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2002/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:24618 Activity:nil
4/26    i'm trying to interface my network to a BEC(bose einstein condensate).
        how do i avoid exceeding the speed of light from dephasing.
        I know there are many experts here please help.
        should i use a gravitonic pulse?
        \_ die thread, die.
        \_ no, you need to use chronometric particles in conjunction with an
           oscillating tachyon pulse.  make sure your phase buffers are
           aligned, or everything will go kablooie.
           \_ You need a HYPER-oscillating tachyon pulse! -- Wesley
2002/4/28 [Computer/Theory] UID:24619 Activity:very high
4/26    Is it possible to find the median value of a group of numbers in O(N)?
        \_ Yes, but in practice people use an O(n log n) solution. -op
        \_ Yes; there is a fairly simple randomized algorithm which does this
           with high probability, and a non-trivial deterministic algorithm
           that people don't usually bother with. If N is really large, it's
           probably worth your time to look into the former (see section
           3.3 of Motwani&Raghavan, where it's called "LazySelect"; the
           original paper is Floyd&Rivest, CACM 18:165-172, 1975, but it may
           well be rather unreadable; M&R also gives refs for the deterministic
           algorithms). -alexf
        \_ you can sort numbers in O(n) with radix sort and counting sort.
           \_ sorting is normally assumed to be O(n lg n)
              \_ and your point is...?
2002/4/28 [Computer/Networking] UID:24620 Activity:high
4/26    What exactly is socks5?
        \_ See RFC 1928:
           Basically it is a way of connecting disconnected firewalled
           networks using a application layer proxy
2002/4/28-29 [Politics] UID:24621 Activity:very high
4/28    Yo Way Yo, Kai is dead, Lexx is dead, Lexx is over.  Much sadness.
        \_ Nothing to see here.  get a life.
           \_ Oh golly wow!  That stings!  Oh!  Ow!  Stop!
                \_ fight. fight. fight.
                   \_ i want my mummy!
           \_ Back to Survivor and Felicity for you, eh?
              \_ Ha!  Felicity's last episode is next week!
                 -pansy TV watcher
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