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2002/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24643 Activity:nil
4/30    Please cease including subliminal message in the motd.
2002/5/1 [Science/Electric] UID:24644 Activity:very high
4/29    I am confused about reading frequency response from a bode plot

        when the curve starts at a frequency other than zero.  Any pointer
        to reference on the net or book or kind enough to explain here?
        \_ Well you should be since measuring zero frequency is physically
           \_ DC is zero frequency. It's not impossible to measure.  The problem
              is that Bode plots are log/log plots.  What's log(0)?
           \_ DC is zero frequency. It's not impossible to measure.  The
              problem is that Bode plots are log/log plots.  What's log(0)?
              It's sort of hard to have a scale that goes all the way to
              -infinity, isn't it?  So you just stop at some other frequency.
              So I remember anyway.  I apologize if I'm wrong. --PeterM
                \_ To measure DC you must have an infinite period.
                   \_ are you a lawyer?  Yes, you're technically right.
                      In practice, you're an idiot.
        \_ Measuring DC is not the problem (you can measure the
           voltage of a battery, right?), it's displaying it
           that's a problem since log(0) = -infinity. So they
           just start it at some small value, for example 0.01Hz.
        \_ Ooops, sorry for the confusion.  I was really confused.  It
           should be read as "starts as zero degree..."  Help?
           \_ Do you mean a phase reponse plot?  Plotting phase in degrees
              starting from 0 and going to 360 is eminently sensible.  How
              *else* would you do it?  I suppose you could start with 45
              and go to 405.
              \_ YES!  So how does one interpret the phase margin when the
                 phase response start from 45 up to 405?  I know how to
                 identify the phase margin when starting from 0 dropping
                 down to -180.
                 \_ You're talking about a phase out vs. log(frequency in)
                    plot, right?  The phase is always with respect to input.
                    \_ Yes, for example, starting from 0 with unity gain
                       at -135.  I have 45 degree phase margin.  What if I
                       start from -90 with unity gain at -200?  What is
                       the phase margin in this case?  What about starting
                       from 100 with unity gain at 0?  What is the phase
                       margin in this case?
2002/5/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:24645 Activity:nil
4/29    I never took EE122. I understand how UDP works, but in TCP I need to
        block and wait for an ACK. Is that blocking done is software, or
        is that in the hardware?
        \_ software.
2002/5/1 [Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Printer, Reference/Law/Court] UID:24646 Activity:nil
        Two more companies consigned to trashbin of corporate history.
2002/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24647 Activity:nil
4/29    motd formatd was here.  80 columns you losers!
2002/5/1 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/House] UID:24648 Activity:nil
        \_ isn't it ironic that as a professor who should be worried about
           papers, research, publications, and funding, wilensky has to deal
           with stupid administrative issues?
           \_ No.  As someone who has staffed for Cal Professors it doesn't
              hurt to drag them into the real world every few years to remind
              them how resource allocation works beyond their office door.  He
              didn't write this himself anyway.  He told someone else to.
           \_ Further, it is his job as vice chair in this area --jon
2002/5/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24649 Activity:nil
4/29    I don't get it:  I have (or had) windows 2000 on a fat partition.
        When i boot i get the "boot device no good" error message after it
        starts the windows 2000 graphical boot up screen (the second screen
        with progress bar (the first being ascii the second being graphical).
        If i boot from floppy it doesn't see any MS partition type.  So Where i
        is the pre-boot info coming from?  How is it getting as far as it does?
        \_ Since you don't provide enough info, I'm guessing: your FAT is
           FAT32 and your floppy is an older FAT16 DOS which doesn't know
           FAT32.  You'll need to make the boot floppy from win98 which will
           put a FAT32 capable DOS on it.  As for your real problem I've never
           seen a Microsoft error that says, "boot device no good".  Perhaps
           you'd like to tell us the real error?
           \_ Maybe his error message comes from the BIOS.
           \_ windows 2000 doesn't run on fat16 so that's a good guess.  It
              doesn't see an ms partition booting from a win98 boot disk or
              a win2k CDROM using the  "Console" repair mode. -top
2002/5/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24650 Activity:nil
4/30    Is there an english to "hackspeak (Gn0oo0 lINUx Roxxxx DuD3)"
        program?  Or, are all the motd flames truly the product of someone
        with way too much time and ascii art skill...
        \_ I thought it was pretty obvious the motd flames are truly the
           product of someone with way too much time on their hands
        \_ eye t1p3 /\/\1/\/3 0u1 b1 ]-[@/\/|].  uR /\/0t 318!!!1!@!@!1
2002/5/1 [Academia/GradSchool, Industry/Jobs] UID:24651 Activity:nil
4/30    Ok, the job market in the computer industry is in the dumps.
        Everybody knows that.  How about for CS or EE PhDs?  Any colleges
        or big companies hiring?  thanks.
        \_ job_market(Bachelor) >> job_market(PhD), in any job conditions.
           \_ why do you say that?  What about PhDs who become managers
                or Sr. Software Engineers?
                \_ PhDs have greater salary requirements.  Doors definitely
                   close for PhDs, though some new ones open.  There is a PhD
                   glut in this country.  Getting a PhD to improve your
                   career is not a wise choice.
                   \_ I worked with a PhD guy at one company who was very
                      good at theory but knew jack all about coding.  Even
                      though I was IT Manager and never coded professionally
                      and *never* wrote anything in Java, I had to read and
                      explain java threading to him and help him redesign his
                      code.  We all got laid off shortly after that, thank god.
                      \_ Not all PhD programs emphasize coding. Depends on the
                         discipline really.
                         \_ It was 2nd year undergrad level work.  Would it be
                            fair to assume he got his BA before his Phd?
        \_ as with anything in life your likelyhood of getting a job decreases
           when you have more degrees. For example if you work at a McD
           store you could probably work anywhere you want. But if you have
           a PhD in AstroBiologyPhysicalAbstruceShit then there are only
           a few places that you can work at. The moral of the story is to
           simply do what you enjoy, you'll somehow survive anyhow.
           \_ Sometimes people will also not consider you because they think
              you'll be bored and look elsewhere when you get the chance.
2002/5/1 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW] UID:24652 Activity:nil
4/30    Anybody have experience generating MPEG video streams with splice
        points?  How EXACTLY does the splice countdown work?  What values go
        in what packets?  I'm using an MPEG analyzer and I'm seeing some
        errors:  When I send an MPEG packet with only a splice point and no
        payload, I get an error "this flag shall not be set to 1: there is no
        payload."  The MPEG spec (ISO 13818-1) is a little vague on this
        point.  MUST there be a payload in a packet that includes a splice
        point?  When I tried putting the splice point in the last payload
        packet (last packet of the PES frame), with a splice countdown of 0, I
        got this error:  "bad countdown sequence."  Any help would be

[Did you catch the subliminal message hidden in the empty space?]
\_ No.
2002/5/1-6/12 [Uncategorized] UID:24653 Activity:nil
04/30   <twohey> pres = darin, vp = bem, sec = galen, tres = njh, lib = jhs
2002/5/1 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:24654 Activity:low
        14 minutes and ticking...
        \_ I don't see a reason for the US version of the reg.  It's just a
           shortened version of the original UK version.  If I wanted to skip
           the UK stories, I'd just skip them.  Some are worth reading.  I
           have yet to see a story show on the US Reg but not the UK Reg.
2002/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24655 Activity:nil
5/1     why don't you go sell flowers by the side of the road with your
        buddies.  fuck the moonies.
2002/5/1 [Politics] UID:24656 Activity:nil
5/1     Jews abuse their economic power in attempt to silence NYT.
        \_ Yeah..  a boycott is such an "abuse of economic power".  Grow up.
2002/5/1 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:24657 Activity:high
5/1     Happy May Day!  Woohoo!  Let's celebrate the rise of communism and
        the oppression and murder of millions!
        \_ mayday predates communism. go away.
           \_ Yup, it's been around since the 13th century, according to
              Webster Dict.
                \_ has a
        \_ has a nice
           little ditty at the end plus some history.  It's all communism.
                   nice little ditty at the end plus some history.  It's all
        \_ I prefer to celebrate the 8 hour work day, fool.
        \_ Is this May Day the same "May Day" that a pilot calls out on the
           radio when the plane is in trouble?
           \_ No.  The pilot is using a French phrase that literally means
            "Help Me".
             \_ How do you spell it?  Why did it beat out "Help"?
                \_ Aidez-moi.
                   \_ That's not pronounced "Mayday." Google is your friend.
                      (and the version that's pronounced as "mayday" by english
                      speakers is "m'aider")
                      \_ Yes, but "m'aider" doesn't make sense as a French
                         command for "help me." Unless you mean "Venez
2002/5/1 [Reference/Celebration] UID:24658 Activity:nil 66%like:24549
5/1     Happy Birthday, mconst.
2002/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24659 Activity:low
5/1     The "bazzar" meets the real world:
        \_ bazaar
        \_ I love the black turtleneck sweater.
2002/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24660 Activity:low
4/30    ok, so _TCP/IP_Illustrated_ used to be entirely online. I should
        have d/l'ed it while I had the chance. Google only seems to return
        people selling the paper version. Anyone know where I can find this
        online? thanks.
        \_ Yes.  -John
           \_ url?
        \_ Is there a Swimsuit Edition?
           \_ *shudder*
2002/5/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:24661 Activity:nil 54%like:25193
4/30    Damn, I was bored.  /csua/bin/motd_warriors --Jon
        \_ cute.  I like it.
2002/5/1 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:24662 Activity:high
5/1     The administration that favoured the a-bomb... was it the same
        administration that favoured the Japanese internment? Why didn't
        they do the same for German descendents?
        \_ It's a lot easier to identify Japanese descendents.
           \_ Plus they were more concentrated in certain regions, I guess.
        \_ Germans are white.  Japanese are not.  Germans had melted in to
           the general population.  Japanese had not.  Germans were like
           everyone else.  Japanese were not.  And as a further emotional
           issue, the Germans hadn't launched a sneak attack on America.  The
           Japanese did.  Note I'm not making any judgements in either
           direction.  I do have opinions on this topic but I'm not posting
           them.  I'm only answering the question as I see it with as little
           bias as possible.  I think it's a good question.
        \_ "All men are created equal" and all other good stuff in the
            Constitution is meant for White European descent only from the
            very beginning of American history. Without it, we wouldn't able
            to justify to establish our nation at other peoples' land.
            This notion of Constitution also applied to men of other race
            didn't really come into play until the middle of 1960's.
            Thus, apply the same human right standard on Japanese descent
            doesn't really exist at the time.  On the other hand, it cuts
            both ways.  Because of American's don't really care much about
            none-white's human right, all the monstrous act by the Japanese
            toward the 20 million Chinese was consider a lesser crime than
            than the 6 million white Jews Nazi killed, and therefore,
            they were pretty much forgiven.  In the end, I actually think
            Japanese as a whole came out ahead due to this racial prejudice.
2002/5/1 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:24663 Activity:high 66%like:24163 66%like:24416
5/1     Ok I know where chialea and alexf are going for grad school. What
        about the other guy (forgot his name)?
        \_ Where are YOU going? -stalker's stalker
        \_ Twohey?  ...What the information worth to you? -geordan
                \_ where's chialea going?
                                \_ To a judge for a restraining order!
                   \_ I'm going to CMU. -chialea
                   \_ Nebraska. -geordan
                      \_ Don't cloud the issue with facts. -geordan
        \_ Would all stalkers please go create your own geocities website and
           leave the motd alone?  Thanks!  I don't recall this end-of-the-year
           grad school motd stalking thing ever happening before.  What's wrong
           with this year's crop?
           \_ it's the combination of the economy, dot-com bust,
              and the explosion of grad school apps and rejects that
              is causing this.
              \_ I think they're referring to the stalking, not the actual
                 grad school discussion. -geordan
                 \_ that's what the above poster answered.  they are
                    justifying more screwballs going to grad school
                    than normal.  if the economy were not in the dumps,
                    they'd all be hanging out at some strip club in
                    the south bay squandering their dotcom paycheck, but
                    instead their applying to grad school and stalking.
                    \_ I didn't see any stalkers in the dotcom world.  -dc-guy
                       \_ if you have money for whores and strippers, you
                          don't stalk grad students. that was my point.
                    \_ I never thought of it that way.
                       That's deeply, deeply sad.  Moreso than it is
                       already. -geordan
                       \_ no sadder than any other major in college.
                          watch Fight Club if you want to understand
                          what's really going on inside the average
                          american male college grad.
        \_ on a related question. If you're on the waiting list, or if they
           asked you if you're interested in their MS program, then does that
           mean if the actual PhD candidates somehow disappears you'll move
           up in the list?
2002/5/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:24664 Activity:insanely high
5/1     The Jenin "massacre" death toll = 56 (I'm going to *ASSUME* that
        this wasn't censored repeatedly)
        \_ Of course it was censored repeatedly.  I'm still waiting for the
           hysterical British rags to make this front page news for a few
           weeks the same way they made the original false charges front page
           news.  We know the British rags are all top notch and unbiased,
           right?  They'll retract of course.  Any good papers would.
           \_ Got a URL for any of these so-called British rags?
                \_ Where've you been?  Go read the motd archives.  We've
                   discussed this at length on the motd before.
                   \_ Typical straw man arguement. The Guardian and BBC,
                      both widely quoted in the motd, have been pretty
                      balanced. They always said things like "Palestinian
                      sources claim massacre" and I defy you to show otherwise.
                      Here is a recent BBC article about it, btw:
                      \_ Garbage.  It's all in the archives.  And go read your
                         own BBC link.  The non-BBC rags are screeching and
                         anything but unbiased.
        \_ 26 israeli soldiers die to kill 56 in jenin? I think the non
           military "civilians" kicked well equiped israeli soldiers
           asses in that case.
           \_ Israel could use planes and bombs like we do, but they actually
              want to protect lives on either side.
            \_ Maybe because they weren't civilians?  2:1 in man to man street
               fighting is pretty good.  The US no longer does this sort of
               combat.  We just flatten shit from 50,000 feet.  Imagine the
               outcry if Israel fought wars the way we do.
           \_ This is all FUD and noise.  The link is so old it talks
              about Reagan reading it everyday.  I doubt he's read anything of
              note for almost 10 years.
              \_So are you saying the moonies stopped being a cult sometime
                recently, or what?
              \_ Are you claiming that Reverend Moon did not say all that?
                \_ To both of the above: I'm saying I don't see how it matters.
                   I want to take over the world also.  So what?  Please show
                   in some way other than attacking the paper's owners that
                   the information in the link is untrue in some way.  The
                   same information is elsewhere on the net.  It must be a
                   grand moonie conspiracy, eh?
           much more about Moon's attempts to buy influence worldwide
        \_ Anyone who reads the Washington Times for anything but
           humor value is seriously wacked.
           \_ That's nice.  Do you have any evidence or alternate sources
              that this article is incorrect in any way?  Please post your
              URLs so we can judge for ourselves.  Thanks.
2002/5/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24665 Activity:very high
5/1     "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: It's Time to Cut Israel Loose"
        \_ Works for me.
           \_ Yeah. We should cut them loose, so that they can finish the
              job. Without US restraint Israel would have "Nuke and Pave"'d
              the middle east long ago and the world would have been a much
              safer place.
        \_ israel is another welfare case.  I'm sick and tired of my hard
           earned tax dollars goign out of the country.  they can do whatever
           the hell they want as long as my tax dollars aren't involved.
           We don't owe them shit.
           \_ Ok, lets stop sending *any* money outside this country.  I'm
              all for that.  Are you?
        \_ quote: "Right-wing extremist Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) has
           unleashed a horrific onslaught upon Gaza and the West Bank that has
           left all but the most hardened pro-Israel hawks disgusted".  It's a
           good thing this is in the op/ed section because this certainly
           isn't true with in Israel itself.  Sharon leads a coalition
           government which includes the left wing party of Peres, etc.  I
           like op/ed pieces.  They don't confuse the issues with the facts.
           They just make stuff up to suit their agenda and stick by it.
           Facts are so annoying when you've got an axe to grind.  Next up an
           op/ed piece of Arafat the Peacemaker and why he should be the head
           of the UN Panel on Democracy and Peace.
        \_ "horrific onslaught"? compared to the jews being murdered by
           millions, some palestianian terrorists gets killed and that's an
           onslaught? hey, please hand me over your gfs and wives and let me
           fuck them since that's the right thing to do, if you don't you're a
           \_Which jews getting murdered by millions? Is settling the west bank
             somehow necessary to make up for the holocaust? Many more
             palestinian civilians than israelis have died in the current
             \_ If you die with a gun in your hand or a bomb in the trunk or
                explosives in your home you're not a civilian.
                \_ So I guess the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto uprising
                   are not civilians?
                   \_ No.  They didn't have 50 tons of Iranian weapons getting
                      shipped in and didn't have the EU and US sending hundreds
                      of millions of dollars a year to Arafat's Swiss bank
                \_ Way to duck the issue while implying that all Palestinians
                   (or all who have died) are terrorists, which is, of course,
                   a blatant lie.
                   \_ You're putting words in my mouth.  I *never* said any
                      such thing.  Thanks.
        \_ Another good quote: "Sharon's excessive use of force is causing an
           increasing number of Americans to wonder whether it's time to cut
           off aid and let both sides slog it out."  Okey dokey, so by slog it
           out are you saying we'd just go isolationist and if the Israelis
           bombed everything flat and kicked the survivors over the borders
           of Egypt, Lebanon and Syria that would be ok with you?  Are you
           totally insane?  Or did you just not read your own URL?
2002/5/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:24666 Activity:nil
5/1     there's a billboard near head level on san pablo / gilman for the
        movie "Sum Of All Fears" at the top it says "78,000 NUCLEAR WEAPONS"
        in the middle someone has thoughtfully pasted a sign that says
        \_I still don't know why you bag on Bush.... the current situation
          is caused by a lot of issues which are totally out of his hands..
          well they are obviously in them now which is why he is getting
          blamed but in reality he is just trying to clean up shit dumped
          upon him by previous generations. do the run down...
            recession: caused by over investment over year prior to his
          presidency and over lack of efficient regulation in the telecom
          and energy markets all which enacted regulations BEFORE bush was
          elected and laws which Bush now not involved with.
            Israel: caused by fucking post ww2 jew lovers. Israel needs to be
          shot down. In this regards bush is actually again not the guy who
          caused the problem but now being blamed for not Fixing it. That
          is so damn hypocritical.
           \_ Yeah! Kill the Jews!  That'll fix it!  Let's start by numbering
              their arms so we can keep track of them and then we can round
              them up and put them in camps for our safety and then....
          Just do down th line Bush is trying to pick up the pieces. Could
          he do better, yes but that isn't the point we can always do
          better, is he trying yes. If you want to assign BLAME (Its "his"
          fault) go find some FCC and FERC presidents go find some judge
          which has kept the ms monopoly running, go find the patent judges
          which restrict innovation. Now go tell me how Bush is the
           \_ Patents don't restrict innovation.  I doubt you even know what
              a patent even is.
            I know several people who have just been hird by the forestry
          service.. so there are jobs to be had..... I guess you should go
          blame Bush for that to. Or how about the thousands of jobs which
          are going to be SUSTAINED in california due to the JSF contract
          as opposed to peope who would just be left of the street.. the
          fault of Bush obvious.. maybe you should go out there and tell
          them all Bush is a jerk and fire them all.
            Then what about DAVIS??? you never mention him at all.. yet he is
          parhaps the most corrupt governmet official in history blowing
          all OUR money.
            You want to blame someone.. how about Gates! He has the power to
          override all profit motive in the US, he has the power to reduce
          msft to a not for profit enterprise and return windows and office
          to the public.  Not to mention his abiltiy to spend 50B in cash
          on whatever he wants.  but what does he do... nothing for the
          "common" american. What does bush do for the "common" american-
          he provides stability and an environment such that jobs are
           \_ BG owes you *exactly* *nothing*.  Go start your own little
              communist utopia somewhere.  BG is a dick but he doesn't owe
              you anything.
          When you bag on bush provide concrete example otherwise you
          massively lose my respect with blanket comments. Ya you migth be
          right that Bush is to blame for everything and he is the
          antichrist or whatever but if you don't tell me what he has done
          I am left with my opinion and my believes and you are just
          pissing me off.
           \_ So I'm confused.  Other than your need for ee190, are you a
              conservative or a socialist?  You can't seem to make up your
              mind.  You post contradictory philosophies.  You want stiff
              regulation, you want free trade, you want to break patents, you
              want to kill the jews, you want to confiscate BG's wealth, etc.
              I'm thinking you're just posting all sorts of random stuff
              hoping that if you post enough of it, something will stick and
              you'll get a huge flame fest.
              \_ I think he just wanted to toy with your puny little brain.
2002/5/1-2 [Recreation/Media] UID:24667 Activity:very high
5/1     what is the nerdiest movie ever?  please exclude startrek and anime.
        \_ Lucus
        \_ Buckaroo Bonzai
        \_ Antitrust
        \_ Princess Bridie
        \_ Ghostbusters
        \_ your baby shots
        \_ war games
        \_ short circuit
        \_ office space: ...
           \_ Was it actually run in theatres?  I only saw the advance viewing
        \_ Snickers
              in SF but I never heard of any ads afterwards.
              \_ Yes.  I saw it in San Jose
                 \_ Same here.  Maybe it only ran in San Jose. -geordan
        \_ Revenge of the Nerds
           \_ Revenge of the Nerds N: Nerds in Love
        \_ Sneakers
        \_ Pirates of Silicon Valley
        \_ don't forget
2002/5/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:24668 Activity:very high
        MIT professor backs M$, what's next, Berkeley and Caltech?
        \_ Note that he is an IT, not CS, professor.
        \_ why shouldn't Berkeley back them up? they probably do already.
           universities aren't so gung-ho about open source and all those
           issues as csua'ers are; they just want everything to work
           seamlessly with each other, easy installations, etc.
        \_ Bzzzzt! You've been brainwashed by Bill and Co.
           Windows only works seamlessly with Windows. Integration
           with other platforms is only at Microsoft's will. They can
           and do take that away from you to charge you more for it
           at any time. It is always easy to install a virus into your
           system. The hard part is getting it out after you've sunk
           most of your IT budget into it. Microsoft makes the most
           pervasive and damaging virus ever known: Windows.
2002/5/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/911, Reference/Religion] UID:24669 Activity:high
5/1     Jews try to burn Bethlehem Church, place of Jesus's birth, Waco
        \_ sounds like a terrorist bomb accidentalyly went off inside the church
        by one of the terrorist hiding in it.
        \_ sounds like a terrorist bomb accidentalyly went off inside the
           church by one of the terrorist hiding in it.
        \_ Terrorists hold holy site hostage for over a month.  The world
           doesn't seem to care.  Christians wonder how world would react if
           Jews occupied the Al-Aqsa mosque.
           \_ It's only a mosque. We've blown those up before.
        \_ the jews should get their temple back, blow up that sacriligeous
           mosque on top of the jewish temple.
           \_ Ah, another sign that the "Rapture(tm)" is nearing. The Jews
              controlling Jerusalem. That's why the conservative Christians
              are supporting Israel.
                \_ Except for a very minority of Christian kooks, that's
                   mostly the imagination of the Jewish media.
2002/5/1-3 [Politics] UID:24670 Activity:high
5/1     New study offers conclusive proof that blackouts were a scam:
        \_ So this seems to be saying that if you elect morons to run your
           state you get what you deserve.
           \_ Who deleted my Gray Davis troll?
              \_ 1 4373373d y0uR Tr011. I hax0r3d r00t. -Al g0r3
           \_ ^state^country
              \_ ^country^world in general
        \_ The real problem was this: the various morons in both the state
           legislature and the governor's office knew nothing about power so
           they hired some power people to tell them about power and trusted
           everything they were told without even a quick once over critical
           reading.  They voted on it sight unseen and we all got fucked.
           What else is new?  It started under Pete with a (D) legislature
           and then continued and was made worse by Grey and the (D) legis.
           Pretty much it comes down to the politicians in this state are
           just too dumb to run the state properly.  They have no clue wtf
           they're doing and it has very little if anything to do with which
           political party they belong to.
           \_ So you're advocating the government hire top professionals
              who know a lot about a subject, but aren't involved monetarily
              to come up with a workable long and short term solution that
              can be done politically, while they aren't politicially active
              themselves, and do it quickly, but do a great job. Plus the
              government should also know intrinsicly that whether the advice
              they are given is valid, rational, and the best one possible.
              Woohoo! Let's do that!
              \_ same kinda of top professionals that advised the  state to
                 spend $90 milllion on Oracle licenses the state didn't need?
              \_ That'd be nice but out here in the real world I'm advocating
                 that politicians stop fucking with things they don't
                 understand and at least read the fucking reports they spent
                 my money to have written on the topics if they insist on
                 breaking things.  That is not too much to ask.
           \_ No politican can do much if the power generators are colluding
              to pull power off the market, which they clearly were.
              \_ The politicians created the laws and incentives that allowed
                 them to.  You don't blame the fox when you put it in charge
                 of your hen house and find a bunch of dead hens the next day.
                 \_ Sure, you blame yourself but you shoot the fox anyway.
2002/5/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:24671 Activity:nil
5/1     self contradictory rant deleted.  see archives if you care.
2002/5/1-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:24672 Activity:high
5/1     What's the point of the different dhcp pools in an IOS config?
        How do you specify who points to what pool? URL?
        \_ Different networks can use different dhcp pools.
           BTW, is it possible to configure a router to forward DHCP packets?
           \_ same document, use "next-server" or "ip helper-address".
        \_ Has anyone else had any help w/ that document? I'm running IOS12
           and none of those "ip dhcp" commands are recognized on any of
           my routers.
           \_ None of that stuff worked for me either. -op
             \_ make sure you';re running the right feature set.
                \_ how do you do that?
           \_ I think you might need 12.1? Works fine for me.
2022/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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