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2002/5/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:24802 Activity:nil
5/13    hi, does anyone know where man "superman" leung is nowadays?
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24803 Activity:moderate
5/13    BDG, have you seen Unfaithful yet?  Please give us a review.
                -your most loyal fan
        \_ No I haven't, I don't plan to either not unless someone
           reliable (ie not on the motd) tells me that Richard Gere
           goes "looking" for his wife and her "friend" with his trusty
           Colt 45 to have a "talk" with them.
           \_ you should see Taxi Driver if you have not already.
              \_ Are you talking to me?
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Media] UID:24804 Activity:very high
5/13    I'm curious which theatres insert how many commercials before the first
        run movies they show. I saw Spiderman at the Kabuki and there were
        four, so let's start there. Can others among you all contribute
        numbers from their recent visits to other movie theatres?
        Note that I'm not counting previews. -- ulysses
        THEATRE                 N_COMMERCIALS
        Kabuki                  4
        Coronet                 ??
        Emerybay                ??
        Shattuck (Landmark)     ??
        UA Berkeley             3
        Grand Lake              never seen any at grand lake (nor piedmont)
        Century Mtn View        ??
        AMC Mercado             ??
        \_ Commercials and/or trailers?  or just straight up commercials
           \_ Good point. I added a note above.
              \_ add a column for the movie title?
                \_ I'm interested in the general class of
                   blockbuster movies. Spiderman, EpII, etc. If you have
                   data, please do contribute.
                   \_ "blockbusters" are sheer death.  swear them off now,
                      and your life will be spared much hollywood induced
                      \_ I appreciate the sentiment but I'd appreciate
                         data more. Got any?
        \_ This is bullshit.  I suggest throwing rotten tomatoes.
        \_ Doesn't this vary depending on what movie the theatre is showing?
           \_ That's why I mentioned that I am looking for data from first-run
              movies. Perhaps I should additionally say I'm looking for worst
              case scenarios, i.e., summer blockbuster movies.
              \_ What the hell do you mean?  The term "data" is not as
                 descriptive as you seem to think.
2002/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:24805 Activity:low
5/13    I started using cvs and imported some existing file.  On checking out
        again I found that all the modification time has been altered.  How do
        I ask cvs to keep the modification time for checking out?  (I thought
        this is what it should do). --- cvs newbie
        \_ Formatting fixed. - motd formatting daemon
        \_ Apparently you're also an English language newbie.  Try asking
           your question again using correct grammar that the rest of us
           can parse.
           \_ Yoda like I am grammar English I use.
              \_ You know, that stupid movie was worth it to see the part
                 when yoda busts out a light sabre and goes aggro. Matrix
                 \_ what I don't understand is why yoda uses a light sabre
                    when *EVERYONE* knows that force lightning is so much
                    more effective.
                    \_ what?  yoda don't play that shit.  lightening's for
                       punk ass bitches.  yoda's old school, man..
                    \_ i thought lightning was a dark side attack.
                       \_ No, everyone can use force lightning. In fact
                          in JK Multiplayer its all anyone ever uses.
        \_ Feel the love of CVS.  Timestamps are just the beginning of your
           problems...  (CVS assigns the timestamp at the time of import,
           and punts the existing time of your file.)  Future revisions of
           your files will get updated times.
2002/5/13-14 [Health/Eyes, Health/Skin] UID:24806 Activity:high
5/13    Eyeliner wearing types out there, do you have a strong brand
        preference?  Is department store eyeliner significantly better than
        drug store eyeliner?  Thanks in advance.
        - Hasn't worn eyeliner since High School
        \_ different brands may smear easier than others.  i'd suggest
           starting with the cheap stuff and then if you have a problem with
           it staying put, move up to the better quality ones.  (what will
           work for you kinda depends on your skin type and eye geometry.
           just experiment.)  -tom
           \_ Damn, what an obvious troll.  tom stopped using eyeliner
              ever since the surgery,
              It runs too easily during any meg ryan film.
           \_ Seem to be having success with the L'Oreal long wear liquid,
              but I'm not too crazy about the applicator-- hard to get a
              decent thin line.  I'd still like to hear others' suggestions.
              - Original poster
           \_ Why do you think it is funny to sign someone elses name to
              a post? Tom hasn't logged in all day.
        \_ How common is it for males to wear eyeliners?
           \_ Among heavy metal fans and sysadmins it's fairly common.
                                         \_ You are making the generalization
                                            that most sysadmins are linux
                                            lusers and cosplayers. That is
                                            not entirely true.
              \_ WTF? First, are you saying heavy metal fans are fags?
                 And no, it's not common among sysadmins. You are crazy.
                 \_ No, are you saying wearing eye liner makes you a fag?
                 \_ Have you ever been to a KISS concert?
              \_ If it's so fucking common among sysadmins, why the hell
                 can't I get any recommendations out of the motd?
2002/5/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:24807 Activity:nil
5/12    I need to find annual membership numbers for ACM from beginning until
        now. Any one know where I can find this? Email fab.
        \_ you try or e-mailings someone there?
                \_ Yeah, I did - and phone calls. Basically, I get
                   office dinks, not somebody who knows something.
                   I'm hoping somebody here might know who to call, or
                   can point me to a reference source. fab
2002/5/13-14 [Finance/CC, Politics/Domestic] UID:24808 Activity:moderate
5/13    What's a TN1 visa for?  Thanks.
        \_ Similar to H-1B for temporary foreign workers, TN-1 is created for
           workers from the NAFTA countries (Canada, for example). It has a bit
           less restrictions from the usual H-1B visa.
        \_ Another way for foreigners to steal our jobs.
          \_ it's not yours untill you own it.  If you don't have what it takes
             to own it I guess you can only whine about it. hahahah
2002/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Media] UID:24809 Activity:very high
5/13    Anyone boycotting Episode II?  How many people are seeing it:
        - the first day, afternoon
        - the first day, evening or night   ...
        - the first weekend
        - after the first weekend
        - not seeing SW:EPII                .
        \_ you forgot watching the pirate copy ..
        \_ what's with the boycotting? Lucas offended you or somethin?
           \_ meesa not offended, okeyday?
              \_ watched ep2 last night, jar jar says 4 lines.  Thank God.
                 jar jar is stupid and actually gets tricked into motining
                 to give darth sidius dictatorial powers over the republic.
                 \_ Where did you see it?
                    \_ At home. SVCDs rock.
        \_ How many people have already seen it? ...
        \_ Skipping it because I don't like commercials before my
           films .
        \_ it's got alot of action.
2002/5/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:24810 Activity:nil
5/13    Isn't there a strong resemblence between Lila Patton and that 1920
        b/w movie star?
        \_ I hope you're not talking about Louise Brooks?
        \_ black and white porno?
          \_ Your mind works in strange ways...
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:24811 Activity:moderate
5/13    A few friends are taking a trip to Reno in June because one guy
        is getting married later this year. Any suggestions on what
        establishments to visit in Reno? So far, we have clubs:
        Fantasy and Wild Orchid.
        \_ Depends on how wild you want to get. The brothels are quick
           30 minute ride east of town. And it's not just for sex. Both
           of the places you mention are topless only (due to alcohol
           limitations). At the brothels you can get full nude and drink.
           Just tip really well and it'll be cool. On the other hand, the
           gals at the topless joints look a *lot* better.
           \_ Any specific recommendations? We'll be there two days and
              wouldn't mind a variety.
        \_ When I went to Reno six years ago there were variaty shows by
           Playboy which included topless dances and singing.  I don't remember
           which casino it was.  The women were good-looking.  However, the
           audience were kept far away from the women by the size of the stage
           and nobody got a close-up no latter where you sat.  That's a minus
           for someone.
        \_ For a really kick ass paella, try the restaurant off the lobby
           of John Ascuaga's Nugget - He's Basque and it's his grandma's
           recipe. - kc
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24812 Activity:moderate
5/13    Sex at lunchtime rules!
        \_ Afternoon Delight.
                \_ girlfriend and i call it that too, didn't know it wasn't
                  original, what's it from?
                   \_ From a really annoying song in the 70s.
        \_ more commonly referred to as 'nooners'
2002/5/13-14 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:24813 Activity:very high
5/13    "Expert Warns World Warming Faster Than Expected"
        \_ oh no what are we to do oh-so wise tree-hugger? Not live our life
           to the fullest? You are all are a bunch of hypocrites. If you want
           to do something truly enviromental - kill yourself and recycle your
           body for compost. because you are goign to have kids, and those
           kids are going ot have kids, and all the resources to raise those
           kids will surpass any effort you make to "save the earth"
           \_ a touch presumptive.  many people (yourself excluded) are quite
              aware of something called birth-control, and the zero-growth
              \_ plus carpooling, driving more efficient cars, public transit,
                 turning off the PCs and lights when you leave your office,
                 buying green electricity instead of from PG&E, etc., which
                 also help conserve oil at the same time.  Killing two birds
                 with one stone.
                 \_ no matter how much you conserve, you'd still be using
                    fewer resources if you dropped dead right now.  you're
                    pretty much a net negative the moment the sperm hits the
                    egg.  might as well end it now.
           \_ Tell this to the Indians.
           \_ Without us tree-huggers, your life to the fullest will not be
              as full, simply put.
              \_ without you tree-huggers I'd have a 6 liter/500 HP V8 in my
                 car, gas would cost $0.30/gallon (we'd be drilling everywhere
                 oil is), and power would be almost free (because we would
                 have lots of dams and nuclear power plants). I'd be leading
        \_ 1975 Newsweek article on global COOLing.
                 a much "fuller" life without arbitrary limits imposed by
                 tree-hugging technology stifling wakkos.
                 \_ Perhaps I should have phrased more clearly: If we tree-
                    huggers all stop hugging trees and instead behave the same
                    way as you do, your life to the fullest will not be as
                 \_ for, oh... 30 years?  maybe?  if you're extremely lucky...
                    \_ malthus and his band of chicken littles have been
                       crying wolf for how many years now?  there's still
                       plenty of food and other resources.  when were we
                       supposed to run out of oil again?  discovering more
                       of that stuff all the time, if only the tree-huggers
                       would let us drill for it.  if we were really running
                       out of oil, we'd come up with an alternative.  the
                       problem is that there is really no problem.
        \_ Its great that the temp. is going up, its too fricking cold right
           now. The only part that gets me is that I'll be dead by the time
           it gets nice and warm (2080). At least my kids will be able to
           enjoy it.
           \_ I second that.  Here in the upper midwest, we all do our
              best to contribute to global warming because we believe
              it will make the weather here more like that of California,
              and California's weather more like that of Arizona.
              \_ Arizona is no good. California should be more like Hawaii,
                 warm water, warm weather, plentiful beaches...
        \_ 1975 Newsweek article on global cooling.
2002/5/13-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:24814 Activity:high
5/13    Suppose I send something to localhost or the local name. Will the
        computer be smart enough to not route stuff on the interface card?
        I've noticed that I'm getting 92Mbps on FTP across my LAN, but
        a whopping 200Mbps using localhost name (I have a 100Mbps LAN). I'm
        wondering how that could happen.
        \_ Do the LEDs on your hub or the card actually blink?  I guess your
           monitor software is just not smart enough to connect to the right
           \- normally lopback stuff doesnt hit the wire. however in
              freebsd if memory server, you can change something so that
              traffic for the locahost's ip does get put on the net.
              i dont have to to lookup details now but if you cant figure
              this out i might be able to help more later. --psb
           \_ Well the computer's in the lab (E450) so I can't check. I got
              the throughput using my home brewed network hogger. I've
              verified 1 process =~ 92Mbps, and 2 process =~ 89Mbps, etc...
                \_ why lower throughput with 2 processes? Broadcast conflict?
        \_ Normally yes - look at netstat -rn and notice that localhost has
           a special route that goes through the loopback device instead of
           your ethernet device and has a much higher MTU.
2018/11/13 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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