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2002/4/10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24393 Activity:high
4/9     One week into owning a hotmail acct and they already spam me like
        crazy!  Evil M$.
        \_ It's not just M$.  You get just as much spam on Yahoo, maybe even
           more.  Even with their bulk mail program, my filter list is quite
           \_ Well, I've had Yahoo! Mail for years and I hardly got any
              spam.   The number of spams I got in Hotmail in the past
              week is probably more than what I got in Yahoo! for the
              past year. -op
              \_ Make sure you edit your NEW Marketing Preferences soon or this
                 may no longer be the case at Yahoo! (or maybe just Y! Groups)
                 \_ No. If you do this you lose your free yahoo mail acct.
        \_ Just opened a hotmail acct, haven't used it for anything, and am
           also getting spam. The spam often shows my e-mail address
           explicitly within its message, but is giving a greeting to
           someone else's name. Should I assume that someone is randomly
           using my hotmail address so they can avoid spam? Or is it just a
           random thing spam lists do?
2002/4/10 [Transportation/Car] UID:24394 Activity:high
4/9     World's most expensive pack of cigarettes.  Ouch!
        \_ I foresee a big liability suit.  --PeterM
           \_ Use of excessive force while subduing the suspect?
           \_ I hope not. criminals deserve any and every punishment
              (accidental or intentional) that befalls them.
                \_ yeah, especially people who speed in their cars.  -tom
                   \_ And people who don't walk their bikes where they're
                      required to.
                   \_ Agreed.  Like those three 15-and 16-yr-old teenages
                      (obviously the driver just got his license recently) in
                      Union City last month who were driving an Acrua Integra
                      at 75MPH on a 40MPH local street, missed a turn, crashed
                      into a brick wall and killed by intense flame.  The
                      high school they went to (Logan) mourned for the
                      accident.  I think the school should instead celebrate
                      that these irresponsible reckless teenagers who were a
                      thread to the community are now off the streets and no
                      innocent drivers or pedestrians had been killed.
                      \_ Officially there are no more 'accidents'.  They are
                         now 'collisions' and something like this is called a
                         "single vehicle collision".  Anyway, it's better that
                         idiots like this are off the road one way or another.
                         Just a little Darwinian gene pool cleaning here.
                     \_ It's "threat" and "Acura".
                     \_ I used to drive 110 mph on 65 mph roads and 100 mph
                        55 mph roads.  Fortunately, I have better luck/driving-
                        skills and survived to the ripe old age where I now
                        always drive at 55 mph on highways.
2002/4/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/IO] UID:24395 Activity:nil
4/9     What is "khooker?" in windows.
2002/4/10 [Uncategorized] UID:24396 Activity:nil
4/9     24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?     -Steven Wright
2002/4/10 [Computer/Theory] UID:24397 Activity:moderate
4/9     i am working on modeling semiconductor devices and i need a
        curve-fitting tool to generate mathematical model of the devices.
        what are some of the free and commercial tools available?  thanks.
        \_ Get a book, copy the algorithms.
        \_ excel works quite good. thx anyways. -op
        \_ You can do curve fitting with neural nets -- a couple of lines of
           C, and even fewer lines of matlab.
                \_ just a couple lines, are neural nets that simple?
                   (don't know anything about them).
                   \_ sure, provided you have the right library.
                      \_ Libraries are for the weak.
2002/4/10 [Uncategorized] UID:24398 Activity:nil
4/9     Where can I find publications on efficient object replication?
2002/4/10 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24399 Activity:high
4/9     You know that tooltip that pops up when you hover the mouse
        over the time in the taskbar on Windows systems? I could have
        sworn that it used to show the day of the week along with the
        date. Can it do that, and how would I enable it? Not talking
        about 3rd party addons.
        \_ the tooltip displayed is whatever you have Windows' long date format
           set as. (Control Panel > Regional Settings > Date)
           \_ thanks
2002/4/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24400 Activity:high
4/10    So what happened to Trevor's hearing? -curious alumnus
        \_ We only know that (1) He doesn't seem to have shown up to it,
           and (2) he is now suspended from UCB for a year and banned from
           being on campus.
        \_ what was this hearing for?
           \_ No one really knows.
        \_ who's Trevor
           \_ Proof that sometimes ignorance can be bliss.
                \_ proof that some idiots forget that not everyone
                   still is on the Cal campus.
                   \_ This _is_ the Undergrad Association.  If you're
                      complaining that you don't understand all references
                      in the motd, you really need to get out more.
                      \_ Or rather, get out less.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Where did you get all these emails, danh?
              \_ The bulk of it was sent to csua@csua. -geordan
        \_ Actually, I don't really think this whole saga is very funny.
           It actually just seems pretty sad. Here is an obviously smart
           guy in the CS program at Cal and he completely self-destructs
           because some kind of insanity or chemical imbalance or whatever.
           I hope he can get his life back together and I don't see why
           everyone is always egging him on. ... go make fun of some
           crazy homelss guys on Telegraph if you enjoy it so much.
           \_ So you're saying he's going to become the next John Nash who
              went through college as a misunderstood person only to win
              the Nobel Prize?
           \_ Was he ever diagnosed with anything besides being an asshole?
              \_ Yes. He spent the better part of last June involuntarily
                 confined to a mental institution. And another week in March.
                 And potentially other stints in-between that we don't know
                 about. No, the diagnosis is not public information. He _is_
                 known to be on record with the UC as having ADD, which has
                 allowed him to use the "disabled" priority to get early
                 telebears registration.
                 \_ ADD? Oh please.  The world's most made up illness.  It is
                    pathetically easy to get an ADD or dyslexia diagnosis at
                    Cal for the various benefits.  And certainly the
                    non-illness known as ADD would not be the underlying
                    cause of psychotic episodes.
                    \- so what is the logic behind disability -> early
                       telebears ... that is just for class reg, right?
                       \_ logic?  there's no logic in 'protected class' status.
                          \_ thanks, Ms. Rand.
             \_ How is he smart?  Just because he has a 3.5 overall GPA?
                A lot of people I knew had much higher GPA and never
                had to curse at their professors.  That, cursing at
                your professors, doesn't seem so smart to me.
                \_ I've met the guy. He's not necessarily brilliant, but
                   substantially more intelligent than a lot of people on
                   this campus.
                   \_ Oh yeah, smarter than your average bear.  That's hard.
        \_ That's the kind of guy who will show up at a CSUA mtg or office
           with a gun and kill everyone just because you geeks are jerks.
           \_ If every jerk was killed just for being a jerk this would be
              a lonely planet.  The cockroaches would take over in days.
        \_ He seems arrogant, but I kind of like some of the things he
           did against the EECS department.
2002/4/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:24401 Activity:nil 66%like:24504
4/10    Who is that hot chick in the Scorpion King?
        \_ Kelly Hu
2002/4/10-11 [Politics/Foreign] UID:24402 Activity:nil
4/10    Refering to all this Queen Mum news, what's meant by "lying in state"?
        \_ coffin (open or closed) available somewhere relatively public
           where people can come see it and pay respects.
        \_ from 7. Ceremony; pomp: "foreign leaders dining in
           state at the White House." Actually, the point is that they are in
           the WH. The viewing is in a gov't building and she's being honored
           by the gov't.
2002/4/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:24403 Activity:nil
4/10    Read, cultural illiterates, the 180 year old scifi story
        of Peter Rugg:
2002/4/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:24404 Activity:nil
4/10    More M$ thewayout humor:
        \_ Yeah.
2002/4/10-11 [Reference/Tax] UID:24405 Activity:high
4/10    IRS requires taxpayers to report their income from foreign countries.
        How on earth can they figure out what one makes outside the U.S.?
        \_ Tax treaties?
        \_ Welcome to the new world order, Citizen of the World #6284856025!
           Please look into the light so you can be retinal scanned.
           \_ Good daycycle citizen!
              \_ Are you authorized to comment on the current daycycle?
           \_ Some day we'll be saying how great it was that we only had
              to have retinal scans, insted of butt probes...
              \_ That's a city-by-city decision.
2002/4/10-11 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Media] UID:24406 Activity:high
4/10    A few weeks ago on ABC there was a snow white TV movie.  What was
        the name of the Asian woman who played snow white?  I think she
        was asian.  Long beautiful black hair.  Thanks.
        \_ Try ABC's website.
        \_ I looked at ABC's website and found it in like oh 2.5 seconds.
        \_ "She's white until proven Asian." is the best line from this page
           about her:
           \_ Too bad she's only half Asian.
             \_ Um, what is that supposed to mean?
                \_ I think he really meant to say, "Too bad she's only half
                   \_ No, I meant what I said.  If she's 100% Asian it'll be
                      more exotic, IMO.
                      \_ you have FOB diction; hence this is a troll.  -pld
                      \_ How many billions of Asians are on the planet?  How
                         is it that asian==exotic?  If she was Incan, that
                         would be exotic.  Asian!=exotic.
                         \_ Asians in Asia and Whites in US are not exotic, but
                            Asians in US are a bit exotic and Whites in Asia
                            are exotic.
                            \_ Asians in the bay area are not even close to
                               exotic.  You looked around lately?
                               \_ The guy just has an Asian fetish, nothing
                                  \_ Yeah I guess I have an Asian fetish.  BTW
                                     I'm Asian.
                                     \_ Yeah, we believe you.
                                     \_ Oh great, so now you are saying
                                        you are exotic yourself?
                                        Great, just great...we have a
                                        fetish guy and a narcissist.
                                  \_ Its called "yellow fever".
                      \_ That's what I wanted to know. Ugh. Have fun kids. Wipe
                         up when you're done.
                      \_ Wow.  I can't express how lame this is. -geordan
                         \_ Come on, Geordan.  How long have you been here?
        \_ Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame.
        \_ She's smofucking hot! --!asianfetishboy
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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