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2002/4/21 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24508 Activity:very high
4/19    I got my acceptances to MIT today, also I got into CMU and stanford.
        Stanford is offering me only $25k, while MIT is offering $30k.  Do
        people think it's worth staying in CA at a cost of $5k?
        \_ *yawn*  my package from MIT included a penthouse apartment and
            severeal whores.  of course i turned them down to make 280k/yr
            as a sysadmin for a cluster fof four macintoshes.
            as a sysadmin for a cluster of four macintoshes in tahiti.
            \_ I turned down that job.  Too much work for too little pay.
        \_ Bullshit, no grad schools offer much over $22k for Fall 2002. And
           none are announcing Fall 2012 admissions yet.
        \_ Stanford PhD candidates were invited to the campus on March. They
           even had dinner across Gates Hall. Their SIR was due on April 15th.
           The # of applications nearly trippled this year. How do I know all
           this? Because I took an SITN class and the professor told me so.
           She's part of the admission committee. Boy, you are a big fuckin'
        \_ You only got $30k?  You were probably someone's last choice or
           something after a bus load of others got killed in a fluke typhoon
           or something.  You might as well give it up and go to Hayward
           because you only got a mercy 'filler' admit anyway.
                \_ is someone bitter?
                   \_ Nope.  Perhaps it was too subtle for you.
                        \_ perhaps the statement was too lame.
                           \_ No.  You're just dumb.  Sorry, not my fault.
                                \_ no. dumb was the "only $30k" statement.
2002/4/21 [Uncategorized] UID:24509 Activity:high
4/20    What should I do with the Tulip bulbs?  Leave it in the soil or
        dig them up for next year?  If so, what is the appropriate way to
        store them?
        \_ I believe you are supposed to dig them up and replant them in
        the fall -jules.
        \_ search the motd archive for "tulip".
        \_ Hold them until the tulip craze strikes again.
2002/4/21 [Uncategorized] UID:24510 Activity:nil
4/21    How do I get tickets to go see battlebots?  I couldn't find info
        on the battlebots website
2002/4/21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:24511 Activity:kinda low
4/20    Does anyone know how to rewrite the From address in nmh? I want
        my mail to say it came from rather than or I've copied the
        components files into ~/Mail and added a Reply-to header, but
        some mail clients don't seem to respect that so I want to change
        the From header itself.
        \_ You sure they're seeing the From: header or the Reply-to: or
           some form of Sent: header?  You can kill the Reply/Send header
           in the config file.  To change the From: for real, use the source,
           Luke, or just do it by hand each time when you "comp"ose an email.
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