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2002/4/15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24441 Activity:high
4/14    A teach-in
        Israel^s Real History: Palestinian Dispossession and Resistance
          It is called a land without a people for a people without a land,
        but the founding myths of Israel are no comfort to those of us
        who have been watching the last twenty days of Israeli brutality
        against the Palestinian people. But rather than representing an
        aberration in Israeli policy, the massacres in Jenin and Nablus
        are merely a continuation of Israeli policies already in place ^
        dispossession, settlement, discrimination, and expansion.  The
        legacy of the state of Israel is not democracy but a series of
        massacres of Palestinians ^ Deir Yassin, Qibya, Sabra, Shatila,
        and now Jenin.  Come to a teach-in about the real history of
        Israel and find out why Palestinians have been resisting Israeli
        occupation of Palestinian lands for over 54 years.  Featuring
        Elias Rishmawi of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination
        Wednesday, April 17th 6PM 100 Wheeler Hall
        \_ cool.
           \_ history teaches us one thing : might makes right. get over it.
        \_ Okay.  I haven't gotten involved on the various Israel/Palestine
           trolling on the motd, but dude, the above is ridiculous.  Granted,
           Israel's behavior with regard to Palestine isn't particularly
           saintly, and, at times, is downright deplorable.  Then again,
           given that the widely held Palestinian view is that Israel has
           no right to exist and should be destroyed, it's a little absurd
           for Palestinian supporters to point at Israel and scream "You
           bastards!"  Furthermore, this seems to gloss over the fact that
           Israel acquired the West Bank as a result of the Seven Days
           (sometimes chronicaled as Six Days) War.  In case you don't
           actually read about history, that's when Egypt mounted a surprise
           attack on Israel, because, in the words of Radio Cairo,
           "The existence of Israel has continued too long. We welcome the
            Israeli aggression we welcome the battle we have long awaited.
            The peak hour has come. The battle has come in which we shall
            destroy Israel."
           Nevermind that Israel has repeatedly tried to return both the West
           Bank and the Gaza Strip, but every time that it has done so, it has
           been met with ridiculous demands and no concrete promises of
           So trolls go ahead.  Continue playing the game of 'my side of the
           conflict is more subjugated'.  Watch as the hordes of Berkeley
           faux-intellectual wankers get whiplash as their heads ping-pong
           back and forth in a futile attempt to decide which group is more
           oppressed. -dans
        \_ Sounds like a even-handed scholarly view. ;-p  (not)
2002/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:24442 Activity:very high
4/14    politicarant removed for the sake of collective sanity
        cs and eecs is tough enough as is - leave this for sproul plaza please.
        \_ Introducing facts into discussion.  Penalty, two points. -dans
        \_ What was the discussion about?
        \_ I didn't see it but whatever it was isn't the point.  If you find
           it stressful the answer is really easy: don't read it.  No one is
           here to create a nice warm fuzzy supportive happy happy nice nice
           destressed environment for you.  If you want that go to a nice
           white non-political school that gives out As for everything.  I'm
           sorry you can't deal with the competition at Cal. Censorship is
           not the answer.
                \_ Please explain 'white'?
                   \_ White: the kind of place where they won't bother you
                      with anything hard to think about or at all difficult.
                      It'll be nice, monocultural, vanilla, and you'll know
                        \_ Actually most electronic noise
                           has a PSD No/2 to tens of Terahertz.  But not
                      exactly what to think at all times.  It'll be safe and
                      warm and just like HS when you were the smart one and
                      the dumb kids always knew you would have the answer.
                      Your parents will pay a lot more and you won't learn as
                      much and you'll still be a child when you 'graduate' but
                      it'll be safe and snuggly and oooh sooo nice.  White.
                   \_ The fourier transform of the autocorrelation function
                      is frequency independent over a reasonable range of
                      frequencies, say from DC to several GHz.
                        \_ Though thermal noise
                           has a PSD kT/2 into the Terahertz, not
                           the question I was asking.
                           \_ 1) it's 4kT, and
                              2) it depends on the system; obviously if
                                 you are going through any reasonable amplifier
                                 chain, there will be rolloff long before the
                              3) i was posting a wisseass answer to your
                                 wiseass question; you were responding to an
                                 obvious and lame troll.
2002/4/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:24443 Activity:high
4/15    DLink 713P or 714?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ No.
        \_ Maybe so.
2002/4/15-16 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid, Science/Battery] UID:24444 Activity:very high
4/15    How often do people usually replace their car batteries?  My car
        battery died this morning even though I didn't leave any lights on.
        It's the original battery since I bought the car new in 1996.  Thx.
        \_ that's reasonable.  2-4 years perhaps, and if you drive short
           distances more than long distance, battery life can be shorter.
           Its time to get a new battery, though seeing if the battery
           can hold a charge can be a good idea if the battery is newer
           than, let's say, 3 years.
        \_ My car battery lasted for 7 years, and it died because my
           starter went all wonky.  I'm probably an anomaly. -geordan
        \_ It could be your alternator, too.  Never hurts to check.
        \_ Or distributor cap and rotor.
        \_ about every 7-10 years.
        \_ The deal should replace it for you ever three years or so.
        \_ The dealer should replace it for you ever three years or so.
        \_ 5 Years, typically... if you don't abuse it.  Then again,
           depend upon where you are.  I heard that battery last a bit
           longer in a colder climate.     someone flunked ChE176
                                           \_ not to mention E190.
        \_ i had a battery last 10 years in an old toyota truck. current
           audi will probably only make 5.  i blame the alarm etc. for
           sucking juice while the engine is off.
2002/4/15-16 [Finance/Investment] UID:24445 Activity:moderate
4/14    What's a good service for occassional stock trading.  (say bi-weekly)
        \_ Do you mean twice per week, or once every two weeks?
           \_ /csua/bin/webster says the latter.
               \_ It seems to say both.
               soda [~] % webster biweekly
               Main Entry: 1bi·week·ly
               Pronunciation: (")bI-'wE-klE
               Function: adjective
               Date: 1832
               1 : occurring twice a week
               2 : occurring every two weeks : FORTNIGHTLY
               \_ Use dict.  webster blows.  biweekly means "Every two weeks",
                  and given the original poster's query of "occasional trading"
                  I'd guess this is what she meant.
               \_ i love motd responses like this: lengthy, detailed, accurate,
               \_ OTOH,
                  % webster bi-weekly
                  No matches for "bi-weekly" at
                  Hypertext Webster Gateway: "bi-weekly"
                  From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)
                  Biweekly \Bi"week`ly\, a. [Pref. bi- + weekly.] Occurring or
                  appearing once every two weeks; fortnightly. -- n. A
                  publication issued every two weeks. -- {Bi"week"ly}, adv.
                  From WordNet (r) 1.6 (wn)
                  biweekly adj : occurring every two weeks [syn: {fortnightly}]
                  adv : every two weeks; "he visited his cousins fortnightly"
                  [syn: {fortnightly}]
                  \_ Not to mention contentious
                  \_ The general rule appears to be "bi-X" means every 2 X, and
                  "semi-X" means twice every X.
2002/4/15-6/8 [Finance] UID:24446 Activity:insanely high
6/7     Please read this over and see if you get excitied at all near the
          Relationships between owners and workers can be found throughout
        the world. The owners primary concern is the accumulation of
        wealth through capital while workers are primarily concerned
        about the simple accumulation of utility usually generated from
        consumption. Thus our problem of maximizing capital and
        maximizing utility invades all aspect of economics. However for a
        business to succeed it takes stategy. A strategy on how best
        tackle the problem at hand. We will see that capital ownership is
        but a small issue and instead of one simple problem we are faced
        with a daunting problem of corrordination of ALL firms.
        Relationships on how businesses utilize capital owned by others
        will turn out to be our biggest cordination issue.
          A simple model business is the best place to start. Lets assume
        for simplicity (or complexity as we will see) that we have a new
        good called Unobtanium
          To get an idea of the complexity we are dealing with consider the
        purpose of production. This is a simple question but upon
        inspection leads to some interesting observations. A product
        really serves three functions; one for the economy, one for the
        buyer (agent), and directly one for the producer (firm). It is
        best to start with the firm. The purpose of production in
        relation to the firm is profit. The firm is in the business of
        production for the profits obtained. If we assume domestic
        owndership this is an optimal condition. The agent has a similar
        purpose in their accumulation of utility from consumption of the
        good. Less known however is the interaction of the economy and
        the production of the good.  Ideally the objective of economics
        is the efficient allocation of resources.  Goods are the
        mediators (along with money) which allow for allocations to
        occur. Thus goods have a very strong effect in reallocating
        resources. Secondly a good has secondary effects upon markets.
        Its best to see by example. Consider the sale of a car. A car is
        a good which has very high secondary effects upon markets in that
        it induces demand in a myriad of other markets namely, service
        stations, tires, roads, insurance, etc.
          The question of why produce a good must therefore answer what
        will be the effect of not only the firm but also the agent and
        economy as a whole. Stategically its important to produce
        whenever the net effect is positive FOR ALL involved. However how
        can we determine the net effect? When dealing with firms and
        agents this is a fairly simple matter, but gets significantly
        more difficult with our introduction of the economy
        considerations. First we must consider the distribution of money.
        If production leads to cause money transfered OUT of the country
        we will rule this as a negative effect. Conditions where costs
        paid to foreign entities are perfectly offset with revenue from
        foreign entities will be considered neutral. Secondly we must
        deal with our secondary effects. We have already dealt with money
        so now we must deal with capital. The secondary effects can be
        negative if the capital appreciation of foreign interests are
        higher than the capital appreciation of domestic interests.
          What we can see is that even though we generally consider foreign
        ownership of capital as negative conditions can be manipulated
        such that positive effects domestically can offset any negatives.
        \_ The firm should produce guns so that I, the buyer-agent, can
           purchase one and shoot you in the knee.
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