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2002/5/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:24776 Activity:nil
        must be a slow news day.
2002/5/10 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:24777 Activity:nil
        Be a UN aid worker, have sex with refugees.
        \_ Old news.  Who didn't know the UN workers were raping refugees?
2002/5/10 [Uncategorized] UID:24778 Activity:nil
5/9     "MSN Messenger Vulnerable to Hackers"
        Yawn.  How come I'm not surprised?
        \_ At least M$ products are always consistent on security issues.
           \_ We use MS for everything at work because we like the security
2002/5/10 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24779 Activity:very high 50%like:24822 75%like:25056
5/9     ucla ee guy, did you get anything from usc and stanford?
        \_ I got into usc, but nothing from stanford yet.
                \_ how much is Stanford's tuition?
                   \_ you get what you pay for
                      \_ Not. How many overpriced private degree farms can
                         you name?
                \_ how much is USC's tuition?
2002/5/10 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24780 Activity:very high 61%like:24773
5/9     Where's twohey going to? -twohey #1 fan
        \_ Stanford, the little devil.

5/      Ice melts.  End of world near.
        \_ it's only the shelves that are breaking up.
        \_ Yermom charges more than a dollar.  End of world near.
        \_ Stanford, the fucking little devil.
           \_ He wanted to get a real education.
        \_ what is twohey's GPA?
2002/5/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24781 Activity:very high
5/9     "Why Don't I Care About the Palestinians?"
        "The Closed Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs"
        \_ hey free republic guy, that article was even dumber
           than the usual crap you link to in the motd, are
           you ok?  sign your name someday, we'll make you meatloaf
           and cheer you up. - danh
           \_ Defend your point.
              \_ Dan doesn't need to defend his point.  He's a leftist.  That
                 just makes him magically right when he says you're dumb.  I
                 read the article expecting some ridiculous freeper rant but
                 it actually makes sense.  The arab world has produced nothing
                 of value economically, culturally, or in any other way in a
                 few hundred years.  The palestinians have the double curse of
                 being under UN run 'camps' and being hated by their 'brother'
                 arabs for 50+ years who use them as a pawn against Israel.
                 But Dan says freeper = bad, thus it must be so.
                        \_ I dunno: I'd say we value the oil that
                           all the Arabs produce quite a bit.
                           \_ Uh the arabs didn't produce the oil in the sense
                              of doing anything.  They sit on it and europeans
                              and Americans come in and do everything and pay
                              them some money for access.  This is hardly a
                              huge cultural or economic achievement to be
                              proud of.  Anyway, their heyday is over.  Saudi
                              Arabia's infrastructure was never really built
                              up properly during their big time and now they're
                              fucked.  When the oil runs out or we switch to
                              other fuels over the next 30 years, then what?
                              Back to eating sand and reading the Koran and
                              hating those evil Americans and Europeans who
                              'epxloited' them.
           \_  do i get free food if i post a link to a dumb editorial
               also?  -!op
               \_ This is only worth a "see the above reply about Dan"
2002/5/10 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:24782 Activity:nil
5/10    Trimmed.  Old shit gone.
2002/5/10-11 [Health/Men] UID:24783 Activity:very high
5/10    Any reccomendations for quiet places to MASTURBATE on campus ?
                        Changing words in posts is usually juvenile but
                        this is kind of funny since things still kind
                        of makes sense.
                        |_ May is National Masturbation Month!
        I am finding all the usual areas crowd with socializing people.
        \_ I liked my gf's bed.  Soft, warm, accomodating and the bed wasn't
           bad either.  -alum
           \_ Where's your gf's bed?  I'll try it out.
              \_ Unit 1, 5th floor.  Unit 2, 4th floor.  Several coops.  A few
                 apartments.  Currently in Peace Corp, another in Bakersfield,
                 another in Oregon, and who the hell knows where the others
                 went.  You're welcome to the beds and the girls too if you
                 can find them.  :-)
                 \_ TJB?  How'd you get a soda account?
                 \_ Ooh!  It's like a scavenger hunt!
                    \_ If you find the Peace Corp one or the acid queen, lemme
                       know. I'm curious how they've been.  Thanks!
              \_ And the two pillows on her chest were comfy too.
        \_ Education library in Tolman and Anthro library in Krober.
        \_ How about the Morrison reading room next to Doe?  You can even
           check out huge headphones and CDs and listen to music there.
                -- alice
           \_ yeah, this is a great place... only problem is that they
              won't let you use laptops there for some reason.
              \_ You are also very likely to fall asleep there; really hard
                 to stay awake with the comfy furniture. Same problem as the
                 Heller lounge couches. Try the VLSB library.
              \_ Then Brewed.  Take advantage of wireless connection.
                 Wear headphones.  -- alice
        \_ Music dept's library?
        \_ The garage on north side.
        \_ Real men don't study.  They cheat.
           \_ Real men only take classes with women and seduce them into A+
              after A+ and then charge them for it.  Losers cheat.
2002/5/10-11 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:24784 Activity:high
5/10    How bad an idea is it to change my editor's tab stops to 4? Does that
        mess up lots of things? is 8 standard?
        \_ Bad.  Yes.  Yes.
           Mostly because if people view your code in an editor that
           doesn't have tabstops of 4, it'll likely scroll off the side and
           look ugly.  (Also happens if you read it with more/less.)
        \_ My editor can be set to insert X spaces instead of a hard tab.  I
           set it to 4 spaces so I don't have the "how big is *your* tab?"
           problem the above person is talking about.  Or you can just tab and
           when you're done do a global search/replace of tab to 4 spaces.
           \_ Global-replace TAB with 4 spaces won't work.  You need to replace
              with anything between 1 and 4 spaces.  M-x untabify in emacs is
              \_ If, however, tabs only occur at the beginning of a line,
                 search & replace will work fine.
                 \_ I only tab at the beginning.  Why is anyone tabbing at
                    some random location after real code?
                    \_ in perl, i often use tabs to make hashes more
                    \_ To add comments at the end of the line in C code.
        \_ Won't work. Some people might actually type in the X spaces
           as opposed to using tab.
        \_ Use emacs mode lines rookies!!
           \_ emacs is for wimps.  You *know* which editor is the standard....
              \_ eight switches.
              \_ notepad.exe ?
              \_ cat
              \_ the big magnet in my pocket?
              \_ :set tabstop=4
              \_ EDLIN
2002/5/10-11 [Transportation/Car] UID:24785 Activity:moderate
5/10    Man gets volvo filled with wet cement and drives off.  Mystery.,1413,86%257E10669%257E600081,00.html
        \_ How did he manage to press the pedals with all that cement inside
           the car?
           \_ Beats me.  I never filled my car with wet cement.  I guess it
              was still wet enough.  It's a weird world.
        \_ Perhaps it was BDG with his ex's car..
        \_ next week: Man in cement-filled car found dead at bottom of lake.
2002/5/10-12 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:24786 Activity:high
5/10    Who represented Berkeley at this year's ACM prog contest?
        \_ Is this the team that came in 23rd behind Kentucky State?
        \_ {mgoodman,pad,lior}@soda. STFW...
          \_ why didn't chialea and the other two guys go?
             \_ Won't speak for chialea&twohey; I didn't make the top team,
                and was on the 3rd Berkeley team at the regionals, which scored
                4th after a 'furd team and the other two berkeley teams. If
                you want to hear excuses about having a bad case of stomach flu
                during the qualifying round, you're welcome to email me, but I
                doubt you care. -alexf
                \_ so did you tell the admission committee that you have
                   problems with health/etc, and got sympathy points?
                   \_ While this shouldn't probably be dignified with a reply,
                      I'll bite -- the few times when I actually bothered
                      putting ACM stuff on the grad apps, it was in some remote
                      corner of the application that I thought nobody would
                      give a flying fuck about. And no sympathy points were
                      requested or expected above -- it was simply a partial
                      explanation for doing worse last year than in
                      2000, since you seemed to be excessively curious about
                      the subject. -alexf
             \_ Stalkers prevented them.
             \_ hahahaha "the other two guys"
             \_ Programming is not the beggining and end of CS.
                \_ so the ACM doesn't have anything to do with CS? sounds like
                   someone has a little vendetta with the ACM and/or the
                   Berkeley team that went to the finals.
                   \_ Uhm, have you ever actually participated in the ACM
                      contest? It's hardly representative of even
                      "programming" as a field, let alone CS at large. It's
                      a rather specialized form of sport involving coding
                      tiny snippets of mediocre code really fast.
2002/5/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:24787 Activity:high
5/10    Johnny Mosely is speaking at graduation? I feel so sorry for this
        year's graduating class.
        \_ Who the fuck is Johnny Mosely?
                \_ Exactly.
                \_ a skier. 4th place finisher this year in Salt Lake.
                   \_ They couldn't even get a medaller..
                      \_ Or is that "medalee"
                \_ The guy is our age and actually kinda funny
                   (I saw him on SNL and Weakest Link), but not the
                   most motivational/inspirational of people.
                \_ Excellent choice for the times. He can go up there
                   and show how they wasted time on college so they
                   can be unemployed this summer while John is a millionaire
                   \_ Dude you are *not* getting a Dell with a bad attitude
                      like that!
        \_ Dude, you're getting a diploma!
2002/5/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:24788 Activity:very high
5/10    Good fucking god.
        \_ uh... yeah, that's hilarious. if you thought that
           \_ The line from Fletch was "Jesus H. Christ on a popcicle stick!"
           was cool, check out
           they actually have a bunny advertising their batteries!
           isn't that funny!  wow!
        \_ I think the right answer is, "JESUS H. CHRIST ON A STICK!"
           \_ The line from Fletch was "Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick!"
                \_ It isn't a Fletch line, thanks.  Not everything comes from
                   a movie.  Shocking as it may seem, movies will sometimes
                   take something from pre-existing culture.  Imagine that?
                   Movies aren't 100% original from Hollywood.  Who could've
                   thought that?  Anyway if you think about it, Christ on a
                   stick means something.  Christ on a popsicle stick is the
                   PG13 version for kids and makes no sense.
                   \_ Chill out guy.  I don't think the above poster meant
                      anything.  Take a deep breath and a nap or something.
                      \_ Fletch?  Fletch?!  Anyone who thinks Fletch is the
                         source of anything needs a good solid boot to the
                         head!  He didn't have to intend anything. That only
                         makes his crime that much worse.  Fletch.
           \_ JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK is the _Hyperion_ version (iirc)
        \_ Okay, that's the silliest fucking thing I've seen in weeks.
        \_ "The MIGHTY MIDOLS bring quick relief. ... Period."
              \_ also my favorite part.  This site makes my head hurt.  I
                 just don't get it.  Who is giving the green light to this
2002/5/10-11 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24789 Activity:low
5/10    What does the "0" stand for in the ":0" prefix for procmail recipes?
        The docs don't say anything interesting.
        \_ :0 stands for a beginning of a new recipe. The procmailrc man page
           says at the bottom:
       In  the  old  days, the `:0' that marks the beginning of a
       recipe, had to be changed to `:n', whereby `n' denotes the
       number of conditions that follow.
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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