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2002/4/16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:24447 Activity:kinda low
4/15    Is mozilla 1.0 worth the effort?  How stable is it?  thanks.
        \_ When they release it, I'll say.
        \_ I tried out .99.  Uhm yeah, ugly slow, did some weirdo things.
        \_ Yes, it is worth the effort. I have been using it on Linux for
           a while now. It is more functional and more stable than NS4 for
           Linux. I don't know about other OSes. You probably want to have
           at least a 400MHz P2 with plenty of RAM to run it comfortably.
        \_ I ran Mozilla 0.9x version. All i know that it is a lot slower
           than Netscape 4.7x.  I am running my Linux on a Pentium 180MHz
           with 96mb (plenty for other uses).    --kngharv
        \_ The latest .99 runs pretty well on my powerbook g3/400 under
           OS X. Its faster than IE in places and I really like tabbed
           browsing, but it can't download files properly and it pops up
           huge windows for each file that it downloads.
2002/4/16 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:24448 Activity:high
4/15    My IE always pops up an ads from the host  Is
        there any way to avoid this pop-up?
        \_ There are many ways to do this, but the best way (imo) is to
           install popupkiller.
        \_ always?  Is it from certain websites or do you have some shitty
           adware/spyware crap on there?  Try running ad-aware on your box.
        \_ junkbuster
        \_ Sounds like you got that semi-virus trojan thing infected on
           your computer.  The trojan was probabably installed by the old
           version of Grokster 1.3.3.  It would pop up windows even when I
           was not browsing.
           The latest version of ad-aware will get rid of it:
           Good luck.
        \_ I have a very good experience with naviscope.
           they gave out the proxy for free :)  It's for windoze only, though.
           anyone can recommend something similiar but it's open-source
           and run on Linux box?
2002/4/16 [Reference/Tax, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:24449 Activity:high
4/15    Is homeowner insurance premium deductable in federal or CA tax form?
        \_ No.
        \_ Aren't you a little late in asking this question?  In case this
           helps you, the answer is yes, but only if you file schedule C.
           You have to be self-employed AND have a home office.  All the
           house related expenses related to the home office is tax deductable
           including repairs, insurance, termite control, etc.  The key is
           schedule C.  Don't even try it without a schedule C.  You'll get
           audited.   -self-employeed sodan
           \_ Thanks for the answer.  I use TurboTax, so it's pretty easy to
              add one more entry and re-print the forms before midnight.  Too
              bad I'm not self-employed.
           \_ so if I file a schedule C (with income from a 1099-MISC)
              how much can I reasonably use in my itemized deduction? eg,
              if it was for some computer programming consulting, can I list
              any computer equipment I bought, and things like bandiwdth
              costs?    - !op
              \_ yes, computers, internet access, mileage traveling to the
                 job, etc are all deductable.  They key is keeping written
                 records and act like you run a business.  Separate bank
                 account for the business, keeping expense books, etc.
                 Self-employment is the key to making a lot of money AND
                 paying very little taxes.  Hell, I can buy a brand new
                 car and depreciate that as a "company car" if I wanted
                 to.  - self-employed soda.
                 \_ well, I guess for next year... but doesn't that mean
                    that you have to file *alot* of other forms? I was
                    reading some of the IRS pubs about various other
                    self-employed-type forms that you need and there
                    seems to be a ton.  - aspiring self-employed sodan.
2002/4/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:24450 Activity:very high
4/15    Who is considered the major hot asian babe on soda ?
        \_ geordan (but no one believes me) --stalker #634
        \_ elle?
           \_ Who?
           \_ Pics please?
              \_ Oh, hell.  I knew I should have invested in more
                 bandwidth. -geordan
        \_ jsl
           \_ mmm, criscoy goodness
        \_ chiapet
        \_ pst
                \_ no such user?
                        \_ It's Paolo.  !chick.
                \_ /csua/bin/finger -p pst
        \_ fonger?
        \_ jean?
2002/4/16 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:24451 Activity:very high
4/15    The '67 war in Reader's Digest format.
        \_ What does "in Reader's Digest format" mean?  Thx.
           \_ The Reader's Digest is a print publication that gives the
              short version of printed materials.  All it means is this isn't
              a lengthy or detailed article, just an outline of events.
        \_ How did Israelis manage to lose only 600 ir 700 people while the
           Arabs lost 25000?
           \_ How did the US/allies lose ~250 people in the Gulf War and the
              Iraqi army lost, uh, hundreds of thousands?  More? Uncountable.
              \_ Because we had God(tm) on our side!
              \_ Yeah, but in 1967 there were no laser guided bombs and stuff.
                 \_ True but it's sort of like this: when you know the enemy is
                    sitting on your border all bunched up and you pre-emptively
                    attack and wipe out their airforce on day one, the rest are
                    free kills with no air cover.  It's not like unguided or
                    non-laser guided bombs can't or don't kill anyone, they're
                    just not as accurate.  You're still dead if it hits the
                    other side of the tank.
                    \_ Sounds like what the Japanese wanted to do during Pearl
                        \_ This is what happened in Pearl Harbor and in the
                       \_ except that the US wasn't massing troops to
                          attack the Japanese.
                          \_ Yes but the principle is the same. If the
                             enemy is bunched together (as the pacific
                             fleet was at Pearl Harbor or MacArthur's
                             airforce was in the Philippines) it is
                             possible to inflict heavy losses while
                             sustaining minimal losses yourself.
2002/4/16 [Reference/Tax] UID:24452 Activity:high
4/15    pretty basic tax question: So I should only bother itemizing my
        deductions if I can get them to add up to more than the standard
        deduction... which for a single person is about $4K? And without
        a mortgage or something this is nearly impossible to do, right?
        Unless I've made loads of charitable donations or something... ?
        \_ Local and state income taxes are (after a mortgage) the next
           biggest deductions for most people who itemize. So are
           contributions to retirement plans. You might also have gambling
           losses or capital losses. --dim
            \_ so for the first part of 2001 I did contribute to a
               401(k) plan that was then rolled into an IRA when I
               got laid off. I can't seem to get Turbo Tax to include
               this in my itemized deductions... are you sure I should
               be able to do this? Thanks alot.
              \_ rollovers are not deductible
                 \_ No retirement plan contribs are itemized deductions. They
                    are deducted above-the-line (pre-AGI).
           \_ More precisely, local and state income tax *withholding* during
              the current tax year (2001) and any state and local tax *payment*
              you made (e.g. checks you wrote) during the current tax year for
              2001 is irrelevant in your 2001 federal return.
              any tax years (e.g. 2000 tax return, 2001 estimate tax, 1995 tax
              debt.)  The actual amount of state and local tax for tax year
              2001 is irrelevant in your 2001 federal return.  -- yuen
        \_ another common deduction is investment expenses (like if you
           pay a financial advisor fees or were charged margin interest).
2002/4/16-17 [Reference/Tax] UID:24453 Activity:high
4/16    Goodbye, taxes...  We'll see y'all in ... 4 months?
        \_ oops. thought you said "texas".
           \_ you wish.  personally, i'd rather pay taxes than go to texas.
              i.e. if texas residents were exempt from federal income taxes,
              it would be worth that large fraction of my income to *not*
              *live* in *texas.*
              \_ whaddya mean if?
                \_ whaddya mean federal?
                   \_ What tax?
              \_ several years ago, when i was contemplating a move to texas,
                 i came up with the big 5 reasons to move there.
                 1. drive through liquor store
                 2. open containers in cars
                 3. concealed carry
                 4. no state income tax
                 5. women with big hair
                 \_ "big hair"?
                 \_ 6. South by Southwest
                    7. Tex-Mex
                    8. Waffle House
                    \_ You can get waffle house in Tucson..  why move to texas?
                    \_ Waffle house is's a southern fixture!
                    \_ 9. Texas women are way hotter than women here.
                       \_ yeah, but that's just because it is generally
                          warmer in Texas than here.
                       \_ Anna Nicole Smith
                          \_ Ugh, plastic barbie woman. If you believe the
                             women are hotter in Texas, you should move there.
2002/4/16-17 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:24454 Activity:very high
4/16    What text edtior on PC do you use for (la)texing?
           \_ Sorry... that should be:
              ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!!! ... LaTeX editor.
           \_ I was starting to wonder when that would appear....
        \_ winedt, which is more than just a text editor.  it's
           shareware, and although you can get away with it's use
           for free, it's one of the few shareware programs i think
           almost everyone pays for because it's so insanely awsome.
           let me add that this is what actual scientists who just
           need to get work done use. if you are some kind of
           unix nut who need to prove how big your nuts are, see below.
        \_ emacs. -alexf
        \_ gvim - darin
        \_ vi -jon
        \_ textpad. it rocks.
        \_ http://DEBUG.COM - njh
           \_ That's a text editor?
                \_ No but since it can edit memory and write to a file it can
                   be used as one.  Sort of.  In a sick sort of way.
        \_ nvi -geordan
2002/4/16 [Uncategorized] UID:24455 Activity:nil 80%like:24456
4/17    I'm curious. Who are the top five most apathetic of the regular
        motd posters? Nominations?
2002/4/16 [Uncategorized] UID:24456 Activity:high 80%like:24455
4/17    I'm curious. Who are the top five furthest right wing of the regular
        motd posters? Nominations?
2002/4/16-17 [Science/Space] UID:24457 Activity:high
4/16    Anyone care to suggest how to get rid of an oven, and an old
        toilet?  The oven's never been used.  The toilet is clean.  Both
        Goodwill and Salvation Army refuse to take such things.
        I'm not feeling optimistic about being to sell them.  Ideas? -PeterM
        \_ If BFI is the one handling the trash in your area, you can call them
           to schedule a pickup.
        \_ If you want to make a donation of it instead of landfill then maybe
           some locall church or non-profit will take it.  The big guys in the
           charity business only want the good stuff they can easily move.
        \_ Sell the oven on craig's list.
                \_ I'm trying that, though, like I said, I'm not optimistic. -PM
        \_ There are some salvage shops down around San Pablo.  I'm surprised
           Salvation Army refused the oven.  Gas or Electric? --scotsman
           \_ Electric.  They would take a "free-standing" oven, but not
              this one, which was built-in.  --PeterM
        \_ If the toilet is an older toilet (before the low flush bullshit)
           then there should be quite a demand for it. --dim
           \_ I have no idea which sort it is.  How can I tell? -PM
              \_ I suggest more fiber in your diet.
                 \_ Shouldn't it be less fiber...
                    \_ No.  More fibre in your diet makes your poo poo less
                       hard and easier to flush.
              \_ The new toilets are required to only use up to 1.6 gallons of
                 water per flush.  So check the tank to see if there are any
                 labels showing how much water it uses per flush.  And yes,
                 people do smuggle these in.
                 \_ "what were you arrested for?" "toilet smuggling"
           \_ it is my right as an American to shit big and
                   use more water.
           \_ I think the idea of the low-flush toilet is that even though you
              sometimes need to flush repeatedly, overall it still uses much
              less water than the old ones.
              \_ Whatever. I am just pointing out that there is high demand for
                 such things. People smuggle them in from Canada. --dim
           \_ At work, we have these toilet with like very high suction power.
              I can throw a shitload of toilet paper in it and it still goes
              right down.  Are those available for home?  Are they expensive?
              \_ I once lived in an apt on south side that has such a toilet.
        \_ check out the campus service Re-USE:
                \_ i think these guys lost all their funding
                   and no longer do any of this.  witness their
                   graffiti covered truck that has been
                   parked on Bancroft for the last 9 months. - danh
                   \_ They were giving away coffee mugs on campus not so long
                        ago (month or so).
        \_ Just leave them on the curb.
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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