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2002/4/17 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:24458 Activity:high
4/16    do you consider JabberJaw Gay?
        \_ I think asking about JabberJaw is gay.
           \_ What the heck IS JabberJaw?
              \_ Google, "JabberJaw", "I'm feeling lucky"
        \_ Hey, it's don't-ask-don't-tell around here...
        \_ I dunno... I thought it was just bi-curious.
        \_ All 16 'episodes' of it from 1976?
        \_ he was imitating Curly from 3 stooges, the cartoon shark right?
           \_ So you think Curly was gay, is that it?
              \_ Curly's boyfriend dismissed all rumors that Curly was gay.
2002/4/17 [Recreation/Pets] UID:24459 Activity:nil
4/16    What is the sh equivalent of "foreach x (`cat foo`) ?
        \_ for x in `cat foo` ; do stuff ; done ;
2002/4/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24460 Activity:very high
        I think he was possessed during the exorcism.
        \_ "During this long process there was close physical proximity. But
            contact was not sexual in a narrow sense."
                \_ Since when did Clinton become a man of the cloth?
            - just how narrow is this "narrow sense" they're speaking of?
            \_ "No pregnancy resulted, so it doesn't count."
               \_ Does that mean I'm still a virgin by their standards and I
                  f*ck a virgin every night?  Sweet!
                  \_ Why are you embarassed by your words but not your thoughts?
2002/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:24461 Activity:kinda low
4/16    What's the best way for my Perl program to get the TAI-UTC difference?
        That being the total number of leap seconds.
        \_ What's TAI?  You can get your UTC offset with:
           use POSIX 'strftime';
           $off = strftime('%z',localtime);
           which will give you a string like '-0700'
           Don't know of an easier way...  --dbushong
           \_ Thanks, but that's not what I'm looking for.
              TAI : Temps Atomique International. (International Atomic Time)
              It's currently 32 seconds ahead of UTC. It counts continuous
              seconds. Leap seconds are added to UTC to keep UTC
              synchronized with earth's rotation. It's explained
              under "Leap Seconds" at
              \_ $TIA = $UTA + 32;    ;-)
2002/4/17-18 [Finance/Investment] UID:24462 Activity:high
4/16    Did that biweekly trader's cheap broker question have any useful
        answers?  I gotta switch out of TD Waterhouse before they start
        charging me for not bending over often enough.
        \_ I think the clear consensus was to use fortnightly instead
           of biweekly. It sounds more sophisticated, anyhow.
           \_ There's a clear difference between sounding sophisticated and
              sounding like you just got yourself a word-a-day toilet paper.
        \_ FYI, E*TRADE now charges $15 per quarter for not enough trading.
                \_ It's $25 and only if you have less that $5k in account.
           \_ That's why I'm trying to get away from TDWaterhouse.  They're
              doing the similar thing, except they charge more.  Anyone know
              if Datek does that?
              \_ Yes, it does.  It might have started it all.
                 \_ Damn, and Thanks.  So anyone know of a cheap place that
                    doesn't charge you for not trading enough?  I only buy
                    once a month or so.
        \_ as long as you maintain $10K asset, TD Waterhouse won't charge
           \_ Okay, can you spare me $8K?  I'm only starting out.
2002/4/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24463 Activity:insanely high
4/17    Is it possible for a politician or journalist to say that he/she is
        against foreign aid to Israel without being called a Nazi?  That
        money is starting to seem like an entitlement, like welfare or
        social security.
        \_ no one seems to have mentioned the USS Liberty yet, so
           i'll just mention it now.  consider it mentioned.
        \_ not possible. We have too many rich politicians who are jews,
           hail to democracy.
           \_ yeah fuck those jews for participating!
        \_ Is that a question?
        \_ Honestly, now I can understand what were all these anti-Jewish
           sentimentalism were all about before WW2.  Jewish is an invisible
           minorities in the society that dictates our nation's foreign
           policy.  Because of them, US is the only Israel's ally in this
           conflict, totally disregards UN resolutions and other international
           US can EASILY control Israel's behavior by just stop the flow
           of our AIDs, or even call upon temporary economic sanction until
           Israel pull out of Westbanks (both troops and settlement).  But
           instead, we just demand cease fire.  Every cease fire in the past
           only yields more and more of settlement, and you blame Palestinian
           for not giving up their only card on their hand?
           We have been unconditionally support of Israel since 1948.
           This put US in a very bad position in terms of being a mediator

           I honstly think that Powell's trip was just a show to American
           people that Bush is trying to do something.
           \_ Yes!  The Zionist Conspiracy folks have arrived!  Sweet! *Now*
              you have seen the real Nazis hit the motd.  Glad you could show.
           \_ Tell us about ZOG and what you learned from reading Meinkampf.
        \_ Not if you are Pat Buchanan.  We give more to Egypt BTW.
                                         \_ Not true. Military + econ = 3B/yr
                                            Aid to Egypt is only 2B/yr.
                                            \_ Even the new east span of the
                                               Bay Bridge costs more than that.
                                               And that's not even a whole
                                                \- who dont you compute the
                                                per capita aid to israel.
                                                [meaning per israeli person]
                                                \_ Assuming Israel has 4
                                                   million people, it would be
                                                   $750 per year per person.
                                                   For US, it would be $10 per
                                                   year per person.  Not much,
                                                   but that's just the official
                                                   aid.  I read that US gives
                 isn't a special case.  We're supporting the world.
                                                   a lot of weapons to Israel
                                                   for free, not to mention
                                                   technological transfers, etc.
                                                   3 billion per year is equal
                                                   to 8.2 million per day.
                                                   That's just like 40 nice
                                                   little houses every day.
                                                   \_ Tech: actually they take
                                                      our planes, improve them
                                                      and tell us how to do it.
                                                      \_ Nah, that's more true
                                                         of armor than
                                                         \_ F15. Look it up.
                                                      \_ Yes, they do that a
                                                         little, but mostly
                                                         it goes the other
                                                         \_ How much tech or
                                                            other quality
                                                            work do we get from
                                                            the arabs?  How
                                                            about intelligence?
                                                            Obviously not
                                                            getting enough int.
                                                            help.  9/11.
                                                Arabs have oil, and that's
                                                what we need.  Our aid to
                                                Israel is supposed to help
                                                them defend themselves and
                                                help us maintain a military
                                                presense in the oil-rich
                                                region.  Our aid is not for
                                                the Israelites to behave
                                                like assholes and bullies.
                                                \_ You suggest we send ovens
                                                   instead of weapons?  Wake
                                                   up.  No matter what the
                                                   Israelis do, the Arabs want
                                                   them dead. 1948, 1967, 1973,
                                                   etc.  Once the oil runs out
                                                   or we switch to something
                                                   else, the arabs are going
                                                   back to sand and camels
                                                   while Israel will continue
                                                   on as a first world
                                                   democracy.  While you're
                                                   reading up on 48,67,73, you
                                                   should look up how many
                                                   Arabs killed other Arabs in
                                                   the last 50+ years and also
                                                   see what Jordan did to them
                                                   up to 67.  Ignorance is
                                                   bliss, eh?
                                                   \_ No, I suggest we stop
                                                      aid to Israel to show
                                                      them who's the boss.
                                                      Israel won't fall to
                                                      Arabs anytime soon.  In
                                                      fact it can kick their
                                                      ass easily.  In fact,
                                                      it can even kick our ass
                                                      for a while (see above
                                                      about F-15).  I think
                                                      they should listen to
                                                      us instead of being
                                                      bullies and assholes.
                                            \- as far as i know aid to israel
                                            has always exceeded aid to egypt
                                            after camp david and assume before
                                            as well. i believe aid to both was
                                            reduced not long ago, so it is
                                            possible the philippines gets more
                                            aid but they certainly have more
                                            reason to feel the US "owes" them.
        \_ Unless that jewish student who protested at Sproul on the
           Palestinan side against Isarel becomes a politician.  I saw him on
        \_ *GREAT* troll!  You of course completely dismiss the money we give
           to Egypt and the fact that they both get money going back to the
           Camp David accords in the late 70's which brought official peace
           between the two countries.  You earn a cookie and *2* points!
           \_ There, you have your answer. You might be called a "troll"
              instead of a "Nazi," but obviously Isreal is entitled to
              US foreign aid (which they have been getting for a lot
              longer than since Camp David).
              \_ They're entitled to it by treaty.  It is in the interests
                 of the US to assist any Western nation as well and thus we
                 give various forms of aid going back to before our entry in
                 WWII to Europe, post-WWII Japan, SKorea, and others.  Israel
                 isn't a special case.  We're supporting the world.  The amount
                 going to Israel is peanuts.
                 \- per capita aid to israel stands way way way out.
                 the fact that americans spend more on frozen pizza and
                 lipstick is another matter. --psb
                    \_ Per capita isn't meaningful because this isn't about
                       buying Israeli citizens pizza and lipstick.  It's about
                       tanks and jets.  No matter how many people you have you
                       still need a certain amount of hardware to defend a
                       certain land area when your enemies surround you, have
                       sworn to kill all of you, and out number you a few
                       hundred million to 6 million.  Anyway, all this math
                       is hard.  Let's go shopping!
                       \_ The US has spent over $20,000 per Isreali citizen
                          with nothing but headache to show for it. What is
                          this, the Eighth Crusade? Why does what it got
                          spent on matter?
                          \_ You're right.  It would be cheaper to buy ovens
                             and ship them to their neighbors.  Good idea.
                             \- wouldnt it be cheaper to save somalis?
                                \_ well, considering that a 9mm bullet only
                                   costs a few tenths of a cent to mass
                                   produce, then yes.  It's far cheaper to
                                   save somalis.
                                \_ Save Somalis from what?  Themselves?  What
        \_ Hmm, 4 out of 5 head scientists who gave us nukes were Jewish,
           maybe we are just repaying them . . . ya think?
           But seriously, we are supporting the only Jewish state (yes, only
           one, can you count how many muslim and christian states there are)
           and a western democracy at that.  PS:  Did you know that the first
           Intel plant able to make the Pentium IV was in Israel?  It seems
           they were the only one who could print such a detailed chip.
           Furthermore, have you noticed how many times the enemies of Israel
           have lied in their estimates?  I say shame on us for believing such
           crap and shame on CNN/NYT for only getting one source in many
           cases.  PPS:  Shame on France, what is this, the return of the
           Vichy government?  They are only looking to support their weapons
           sales and their need for oil (we actually can support ourself in
           that regard) . . .  Oh and do read up on who started attacking who,
           and also why all the Palestinians voluntarily left their homes,
           they were never kicked out!  Meanwhile plenty of jews were kicked
           out of Iran, Iraq, Eqypt, and so forth (not to mention Poland,
           Germany, Spain, Italy, etc).  If you prick us, do we not bleed?
            \_ yes, I can find one-sided accounts as well, but many
               Palestinians fled their homes so that the arab countries could
               fulfill their promise of pushing israel into the sea and
               returning palestine to them.  The Palestinians have been
               treated like shit by Jordan and Syria as well, why don't any
               UN resolutions talk about that?  Hmmm, I wonder, is it because
               France, Russia, China (all have treated [or help others treat]
               jews like scum) sit on the security council.  Also what about
               the right for jews to return to their homes.  FUCK, I WANT MY
               LAND BACK IN BARCELONA!!  My family chose to flee during the
               inquisition instead of the convert or die options they gave us.
               Also, are you ready to give your home back to that Mexican
               family our government kicked out so many years ago--I didn't
               think so!
               \_ I see. So since it happened to the Jews, it's ok for Jews to
                  do it to Palestinians? Well at least you admit it.
                  \_ Thanks for putting words in my mouth.  Here is a great
                     treatment of the refugee problem (though he throws "in my
                     opinion" around to much.  Ultimately (if you are lazy) he
                     attributes the problem to both sides:
                     Another thought, Israel is 20% Arab and they have Arab
                     leaders in the Knesset, some of which have called votes
                     to end the existance of Israel . . . now that's democracy.
                     If Israel was really trying to "cleanse" themselves of
                     Arabs, why is 1/5th of their population arab?
2002/4/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:24464 Activity:low
4/17    The Wise Men of the east saw the star of Jesus to the west and
        followed it.  The Second Coming is upon us.  It will be over soon.
        \_ And what rough beast, its hour come at last
           Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?
        \_ what a stretch
2002/4/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:24465 Activity:nil
4/17    I'm looking for a simple, good STAND ALONE, calander/scheduler
        program.  I don't want to have to have outlook, i don't want
        to have to start The whold damn star-office suite. I just want
        "scheduler+" from 1993, is that so much to ask?
        \_ Meeting Maker. --dim
        \_ scheduler+ circa 1993 should do the job
        \_ Palm Desktop?
        \_ I loved Schedule+ circa 1995. I've since switched to PalmDesktop,
           even though I don't have a Palm. It is similar (but not as good!)
           to Schedule+.
        \_ KDE's kcalendar is very good. you don't need to be running the
           KDE environment to use it.
2002/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24466 Activity:high
4/16    OpenBSD 3.1 is available for preorder:
        \_ I'm a linux person who'd like to try out BSD.  What are the main
           differences between FreeBSD and OpenBSD?
           \_ OpenBSD: they put more effort into security and code auditing.
              Most of these fixes will make it into the other *BSD's but not
              first.  FreeBSD: SMP, larger number of packages and a bit
              friendlier to admin.  Summary: OpenBSD for NAT/firewall, etc and
              FreeBSD for servers and workstations.  NetBSD for whacky hardware
              that doesn't run a real unix.  The rest is politics.
              \_ Thank you!  Finally, an useful answer on the motd...
                 \_ No problem.  Also, my answers are x86 specific.  Unlike
                    some of the others who reply below I have not tried out
                    the *BSD's on non-x86 hardware.  I don't have a PPC or 68k
                    and I run solaris on my sun boxes.
                 \_ freebsd is NOT for the workstation.  rdesktop doesn't run
                    vmware doesn't run, their jdk works occasionally.
                    ask ilyas about ports probs; ask the vaunted csua root
                    about why scotch is forced to run uniproc. (it's a dual
                    machine) freebsd claims to
                    work, but I can write "I fucked yer mom" on a webpage,
                    regardless of the real truth.
              \_ Also OpenBSD is much easier to install than FreeBSD
                 and runs on a wider range of hardware.
                \_ well whatever, only insane geeks own hardware
                   that freebsd or linux doesn't run on.  woo
                   i can run openbsd on my refrigerator.
                   \_ FreeBSD doesn't run on Sparc, UltraSparc,
                      M68K or PowerPC. Contrary to your assertion
                      many mainstream people have M68K and PowerPC
                      systems. Sparc and UltraSparc may be rarer,
                      but not by much for the motd crowd.
                      While Linux *claims* to run on these platforms,
                      its performance, compatibility and stability
                      are quite poor. OpenBSD runs well on Sparc,
                      M68K and PowerPC. UltraSparc is a little behind,
                      but for a port started less a year ago it is
                      very good.
                      \_ linux runs well on an ultra1. -- writing this from
                         an ultra1.  (p.s. linux doesn't support sparc32
                         which is why i run openbsd on my sparc32 machines)
           \_ put on your asbestos underwear.
              \_ I never take 'em off.  However, there doesn't seem to be
                 much flame.  Shame, really, because I'm freezing right now...
              \_ Okay, fine.  Add NetBSD as well.
                 \_ I hate your pathetic boring life, geek.
                    \_ Yeah, I'm bored of my life as well, but yermom only
                       want to do it doggy style.
                       \_ oh man i'm going to cry now from your rapier wit.
              \_ Who's Theo?
                 \_ Where did Theo come from?
                     \_ The URL above. The products say:
                        "Because Theo Is An Asshole"
                        \_ Well he is an asshole but makes a good unix.
                            \_ Who is Theo?
                                \_ notorious ass who started and is main
                                   maintainer of OpenBSD.
                                   \_ He's an asshole but makes a good unix.
                                      \_ No, making good unix requires
                                         working well with others.
                                         \_ Thus, Theo = asshole implies
                                            OpenBSD != good unix.  Would you
                                            care to try again?
                                         \_ He works well with others,
                                            provided that they are not
                                            complete morons. The netbsd
                                            fiasco is documented here,
                                            read it for yourself and
                                            you will see that theo's
                                            a**hole reputation is not
                                \_ people who censor their own posts with
                                   asterisks are assholes.
                                \_ Fine. They are all wankers.
                                   \_ They're tossers.  Wanker.
2002/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24467 Activity:kinda low
4/17    Who is mjm, and why is he running 'cs' for the last 16 hours?
        \_ /csua/bin/finger mjm
        \_ You know, cs, like in csua, computer science. Maybe he is
           trying to do some computer science. It looks like it has
           something to do with cs152.
        \_ Well he's not even logged into the terminal the program is
           running in.
           \_ He must be an el8 s00p0r hx0r!
2002/4/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24468 Activity:very high
4/17    Anyone knows the name of this JAV actress?{60,67,78,95,104}.shtml
        I guess she has initials S and D, but I want to know her name.  Thanks
        for any help.
        \_ You've gotta be kidding.
           \_ I was hoping someone has seen her pics somewhere else listing her
              name.  Then I can search for more of her pics.
           \_ I'll say.  She does nothing for me.
        \_ What is a "JAV"?
           \_ Japanese Adult Video
                |_ this link is broken. if the picture has her name in kanji
                        babelfish will work for translating it
                   \_ He meant sd60.shtml sd67.html etc.  And it's still silly.
                      She's just some totally generic random asian chick
                      getting used in some totally generic pics.
                     \_ But she's wearing a NURSE'S CAP!
                     \_ I still can't get this work. Is it .html or .shtml?
        \_ So let's assume you find this chick, then what?  Going to call up
           for a date?
           \_ I don't hope for that much.  I just hope to find more of her pics
              and her video.
              \_ And hopefully some taste, too.
2002/4/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:24469 Activity:very high
        Why the immigrants are kicking your ass academically and why your
        kids are going to community college instead of the U.C. (hint: those
        immigrants prepare for the SAT as early as kindergarten)
        \_ I prepared for the SAT for exactly 1 evening.
        \_ I prepared for the SAT for exactly 1 evening, but then I was
           a foreign student, not an immigrant.  My immigrant cousins
           prepared quite a bit - The older one is very bright but doesn't
           like to study.  She got 1400s, went to Irvine, but dropped out
           after a year for getting a bunch of bad grades.  She is now
           at a community college.  She could still achieve great things if
           she puts her mind to it.  Her brother got a 1100 on first-try and
           1000 on second-try, but he is a very good kid, has lots of friends,
           and plays a mean game of basketball. So much for the stereotypes.
           \_ Prepared?  I just went and took it...
        \_ If you feel your ass is getting kicked, you have no one to blame
           but yourself.
        \_ You can't "prepare" for the SAT in kindergaten.  Don't be lame.
           \_ Sure you can, it's called paying attention and learning to
              think.  Ideally it should continue until you die
        \_ The SAT and HS are so damn easy its not even funny, its just like
           the Farm, you get decent grades for showing up, turning your hw
           and taking all the tests.
        \_ SAT actually is to the advantage of smart but lazy people.
           \_ Yes!  Let's hear it for the smart and lazy people!  Too bad that
              once you get into Cal its all about hard work and near zero to
              do with smart.  Sigh....
              \_ Amazing..  almost like the real world..  Only there, it's
                 exactly zero to do with smart.
                 \_ What do you do, software sales? Where I work, how
                    fast you learn things (i.e. how smart you are) is
                    pretty important.
        \_ Immigrants and foreign students from non-English-speaking countries
           have a disadvantage on the Verbal Test.
2002/4/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:24470 Activity:nil
4/17    "Mr. Jackson, who earns about $500,000 annually,".... wow.
2002/4/17 [Transportation/Car] UID:24471 Activity:nil
4/17    Feds Own More Vehicles Than Hertz
2018/11/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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