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2002/3/31 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:24272 Activity:high
3/30    What's up with SFO BART station? Wasn't it supposed to be open back
        in December?
        \_ it was actually supposed to open in 1998, I think.
          \_ What's up is it's a 1.5 billion-dollar boondoggle--a torturous
             solution to a non-problem.  If they'd just done the wise thing
             with an inter-modal station west of 101 hooked up to the
             monorail and CalTrain, it would have been half the cost and
             been done by now.  Thank Quentin Kopp.  -tom
                \_ Can you run more than the current 40 train schedule
                   (about every half hour) without grade separation?  If you
                   can't expand the schedule, and have to build overpasses
                   and underpasses, wouldn't you also run into the same issue?
                   \_ You mean CalTrain?  The CalTrain issue is orthogonal,
                      but you could electrify it and do grade separation for
                      the entire system for less than BART-to-SFO cost.  -tom
                \_ I'm unfamiliar with this plan.  Is this something that was
                   considered and rejected?  Is there a report somewhere that
                   says why?
                  \_ They wouldn't have had that tax revenue for the city
                     for all the hotels that they expected to be built next to
                     the BART station.  I think it was Millbrae.  --oj
                \_ Nobody wants to transfer 10 bazillion times to different
                   buses/cars/trains just to go between SF and SFO.
                   If *you* still want to do it go ahead, then *you* carry
                   your luggage in the rain before going to your meeting
                   with some COO who you hope buys your product.
                   Oh yeah, that's right you have a job that gives you
                   no sense of reality.
                   \_ You'll still have to transfer to the monorail unless
                      you're going to the international terminal.  There
                      wouldn't be any "luggage carrying in the rain" with
                      an intermodal station--have you ever been to an
                      airport with a monorail?  And BART-to-SFO means that
                      people coming from the south on CalTrain will have to
                      transfer to BART at Millbrae, and then to the monorail.
                      It's a planning disaster.  -tom
                   \_ if you have the kind of job where you're meeting with
                      COO's, take a fucking cab and expense it. tom is not the
                      one with no sense of reality - public transportation
                      should designed for the common man/woman.
                   \_ Oh my God!  And THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
                      \_ Do you believe in babies?
                         \_ Do they vote or donate to political campaigns?
2002/3/31 [Uncategorized] UID:24273 Activity:insanely high
3/30    #4 Queen Mum. #5 Ed Turner.
        \_ How many people will it take until this AWFUL, HORRIBLE CHAIN OF
           DEATH reaches a CHILD??????!?!?  WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF
           THE CHILDREN???????
           \_ It takes a Village to Think of a Child.
                \_ Or a priest.
        \_ You know what they say... they always come in groups of 5,793.
        \_ I told you that threes stuff was bullshit. Who is Ed Turner?
                \_ former bigwig of CNN. hired Ted Turner (no relation).
                \_ How is it bullshit?  Don't you know *anything* about the
                   science behind numerology?  Sheesh.
2002/3/31 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:24274 Activity:high
3/30    Liberal - a euphemism for vote buying.
        \_ I object to the misuse of the word 'liberal' which traditionally
           has meant "open minded".  If you mean Left or Democrat or Socialist
           or whatever, just say so.  Waitress at the Oakland Zachary's with
           the shortish blue hair has a great set.  Just thought you should
           \_ I think he means "liberal" in the political meaning.  That
              started out as "more willing to spend money" and has lately
              come to mean very little.  Contrast "conservative" that
              started out as "less willing to spend money" but now means
              something like "Jingoism".  I can't get to Zach's anymore
              but the Mountain View Hobbee's has a couple lookers.
           \_ Then go ask her out.
              \_ Just because shes got doesnt mean need to ask her out.
                 Anyways I've felt what she's got and not OP.
2002/3/31 [Uncategorized] UID:24275 Activity:nil
3/31    are there any movies out now that are decent?  ive already been warned
        about time machine, and already seen lotr.
        \_ Blade2 for standard matinee quality vampire slaying.
2002/3/31-4/1 [Computer/Theory] UID:24276 Activity:very high
04/730  I forgot my calculus, please help me out. does the line integral of
        a function f(x,y) compute the length of the function on top of that
        line, or the area of the function above that line? (e.g. does the
        line integral of a hemisphere calculate the length of the arc above
        the line, or the area of the half-circle above the line?)
        \_ i predict that you will be much more satisfied with the responses
           to your question of you tell us *exactly* what the problem is.
                \_ I did already, look in the parens.
                   \_ the "line integral of a hemisphere" makes no sense.
                      one takes the line integral of a *function* along a
                        \_ a hemisphere is a function.
                           \_ a hemisphere is not a path. a half-circle
                              is perhaps what you're thinking of?
                   \_ You want a surface integral if you're integrating over a
        \_ asking these type of questions on a sysadm infested forum will
           get you nowhere
           \_ i am not a sysadmin, and i have a math degree. it's justa
              badly phrased question.
              \_ ditto.
                 The MOTD: Not Just For Taos Monkeys Any More (tm)
                 \_ Isn't Taos dead?
                    \_ Taos Never Ended
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