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2002/5/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:24898 Activity:nil
5/20    need command line link checker. recommendations?
        \_ checkbot
2002/5/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:24899 Activity:insanely high
5/20    Anyone have any luck with Sparc64 + FreeBSD?
        Do you recommend it?
        \_ God No!  Are you insane???
        \_ OpenBSD Sparc64 is mostly usable. FreeBSD Sparc64
           barely runs
        \_ Why not Solaris?
           \_ commercial software is wrong.  --cowboy
              \_ wrong? take it to the church, son.
              \_ But was it included when you bought the Sparc?
                 \_ Solaris 8 is freely downloadable or $75 for a media kit.
                    \_ "yeah but i cant get the source and make my own solaris
                        distro so it doesnt count!  how will i fix bugs and
                        release them to the community?  i mean like i know i
                        dont even code and couldnt find a bug if it bit my
                        nose off but yeah!"
                        \_ And releasing source code will endanger our
                           soldiers in Afganistan! --msft
                        \_ most of Solaris 8/FCS source code is available for
                           download. You are free to fix the bugs but you must
                           submit them to Sun. If your organization asks nicely
                           you could get the source for other releases too.
                           \_ "most? thats evil!  i want the whole source and
                               the right to make my own kewl-d00de d1st0!  awl
                               0p3n s0urc3 un1t3!!!!  d00dez!!1"
                               \_ sun wants to make everything available, but
                                  the patent/copyright holders on parts of
                                  the kernel and userland won't let them.
                                  \_ "if sun cared about open source they'd
                                      rec0de all the evil parts and release
                                      as GPL!  Death to Sun!"
        \_ been running debian sparc on an ultra 1.  works fine. (potato)
        \_ How about Open vs Net ?
        \_ Real sparc64 (HAL/Fujitsu) or UltraSparc?
           \_ hahahahahh....  HaL...  Real.... sparc64....
                \_ Well, if it's SPARC64[tm], it must be HaL.   Unfortunately
                   some stupid opensource people use "sparc64" when they really
                   mean UltraSPARC[tm].
                   \_ Whee..  I worked at HaL, back when they were trying to
                      rush their 2.5.1 out the door while Sun was prepping
                      Solaris 7.  Neat boxes, though. --scotsman
                \_ I have an E250? Is that "real" or just ultrasparc? Where
                   is the confusion coming from? Who invented the "fake"
                   \_ HaL was to be Fujitsu's big bid in the processor market.
                      They grabbed the trademark "sparc64" out from under Sun,
                      seriously pissing them off.  The hardware was really
                      pretty cool.  At the time, one of the few things around
                      that could take 4G of RAM.  They just couldn't get the
                      OS dev schedule up fast enough to compete against Sun
                      at their own game. --scotsman
                      \_ Doesn't sparc64 run a stock Sun Microsystems version
                         of Solaris?
                         \_ not at the time.  (this was in like '97.  I dunno
                            what they run now, or even if sparc64 machines
                            are still being built) --scotsman
          \_ Strangely enough, just reports that the
             Sparc64 port is "fully self-hosting"-- meaning it can actually
             compile itself and run.  Short answer-- it's not ready yet.  And
             it doesn't work with YOUR cable modem.
2002/5/21 [Uncategorized] UID:24900 Activity:nil
        'Take Your Humanities Buddy To School Day' a success at Duke
2002/5/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:24901 Activity:kinda low
5/20    What is an effective way of representing data in a timing diagram?
        specific information that needs to be included is: what signal
        it is, when it goes on, how long it is on for. Is it better to
        record, at every possible timestep, what signal is on/off; or is
        it better to represent it as, for a given signal, the time the
        pulse go on and then how long they last? (the pulses do not all
        stay on for the same time).
        \_ That's really vague. What kind of data? Usually it's shown
           relative to the clocks that drive the data.
                \_ sorry. the clock isn't really relevant since this
                   sequence can start at any time. specifically, I
                   need to somehow store how I want ~50 signals to
                   go off (in terms of duration and when the pulses
                   begins. what I'm looking for is an efficient way
                   of storing this information. that information
                   will later be used to actually drive those 50
                   different signals (which are just pulses).
        \_ "better" is a funny word.  What constraints do you have?  If you
           store the state for each tick you'll use more space.  If you need
           to check against 50 different signal data points each tick you'll
           use more time and probably have more complex code.
2002/5/21-22 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW] UID:24902 Activity:high
5/21    ant question:  I have a big heirarchy of ant files
        I want to define something at the base (the grandparent) ant file
        but I want to be able to run from a child ant file.
                How do I do this?  (in Make it was "include")  -brain
        \_ If you have too many ants I suggest RAID.
        \_ okay losers- it's the "property" tag with the "file"
           attribute set.  This reads in the file.  -brain  [formatd]
           \_ property is evil.  open source forever!
2002/5/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:24903 Activity:nil
5/21    "Transvestite Ancient Roman Unearthed in Britain"
2002/5/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:24904 Activity:low
5/21    Who killed the scifi thread. Anyway my recs are James Morrow and
        Jonathan Lethem for "new" school and Lem/Dick for old school.
                                             \_ Stanislav Lem rocks!
2002/5/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24905 Activity:moderate
5/21    M$ Software so buggy that protocols and api's can't be made
        public without compromising national security:,3658,s%253D701%2526a%253D26875,00.asp
        \_ Not good enough for nuclear reactors or air traffic control, but
           good enough for nuclear missles and banking.
           \_ Because, like hey, its only a few nukes and some other people's
              money.  And with the recent treaty with the russians, even fewer
              nukes soon, so load up minesweeper on your WinXP server and we're
              ready to safe guard the country's weapons and financial system!
              \_ Let's roll.
                 \_ All I need now is my slim picken's hat with MS logo.
        \_ "Windows NT Cripples US Navy Cruiser"
           M$ has planned for this anti-trust lawsuit years in advance by
           inserting bugs into its code.
2002/5/21-22 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:24906 Activity:high
5/21    How do I set the default font in emacs 21's Global-Font-Lock-Mode?
        I can set the default face, and I can set the "special" features
        of GFLM (strings, function names, et al), but every time I enter
        GFLM (Java mode) I lose my default face to regular black text on
        white background.  Specifically, I'd like a black background under
        white text.  Thanks.
        \_ Try either:
           (setq default-frame-alist
                 (append default-frame-alist
                         '((foreground-color       .       "white")
                           (background-color       .       "black"))))
           (set-foreground-color "WHITE")
           (set-background-color "BLACK")
           I forget which one is the one you'll need.
           \_ Tried both of these.  When I first enter emacs, it starts
              off white on black (as I prefer), but when it enters GFLM
              with syntaxt highlighting, it reverses to black on white.
              Is there a way I can set the GFLM to use white on black?
              \_ Something else in your .emacs is setting the colors back
                 then.  Which mode are you in?
        \_ Can you start emacs with "emacs -r"?  -- yuen
           \_ Nope, doesn't seem to change anything.
              \_ It works for me in Emacs20 under both Solaris and NT.  Guess
                 it's different for 21.  -- yuen
        \_ Here's the relevant part from my .emacs:
            '(fill-column 79)
            '(default-frame-alist '((foreground-color . "white")
                                    (background-color . "black")
                                    (cursor-color . "gold")
                                    (height . 45)
                                    (width . 86)))
        \_ I stick that stuff in my .Xdefaults
             emacs*Background: Black
             emacs*Foreground: White
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