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2002/3/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:24225 Activity:moderate
3/25    Don't put untested weird stuff in your body.
        \_ what about Ginko and Ginsana?
        \_ What about Longitude Capsules (
2002/3/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:24226 Activity:high
3/25    Time Machine: Pretty decent movie, except what was the answer he
        was looking for?  when he's in the cage with that weird dude who
        said "now you got the answer, you can leave now...."; Why did the
        weird looking "mastermind" guy let him go?
        \_ what drugs are you on?  time machine is one of the worst,
           incoherent big budget movies i've ever seen.  ok
           the hologram memory guy was pretty cool. - danh
           most incoherent big budget movies i've ever seen.  i was that
           guy behind you laughing when his fiancee died a 2nd time.
           ok the hologram memory guy was pretty cool. - danh
           \_ I agree. The actual time-traveling & hologram were cool, but
              the plot was weak. Is the movie anything like the book?
              \_ Ths book was weak. Original at its time, but still weak.
2002/3/26-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:24227 Activity:moderate
3/25    Does using the s-video and RCA jacks (for audio) to connect
        a DVD player to my tv make a big difference over using the low-
        quality connector that comes with the DVD player?
        \_ There is a visible difference between connectors, but unless
           yer really picky you probably won't notice. If you have the
           connectors, get the cable and you'll just know you're viewing
           the best of what your equipment can do. S-Video and Component
           seperate the color channels. RCA video and Coax combine them
           into one signal, so there is blurring.
        \_ there are several possible video inputs on a TV:
        \_ what low-quality connector are you referring?  Using TV audio
           ruins the movie.  To fully take advantage of DVD capabilities,
           you should setup a 5.1 audio system.  As for video, s-video
           is sufficient.  Your eyes won't be able to tell the difference
           unless you put the TVs side by side.
           \_ I think the original poster meant "low-quality cable".
        \_ there are several possible VIDEO inputs on a TV:
                S-Video, Composite video (three rca type of cables),
                a single RCA video cable and RF/Cable TV.  Composite video
                is best, then S-Video, then a single RCA video cable.
                \_ WRONG! Quality, lowest to highest:
                      rca cables JUST FOR THE VIDEO)
                        Coax cable (standard cable)
                        RCA cables (yellow, red, white)
                        Component video.
                   The above poster said composite instead of component.
                   Composite is worst, component best.
                   \_ I worded Composite wrong.  I meant component (three
                      rca style cables JUST FOR THE VIDEO)
2002/3/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:24228 Activity:high
3/25    silly letter about closing tower elevator purged.  so what?  campus
        does closures and repairs all the time.  everything is old.
        \_ get a clue.  closing the Campanile is a lot different than
           closing Stanley Hall.  -tom
           \_ Being closed for a few months over summer and reopening in fall
              is nothing.  I'd think working for UC you'd understand what the
              "Long Term" in the Long Term Plan is all about.  I'm surprised
              someone at UC managed to make a quick decision and get it
              approved before the 100th time people got stuck in that death
              trap.  I've got clue, patience, and understanding of the
              situation.  It's no big deal and was done thoughtfully.
                \_ what is the point of the above comment?  are you
                   insulting tom or cheering him on?  make up your fucking
                   \_ Neither.  Why must everything be either an insult or
                      cheer leading?  I suggest you adopt a newer, more
                      flexible world view.  Your simplistic black and white
                      perspective has proven insufficient.
                \_ no one suggested otherwise.  It's still news.  -tom
                   \_ Yes, but it's not news worthy of 3 pages on the motd.
        \_ I spent my Berkeley years without ever getting on top of the
           Campanile.  I never visited Alcatraz either.  Is that abnormal?
                \_ no.  you're obviously Asian!
                        \_ How did you draw that conclusion?  Is it based
                           on some behavioral characteristic typical of
                        \_ I never had any interest in either and did neither
                           during my time at Cal.  How droll.  Very lame and
                           touristy.  Yay, I took the vator to the top of a
                           short tower and could almost see the smog over
                           Oakland.  Whatever.  -white boy
2002/3/26-27 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:24229 Activity:kinda low
3/26    What plate(s) is(are) under Afghanistan that cause quakes like this?
        \_ Allah is striking down Afghanistan for consorting with the Infidel.
           \_ Allah is striking down the Taliban and killing its remaining
              supports for distoring his message.
        \_ The Indian plate meets the Eurasian plate right there. Earthquakes
               \_ Indo-Australian plate
           in that region are extremely common, with a 6.9 occuring in 1998.
2002/3/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:24230 Activity:high
3/26    What would Disney say to this?  It was my favorite childhood movie.
        Now I'll need to get out my Tron DVD instead....
        \_ You're referring to the article "Rethinking black holes"?  What
           does that have to do with movies?
        \_ You're referring to the article "Rethinking black holes"?  What does
           \_ Don't you remember that Disney movie from the early 80's about
              a black hole. There was this ship that fell into a black hole
              and there was this lovable robot on the ship, and just when you
              thought the big evil blackhole (great uncle thrice removed of
              the big evil asteroid that Bruce Willis destroyed in Armageddon)
              was going to kill the heros, they escape into another universe
              via the white hole connected to the black hole at its center
              and everyone lives happily ever after in the alternative
              universe which is filled with hope and joy (rather than mean
              old impersonal space-time).
           that have to do with movies?
           \_ It's just not the same anymore.
2002/3/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24231 Activity:high
3/26    I am tired of my motd entires get overwritten, why won't people
        use motdedit already?
        \_ If y'all just stopped using emacs and pico, we'd be fine...
        \_ Cause idiots lock the motd for hours at a time (like right now).
        \_ what's the point anywayz, the liberal scum here will just delete
        anything that is common sense and hide the truth.
           \_ Don't you mean the Republican scum here pulling crap out of
              their ass?
              \_ No.  Conservatives are open for debate on any topic.  We
           Is there a FAQ on the motd file lock written somewhere? The motd FAQ
           is more of a conduct guide. Or is it just whoever comes up with
           "fstat /etc/motd.public" at a given moment? (aspolito as of a minute
           or so ago)
                 believe that what we believe is based on substance and thus
                 can be defended in a debate setting.  We also believe that
                 most of what leftists believe is based on feelings and other
                 sources of non-substance and therefore undefendable.  We have
                 no fear of debate or reason to censor.  Thank you for adding
                 your small bit of wit to the motd.  As an aside, it appears
                 to me that the first "anywayz, the liberal scum" post was
                 posted by a leftist scum trolling for attention,
                 rather than a conservative who had no cause to write such
                 a thing.  Have a nice day.  --motd conservative
                 \_ Yeah, all those Right Wing religious people have belief
                    systems based on reason and substance. Do you really
           Is there a FAQ on the motd file lock written somewhere? The motd
           FAQ is more of a conduct guide. Or is it just whoever comes up
           with "fstat /etc/motd.public" at a given moment? (aspolito as of
           a minute or so ago) [ reformatted - motdformatd ]
                    believe this?
           \_ Hi, TJB! -chialea
        \_ I've been poking around trying to grok the file lock.
           Is there a FAQ on the motd file lock written somewhere? The motd FAQ
           is more of a conduct guide. Or is it just whoever comes up with
           "fstat /etc/motd.public" at a given moment? (aspolito as of a minute
           or so ago)
           \_ are you sure?  anthony is still asleep next to me.
              \_ Check 'er out yerself.
                 \_ that's not a lock.  that's a handle to the file.
2002/3/26 [Computer, Consumer/TV] UID:24232 Activity:nil
3/26    How many computer science students have time to watch TV or have
        a TV in their room/apt?
        \_ All of them.  Everyone has time for anything they want but there's
           only so much time in a day.  Life has trade offs.  Whatever.
2002/3/26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:24233 Activity:moderate
3/26    What does "kimochi" or "kimuchi" in Japanese mean?  Thx.
        \_ it means the overall chi, or PMS, depending on who you are.
        \_ I think it means a kind of pickle.
        \_ I think it is the japanese spelling/pronunciation of korean
           "kimchi" which are a kind of pickled cabbage/radish
        \_ Wow. I think you're all joking but sometimes I'm not sure...
           Anyway, "kimochi" means feelings, usu. meaning emotion. -- ulysses
           \_ The female characters in Japanese adult videos say this phrase a
              lot, and that's why I was wondering what it means.
        \_ "kimochii" means "comfortable" or "feels good" depending on
                   the intensity of the utterance.  --erikred
            \_ "kimochi" = feelings, "ii" = good. "kimochi ii" = feels good
             \_ I was going to make a remark about pornime, but I guess
                it's been done for me. -geordan
2002/3/26-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24234 Activity:kinda low
3/26    "'Corpse' Turns Out to Be Sex Doll"
        Your neighbor is watching!
        \_ this is funny shit that people should post more on motd
        \_ Wonder if it was a Real Doll(tm)?  I'll bet the cops had a fun time
           telling everyone at the station about how their murder investigation
           ended with some silicon sex doll freak getting off in his apartment
           reading slashdot with his new "girlfriend".
        \_ It was a policeWOMAN...must have been embarassing for her.
2002/3/26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24235 Activity:nil
3/26    Is WinXP more stable than Win98?
        \_ That depends on the meaning of "stable". - Bill G
2002/3/26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:24236 Activity:very high
3/26    I was opposed to sending European "observers" to Israel until I saw
        this.  I've done a 180.  We need to send *lots* of Europeans there.
        \_ They will need guns. Lots of guns.
        \_ So you like seeing unarmed peace keepers killed, is that what
           you are saying?
           \_ 1) you can't keep the peace (peace keepers, yes?) if you're not
              armed or otherwise able to enforce 'peace' through some means.
              They are not 'peacekeepers', they are 'observers'. 2) no, I like
              seeing know-nothing meddlers get what they deserve.  Don't stick
              your hand in boiling water if you don't want to get burned. It's
              generally a Good Thing(tm) when noisy powerless Europeans get
              re-taught the ancient lessons life has to teach.
              \_ I'm hoping that Isreal will be forced to prove it is a
                 nuclear power so we can get the whole Armageddon cult mass
                 death thing going.
                 \_ If they weren't 1973 wouldn't have been the last time the
                    Arabs invaded.
                    \_ Yeah, but Sharon is nuts enough to use them on Iraq
                       or Iran. Plus I just bought some new Nikes!
                 \_ I was hoping the Pakistani and Indian governments would go
                    for it so we'd have a modern example of why nuclear
                    weapons are bad and there'd be political will to finally
                    get rid of them globally in a real way.  Unfortunately I
                    think this would also lead to even louder and larger
                    anti-nuclear energy protests which will make meeting our
                    long term planetary energy needs more difficult in the
                    coming years.  --still hoping for cold fusion
              \_ You are a pampered suburban CS student who knows nothing
                 about "ancient lessons life has to teach." Leave life to
                 those with the courage and conviction to actually lead it
                 and take your hollow nihilism back to Quake III, where
                 it belongs.
                 \_ Well, no, actually, you're wrong.  How's that for a stupid
                    response to your stupid statement?  Now we're even.
2002/3/26 [Uncategorized] UID:24237 Activity:nil
3/26    Reparations for everyone!  Once a precedent gets set, my peoples are
        going to be rolling in dough!  Woo hoo!  Free bucks just for being me!
2002/3/26 [Uncategorized] UID:24238 Activity:nil
3/26    restored as usual.  dunno why you bother zeroing it.  we've been
        through this so many times before and it always comes back.
2022/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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