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2002/4/5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:24330 Activity:nil
4/4     Under linux, some processes refuse to die (even w/ kill -9), such
        as Netscape and Xine. Do I have no option other than reboot?
2002/4/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:24331 Activity:nil
4/4     Perl Quesiton: How do I print only the first 15 characters of a
        string? -perl-newbie
        \_ substr
2002/4/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24332 Activity:nil
4/4     What is the best way to read the "field before a pattern" like
        the number of users in uptime output:
        4:01PM  up 26 days, 16:50, 242 users, load averages: 1.00, 0.76, 0.57
        I can't read the sixth field because it isn't always in the sixth
        position, depending on what the uptime period is.  I want to read
        the field before "users".  I know I can delete from users to end of
        line and then read last field with awk's NF, but that seems lame!
        \_ perl, of course.  /\s+(\d+)\s+users/.  -tom
           \_ perl might not be around in all of these machines.  Also
              this is in a shell script so I was hoping for a sed or awk
        \_ uptime | awk '{ for (i=1;i<=NF;i++) { \
                               if ($i ~ /^user/) { print $(i-1) ; } \
                           } }'
        \_ uptime | cut -d' ' -f 8 --scotsman
           \_ doesn't work on solaris
              \_ it does.  it's just not always '8'
                 \_ indeed.  duud.  use perl.  --scotsman
        \_ users | wc -w
           \_ You are my hero.
        \_ w | tail +3 | wc -l
2002/4/5-6 [Politics] UID:24333 Activity:nil
4/4  biased? yes, of course, but as long as
        israli solidiers are shooting at cnn and AP reporters, this remains
        a useful source of information.
        \_ I'd shoot at CNN and AP 'reporters', too.  What's wrong with that?
           Why would you present a known biased source of information as
           useful?  It's propaganda.  Sigh, I fear I've been trolled but it had
           to be said.
           \_ it's not propoganda, it's just random people's opinions
              and personal observations.  like the motd, only without tom
              around to delete everything.
              \_ It's presented as news, not opinion and that makes it
2002/4/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24334 Activity:high
4/5     I never understoof why one would want transparent windows.  Doesn't
        it just make it harder to read?
        \_ but it looks kewl d00d
        \_ having two terms on top of each other in different colors
           is way cool.  Have one chat, and another source code...
           maybe have two server access/error logs scrolling by
        \_ Depends on the level of transparency. If the opaqueness
           is high enough say (80-90%) then terminals are just as
           readable as at 100% opaque.
           The only legitimate use I've seen for transparent windows
           is transparent terminals (as found in MacOS X). Being able
           to read a web page with configuration commands for a
           particular daemon while entering those commands on the
           terminal is useful (esp. on a Laptop).
           \_ just get a bigger screen (or another screen) cheapo (harpo's
        \_ If you use an appropriate background, readability isn't
           an issue:
        \_ Ok ok so there are ways to adjust the transparency and use
           different backgrounds, etc.  That's nice.  Now then, why
           would one want transparent windows?
           \_ in order to read web pages behind your terminal windows.
2002/4/5-19 [Uncategorized] UID:24335 Activity:nil 58%like:24493
04/04   There will be a general meeting at 6:30 Thurs April 11 in 337 Soda.
2002/4/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24336 Activity:nil 66%like:24343
4/5     Think about the chilren:
2002/4/5-6 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:24337 Activity:high
4/5     Where can I get a good deal on a whitewater rafting trip?
        \_ Which river do you want to go on?
           \- I have done a fair amount of research on the rivers and operators
              withing 250 mi of SFBA. I think the costs are pretty competitive,
              which means the rates are pretty comparable. The way to save is
              1. go mid-week. Go last minute. Group discount. and in some cases
              Go mid-week. Go last minute. Group discount. and in some cases
              do the day trip rather than the with camping and food options.
              A harder question is who are good oeprators ... i.e. who gives
              you more bang for the buck. --partha "river right" banerjee
              [oh rafting in the "3rd world" is hell of cheaper, especially
              if you know how to travel and can get the Friend Prices rather
              than the Whitey Price. If you want to go on a long ~10day trip
              you can practically justify a plane ticket to nepal with the
              price differential. You are also more likely to meet supermodels
              while rafting there.]
              \- oh by the way, there are some particularly expensive
                 operators like SOBEK where you are subsidizing a lot
                 of their own projects so unless you want to say "my guide
                 did the first decent of <insert some obscure tributary of
                 the Zambeizi>" I'd avoid them and other people with really
                 fancy brochures [OARS]. Cache Creek is cheap [$100].
                 If you are a hot chick you can come on my upcoming
                 "fast-descent" trip. --psb
                 \_ You are an imposter. Own up. --psb #243 fan
                        \_ what gives him away?
                    \- what?
2002/4/5 [Uncategorized] UID:24338 Activity:very high
4/5     I'm sure BDG can relate to this (seen on rec.humor.funny):

        Mattel has come out with a new Barbie doll for Christmas:
        Divorcee' Barbie.  It comes with all the usual accessories,
        plus all of Ken's stuff.
        \_ I really wanna hear BDG's story.  BDG, you out there?
        \_ I read somewhere that if Barbie were a real person with the same
           proportions, her measurements will be 38-13-34.
2002/4/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24339 Activity:low
4/4     Probably a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway: Are apps written for
        win95/98/NT generally compatible with winME? Thanks!
        \_ If they are simple apps like Word or Winamp, yes. If they use
           device drivers like a video camera app or scanning app, then
           don't count on it.
        \_ In theory any newer device will have winme drivers but... Anyway,
           there's no reason to use winme.  Either use win98 or win2k.
2002/4/5-6 [Computer/Theory] UID:24340 Activity:low
4/4     Does anyone still have the url of the webpage about the infamous
        Professor Wu of the math department?  Thanks!
        \- /tmp/hurricane_wu --psb
           \_ Thanks guys!  You the best!
           \_ oh the memories...  I still can't believe I almost got a B-
2002/4/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:24341 Activity:nil
4/4     Pretty funny.
        Listen to the sexy radio broadcast.
2002/4/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:24342 Activity:moderate
4/5 How do you dispose of alkaline batteries? (I know you're not
        supposed to just toss them in the regular trash, but how many
        people actually go through the trouble of following proper
        disposal procedures?)
        \_ How?  I toss em in the trash right after formatting your post.
2002/4/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:24343 Activity:nil 66%like:24336
4/5     Think about the children:
2002/4/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24344 Activity:nil
4/5     Why did my entry on best of the motd aka motd reruns get deleted?
        If the current motd only has boring stuff and nobody is stepping
        up to the plate to spice things up, we should post the best of
2002/4/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:24345 Activity:very high
4/5     Clinton's legacy, since few in the media seem to care.
        \_ last time I checked he isn't president anymore.  get over it.
                \_ Sort of like telling a woman that's been raped and beaten
                   and is now bleeding on the floor that she's no longer being
                   raped and beaten so she should "put some ice on that lip"
                   and get over it.
                   \_ seriously, if you live in the area, I know this
                      pretty hot girl that holds your exact same views,
                      maybe you should get together with her, email
                      me and i'll hook you both up. - danh
                      \_ e190.  Read again.
                \_ and yet he's wildly more popular than any recent president,
                   including bush jr.
                   \_ This is simply factually incorrect.  Sorry.  Try again.
                \_ Did you even bother to read the site? It's not a
                   high school popularity contest. Here's a
                   little bit for ya:
                   "Johnny Chung told Justice Dept. investigators that
                   the chief of Chinese military intelligence gave
                   him $300,000 to donate to the Clinton campaign."
                   Unfortunately both parties had their hands open.
                   \_ unfortunately?  how 'bout "unsurprisingly"?
2002/4/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Recreation/Sports] UID:24346 Activity:high
4/5     1982 Big Game on ESPN Classic tonight at 6 p.m. Anyone planning to
        tape it?
        \_ What's really sad is that this school has done nearly nothing
           since then (maybe a couple Nobel prizes, but that's it).
        \_ What's special about that year's Big Game?
           \_ The Play
           \_ Kids....  The Play is the only football event worth watching in
              the entire history of football.  See it.  --football hater
        \_ Can someone TiVo it, rip it full quality to avi/quicktime
           and post so we can all share the glory of The Play, since
           I don't own a TV or cable.
           \_ Seconded.  I'm sick of that goddamn 1 meg version that the
              ocf has.  Divx!
        \_ Sweet!  I'll be home in time to record the last 10 minutes, which
           is all that matters :)
           \_ Actually, even before The Play, it was reportedly one of the
              best Big Games in history.  Horseface Elway had driven
              Stanford downfield to take the lead, including converting
              a fourth-and-18 to keep the drive alive.  Then he stupidly
              called timeout with 7 seconds left instead of letting it run
              down.  -tom
        \_ They're replaying it Monday @ 2am according to TVGuide
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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