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2002/4/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:24356 Activity:moderate
4/6     what's meant by the term "dive bar"?
        \_ Dive \Dive\, n.
           1. A plunge headforemost into water, the act of one who
              dives, literally or figuratively.
           2. A place of low resort. [Slang]
        \_ See definition #1 above.  Dive bars are for people into diving.
           Mostly deep sea, but everyone who swims is welcome at most places.
        \_ Be serious!!! Its a metal instrument scuba divers
        \_ 3. A bar I can go to pick up on yermom.
        \_ Where disgruntled divorced mermen hang out after the bitch has
           stolen all his clams in dive court.
2002/4/7-8 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/HW] UID:24357 Activity:high
4/6     Spring back.
        \_ fall foward.
                \_ summer both.
                   \_ winter neither.
        \_ That's "spring FORWARD."  Kids these days...
           \_ Hey Gramps, the original post was altered.
              \_ Back in my day, we didn't have humor.  We had treebark.
                 Whenever someone would tell a joke we'd throw treebark at
                 them.  And we liked it.  We loved it. -geordan
                 \_ I remember treebark.  That was great until the eco whacky
                    nut PC freaks came along and made us stop tossing bark.
                    "Save the bark for the children!" they said.  But we were
                    the children.  I'm still bitter about that.
        \_ lousy farmers.
        \_ Fall forward. That way you can stop your fall with your hands.
           If you fall back, you might crack open your skull.
        \_ Daylight savi--zzz--huh, uh what?
2002/4/7-9 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24358 Activity:high
4/6     Has anyone gotten anything from Stanford and USC?
        \_ An ex-girlfriend and some books from Stanford, but somehow I
           doubt that's what you meant.
           \_ I'm pretty sure he means the college applications
                \_ oh, you think?
                   \_ No.  I think he was asking about STDs.
           \_ I realize that; I was being sarcastic.  Frankly, if he's that
              careless in articulating a simple question, I hope he didn't
              get in.
                        \_ a Stanford Transmitted Disease?
                           \_ Curable only by crashing the high tech boom.
              \_ I realize that; I was being sarcastic.  Frankly, if he's
                 that careless in articulating a simple question, I hope
                 he didn't get in.
                 \_ "nobody liked my joke so i will attack the poster"
                 \_ "careless in articulating a simple question"??? Who
                    gives a fuck? This is the m.o.t.d... not a college
                    application. Everyone obviously knew what s/he meant,
                    so who cares.
        \_ I recieved a letter on Thurs. from USC saying that
           the CS dept. has started to review my application
           and will get back to me (no time frame was mentioned).
           - ucla ee guy
           \_ what the hell??? All the schools that I got in want a responce
              by April 15th. BTW even though I got into UCLA MS I'm still
              waiting cuz I applied to USC's PhD program.  -ucla cs guy
                \_ UCLA deadline is in the summer sometime. -- UCLA PhD guy
              \_ Just accept and then change your mind later. Anyway,
                 UCLA >> USC (kinney goes to USC), if you want a PhD, apply
                 later after you get your UCLA masters. FUSC.
                        \_ are you the original ucla ee ms guy or a kinney ha8
                 later after you get your UCLA masters. FUSC. - ! ucla ee guy
2002/4/7 [Reference/Tax] UID:24359 Activity:nil
4/6     TurboTax or TurboTax Premium?
2002/4/7 [Reference/Tax] UID:24360 Activity:high
4/6     I'm trying to decide if its worth it to use TurboTax Premium.
        Has anyone tried this? ...think its work it?
        \_ not really worth it in my opinion.
        \_ read the box.  its for people who are investors, rental income, etc.
           if this isn't you then you probably dont need it.  RTFB.
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