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2002/3/25-26 [Health/Men] UID:24218 Activity:insanely high
3/24    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.
        \_ where do you live?  i have a ton of cat shit to give you.
           \_ Under your pillow.
        \_ It may also be the last day.
           \_ What do you mean "may?" Bwahahaha! (Brought to you by Evil
              Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow. "Fools! Who's laughing NOW?")
              \_ I've got a 10 for the Girlie Mags to take over the Evil
                 Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow with the help of the Men in
                 Black, and the Orbital Mind Control Lasers.
                 \_ don't forget the reverse vampires! -crebbs
        \_ How insanely depressing. -geordan
           \_ Depends on one's world view and look on life.
               \_You have a unique sense of the obvious. -crebbs
                 \_ I posted it as a positive, not a negative statement.  I
                    was a bit surprised to see someone take it the exact
                    opposite of how I intended it.  --OP
                    \_ You haven't been around much, have you?  (either
                        that or you are a girl. - not that there is any
                        thing wrong with that; some of my best friends
                        are girls).
                        \_ I can be a girl for you today but I don't come

                           cheap.  How much do you make and how much is for
                           \_ You are not a girl. You can never be a girl
                              since girls never ask how much is for them.
                              They know, its all for them, 100%! 50% is
                              guarenteed to them because of CP and the
                              other 50% is thiers for the taking. After
                              all, every feminazi lesbian man hating divorce
                              court judge knows that all men are filthy
                              evil scum sucking rapists who just like to
            \_ That's an AWESOME quote! LOL!        -mice
        \_ Let's make the rest of your life happy and fulfilling!
                              plunder, pillage and rape and there is no
                              reason for them to be walking the streets
                              let alone earn a decent living. Girls, just
                              say no!
                              \_ CP doesn't work that way.  Also are you the
                                 Bitter Divorced Guy?
                                 \_ He could qualify for an Evil Genius for
                                    a Better Tomorrow "disturbed" status
                                    membership. "I'll show you! I'll show
                                    you ALL!"
                    \_ Just a view from a realist. -geordan
                       \_ An optimist proudly claims that we live in the
                          best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist
                          fears he may be right.
                       \_ Sorry.  Didn't intend to rain on anyone's day.  --OP
                          \_ I know.  That's my job. -geordan
                          \_ Pardon me for breathing which i never do anyway
                             so i don't know why i even bother to say it oh
                             GOD i'm SO DEPRESSED [this is formatted this way
                             for effect.  Fuck off.]
                             [ reformatted for effect - motdformatd ]
                 \_ To whom it may concern:  You are a very special person.
        \_ "You start life screaming and covered in blood. If you play
            your cards right, that kind of thing doesn't have to stop there."
            \_ That's an AWESOME quote! LOL!        -rice
2002/3/25-26 [Science/Physics] UID:24219 Activity:moderate
        \_ Shrek was a highly inferior film.  Dreamworks is a highly inferior
           group.  The Oscars are highly inferior as well, but I won't go into
           any of these as my head aches too much already.
           \_ Compared to Monsters Inc. and (gasp) Jimmy Neutron?
              \_ Yes.  Especially compared to Monsters, Inc.
              \_ Indeed.  Monster's Inc. was immensely superior.
        \_ ??? Power and Data Interface??
           \_ i think they mean PDI-Dreamworks
        \_ Maybe next year, John.
2002/3/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:24220 Activity:low
3/25    Blade 2: decent for a matinee, not as good as the first, too many
        fight scenes were too close to see anything so they were just a blur.
        \_ Plus it suffers from "stupid enemy" syndrome. You know, the one
           which causes hundreds of guards to attack a single enemy one at
           a time. Or poor use/choice of weapons. Or just too much gloating.
           \_ yeah all that too.  --OP
2002/3/25-26 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:24221 Activity:very high
3/25    I've recently become vegetarian.  I'm wondering after 20+ years of
        eating meat, how long does it take for my body to clean out the
        meat-related toxins?  I've heard that our bowels often have
        undigested meat stuck in there.   Thanks.
        \_ meat?  Forget about that.  What about your marble?
           Pitchford.  I won't even begin to address the bunk below
           except to say that one of the many reasons that eating
           commercial slaughter is worse than eating even sprayed
           vegetables is that oil-based pesticides (and so many other
           toxins) bioaccumulate in the fat of the animal.
        \_ your gains as a veggie comes from less saturated fat and
           colesterol.  But you may just be trading for different toxins.
        \_ I've read that it takes anywhere from 2 to 10 days.
           \_ How about all of the gum I swallowed as a kid? Is that
              there too?
                \_ You need enemas.  Lots of enemas.  Mine more enemas.
        \_ So instead of meat toxins you're going to ingest all the chemicals
           that get sprayed on plants?  Good plan.  So what do you plan to
           replace all that protein with?
           \_ Do you think that they even wash animal feed to get the
              pesticides off?  Eating less meat reduces your exposure to
              chemicals.  -- not a veggie
              \_ Of course not, the bugs would crawl back in if they did that.
           \_ Organically grown plants don't get sprayed with chemcials.
              There are many grains/beans that have much higher protein
              content than meat.
              \_ That's not quite correct. Grains/beans are often incomplete
                 complete proteins, you have to learn how to mix and match
                 them so that you can get all the essential amino acids.
                 \_ Its not very hard to get the right mix.
                 \_ although some of the best grains (e.g., Quinoa, which
                    has more calcium than milk and more protein than
                    meat, and is very balnanced -- are NOT EVEN GRAINS!
                    they just look, taste and act like grains.  WOAH.
              \_ So I guess you're getting it from the bugs like the below
                 person says.  Whatever floats yer boat.  I'm guessing that
                 peanut butter will become a bigger part of your diet.  You'll
                 note peanut butter is heart clogging and will make you fat.
                 So are you going all the way and not eating honey either
                 because they 'abuse and exploit the bees by stealing their
                 honey and smoking their nests to steal it"?
                 \_ I'm not the original poster. I've been a vegetarian all
                    my life. I don't eat much peanut butter or honey (maybe
                    one or twice a year at most), mostly because it is too
                    sweet for my taste and not because of the "poor bees").
                    Grains and beans are a sufficient source of protein and
                    are not as fattening as meats.
                    BTW, I wash my food to clean off insects and dirt before
                    cooking. Perhaps this is a novel concept for you, oh
                    great hunter of wild beasts who eats the flesh of his
                    killing uncooked and uncleaned.
                    \_ So you don't care about the bees?  That's really
                       heartless and cruel.  Why do you wash off the bugs and
                       dirt?  They add flavor and important nutrients.  You
                       state you've been a vegetarian all your life as if that
                       grants you some sort of special dietary knowledge.  Ok,
                       I've been an omnivore all my life.  Does that grant me
                       special knowledge, too?  And what does any of this have
                       to do with "... oh great hunter of wild beasts who eats
                       the flesh of his killing uncooked and uncleaned"?  Nice
                       attempt at e190 quality poetry but it has nothing to do
                       with anything.  I suggest you stick with what you know,
                       beans and peanut butter.
                       \_ Vegetarians live longer healthier lives. Many
                          studies have shown this. Sorry to pop your holier
                          than thou bubble.
                          \_ And they get sand kicked in their face for
                             those extra 2-3 years.  Quality of life, man.
                             Nothing beats good lamb.
                             \_ well it's true they may have used a hatchet
                             \_ White veal, yum!
                          \_ True or not this is not a reply to anything I
                             said.  Why would you bother replying to me with
                             this statement?  You could have at least attempted
                             to reply to something I said.
                             \_ You said "what you are going to replace
                                all the protein with" and "you are going
                                to eat all those pesticides" as if being
                                a vegetarian was bad for your health. It
                                is not.
                                \_ Yes, and?
           \_ From the insects on the plants, of course.
        \_ A good first book would be Healing with Whole Foods by Paul
           Pitchford.  It's not a simple question to answer.  The
           main thing is to learn about proper nutrition and stick with it!
        \_ wallgrep -4 guardian (today.  -5 tomorrow.)
        \_ Good for you.
        \_ unless you were a carnivorous plant before, you will always
           contain meat-related toxins.  your body makes them.
        \_ I heard your bowels contain as much as 5 lbs of undigested raw meat
           which, in time, will rot and grow maggots and oh my!
          \_ OK, I'll bite - where around here can you do this?
             \_ lol
             \_ I'm sure you can find someone in SF willing to help.
             \_ i read about them first at: giant robot (ISSUE #22...
                "Haruki Murakami, Cambodia, Cambodian Shop Signs,
                Getting a colonic, and more.  $6.00")  i dont remember
                the details, but i think the guy was in l.a. and the
                people who gave him the colonic were korean, so you
                could probably find a place in the bay area.
2002/3/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:24222 Activity:moderate
3/25    Has anyone heard about the CBDTPA?
        It will be a disaster if this thing gets passed.
        \_ No one has ever heard of this or the SSSCA before.
           \_ dude! i just found the greatest web site! you should
              check it out:
              \_ cool thanks!  its looks really low end and new are they
                 working on improving it at all?  it might stand a chance!
                 "community" $ell$!!
2002/3/25 [Uncategorized] UID:24223 Activity:nil
3/25    Fuck you all.  You're all a bunch of bastards.
2002/3/25 [Uncategorized] UID:24224 Activity:nil
3/25    Gwyneth Palthrow and those potatoes.  Oh my lord.
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