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2002/4/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:24361 Activity:nil
4/8     Who sings the "new" version of "Save the last dance for me"?
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Music] UID:24362 Activity:low
4/7     In big band and swing music there is an instrument that has this
        peculiar wah-wah sound, what exactly is that?
        \_ electric guitar w/ wah wah sound effect pedal
                \_ yeah. listen to intro riffs of Bulls on Parade (Rage
                   Against the Machine) to hear it clearly.
                   \_ That's a whammy pedal.
        \_ This would be a trumpet (or trombone) with a plunger mute.
2002/4/8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:24363 Activity:high
4/7     Anyone have XM radio? Good? Bad?
        \_ wait until XM buys Sirius or vice versa.
        \_ why pay money to hear bad songs on the radio when you can
           get it for free?
        \_ Why not spend money on a Mp3 cd player, burn all your songs
           onto a CD instead?
        \_ XM Radio: product still looking for a need.
           \_ but Fortune magazine got paid enough to say that it's
              the product of the year!
              \_ Maybe but not any year I've lived in so far.
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24364 Activity:high
4/8     A friend reads porn from time to time and now he gets a real woman.
        but sex in real life is not nearly as dramatic as depicted in
        fantasies.  Will this affect the quality of his sex and orgasm?
        \_ Why don't you ask him?  Dummkopf!
           \_ Think about it.  He's asking about his "friend".  His real
              question is have the pornos he reads everyday and rents every
              night ruined real sex for him forever.  The answer is "it
              depends".  The OP needs to discuss his fantasies with his gf
              and if shes not into it or OP's fantasies are too extreme, he'll
              have to buy satisfaction in SF.
        \_ porn is a pale, empty alternative to the real thing.
        \_ Probably.  He needs to work out more so that he won't get exhausted
           when he goes through all the positions that he thinks are "required"
           (as shown in porn movies) before he reaches orgasm.
        \_ Watch porn and have sex simultaneously.
        \_ This has been my experience. Maybe my bond with the girl wasn't
           close enough or maybe she wasn't hot enough...
           \_ or maybe you're just a putz.
              \_ That's really deep.  Helpful.  I like it.
                 \_ "maybe she wasn't hot enough ..."  yeah.  really deep.
                    \_ It was slightly more helpful than calling some pr0n
                       addict a putz but not as deep.
           \_ Yes, Porn will not ruin sex. If a girl is hot enough for you
               in real life, then you won't care what goes on in porn.
2002/4/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:24365 Activity:nil
4/8     Big bummer for all you print fans....
2002/4/8-29 [Uncategorized] UID:24366 Activity:nil
4/8     Today's motd brought to you by the 'find' command and the number 3.
2002/4/8-9 [Transportation/Car] UID:24367 Activity:moderate
4/8     Anybody have the kind of life insurance where a portion of your
        premiums go into a mutual fund?  What company is it?  I'm trying to
        collect a list and do comparison shop. Thanks.
        \_ it's called VUL (Variable Universal Life), you can email me as I
           have a friend who works for State Farm - russwong
        \_ VUL is almost always a bad deal.  For 90% of the people, term
           life is the way to go.  Insurance agent will tell you otherwise,
           simply because they earn more commission for selling you VULs.
           Instead of invesing in VULs, buy term life and put the
           differece in mutual fund yourself and get better return.
           \_ term life insurance is the kind where if you die within X
              years, your family get paid.  Otherwise if you outlive that X
              period, nobody gets anything.  I thought this is kind of bad.
              How do you know what X to pick?
              \_ Life insurance in general is not a good investment. It
                 should only be used if you fear your family will not be
                 provided for if you die prematurely. --dim
              \_ You don't know how long you will live, hence insurance.
                 The idea is, you only need insurance when you have
                 dependents, so term life should suffice; assuming your
                 dependents will grow up, be gone (in case of your elder
                 dependents) before the term life expires.  It's true,
                 you don't get a pay out with term life after X number of
                 years, but you can always convert to whole life later
                 if you prefer.  Whole life is still more economical
                 than VUL.  Once again, you can always invest the
                 difference in premium in mutual funds yourself.  Read
                 Money 101's topic on life insurance on
2002/4/8-9 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Consumer/PDA] UID:24368 Activity:low
4/8     Does anyone know of a reputable Sony laptop repair shop in the Bay
        Area? I need a relatively simple repair (minor plastic replacement),
        but don't want to bother finding the service manual and sourcing the
        \_ whenever my laptop needs a fix, i track down yer mom...
        \_ try Sony Service Center in SJ.
           \_ I believe this service center is closed.  Last I heard, Sony
              laid off the service center personnel.  I think they have a place
              in Fremont, though.
        \_ Sony laptops must be sent back to factory, otherwise warranty void
           \_ If he's asking this question, the laptop is likely not under
              warranty support any more.
              \_ Sorry, I meant the only service you can get is by
                 sending direct to Sony. That is: Either good luck
                 finding a repair shop or youre ordering of parts.
                 It costs like $300 just to have them lower themselves
                 to working on your laptop.
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Pets] UID:24369 Activity:moderate
4/8     Typical anti-dog thugs at it again working over disabled guy.
        \_ huh? who are the anti-dog thugs in the incident?  the cat?
           you understand it was a cat that attacked the dog and the dog
           owner who's suing, don't you?  what exactly is typical about
           a cat attacking a dog, and who are the thugs?  what the fuck
           are you talking about?
2002/4/8-9 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/UCLA] UID:24370 Activity:nil
4/8     In Stanford, there is a clause that says something like "if you get
        into the MS program, you will not be able to apply to our PhD
        program." Is there such a clause in UCLA?
2002/4/8-9 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:24371 Activity:nil
4/8     Assume I have a server and a bunch of clients on the same machine,
        and assume my CPU is fast. My clients sends a lot of UDP to the
        server (and again on the same machine). Will any of them get
        dropped, or will all of them get through because they're not actually
        sending on the network?
        \_ They 'should' but as you know it's still not guaranteed.
2002/4/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24372 Activity:kinda low
4/8     Berkeley Study Links Soda to High Childhood Obesity Rates
        \_ No.  More like too much TV and not enough running around outside.
        \_ more like playing basketball and other sports on Playstation
           rather than outside.
           \_ and of course all these motd geeks are top athletes.  -tom
           \_ Some of them, yes.  Even if not, a bad athlete still burns
              a hell of a lot more calories than they would on the couch.
2002/4/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:24373 Activity:kinda low
4/8     How much in advance do people typicallys end out wedding invitations?
        \_ 3-6 months.  more if the invitee needs to travel.
2002/4/8-9 [Reference/Tax] UID:24374 Activity:high
4/8     Is there any preference setting in TurboTax to tell it not to round
        off the amounts to the nearest dollars?  I looked around hard in the
        tax year 2000 version but couldn't find one.  Thanks for any help.
        \_ Why do you want this?  Even the IRS rounds up.
           \_ Because there are some entries whose amounts are sums of multiple
              other rounded-off entries, so the difference between the TurboTax
              amount and the accurate amount can be more than a couple dollars.
              When I look back to my last year's tax forms done with TurboTax,
              I was all confused and thought I forgot to include some
              1099-xxx's, especially because some of my 1099-xxx's are of very
              small amounts.  This year I might just go back to manual filing.
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24375 Activity:high
4/9     Anyone have a link to that funny/sad webpage posted a while
        ago that was supposedly by some trailor-trash kid with
        pictures of his mom and brother?
        Also, a link to that page by some 40-something single woman
        who is looking for a boyfriend/husband and she has ALL these
        elaborate rules and protocols for what a prospective suitor
        must do before contacting her?
        \_ have you heard of google?
           \_ heh... ok, I admit it... after a bit of searching I found
              both. if anyone else is interested I can post them.
2002/4/8-9 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:24376 Activity:nil
4/9     Unfortunately my apartment won't allow the bed...
2002/4/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:24377 Activity:very high
4/9     What is the difference between rpcbind and portmapper?
        \_ obrtfm
           \_ What's the "OB" part?
2002/4/8-9 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:24378 Activity:high
4/9     Does anyone know if there are fields of grain (rye, barley, etc)
        growing near Berkeley?  Where are they?
           Search on "Celebrities"
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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