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2002/3/24 [Uncategorized] UID:24213 Activity:nil
3/23    [ restored - motdrestored ]
2002/3/24 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:24214 Activity:nil
3/23    Local black teenagers attack exclusively white, asian, and indian
        college students. NPR and the local community rally around the
        perpatrators, including a bake sale for their defense. Gotta love NPR.
        \_ your ignorance is adorable.
           \_ Your bigotry is less adorable.
2002/3/24-25 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:24215 Activity:very high
3/23    Real-time ACM World Finals scoreboard:
        Problem set:
        \_ has cal ever won the finals?
           \_ Yes.
                \_ did they win because stanford was not competing
                   or is that wrong to say?
                   \_ I think that was the year everyone else withdrew.
                      \_ woohoo!  the two sweetest words in the english
                         language!  de-fault!  de-fault!
        \_ GO BEARS!  Honorable mention right in between U. of Arkansas and U.
           of Nebraska - Lincoln!  Maybe next time Cal can beat U. of Central
           Florida for the coveted position of 27th place!  Way to go!
           \_ derision is easy.  How well have *you* done in ACM
              competitions?  -tom
              \_ Missing point (again).  Was I deriding individual team
                 members?  No.  I was deriding CS education at Cal in general.
                 You knew that though... I hope.  You're not still smarting
                 over that AIDS thread and feeling soft for all victims of
                 derision, are you?  It's ok, we still like you even when
                 you're provably wrong.
                 you're provably wrong.  [censored and restored]
                 \_ the only reason tom would be missing a point is that
                    your responses are so damned pointless. -jon
2002/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24216 Activity:high
        (Its not what you think)
        \_ Oh, no. It's exactly what I thought! ;p
        \_ This guy panhandles and he shops for a Porsche?
2002/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:24217 Activity:high
3/23    Could anybody tell me what the answer to the cartoon in Thursday's
        Jumble was?  SJ Mercury printed the wrong page on Friday, and their
        correction on Saturday cut off the answer.
        \_ Is the answer in the online edition, maybe in an archive?  I read
           the SF Comical on BART so I don't have it, sorry.
           \_ no, the Mercury doesn't have it in their web site, and
              doesn't have the daily puzzles.
        \_ WORTH MUCH
           \_ that's what I thought, but I don't get the joke.
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