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2002/4/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:24489 Activity:moderate
4/18    Hey does anyone have any experience with a Force10 router?
        I am thinking about doing some work with one rather than a
        cisco 6500 ... anyone have any thoughts there?  On paper it
        looks pretty impressive. --psb
        \_ what is so impressive about it?  10gigE?  Cisco 6500,
           Extreme, and Foundry all have 10gigE linecards.  I know
           a few people working there.  They thought cisco couldn't
           deliver a 10gigE solution and would acquire them.  Too
           bad they were wrong.  Nobody will acquire them and they
           will go out of business.  The market for high end ethernet
           switching is not big enough to sustain 4-5 players. -cisco kid
           \- cisco is dropping packets causing some tcp session windows
              to resize down which is causing big hedaches on some bulk
              data xfers. seems to happen durning ACL churning. have you
              tested your routers with say 100,000 ACLs rules? we are thinking
              about extreme for soemthing else ... any thoughts there?
              and this si coming from a place that used to be close to
              100% cisco. --psb
              \_ ACL churning?  The 6500 uses TCAMs for ACLs. So do every
                 high end switch out there.  It is impossible for ACL to
                 "churn".  Either it's programmed in the HW TCAM entries or
                 it isn't.  And there's no way we can fit 100K ACEs in the
                 TCAMs.  Are you sure the packet drops aren't legitimate?
                 Something like WRED drops or you're oversuscribing? -cisco kid
              \_ Try River Stone ( They
                 should be able to handle your needs and are about
                 90% cli compatible with IOS (several of the core
                 coders are cisco alumni). -cisco alum
2002/4/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:24490 Activity:nil
4/18    Any Belkin OmniView switchbox user have this problem?  Once a while
        the keyboard mapping screws up.  The right Ctrl key acts like the Caps
        Lock key, the Caps Lock key becomes a Ctrl key, and the left Ctrl key
        and the Esc key don't work.  The only way to get out of that is to
        power-cycle everything.  Thanks.  -- yuen
2002/4/19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24491 Activity:nil
4/18    Any suggestions on a utility that allows you to grab all files that
        are presented on a webpage file index? (as opposed to right-clicking
        on every single entry and choosing 'Save Target As')
        p.s. FTP doesn't work since the site does not accept anonymous login)
        \_ uh... wget?
           \_ or webcopy, or pavuk, or any number of such programs
        \_ damn, beat me to it.  I'm saying it anyway!  wget.
        \_ Thanks. - original poster
2002/4/19 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:24492 Activity:high
4/18    How's the culture different at work between an american and european
        company in high tech industry?
        \_ European workers work hard AND play hard. American workers do only
           either one. Based on my obsrvation. YMMV.
           \_ what are your referring to with playing hard? Computer games?
              something else?
                \_ Drinking, dancing, (=) clubbing til 4am.
           \_ Europeans work hard? At what? I wouldn't call standing in
              line at the gov. office for your check from the state hard
              work. Perhaps you are referring to the grueling 35 hrs/wk
              plus 2 mos vacation/yr along hard work.
              \- in my experience a lot of europeans i have met [german and
                 french] are a lot like stanfraud people: they are bright but
                 are interested in working in "glamorous" roles like "making
                 deals" and "architecture" rather than working in the trenches.
                 Curiously the hardcore hackers from France I have met are
                 not "ethnic french". but maybe some of this is a function of
                 their having a telecom and finance orientation. --psb
        \_ I've worked for French, Swiss, German, and American companies
           in Switzerland and around Europe, as well as with loads of Brits.
           The work ethics and styles vary widely--i.e. I've seen the Germans
           as generally technically bright but aloof from menial shit, the
           Swiss tend to be great workhorses, but get up to leave at 5 pm
           sharp (unless in an American company culture), and the English
           are very punctilious and reliant on rules.  It varies widely,
           what cultural environment someone is in (i.e. a Brit working in
           a Swiss company, where the hierarchy is pretty low-key, is far
           more useful than one in the UK, where there's a lot of
           backstabbing.)  In general though I've found Europeans to be
           a lot less whiny than Americans in their work environments,
           but once again, this exludes American expats.  Also, among all
           the managers I've worked for, the French have been by far the
           most agreeable, as they leave you alone if you make them look good.
           American and English managers in their native environments and
           corporate cultures are permanently in my shit list.  However, with
           the employees t really depends on the situation.  -John
2002/4/19-5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24493 Activity:nil 55%like:23064 58%like:24335
04/18   There will be a general meeting at 6:30 Tue April 30 in 337 Soda.
        Elections will be held.  --Galen
2002/4/19 [Uncategorized] UID:24494 Activity:nil
4/19    Feds looking at M$ Passport:
2002/4/19-20 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24495 Activity:very high
4/19    I got my USC acceptance letter yesterday. Did anyone else get
        their letter? - ucla ee guy
        \_ I didn't get anything... but not too depressed  -ucla cs guy
        \_ USC sucks
        \_ I'll apply for ucla ee next year and my gpa is low 3, how's my
           chance? potential ucla ee guy
           \_ the average GPA for UCLA applicants is 3.5.
           \_ GPA is just one of many factors. If you have a low GPA you
              can still get into MIT if you have an awsome GRE, great
              recs from famous professors, and if you have done good
                               \_ or famous coders (say Dennis Ritche,
                                  Ken Thompson, David Korn, Steve Bourne,
                                  \_ Why do people insist on interrupting?
              \_ ..._And_ wrote a good statement of purpose.
              \_ Sorry pal, MIT doesn't consider GRE.
                 \_ Is this really true?
                    \_ Yes, it is true. -- rejected from MIT
                    \_ Yes.  It was written somewhere in the application
                       material when I tried to apply 9 years ago.
              \_ I got low 2 GPA, which school i can apply?
                 \_ I didn't know you can stay in the major with low 2?
                    \_ I did it somehow. -geordan
                    \_ On man, this is berkeley, low 2 gpa is like high 3
                       at other school.
                    \_ Of course you can.  Just keep paying tuition and fees.
                       No one gets kicked out if they don't want to be.
                       \_ Really?  In my days, you need to pass the
                          majority of classes with a B- or better in
                          order to stay in the L&S CS major.
                          \_ no that was the official policy, it was never
                             strictly enforced.  keep paying your bills.
                 \_ Cornell (no min gpa), Chico, Western Nebraska
                    \_ I got 2.9.  Is SJSU it worth going?
                    Teachers College, etc.
              \_ I got high 2 GPA, which school can I apply?
                 \_ SJSU min gpa is 2.75, if you are higher than
                    that you'll get in.
                    \_ I got 2.9.  Is SJSU worth going?
2002/4/19-20 [Recreation/Music] UID:24496 Activity:kinda low
4/18    So I go to the 1940 pop music section and the Andrew Sisters CDs are
        everywhere. Why are they so particularly famous in the 40s?
        \_ I don't like that lounge-y stuff --pld
        \_ They're probably most accessible from the time.  They weren't
           necessarily "so famous" in the 40s.  But because of some films
           and TV connections, that's what we hear when someone brings up
           the 40s.  Give me Lena Horne or Ella any day over the Andrews.
        \_ Photogenic, sang pop music, and conveyed images of "the girl
           back home" to lots of GIs. Lots of movie/newsreel/magazine
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