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2002/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:24907 Activity:kinda low
5/21    A CL good bye to Mojo:
        \_ Who's mojo?
        \_ "pray for mojo"
2002/5/22-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:24908 Activity:high
5/22    Follow up on a few days ago when I asked people abuot commercials
        before feature films. It turns out that Disney won't allow theatres to
        show their movies if the theatres show commercials - no matter what
        movie. Hence, the Grand Lake Theatre shows no commercials before their
        films. Only previews. -- ulysses
        \_ good for Disney.  urlP?
          \_ Can't help you there. I learned this using a good-old-fashioned
             call to the theatre.
        \_ of course, Disney seems to have no problems forcing people to sit
           through commercials on their DVDs.  hypocrites.
           \_ It would be nice if it had been some other company, I'll agree,
              but nobody else is volunteering.
        \_ You do realise that the theatres dont make anything off showing a
           movie for the first several weeks, only from the concessions?  They
           show commercials so they can stay in business.  The real answer is
           the studios should let the movie houses keep more money and stop
           forcing them to do things like go digital to show certain worthless
           films but we know that won't happen.
           \_ And yet the Grand Lake is still in business. Go figure.
2002/5/22 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:24909 Activity:insanely high
5/21    Starwars personality test:
        CHEWBACCA: . (fuck!!)  (How come I ain't getting my share of hairy
        HAN SOLO: ..... (cool! I am Han Solo.  How come I ain't getting my share
                      of babes?!)
                        \_ Because "zero" *is* your share.
        R2D2: ...
        OBI-WAN KENOBI (Guiness version): ..
        \_ woofuckinghoo!
        C-3PO: .
        \_ This shit is ancient.  In fact, I saw this same shit posted to the
           motd years ago.
           \_ Yermom is ancient but that doesn't stop her.
2002/5/22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:24910 Activity:insanely high
5/21    I said a while ago this Pakistan/India thing was going nuclear...
        here's some more "fuel for the fire" as they say.,,2-303716,00.html
        \_ "The Pakistanis, who are considered better troops, would
           beat off the initial offensive"
           The Paks have one of the worst military corps in the
           world. They have lost every major encounter to India
           despite more modern weapons and training.
           And who do these diplomats think they are anyway? They
           should just butt out and let India solve the problem.
           \_ I believe the proper derogatory is "Paki."
           \_ The problem?  You mean the problem with the crazy psycho indians
              butchering muslims en masse over some stupid temple site that
              never belonged to the indians in the first place?  That problem?
              Or the one where the indian government is interferring on a daily
              basis with the lives of muslims in kashmir who are 99% peasants
              who would be perfectly happy to just be left alone on their
              rock strewn farms?  That problem?  The indians are going to get
              nuked.  They've earned it.
                 \_ Yeah. Indians have earned it alright. Let's not forget
                    that in '48-49 the Paks butchered hindus and sikhs
                    and sent back their body parts in train cars. Let's
                    not forget the Pak attrocities of the '71 war or of the
                    the Kargil war. (Muslims attrocities towards hindus
                    go back further than this, but we'll leave that out)
                    The current kashmir problem was started by Pak funded
                    plo/hamas style "operations". India has every right to
                    defend itself against Pak aggression.
                    The temple site that you mention is fairly important
                    to many hindus. How long do you think it would take
                    muslims to tear down a church or synagouge in mecca?
                    \_ So you think it's ok that people not even born in 48 or
                       71 get butchered today because of what happened then?
                       And then you try to equate muslims trying to live in
                       peace in a muslim area with hamas?  you're nuts.  The
                       temple site is no mecca.  They're a bunch of whackos.
              \_ Sadly, it also means the Pakistanis are going to get nuked.
                 The world will finally see what happens when two nuclear
                 powers decide to annihilate each other.  It's going to be a
                 fucking nightmare.                     -mice
                    \_ Not if India strikes first and destroy all of Pakistans
                       25 warheads.
                       \_ This is laughable.  They stand zero chance of
                          taking out 3 dozen nukes with their 5 dozen nukes.
                          Neither of them has enough firepower to do any such
                          thing.  We're not talking the US/Soviets during the
                          cold war with 25,000+ warheads each.  These clowns
                          have *maybe* 150 between them which is only just
                          enough to seriously fuck each other up real real bad.
                 \_ Only if you're Pakistani or Indian and depending on the
                    winds and fallout levels a neighboring nation.  The rest
                    of us get the benefits of lots of emergency/experimental
                    medical procedures practiced on other people and it'll be
                    a big boon for the construction and cleanup companies here
                    and in Europe & Japan.  Too bad about the tea though.
                    \_ There's no danger of a nuclear winter?  And who is going
                       to pay the cleanup companies?
                       \_ 1: no. they dont have enough nukes between them to
                          make a nuclear summer.  2: your tax dollars, duh.
                          \_ 2: Exactly my point.  We won't benefit from it
                                because even though they use our cleanup
                                companies, they use our money to pay for it.
                    \_ Ah, so human life has no value...
                       \_ Dude, you've bee soooo bated. Ouch.
                          \_ Heh I thought the "too bad about the tea" was a
                             big give away.  I'll try harder to make it more
                             obvious next time.  :-)
                       \_ It does.  It's something like $96 in chemicals and
                          water.  Hardly anything worth getting upset about.
2002/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:24911 Activity:kinda low
5/21    When I type last or who, it usually gives the IP address from where
        you're coming from but w uses the style that resolves more addrs. Why?
        \- who,last,w | ip2hostname --psb
2002/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:24912 Activity:nil
5/21    RIP Stephen Jay Gould
        \_ that was yesterday. and that makes #8.
2002/5/22-23 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Transportation] UID:24913 Activity:very high
5/22    Is the campus administration going to do anything about the
        network connectivity?
        \_ There's no problem with networ~{~#{}{@}NO CARRIER~~
           \_ Funny!
        \_ The problem with the network is fundamental--bandwidth usage is
           rising faster than bandwidth cost is falling.  Something will be
           done about it at some point, but it won't be something you'll
           like.  -tom
           \_ Like paying/packet or port blocking?
              \_ For example.  -tom
              \_ send the bill to reshall
                \_ The reshalls already pay for their own bandwidth, and
                   they don't affect the rest of the campus.  -tom
           \_ It'd be nice if the discussion regarding this was in a
              public forum.  A while back, there was some traffic
              regarding this topic on, but that has
              essentially come to a halt.
           \_ Has there been any discussion of traffic shaping?  It seems like
              it could offer a sensible solution to the problem. -dans
                \_ There already is some traffic shaping going on.  But it's
                   not a solution--web traffic alone is enough to trigger
                   the problem.  -tom
                   \_ Cap web traffic.
                        \_ get a clue.  -tom
                           \_ dude if web traffic is the problem, the answer is
                              to force proxy/cache it all and shape/cap the
                              traffic.  it'll be slower overall but won't
                              require infinite bandwidth.  you're really quick
                              with that 'get a clue' gun for someone who has
                              yet to propose your own alternative.
                           \_ I am actually curious why you don't consider
                              capping web traffic to be a possible solution?
                              Would a cap on web traffic degrade user
                              experience that badly?  Perhaps the resulting
                              drop in performance would discourage 'casual
                              browsing'?  How much could things be improved
                              via caching?
                                \_ Would you reduce traffic on a busy freeway
                                   by building a wall across one of the lanes?
                                   The web traffic is a good portion of the
                                   fundamental purpose of our network
                                   connection--to degrade its usage is to
                                   degrade the very reason we have the
                                   Internet.  Do some research on "the
                                   tragedy of the commons."  -tom
                                   \_ I'm well acquainted with the tragedy of
                                      the commons.  It is the plague of my
                                      everyday existence.  I'm just wondering
                                      if slightly sluggish web performance
                                      might not change people's browsing
                                      habits.  In effect, I'm not sure if your
                                      freeway analogy really applies here.
                                      Also, what about caching?  That
                                      seems to hold the possibility of
                                      significantly reducing traffic we send
                                      out to the commodity internet.  Or is
                                      there a reason why caching wouldn't help
                                      or is not viable for Berkeley? -dans
                                        \_ Changing people's browsing habits
                                           is exactly what you don't want to
                                           do.  The net exists to be used.
                                           As for caching, we have an Akamai
                                           farm on campus already.
                                           One of the major points of the
                                           original article on the tragedy of
                                           the commons is that there exist
                                           problems with no technical solution.
                                           \_ The net exists to be used not
                                              abused. If you have a bunch of
                                              stupid users who are constantly
                                              fetching uncachable content like
                                              slashdot or any of that web
                                              services bs, the best thing to
                                              is to discourage such behavior
                                              by making it harder/slower to
                                              get data from such places. Once
                                              people stop abusing the net,
                                              the problem is solved.
                                              the problem is solved. This
                                              problem *HAS* a technological
                                              soln., its just that you don't
                                              like that soln. because it means
                                              you and your '1337 buddies can't
                                              get their net fix.
                                              \_ Damn, I just did the math
                                                 with a few conservative
                                                 assumptions and the bits/user
                                                 is insanely high. buncha pigs.
                                                 \_ gee, how many users of
                                                    Berkeley web sites are
                                                    there?  -tom
                                           \_ akamai farm? so what?  that's not
                                              caching what people are using, it
                                              is caching what other people are
                                              paying to have cached.  not quite
                                              the same, eh?
                                              \_ Technically an akamai farm
                                                 can be used as a cache in
                                                 addition to a cdn. I hope
                                                 that TPTB are smart enough
                                                 to do at least that much.
                                                 \_ wanna bet?
                                           \_ Is the web traffic
                                              predominantly upstream or
                                              downstream?  If it's
                                              downstream, could the
                                              bandwidth be supplemented
                                              with load-balancing across
                                              cheap asymmetrical
                                              \_ Our aggregate net usage is
                                                 weighted towards outgoing
                                                 traffic, though the disparity
                                                 isn't enormous.  In any case,
                                                 DSL (if that's what you're
                                                 talking about) isn't "cheap"
                                                 for this kind of usage. -tom
        \_ The Campus Net Wants To Be Free!
        \_ "tragedy of the commons": the newst kewl motd phrase.  just toss
           this phrase around enough and you don't need to research or propose
           any other solutions.
           \_ The Tragedy Of The Commons Daniel McFadden, 09.10.01
              Warning on the Net's shared resources
2002/5/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24914 Activity:kinda low
5/22    Is there a ban now on sex or girl threads ?? Its not cool to
        write somethiing and see it deleted posthaste.
        \_ duud, i been posting shit like that all day!  down with censorship!
                \_ Posting what? All is computer stuff and political rants..
                   That is down right dull ..
        \_ become a /csua/bin/me advocate.
2002/5/22-23 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:24915 Activity:very high
05/22   Any recommendations for a utility to totally erase a PC laptop
        disk's contents. I'm selling my laptop and want my files etc.
        totally wiped.
        \_ Destroy the disk and grind it up.  Only way.  For those who
           don't have top secret stuff, merely reformatting and filling
           with emac dists will do just fine.
        \_ There may be something better but one of the tools included with
           PGP for windows is a wiper. It writes seven layers of random
           bits over every selected file, as I recall. -- ulysses
        \_ Would this naive approach be secure enough: re-partition the whole
           disk to several FAT partitions then fill up each partition with a
           single file containing 0xFF until the partition is full?
           \_ if you're really worried, supposedly you can scan for variations
              in gauss levels of each bit and tell if it was recently changed.
              There are some government protocols for disposing of harddrives.
              If you're this worried, though, i've got a bomb shelter i'd like
              to sell you.
              \_ I remember reading somewhere that data can be read off hard
                 drive that's been wiped(written random bits on) up to six
                 times, which is probably why the "wiper" program mentioned
                 above wipes it seven times.
           \_ a layer of 0xff, a layer of 0x00, a layer of 0xff, ...
              until you feel comfortable about the gauss levels mentioned
        \_ The above 'naive' approach is more than enough for a simple sale to
           a private individual.  In theory the data can still be recovered by
           a professional data recovery firm that will charm thousands of
           dollars with no promises of recovery.  I'm sure the FBI,etc can
           recover it though as they have essentially infinite resources but
           I don't think this is a serious concern.
        \_ what's wrong with just repartitioning the drive?
           \_ Data is still there. Only partition and file tables are wiped.
        \_ If you're so worried, why don't just keep your existing disk
           and replace it with a cheap ass disk you can get at Fry's.
           \_ for starters the 2" disk in a laptop is very expensive. !op
              \_ and the time wasted in discussing all this is probably even
                 more than that.
                 \_ A 2" disk could run $150+ for even a smaller drive.  I
                    think the motd time spent on this is about zero.  Actually
                    I was at work for most of this thread so I got paid for it.
2002/5/22 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:24916 Activity:nil
5/22    Renewable Energy? Not in Ted's backyard. Where's Al when we need him?
2002/5/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24917 Activity:very high
5/22    Open season at Harvard for rape and all other sexual assaults.
        \_ "The peer dispute process is a choice for students to mete out
           internal punishments, ......  Students can always take a claim to
           the police,......".  I don't see why this is a bad idea to reduce
           the responsibility of the school officials who are not professional
           investigators.  They're just leaving the matters to the police who
           are better-trained for these matters.
           \_ it places stigma on the victim, and will assuredly make it
              more difficult, psychologically speaking, for victims to come
              forward. --scotsman
           \_ Why would you want to make it even harder for some poor girl
              to protect herself from some sexual predator/rapist?
              \_ This kind of statement really irks me.  This is why the
                 GM Food crowd and the anti-globalization people can never
                 get a foothold..  They use phraseology like this that
                 insults the listener and shuts them off from wanting to
                 hear. --scotsman
                 \_ No, the anti-GM and anti-G and anti-XYZ people can never
                    get a foothold because they're all a bunch of lunatic
                    extremists living in a fantasy world.
                    \_ oh yeah..  anti-GM is so extreme...
                       \_ The people who push it are, yes.
                          \_ The arguments are solid against it.  You've talked
                             to the wrong people (illustrating my point).
              \_ Why is calling 911 harder than waiting till office hours and
                 then calling the administrative office whom doesn't even have
                 the authority to detain someone?
                 \_ Sigh... because the university can provide the sort of
                    pro-woman supportive environment that a victim of sexual
                    assault needs to feel safe before she can talk about her
                    experience and feelings.  The cops can't provide that. I'd
                    bet more than half those cops were football player rapists
                    in college.
                    \_ since when did cops start going to college?
        \_ this has nothing to do with the above, but the mexican state
           Juarez is in passed a law last year that reduced the penalty
           for rape from 5 to 1 years in cases where the woman dressed
           provacatively and appealed to a man's baser urges, but i think
           it got repealed when all the other states threatened to send
           in troops and kick some ass.  in pakistan right now there
           are women on death row for reporting they got raped, since...
           they had sexual intercourse outside of marriage (by
           being raped).  they of course say some man raped them, but
           many areas of pakistan will not accept the testimony of a woman
           unless it's backed up by four other males of upstanding
           moral character.
                    \_ She wanted it. She was asking for it.
                       \_ She asked for it so you gave it to her?  Don't you
                          know better than to give a chick what she wants?  All
                          she wants is to get pregnant and ruin your life!  Do
                          yourself a favor, trust me on this, avoid sex with
                          any woman.  She'll get pregnant, you'll get married,
                          she'll divorce you and take more than half of all
                          you've got for the rest of your miserable life!
                          \_ Yay!  It's Bitter Divorced Guy!  You tell 'em,
                             BDG!  WooHOOO!!            -BDG #1 fan!
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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