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2002/3/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:24184 Activity:high
3/21    Hi, I'm looking for good vegetarian restaurants in the south bay.
        I prefer restaurants that don't offer fake meat items.  Those are
        pretty nasty.  Thanks.
        \_ --elizp
        \_ Zagats?  Use the web.  It's faster than waiting.
        \_ If you like Indian food, try Udupi on El Camnio, they are
           100% veg. Udupi also has a Fremont branch. Fresh Choice
           also has mostly veg. items.
           \- post to or google for --psb
        \_ good vegetarian?  No such thing.  If it didn't once walk, swim or
           fly it doesn't count as food.  At best it's plate filler.
        \_ on a side note, burger king is supposed to have veggie burgers now.
           \_ The veggie burgers grilled on the same grill as the meat
              burgers which defeats the whole point.
        \_ I hear McDonald's fries are veggie now.
           \_ do most vegetarians care strongly whether a particular food
                is cooked in pork lard or not?  And is there a subcategory
                of vegetarians who don't mind taking beef broth.
2002/3/22-23 [Computer/SW] UID:24185 Activity:nil
3/21    Best place for tools: Lee Valley Tools - -- larson
2002/3/22-23 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:24186 Activity:low
3/21    In plain DOS, is there a way to programmatically stuff a key sequence
        into the keyboard buffer as if the user presses those keys, so that the
        next program that reads keyboard input will receive those keys?  Any
        references will be helpful.  Thanks.
        \_ Try      -- misha.
        \_ Learn VB! There's a sendkey() function.
2002/3/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:24187 Activity:nil
3/21    Updates to ~scotsman/bin/patch_{dl,in}.  If you have to deal with
        Solaris patches, these may help make life less obnoxious.
2002/3/22 [Recreation/Sports] UID:24188 Activity:nil
3/21    Jamal Sampson going to the NBA.
        \_ Is anyone going to draft him?
           \_ yes, because he's young and athletic and has yet to prove
              that he completely sucks, he'll probably be a first-round pick
2002/3/22-24 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:24189 Activity:insanely high
3/21    Peter Duesberg's HIV/AIDS research web site, he's a
        MCB Professor here at Berkeley who isolated the
        first cancer gene.
        \_ it's interesting that drug needle sharing is cited by orthodox
           groups as being a major cause of hiv infection. this indicates to
           me that a lot of aids patients had a history of drug abuse, if
           past needle sharing shows up significantly as a cause. how many
           regular folks shoot up on heroin or hang out with those who do?
           i'll give this guy the benefit of the doubt enough to support
           funding the guy's research.
        \_ Took a class from him years ago before his ideas and reputation got
           stomped on by the politcally correct science crowd.  He was good.
           \_ are you for real?  what class did you take?  where did you
              see him speak?  Duesberg also thinks cancer is a myth. ok i
              admit i am over simplifying.  his partner in kookdom David
              Rasnick announced in January he was going to inject himself
              with the AIDS virus to prove it doesn't hurt, did he follow up
              on that? - danh
              \_ Hmm, these people seem to disagree with you.  Check
                 the list then ask yourself who is more credible.
                 Oh, and BTW, the Nobel Laureate
                 Kary Mullis who invented
                 PCR also seems to disagree with you.. but alas,
                 I'm SURE you know better!
                 \_ Just because a huge list of PhD's, Nobel Laureates and
                    others not easily written off as crackpots think there
                    might be something worth looking into doesn't mean jack.
                    tom already told us the way it is.  Why question it?
                        \_ gee, anonymous insults.  How useful.  -tom
              \_ Yes. It was around 1992.  Something like MCB 6 or something
                 like that.  A lecture series course which he co-taught with
                 someone else who left no impression on me at all.  I don't
                 know if the other guy injected himself or what happened to
                 any of the others in France, etc who injected themselves with
                 various things.
           \_ you mean his idea that AIDS isn't caused by the HIV virus?
              The guy's a crackpot, and it has nothing to do with
              political correctness.  (He's a good example of how you
              can always find a professor to support any crackpot theory) -tom
              \_ Hmm, I was there and heard what he had to say all semester and
                 you read the Reader's Digest, maybe?  Yes, your sources are
                 much better than mine.  Excuse my error.  You're entirely
                 \_ A man came up to me and said
                    I'd like to poison your mind
                    With wrong ideas that appeal to you
                    Though I am not unkind.  -tom
                    \_ Nice poetry.  Reader's Digest Poetry Edition?
                    \_ Nice TMBG ref.
              \_ The home page says he's only referring to American/European
                 AIDS regarding that issue, not African AIDS.  I haven't read
                 the rest yet so I don't know yet what the difference is.
                 \_ "The African AIDS epidemic fails all criteria of a
                    microbial or viral epidemic"
                    Oh and by the way, the Holocaust was invented by the
                    Jewish media.  -tom
                    \_ Sorry, Tom, but tossing around the Holocaust and the
                       Jewish media and other hot button phrases doesn't make
                       a valid argument or support your points in any way.
                       \_ And your argument is...what?  -tom
                          \_ That some people know more about what he has to
                             say than you do and find his work interesting
                             and his theories worth examining without instant
                             dismissal from the PC crowd which is exactly what
                             happened.  20 years later and no one can tell you
                             how HIV turns into AIDS.  They only refer to it
                             as 'happening' as a matter of fact.  He might be
                             100% wrong on everything he says but that can't
                             be said currently without more intellectual
                             honesty regarding his theories.
                             \_ Do you really see molecular biologists as a PC
                                crowd?  Maybe his theories were dismissed
                                because they have no basis in reality.  -tom
                                \_ They're people.  People have agendas.
                                   A science degree doesn't make someone
                                   magically immune to bias and certainly
                                   doesn't make them suddenly not afraid of
                                   losing grant money by backing a theory
                                   that offends a certain segment of
                                   society.  Maybe his theories have no
                                   basis in reality.  It hasn't been proven
                                   either way.  He was simply smeared away.
                                   Wouldn't it be dreadful if he's right or
                                   even partially right and we've lost 15+
                                   years fighting the wrong disease?
                                   \_ ...or poisoning people by trying to
                                      cure it?
                                      \_ exactly. What if the current
                                         approach is akin to leaches?
                                        \_ The current approach demonstrably
                                           saves people's lives.  If you don't
                                           believe that, there's no hope for
                                           you.  -tom
                                           \_ If you believe that without
                                              considering all scientific
                                              alternative explanations then
                                              there's no hope for you.
                                           \_ Did you even read the articles
                                              on the site? His papers indicate
                                              the opposite.
                                              \_ tom doesn't need to read.  he
                                                 already knows everything. dont
                                                 let mere facts get in his way!
                                                 \_ Tom has confused the
                                                    practice of some scholars
                                                    to weigh in on subjectd
                                                    to weigh in on subjects
                                                    the dont have expertise in
                                                    [something tom himself has
                                                    expertise in] with a
                                                    scholar weighing in on
                                                    something in his area.
                                                    \_ gee, more anonymous
                                                       insults.  You guys
                                                       are incredibly manly
                                                       and intelligent. -tom
                                                       \_ Either that or
                                                          you are too
                                                          insecure to admit
                                                          when you are
                                                        \_ tell us about the
                                                           stars, ilyas. -tom
                                                           \_ You sure that
                                                              was me, tom?  As
                                                              sure as you are
                                                              about AIDS?
                                                               -- ilyas
                                                               \_ now *that's*
                                                                  a flame-war!
2002/3/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:24190 Activity:low
3/21    Why are children's voices so irritating?  Why do parents bring them
        out in public before age 18?
        \_ why are adults such jerks?
           \_ Maybe being surrounded by other people's screaming brats that
              the rude so-called parents refuse to control or even acknowledge
              need any sort of control stresses them out?
              \_ uhm, again, why are adults such jerks?  It's the parents'
                 fault for not raising their children better.
                 \_ Because they're blind to their own spawn's wickedness.
        \_ My kid/teenage cousins are irritating, but I've seen well-
           behaved kids and teenages in public.  I think it's just a matter of
           discipline from parents.
2002/3/22-24 [Industry/Jobs] UID:24191 Activity:moderate
3/21    I'm looking for a job.  See
        \_ did you ever get a private pilot's certificate?
           \_ Nope. Once I didn't work a mile from the airport
              anymore, it got a lot less convenient. --dpassage
                \_ that was a test. You're a quitter, and we don't want to
                   hire you.
        \_ I turned down a job at securant.  How was it there?
           \_ There were some really great people at Securant,
              and some turkeys.  It really helped my career but
              if I'd asked better questions during the interview
              process, I might have turned them down too. --dpassage
        \_ What do you want to do?  Based on your resume, I would say
           sysadmin/networking admin is a direct fit.
              \_ They took almost 3 weeks to go from "We want to hire you"
                 to "here's your offer letter".  A good friend worked in HR
                 there and told me the delay was due to the uh less than
                 professional level of conduct (being nice) of two people
                 who sat on the paperwork for so long HR had to start redoing
                 paperwork because one of the geniuses lost theirs.  They
                 eventually did make a decent offer but I wasn't going to wait
                 around for them to get it together.  I signed with someone
                 else for more money 2 days before they got me a written
                 offer.  And now they're gone.
        \_ font of the last line is different... looks "unprofessional"
2002/3/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:24192 Activity:very high
3/22     i really really like uni-ball vision pends, but i seem to use them up
         fast, and no meter how mny i buy at a time, i seem to end up running
         out when i really need one.  has anyone figured out how to refil them?
         or, can someone recomend a refilable pen that gives equally good
         \_ I recently got a refillable roller ball pen from Lamy.  It was
            about $20, and writes a lot like the vision ones.  I like it.
            I got it at Amsterdam Art, but you ought to be able to find
            them in other places too.
            \_ thanks! that looks like a great company for pen nerds like
               me! i had never heard of them.  it kind of looks like the
               pens are refilled by buying another throwaway proprietary
               part, not by just putting some ink from a bottle in.
                so here's another pen nerd question: is there anywhere in
                the US that sells those pens they hvae in china that are
                fountain pens with a pumpable plastic part that sucks ink
                up into the pen so you can easily refill it?  thanks.
                \_ i have a mont blanc that is filled exactly how you
                   describe, and they aren't too hard to find
2002/3/22-23 [Reference/Tax] UID:24193 Activity:very high
3/22    I got this advice from a friend - is he on crack?  I always thought
        roth iras were Always A Good Thing To Do (tm):
        Subject: Roth IRA v Trad IRA
          You can contribute up to 3k in either of these for retirement
          A Roth does not provide any tax advantages (initially). The funds
        are deducted "after tax" the benefit is down the road the returns
        the funds generate are tax free.
          A traditional IRA provides a significant initial tax advantage.
        The funds are deducted "pre tax" and thus reduce your current tax
        payments, and in most cases give you a very nice tax rebate.
          The reason why the ROTH was created was for 40-60 yr olds who
        already make plenty of money and aren't running into liquidity
        constraints and because congress wanted more money being taxed
          The way I see it is simple- If you have very low purchasing power
        and debt and are young go with a traditional regardless of what
        any tax advuisor or anyone says.
        If you make bank with no debt go with ROTH
          Also of note is that a traditional has some benefits if you
        choose to go back to school at some later point in time (
        actually these benefits are huge if done properly )
        \_ Note that down the road the funds have grown.  Significantly.
           The long-term tax advantages are HUGE.  So you pay a piddlingly
           small amount of tax now for a massive tax-savings in the future.
          A traditional IRA provides a significant initial tax advantage.
        The funds are deducted "pre tax" and thus reduce your current tax
        payments, and in most cases give you a very nice tax rebate.
          The reason why the ROTH was created was for 40-60 yr olds who
        already make plenty of money and aren't running into liquidity
        constraints and because congress wanted more money being taxed
          The way I see it is simple- If you have very low purchasing power
        and debt and are young go with a traditional regardless of what
        any tax advuisor or anyone says.
        If you make bank with no debt go with ROTH
          Also of note is that a traditional has some benefits if you
        choose to go back to school at some later point in time (
        actually these benefits are huge if done properly )
        \_ I would think "if you can, do both."  Saving, good.  Having to
           eat gravel so you can pay hospital bills, bad.
           \_ You can do both but the annual max conbribution applies
              to the combination of ALL IRA types.  So if you have both
              Roth and tranditional IRA account, the max is still $3000
              for tax year 2002.  For op, your friend's advice makes sense
              if your tax bracket is very high now and you know when
              you retire, it is going to be really low.
              \_ just so you know, that was kinney's advice.  (hence the
                 formatting) - see he sorta makes sense on occasion.
        \_ My understanding is that the gains on Roth IRA is all yours
           while those on the Traditional IRA will be taxed.  Is that true?
           Of course for traditional, you start up with a higher base,
           since you will have the additional money you would have paid
           out as taxes if you go the Roth route.  This "additional" money
           would unfortunately be outside of any IRAs.  Of course you can
           put them in your 401k unless you maxed that one out also.
           In short, if you maxed out everything, Roth essentially let
           you tax shelter a little more money since $3000 in Roth is
           worth more than $3000 in Traditional.
           \_ Isn't there a limit on how much you can be making and still put
              $3000 in a ROTH?
        \_ WSJ's Smartmoney magazine advice on where to put your money for
           most people:
                1. Max out 401k portion with company match.
                2. Max out Roth IRA.
                3. Max out unmatched portion of 401k
                4. Other stuff.
2002/3/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:24194 Activity:moderate
3/22    Bid on DVDs and help make aaron less poor.
        \_ so you're keeping your asian porn collection?
2002/3/22-23 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:24195 Activity:insanely high
3/22    People born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s had:
        madonna, michael jackson, star wars, top gun, aids, etc.
                                                      \_ I didn't have AIDS
                                                         \_ Very few people
                                                            have it. Fewer
                                                            contract it.
                                                            (read urls below)
                                                            \_ Winner:
                                                               Unclear on
                                                               the Concept
                \_ Those things existed, but so what?  They were painful then
                   and painful now and all of them are still here so what's
                   the difference?  (Tom Cruise is still here even if his
                   earlier movies are forgotten)
                \_ Technically star wars is from the 70's. Or did you mean
                   Empire and ROTJ.
        How about the people born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s?  What
        is your equivalent?  I'm wondering if there's a generation gap with
        you young folks.
        \_ fuck your pop culture.  i was born in '76 and grew up in the 80's
           and know nothing for your pansy ass micheal jackson crap.
           DRI, Metallica, Iron maiden, motorhead, minor threat, black flag,
           repo man, thrasher magazine, skateboarding, setting stuff on
           fire, hating ronald reagan, being an anarchist, programming
           the apple ][e in assembler...
           \_ So Reagan was in office from 81 to 88 which makes you all of
              about 12 when he *left* office.  And you were all of about 14
              when the 80s ended.  So you were a Reagan hating anarchist
              listening to Iron Maiden all through the 80s from age 4 to 14?
              Sure, kid, sure.  We all know the 90s sucked but trying to worm
              your way into the 80s with bad math won't help you any.
        \_ They get nothing.  They are weak and easily pushed to the wall.
        \_ Ewe! You are so 80s!
           \_ How dare you call them a sheep.
        \_ you mean there are people born in the 80s?  How weird is that?
        \_ VH1, Win95, High Speed Internet, AIM, PlayStation
             \_ You really want to lay claim to vh1, win95 and AIM?
                \_ I'm just saying these are things that kids growing
                   up in the 90's had. I'm not saying that they are
                   good. Some other things that 90s kids had:
                   Linux, Street Fighter 2, MTV's Real World/Spring Break,
                   Gulf War, bad scifi (TNG, DS9, VOY, B5, etc.)
                   \_ They had fewer parents, more pregnancies and higher
                      rates of drug use and suicide, too.
2002/3/22-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:24196 Activity:high
3/22    Boycott Spielberg! Boycott Lucas!!! SAY NO TO ET AND STAR WARS!!!
        \_ I'm not going to see either of them. --aaron
               \- what brought this on? ET re-release? or have they given
                  britney a role in the SW movie or something?
           \_ and I presume you're going to see asian porn instead?
           \_ edonkey is your friend.  Lucas doesn't need any of my money.
           \_ Why? Don't you have enough space on your hd for the divx?
        \_ At least Star Wars is a new production and not a touch up of the
           old film with walkie talkies digitally painted in over the FBI's
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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