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2002/4/24-25 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:24556 Activity:high
4/24    Recommendations on a multi-region DVD player?  I prefer to not mod
        \_ I prefer not to split infinitives
           \_ i am going to annoeyingly post and to boldly go
              whatever and werever i please(spelling errors added
              for annoyance value.)
              whatch now; as i misuse the semicolon. and forget
              capitalization.  i only reach for my shift key so
              i can misuse punctuation.
           \_ I speak English, not Latin, so I don't worry about it.
        \_ My Aiwa is multiregion.  The real thing you want to look for is a
           player without Macrovision.  Search Google.
           \_ Most of what I found with respect to this are players modded
              by small third-party companies.  Are they reliable?  And
              what model is your Aiwa?
        \_ I have a Toshiba I bought in asia which is multiregion but somehow
           it still doesn't read all DVDs here. Any clue about this format
           \_ REA.
        \_ Apex
2002/4/24 [Uncategorized] UID:24557 Activity:low
4/24    Did anyone ever make a good quality capture of The Play when ESPN
        Classic showed it a few weeks ago?
        \_ I suppose I could try, but the image quality would be poor at best.
           The original footage was fuzzy, and I had recorded it in EP mode,
           which further worsened the image, and if I were to capture it into
           a compressed format, well, you get the idea.
2002/4/24 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:24558 Activity:insanely high
4/23    Le Pen must be doing something right.  Every 'group' in France is
        really pissed off.
        \_ yeah, every 'group', like immigrants and jews. some people
           might regard it as a bad thing that the far right is ridsing
           again in europe.  go back to freeper, you fucking shithead.
           \_ bad troll!  BAD! TROLL!
           \_ Ridsing?  Oh, you mean rising.  No, you're confused.  Nazi-ism
              is the far left, not right.  Read up on the philosophies and it
              will become plain that total state control of all industry,
              education and other aspects of daily life is the antithesis of
              what conservatism is about.  Freeper?  Never read it.  Fucking
              shithead?  Resorting to very weak and 6th grade level personal
              attack only shows you have no real points or ideas.  Anytime
              you'd like to try again without ranting like an ignorant 6th
              grader I'll be here to help you out.
              \_ Nazi'ism is on the far left? Hahahaha. And Orwell was
                 a conservative, right?
                 a conservative, right? And Buchanan is actually a closet
                 liberal. You can make up your own definition for words,
                 but don't expect to be able to talk to anyone else.
                \_ Le Pen is not a fascist.  He's a reactionary bully, and
                   he won because he picked up on topics that the traditional
                   centrist parties were too complacent to deal with (have
                   you read the socialist and RPR election platforms?  Note
                   any similarities or slightly bland statements?)  He's also
                   had a lot of support from Jews in France, interestingly
                   enough, because of a lot of the anti-semitic vandalism from
                   north African immigrants.  Also, he won 17% of the vote...
                   ...out of the 28% of the electorate that actually bothered
                   to go vote.  Pay close attention to the parallels to US
                   third-rate candidates, who won because not enough people
                   went and voted.  Whining after the fact is easy...can you
                   say "serves you fucking right?"  -John
                \_ - danh
        \_ Why isn't anyone condeming the Palestinians (Muslims) for sending
           their early teen children strapped with TNT belts to blow
           themselves up.  It is absolutely disgusting.  Arafat and Muslims,
           together with Kofi Anan and the UN have completely twisted
           any sense of the morality in West vs Mideast relations.
           Where is the revulsion (from the media for example)? Impressionable
           children are indoctrinated to commit suicide, that is noble?
           \_ It all depends on whether you believe in the cause.
                \_ No, there is NO excuse period! It is evil in its purest
                   form.  Any practicers of that kind of barbarism
                   deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth.  Picture
                   when you have a child preparing him to commit suicide-
                   strapping on the belt, dressing him, assuaging his
                   fear and trepidation, and finally sending him off.
                   \_ So collective punishment is good?
                   \_ "...deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth."
                      Answering barbarism with barbarism is not the answer.
                   \_ Firstly, from what I read, they are like "late
                      teens", not "early teens".  Have you seen the movie
                      Spartacus?  Kid was given weapon to fight against
                      the Roman legions in the movie.  Not many people
                      objected to that, cause they were supposedly
                      fighting for "FREEDOM"!
          \_ Many, many people, including Arafat, have condemned attacks
             on civilians.
2002/4/24 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:24559 Activity:very high
4/23    Are there any decently priced backed up storage services out there?
        Talking about 5 GB.
        (sorry, I didn't mean to spark off a debate on IDSG earlier)
        \_ buy a 80GB drive.  copy/rsync/dump/etc
                \_ No. Last time there was a power outage at school, I lost
                   my harddrive. I'm not stupid. When I say "backed up storage"
                   I mean...wait for it..... "backed up storage".
                   \_ dumbass, where was your UPS? --Jon
                   \_ Buy two drives, and don't connect them to the machine
                      during normal usage.  When you want to perform back up,
                      connect one and copy the files, disconnect it, then
                      connect the other one and copy the files, and disconnect.
                      Then when there's a power outage, you toast one drive as
                      most.  It's a bit of trouble, but it works.
                      \_ If you really care about your data, you cannot
                         store you backups on magnetic media, esp. hard
                         drives. CD, DVD or MO is the way to go.
                         \_ Well, that's true.  What's MO?  What did people do
                            before there were CDRW drives?
                            \_ MO is Magno-Optical. MO has been around
                               for years, so have CDs.
        \_ 5GB is a pretty trivial amount these days.  Is this 5GB of
           data per day or a 5GB filesystem?  5GB will fit on a DVD.
           incrementals from a 5GB filesystem will fit on cdroms, easily.
           You could even do snapshots to a large (cheap) disk as suggested
           above.  Why pay someone money to do something so trivial.  I
           could see it if you had 300GB of data for which you wanted
           regular backups, but 5GB? --Jon
        \_ 5gb?  tapes are cheap for this size job.  Then you'll have true
           'backed up storage' just like you mean.  I fail to see why this is
           all so difficult for you for such a miniscule data set.
           \_ Tape drives that wouldnt be total overkill for this (DLT or
              AIT2 or VXA are overkill) such as say dds2, are pretty lame.
        \_ Buy a DVD-R or DVD-RW drive. The A104 is ~ $400 , blanks DVDs
           are ~ $3. For an outlay of $500 you will have reliable backups
           that will last you years if not decades.
        \_ Copy it onto soda, hahaha
2002/4/24 [Uncategorized] UID:24560 Activity:nil
4/23    is there a site that tracks deals/promos that are being offered
        by various wireless providers?
2002/4/24 [Uncategorized] UID:24561 Activity:nil
4/23    What is Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) protocol used for?
        \_ STFW.  There's plenty of information out there.   -mice
2002/4/24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24562 Activity:nil
4/23    Do WinBlows implement mbone yet?
        \_ Does anyone use mbone for anything?
           \- see --psb
2002/4/24 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:24563 Activity:nil
4/23    have a scsi plextor burner (4/2/20), looking to swap for a decent
        ide model, or crappy model and old 10-20g hard drive.  Also have
        3dfx, 3dfx2 cards free to good homes.   -jor
        \_ Do you know if FreeBSD has hardware acceleration for the cards?
2002/4/24 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:24564 Activity:nil
        Nick Weaver now officially almost famous.
        \_ Nick Weaver and/or the article author needs to take e190.
2002/4/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:24565 Activity:moderate
4/24    How long does it normally take for the government to deposit a check
        for taxes due that was sent with a tax return on 4/15?
        \_ 7 (CA) / 8 (Fed) days after mailing in my case.
           \_ How about refunds?
              \_ 6-8 weeks for a check, a little faster for direct deposit.
2002/4/24-25 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:24566 Activity:high
4/24    Looks like we won't have to wait till the 24th century to get a PADD:
        \_ How is this different from two separate LCDs?
           \_ There's a hinge and they're connected!
              \_ I mean how is this such a great innovation over including two
              \_ I mean how is this such a great invention over including two
                 separate LCDs on the same laptop?
2002/4/24 [Computer/HW, Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24567 Activity:nil 75%like:24572
4/24    Where's that URL to find a dot address's host/domain name?  Is there
        some server that shows the uptime of certain hosts?
2002/4/24-25 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24568 Activity:moderate
4/24    Are you getting bounces from  I tried responding
        to people, and I'm getting bounces.  They are not spammers.
        I respond a few seconds after they email me.
        \_ so it has begun
        \_ Yes. It's been sporadic for a day or so.
        \_ Well did you pay your Yahoo E-Delivery Fee?  You can only send
           mail to Yahoo users if you're a paying customer.
2002/4/24-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:24569 Activity:moderate
4/24    Say you and your buddy have broadband and want to setup VPN so that
        you can access each other's resource. How do you setup VPN?
                                        -VPN clueless
        \_ has some good introductory docs on how VPNs work.
           If you're interested in technical details, have a look at RFCs
           2401-2410, IPSEC.  For Linux, FreeS/WAN and under FreeBSD, KAME
           are good free unix-based IPSEC implementations.  I'm assuming
           you want a reasonably transparent IP VPN;  you might also want
           to look at PPTP if you're running Windows--a google search is
           a good place to start on details of these.  I'm willing to give
           you some pointers if interested.  -John
2002/4/24 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:24570 Activity:high
4/24    Algeria War 1954-1962 - Le Pen fought in this war
        BTW, judging by his platform this guy is worse than
        1000 Hitlers and Stalin combined.  From his website:
        -Outlaw abortion and end official recognition of same-sex unions
        -Develop programs to increase the birth rate and pay benefits
        to women who stay at home with their children.
        -End legal immigration.
        -Deport illegal immigrants and eliminate dual nationality.
        -Give French citizens priority for all jobs and public housing;
        create a separate medical benefits system for foreigners working
        in France, so that French tax money would not be used for
        foreigners' care.
        -Allow only French citizens to teach in French schools.
        -Reinstitute morality classes; require student participation
        in patriotic events and holidays.
        -Outlaw the wearing of yarmulkes and Muslim headscarves in schools.
        -Create 200,000 new prison beds.
        \_ Isn't this a cut and dry case of a fascist platform?
           \_ No. Not all of these are bad suggestions. There is nothing
              fascist about curtailing abortion to the point where it is
              no longer viable as a birth control mechanism. Likewise
              providing benefits to at home moms is a good idea.  There
              is also nothing fascist with getting rid of *ILLEGAL*
              immigrants and dual citizenship.
        \_ What's wrong with deporting illegal immirgrants???  Not everyone is
           crazy enough to provide education and medical care for someone
           breaking the law and cutting in front of legal immigrants.
              \_ abortion as birth control is a fallacy.
                 \_ So what is the point of freely accessible
                    abortion? I understand in why you would
                    want an abortion in rape, incest or if
                    the child was going to be severely
                    handicapped or the birth was goign to
                    kill the mother, etc. But other than
                    these legitimate medical reasons, why
                    do we need abortion?
        \_ What's wrong with deporting illegal immirgrants???  Not
           everyone is crazy enough to provide education and medical
           care for someone breaking the law and cutting in front of
           legal immigrants.
           \_ Did you just glaze over the line above that?
              "-End legal immigration."
              \_ Where is it written that a country should allow
                 in foreigners? (There is a difference between
                 this statement and "Deport all immigrants")
                 Just because he wants to end legal immigration
                 doesn't make him a fascist.
        \_ Wait, isn't that guy in the Whitehouse?
           \_ Duh.  Yet another agenda-driven blind idiot mouthing off
              cluelessly about things he knows nothing about.  W's agenda is
              *VERY* *PRO* immigration.  Where the hell have you been?  Get
              out of your closed minded little ivory tower and read a news-
              paper once a year.
              \_ Exactly how is he pro immigration.  get your head out of
                 the republican think tank.
           look at the bottom, nearly 10% of the stinking French are commies!
        \_ How is any of this ridiculous shit on the same level as MURDERING
           with the power of the State *MILLIONS* of innocent people?  You're
           incredibly lame.  I'm so sick and tired of third rate wannabe
           intellectuals calling everyone who has a different agenda a Hitler
           or a Stalin.  You only weaken your statement with noise like that,
           not strengthen them.  It's like the ultra feminists who think every
           man is a rapist.  No one can take a statement like yours seriously.
                \_ was sarcasm!  BTW headscarves and Marms are already
                   outlawed by statute, just not enforced.
2002/4/24-25 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:24571 Activity:very high
4/24    Where can I get the ethnic makeup/statistics of the 8 UC campuses?
        \_ STFW
           \_ what does this mean?  Search the Fucking Web?
              \_ The second listing on the google search verifies this...Is
                 an common  acronym for Search Google You Lazy Fuck?
                 there a well accepted acronym for Search Google You Lazy Fuck?
                 \_ Search on Fucking Google.
                    \_ Search on Google, Fucker.
                       \_ "Searched the web for yermom. Results 1 - 100 of
                           about 2,700. Search took 0.39 seconds"
2002/4/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24572 Activity:nil 75%like:24567
4/24    Where's that URL to find a dot address's host/domain name?  Is there
        \_ um..  you mean nslookup or dig or /bin/host?
        some server that shows the uptime of certain hosts?
        \_ you may be speaking of
2018/11/13 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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