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2002/4/2 [Reference/BayArea] UID:24293 Activity:high
4/1     anyone know the name of the receptionist for college of chemistry
        419 Latimer?
        \_ Laura Palmer. --Bob
           \_ i need her email addres, but it's not in directory.. any ideas?
             or the receptionist's desk phone number
             this is really important.. thanks
             \_ Laura Palmer is dead.  -- Cooper
        \_ got the hots for her?
        \_ there was this one really hot UC receptionist at the uhm... uh...
           oh nevermind.  there wasn't.
           \_ Lemme guess, you just remembered that she's a fat, old, dumb,
              aggressive memeber of
        \_ What's her cup size?
           \_ Would it matter?  She's uc staff....
        \_ you can't actually visit her?
           \_ just don't make a pass on her the first day you go to see her.
           \_ just don't go down on her the first day you make a pass at her.
           \_ im in san jose
                \_ just don't be in san jose.
                    \_ some of us have to work
                        \_ I was only kidding
        \_ the power of google:
        \_ the problem with so much of the UCB administration (financial aid,
           clerks, form processor people,etc.) is that they all come from
           \_ uh... why is that a problem?
                \_ People from Oakland are all stupid and ugly.  -John
2002/4/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:24294 Activity:very high
4/1     Kissinger on the middle east:
        \_ As Microsoft has decided their content is too '1337 for me as a
           lowly Netscape user, it must not be worth reading.
           \_ ? It's just some javascript.  There's nothing funny in there.
             \_ written by a trained MS monkey.
                \_ Son, unlike you, I read the html/javascript and there's
                   nothing complicated going on in there.  Are you using
                   NS 0.86alpha or what?  NS is bad but it isn't *that* bad.
                   Or I could tell you what the Linux bigots say in response
                   to every Windows query, "get a real os and a real browser!"
                   \_ i see only freebsd bigots here.
2002/4/2 [Reference/Tax] UID:24295 Activity:nil
4/1     Suppose I spent my pocket money on SITN classes and expensive text
        books. Are these tax deductable under the "work related" deduction
        category? I took technical/work related classes of course.
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