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2002/4/27 [Politics] UID:24612 Activity:high
4/26    I like to talk english and speak good too my all friends.  How to meet
        new faces that talk english good too, also?
        \_ Start hanging out with native English speakers.  They're all around
           you.  Try saying, "hi".
        \_ Watch some News on TV (CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.) to learn how the
           native speaker speaks PROPERLY (so we're not talking about Fishing
           News or anything like it), listen to people around you, read books
           or newspapers to enrich your vocabulary. Don't worry about your
           accents too much, they tend to go away with practice.
2002/4/27 [Uncategorized] UID:24613 Activity:high
4/26    I like to try surfing and conquer the 100 foot huge wave. How dangerous
        is surfing? Just generally, not dealing with 100 foot wave.
        \_ People drown, people get eaten by sharks, people break things.  It
           is perfectly safe.  Enjoy.
        \_ If you avoid Mavericks, pretty safe.
2002/4/27-28 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:24614 Activity:high
        Thank God they have strict gun control or who knows what might have
        \_ clearly fewer would have died because the targets would have
           been able to protect themselves! NRA4EVA!!1!
2002/4/27 [Uncategorized] UID:24615 Activity:nil
4/26    who's the anti-gun beatnik who removed the link to the shooting in
        \_ easily restored [below].  I wonder why they think that erasing
           something from the motd somehow alters reality and makes their
           agenda somehow "work" despite reams of real world evidence to the
           contrary.  Anyway, that's what archives and copies are for.  Gotta
           keep the mindless censors at bay.
2002/4/27-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24616 Activity:high
        I'm sure the 5 year old girl was a big threat.
        \_ so does all these Palestinian pregnant women who were not allow to
           pass the check points to deliver the babies
           \_ You mean like the ones they caught with fake babies that were
              really bombs or the ones they stopped in ambulances that were
              being used to carry weapons and bombs contrary to all concepts
              of international law?
2002/4/27-28 [Science/Physics] UID:24617 Activity:nil
4/26    [stupid physics troll nuked AGAIN]
        \_ die thread, die.
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