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2002/5/15 [Recreation/Humor] UID:24833 Activity:nil
5/14    Do you find any spams amusing at all?
        \_ Do you find any of those bozos on Telegraph who shove those
           fliers into your face amusing at all?
2002/5/15 [Uncategorized] UID:24834 Activity:nil
5/15    what is the prefered capitalization scheme for the title of a
        viewgraph?  should each word be capitalized or just the first word
        of the title?
2002/5/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24835 Activity:nil
5/15    Where/how did the whole Sting Has 7 Hour Tantric Sex
        Sessions His Incredibly Sore Wife story start?
        \_ I think it was in a GQ interview.
2002/5/15 [Recreation/Humor, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24836 Activity:high
5/15    I just realized that I've been on soda for more than 10 years.
        Still trolling the motd.  The funny thing is, there are people who
        has been around even longer and they're still trolling the motd.
        \_ No, what's funny is that there are people who have been around
           longer who are still falling for your trolls!
           \_ yes, that's the funny thing.
           \_ No I'm not...Doh!
2002/5/15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:24837 Activity:insanely high
5/15    My boss wants me to track what websites a user visits. The user is
        smart enough to delete their history every time they log out (tweakui?)
        Any recommendations for UNIX/NT software to do this?
        \_ You can use a network snooper but I question what will be
           accomplish by tracking what websites your own workers visit.
           \_ There could be the case of the person visiting inappropriate
              sites. However, in this case, the person (a secretary) tells
              everyone that she has way too much work to do, but all the other
              secretaries say that she just surfs the web all day.
        \_ When installing a network snooper, where do you put it? Doesn't
           it depend on whether the user is connected to a switch or a hub?
           \_ Yes a snooper won't work on a switched lan. A alternate soln.
              if you don't want use a caching proxy is to have your fw log
              all outbound http and ftp requests and then translate that to
              web sites. The problem with this is that you won't be able
              to catch request made to services like anonymizer.
        \_ Set up a caching proxy (eg. squid) and run it in transparent
           mode (your fw/router redirects port 80, 21, etc to the cache)
           and turn on max logging. You need to use transparent mode so
           that your users can't circumvent the cache and screw up your
           information gathering.
           Use perl to grok the cache's log files and generate a list of
           urls (or sites) per ip. Now use the dhcp server's log files to
           map IP to NIC and therefore to individual client systems and
           users (I'm assuming that most of your clients are mac/win boxes
           and have only one user). This should give you all the information
           you need and more.
           \_ Thanks! We have a cache (Symantec i-gear), but the user wasn't
              using it. I'll investigate how to get our router (no firewall)
              to forward requests.
              \_ One possible way is the set up the dhcp server to specify
                 the cache as the default router for the mac in question.
                 Then you setup the cache to re-route all traffic (except
                 for http traffic, which it handles) to the real rotuer.
                 \_ currently, we're still on static ip's/routes, but that's
                    something i'll look into
        \_ If she is not smart enough to also clear the disk cache, you can go
           to the cache directories and look at the content.  E.g. on NT,
           However, I think a better solution is to just keep track of her
           %USERPROFILE%\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ for IE and
           %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Netscape\Users\%USERNAME%\Cache\ for
           Netscape; for Unix, ~/.netscape/cache for Netscape.  You might not
           know which URLs she visited, but at least you can see the content
           of the pages.  Note that for IE some of the dirs and files are
           marked hidden or system, so you have to do "dir /a" to see them.
           However, I think the better solution is to just keep track of her
           activity at the proxy server.
        \_ Be careful of what you and your boss are doing.  Unless it's
           in your company policy, you shouldn't do this.  Your coworkers
           can sue the company for this tactic.
           can sue the company for this tactic.  If you're going to do this
           you better adopt a policy for this and have everyone in the company
           be aware of and agreeable to it.
           \_ Double check with your company's specific policy, but at
              most places the company owns the machine and all files on it
              if it is a work machine, and the company is allowed to
              access it whenever it wants.
              \_ if your company is going to do that, make sure it's in the
                 policy.  "Company owns everything" is too vague.  A good
                 lawyer will defeat that.  You can not do it in way it single
                 out an individual or in anyway showing bias.
              \- if the person you are trying to track is stupid, you can
                 use dug song's software ... that will basically sniff the
                 net, extract the urls and feed them to a netscape you run
                 so you more or less can watch the secretary "over his/her
                 shoulder". however really you probably want timestamped
                 logs, in which case just get tcpdump the port 80 traffic.
                 getting the urls in addition to dst addr is a little more
                 work but pretty simple. BRO can do this. --psb
2002/5/15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:24838 Activity:very high
5/15    How do you use find and xargs together (correctly) if your find doesn't
        support -print0?
        \_ perl! perl! perl is the STANDARD! ...find parser.
        \_ In Bourne shell you can try omething like this:
           find . -name '*.java' > .files
           cat .files | \
           while read LINE ;
               echo rm -f "'$FILE'" ;
           Note this is much slower than xargs, but it is the only
           reliable way. It is also more reliable than -exec since
           not all find's understand quoting properly for -exec.
           Note that this is much slower than xargs, but it is the
           only reliable way. It is also more reliable than -exec
           since not all find's handle quoting properly for -exec.
        \_ find . -name '*.java' |xargs rm -f
           equivalent to:
           rm -f `find . -name '*.java'`
           \_ I know, but that doesn't really help me much.
              find . -name "*pl" | xargs file
              won't work if a pl file has a space in it.
              find . -name "*pl" -print0 | xargs -0 file
              works but I don't have the -print0 option on my Solaris box.
                \_ how about find . -name '*pl' |sed -e 's/\ /\\/g'|xargs ...
                   \_ Other characters like ' would also ahve to be removed.
              \_ Install gnu find on your box.
           \_ No it is not. Command expansion (``) is limited by MAXARGS.
              If your `` expand to more than MAXARGS words, then command
              expansion will fail. xargs makes sure that it never invokes
              a command with more than MAXARGS arguments so it always
2002/5/15-16 [Recreation/Music] UID:24839 Activity:very high
5/15    When people talk about jizz, does that include schwang? What about the
        music in the Roaring 20's when that is obviously not jazz music?
        What about the blues?
        \_ Jazz generally includes both blues and swing.  You'll have to
           be more specific when you say "music...that is obviously not
           jazz music."  Certainly, music which is not jazz is not called
           jazz, but most of what you'll hear from the 1920's is jazz. -tom
        \_ By "music in the Roaring 20's" do you mean big band?  I think big
           band is also considered jazz.
           \_ Yes.  -tom
              \_ Wow. Hey tom, are you a jazz musician?
                \_ I play trombone.  I wouldn't really classify myself as
                   a musician.  -tom
           \_ Big Band is jazz, but not really a '20's phenomenon. More 30's
              and 40's. But, the 20's is referred to as the Jazz Age. The
              popular music from that time is the start of jazz, which has
              continued to evolve to today (just like Elvis doesn't sound
              like Radiohead).
        \_ Don't forget dixieland..  and bebop..  and ragtime..
        \_ Jazz and Blues are related but many musicologists put them into
           separate boxes. The basic structures of blues and jazz can be very
           different, e.g. 12-bar blues and 32-bar jazz patterns.
           \_ Blues is a genre of Jazz.
                \_ Incorrect. Blues existed before jazz (even Ken Burns got
                   that right). Blues is best thought of as a collection
                   of basic song forms (12 bar blues, 8 bar, 16 bar, etc)
                   that has been incorporated into a variety of American
                   musical styles such as jazz, "R+B", rock and many types
                   of contemporary folk music. Blues, in a very real sense,
                   is the progenitor of much American music. When musicians
                   talk about blues, they often talk of "Delta blues", or
                   "jazz blues," etc because these different musics have
                   their own versions of blues derived from an earlier
                   "ur"-blues.  fab
        \_ so is Frank Sinatra considered blues?
           \_ ahahahahhahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahah~!!!!!1!!!!!
                \_ It's accurate to say that Frank Sinatra sang some blues,
                   but  not in the same way that say Ma Rainey migh have
                   sung them. He also sang many songs that have become
                   standard in the jazz repertoire, often with a swing
                   feeling, but also in a distinct manner. fab
2002/5/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:24840 Activity:very high
5/15    Grad student demograph-- grad student, 15% Asian, 51% White
        undergrad student, 40% Asian, 30% White. What accounts for this?
        \_ Undergrads: mostly from California; California is heavily Asian.
           Grads: from all over the US (and the world); less Asian.
                \_ I thought there are 10X more mainland Chinese and Indians
                   than the whites
                   \_ more important money make than degree earn.
                   \_ overall, of course, but not in American universities
                      (and I think 10x is too high a figure)
                         \-what would be interesting is to find a particular
                         dept where the ratios change a lot. might be
                         intersting to also consider household income of
                         ug vs. grad ... this might just be telling you there
                         are more wealthy white people --psb
        \_ Most Asians went to join the dot-com swing.
        \_ More drive to get a "good job" in Asian cultures than European ones.
           More relatives questioning why you need a PhD in History than
           getting a real job.
                \_ you implying that Asians just want money?
                  \_ I saw a marked prefererence for careers perceived as
                     guaranteeing security among my asian and asian-american
                     colleagues at UC Berkeley, more often than not. There
                     were many exceptions but that was the trend. I noticed
                     this, in particular, among nikkei.
                     \_ Probably the primary reason. Financial security is
                        very important to the first generations who didn't
                        have it. Once that is reached, I'll bet the gen.
                        after that has a much more liberal education.
                  \_ Poor people often do.
                     \_ Asians make more money than whites in California.
                        \_ untrue, irrelevant
                 You are wrong _/
                 And very relavent to the idea that Asians are poor or not.
                 \_this article just rambles. it's junk.
                   \_ Look it up in the census data then. I am not going to
                      hold your hand for you.
                   \_ Look it up in the census data then. Do I have to do
                      *everything* for you?
                \_ Yea but what about penis size...
                   \_ Little, yellow, different, better.
2002/5/15 [Industry/Jobs] UID:24841 Activity:high
5/15    must read!
        \_ That's just some boring ass stuff about Indian programmers.
           Now, that's a must read.
2002/5/15-17 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:24842 Activity:moderate
5/15    In ClearCase 4.2, I want to create a new element bar.c based on the
        latest version of foo.c.  Is there any ClearCase command for this
        other than "mkelem" such that it'll remember that version 1 of bar.c
        comes from the latest foo.c?  Thanks. -- yuen
        \_ There used to be a "clone" feature in the UI. I don't know what
           the cli equiv. is.
2002/5/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:24843 Activity:moderate
5/15    TJB gives to the university.
        \_ Does that mean he's graduating?
        \_ how much?
        \_ so much for intellectual dishonesty.
2019/01/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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