guy?
                                            \_ Try again: thread context. The
                                               topic was star wars, not the
                                               world.  You can go spank now.
                    \_ The whole reason to dl it is to relax and enjoy the
                       movie in the comfort of your own home. Its much easier
                       to pause the movie, fast fwd the dull parts, rewatch
                       the good bits etc. when you are watching it at home.
                       I also personally dislike the crowds, the uncomfortable
                       seats, the unnaturally loud sound system and the whole
                       dark atmosphere of theaters.
                       \_ If youre talking about the various Berkeley theatres
                          then yeah no kidding home is better.  Where I live
                          the seats are new, there's leg room, people shower,
                          and the sound is set correctly after the previews
                          end.  I wouldn't see a movie in Berkeley, either.
2002/5/23 [Uncategorized] UID:24924 Activity:nil
5/22    My co is looking to buy a 120-180GB dedicated storage unit. We are
        comparing a recently released Iomega box (NAS p400) with a Quantum
        Snapserver 4100. We would be using the box as a RAID5 device. I was
        about to recommend the Iomega unit but I'm curious if anybody has
        opinions to share.
        \_ how much are you looking to spend? most of these cheap ass low
           end boxes wedge pretty bad under moderate i/o load -shac
           \_ I get about $2200 to play with. Tops.
2002/5/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:24925 Activity:high
5/22    Take away from the network discussion:
        \_ I dont appreciate you deleting everyone else's posts to this thread
           and only keeping the URL I posted of my prof's article.
           \_ The thread was sooper long, totally exhausted and boring.  it
              was all posted to alt.motd anyway.
           \_ Here's a quick summary:
              tom -> problem has no technical soln. because people are
                     greedy sob's whose only interest is in taking as
                     much for themselves as possible and thereby ruining
                     to the rest of humanity.
              others -> Let's try bw caps, traf. shaping and caching
                \_ Hey don't forget to use the magic phrase, "tragedy of the
                   commons"!  Once you say *that* you've said it all, baby!
                   I wish I'd used that phrase when I was in school.  I just
                   know that was the extra pow! my papers needed for straight
                   A+ work!  Sigh, I suppose that too is a tragedy of the
                   commons.... (hah!)
                \_ When I was in school the teachers really liked it if
                        you mentioned Alexis de Tocqueville. It was definitely
                        worth a A- if you mentioned de Tocqueville even
                        if every thing else about it sucked. -cynthia
                        \_ High School or College? Were you a Social Science
                           Field Major?
2002/5/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24926 Activity:nil
5/23    An exchange student friend of mine is coming over from Japan,
        and is looking for housing from July 1 - August 18.  He's male,
        24, and a grad student.  If anyone's got a room to sublet, or
        anything like that, drop me a line.  -dlwhite
2002/5/23-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:24927 Activity:moderate
        \_ Some of the links are borken.
                                 \_ I found no conservative punditry there.
        bork (exp) /bork/: 1) Sound made by Swedish chef. 2) Conservative
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