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2002/5/12 [Uncategorized] UID:24798 Activity:moderate
5/11    My uplink is about 12KB/s, but when I'm using Morpheus, the rate
        is not as fast. Is that a result of AT&T limiting uplink on certain
        ports (Morpheus ports)?
        \_ how slow do you go? Have you tried other gnutella clients?
           \_ you're lame.
2002/5/12 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:24799 Activity:very high
5/12    More unbiased reporting from the NYTimes
        "A Faulty Rethinking of the 2nd Amendment"
        ... observe the author get eviscerated
        \_ and the Free Republic is the last bastion of unbiased
           journalism, right? your act is getting so tiresome
                \_ Umm, there is no pretense of journalism on
                   Freerepublic - it is a message board where much
                   of what is published in the media is
                   critiqued.  But no worries, as taught at Berkeley
                   we all know conservatives are evil mean bigots.
                        \_ Being a Berkeley Liberal, I appreciate most
                           true conservative values: States Rights,
                           true Conservative values: States Rights,
                           conservative. However, yes, most conservative
                           Individual Freedom, and being Fiscally
                           Conservative. However, yes, most conservative
                           people I meet happen to be intolerant and mean.
                           \_ Most conservatives are pretty nice and
                              tolerant. It's just the ones in Berkeley
                              (and particularly those in CSUA) are wacko
                              nutcases and not very bright.
                              \_ as opposed to the leftist whacko nutcases
                                 of the CSUA?  a whacko nutcase who never
                                 leaves his computer terminal and has a
                                 god complex because he manages a unix
                                 cluster is a pain in the ass wether he
                                 reads Marx or Freeper.
        \_ did you kill a drifter to get an errection.
2002/5/12-14 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:24800 Activity:nil
5/12    Anybody know how the social security and medicare deduction in the
        paychecks work?  Is it always a fixed % regardless of what tax
        bracket you're in?  With federal income tax you can withold a lot
        at the beginning of the year and stop it altogether when you've paid
        enough (by adjusting the exemptions).  Can you do that with SS or
        medicare?  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, Social Security taxes is 6.2% of your GROSS pay, Medicare
           is at 1.45%. The cap for SS taxes is around $80K, in which any
           amount above $80K will not be deducted for SS. Yes, the %-age is
           fixed across all tax brackets and it's static for each paycheck
           i.e. you can't elect to have more withheld from any check. But
           then again, there is no advantage of having it withheld at certain
           period since you have no control of how it's being invested by the
           gov't, unlike your 401(k) account. Hope this helps! - jthoms
        \_ Yes.  Yes.  No.
            \_ until you hit the cap.
2002/5/12-14 [Computer/SW] UID:24801 Activity:nil
5/12    Some people have the following domains, how do I get them?
        \_ you pay the alumni association.  Techically you're not supposed
           to have an alumni account here, because you're supposed to buy
                                                             it's free _/
           an alumni account with the alumn association.
        \_ Doesn't <DEAD><DEAD> have something like this?  I don't know
           if they offer web space, but it's an email address, and it's free.
           \_ is <DEAD><DEAD> affiliated with <DEAD><DEAD>?
              \_ cal.alumni is the Alumni Association's page.
                 <DEAD><DEAD> is a jointly controlled site for all
                 alumni, association members or not.
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