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2002/3/20 [Uncategorized] UID:24160 Activity:nil
3/19    Has anyone else mailed the ncurses maintainer for having their
        head up their ass with the latest rollup patch?
2002/3/20 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24161 Activity:nil
3/19    What are some names we call StanfUrd besides The Farm?
        \_ Leland Stanford JUNIOR University (emphasis on the Junior)
           \_ the thing is, it's actually Leland Stanford Jr.'s University,
              not Leland Stanford's Junior University.
              \_ Yeah, we all know this, but we Cal Bears intentionally
                 re-associate the word "Junior" with "University."  You just
                 don't get the joke.  I simply call it "the Junior University",
                 besides calling it Stanfraud and $tanford.
                 \_ I think the person got the joke. S/he was just
                    pointing out a technicality.
        \_ School across the Bay
        \_ Why do we call it the Farm when there is obviously no farms.
           On the other hand, there is the Berkeley Farm. What's up with that?
           \_ Reference to 'degree farm.'
           \_ Plenty of farms in Stanfurd's backyard along Foothill Exwy/
           \_ It's the same as why Stanford calls us "weenies" when
              they're red and from animals that live on a Farm.
2002/3/20 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:24162 Activity:very high
3/19    The idiots who live at my coop exhorbitantly raised the price on
        the dryers to force people to use a clothesline.  What can I put
        on their clothes to make horrid stains and induce mildew?
           \- how long does it take to put up a clotheslines. how long does
           it take to cut a clothesline. --psb
        \_ You're totally missing the point.  The children you're dealing with
           don't care what the price is because they're not washing their
           clothes.  It has nothing to do with clotheslines, it has to do with
           punishing all the Bad People like you who want clean clothing.
           What can you do about it?  Nothing.  Move to another house.  I'm
           not kidding.  Coop politics can be fun if you're into that sort of
           thing, but as soon as it gets annoying you should leave.  In the
           meantine, psb has the right idea.  Also if you want to politic it,
           keep in mind that anyone with 10 friends can stack a meeting and
           anything that was once voted in can be voted out the next week.
           Old coopers never die (well the young ones sometimes do), we just
           grow bored of living with children and fade away into the real world
           where *everything* is better.  Good luck with the scissors!
                --old cooper
        \- how long does it take to put up a clotheslines. how long does
           it take to cut a clothesline. think amplification. --psb
        \_ just do tie die in the washing machines
        \_ water. grape juice.  feces.
           \_ these things are not hard to remove.  tomato sauce stains
              are more difficult.
              \- i dont know th english word but the stain from coconut
                 water is supposed to be hard to remove.
                 there is also supposed to be some insect that lays eggs
                 in drying clothes in africa which require ironing to kill.
                 otherwise the larva crawls into you. ok tnx --psb
                 \_ I believe coconut "milk" is the word you're looking for.
                    Also, there's always bleach or acid..  --scotsman
                    \- i am not sure it is called "milk" when it is still
                       transparent in a green c'nut. that's what im referring
                       to. ok tnx. --psb
                    \_ coconut milk is an extract of the flesh.  the nut
                       liquid is coconut water/juice. --pld
        \_ durian.. but then if they LIKE durian it won't bother them
           \_ what? - i was thinking things like antifreeze or
              maybe some itching powder.  Be sophisticated
              \_ a solution of tide and water.
                 \_ this works great only iff they are allergic to tide.
        \_ so how much are they?
           \_ $0.75 / 20 mins. - note that these dryers aren't in perfect
              wonderful drying condition.
        \_ Why not just go buy a dryer?  You live in a COOP, right???
           That way, you can set the price on the box for whatever you
           want.  Not to mention- you live in a coop, so WTF is wrong with
           a clothes line?  You should be more afraid of the roaches in
           your kitchen than you are offended by wet laundry.
           \_ People STEAL clothes and sell them to Buff Exchange.
              they steal them from our locked laundry room, so a clothesline
              would be alot simpler for them no?  Personally I have nothing
              against the clothesline, i just wish the punative measures
              of the dryer price weren't done.  What dissapoints me more is
              that decision was made by the idiot idealists while the
              rational people were working.
           \_ Btw, all coops are not created the same.  I live in an apt;
              you're thinking of cloyne.  And yes, the quality level of
              comfort is exponential.  I assure you that the northside
              coops are better quality than most student rented housing
              (except for the bldgs built in the last 10 years, and there
              aren;t many of those) - with 1/2 the rent.
2002/3/20 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:24163 Activity:kinda low 66%like:24663
3/19    Alexf, where are you going for grad school?
        \_ Vista: .
2002/3/20 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW] UID:24164 Activity:high
3/19    Interested in building a decent Linux box. How much are the
        following components nowadays?
        1.5Mhz CPU
        256 MB Ram
        120 Gig HD
        ATX chassis
        10/100 card
        cheap ass video card
        \_ no longer very economical to build a system from scratch.
           just get a cheapo prebuilt one from compusa, frys, etc.
           actually, if you only want a 1.5Mhz cpu, maybe you should
           try an antique store.
           \_ True that it isn't cost effective to build your own if it's a
              low end clunker.  Not true if you think compusa/frys/etc are
              worth walking into.
        \_ Even an 8088 runs faster than 1.5MHz.  You want a 6502?
           \_ My PCjr ran at 4.33mhz.
2002/3/20 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:24165 Activity:high
3/19    don't buy from newegg, they sell dvd drives where there are no drivers
        available for (from creative labs)
        \_ wow, you people really need to learn English.  Someone wanna make
           an E190 crack for me?
        \_ Uh, this seems like a Creative Labs problem.  It's you're own
        \_ Uh, this seems like a Creative Labs problem.  It's your own
           own fucking fault for not doing your homework.
           \_ not really since newegg is knowingly pushing off stuff they know
            doesn't work in the first place
            \_ hm, maybe you should do your homework before purchasing a
               product?  tip: don't buy unsupported or discontinued products.
               you might also want to avoid buying OEM/brown-box hardware.
               doesn't newegg have a return policy anyway?
2002/3/20 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:24166 Activity:nil
3/19    To the person who applied to the Stanford Phd and got a MSCS
        rejection, what was were you GPA+GRE scores?
        \_ the point is that I didn't apply, so they may have just sent out
           rejections to everyone who didn't get admitted to MSCS -- including
           those who didn't apply. GPA: 3.56, GRE: 790 math, 740 anal, 700 eng
           Not great or anything, but I have a good chunk of publications
           and research exp, which is why I was admitted to PhD programs.
           \_ So you got admitted to Stanford's PhD program, or you just
              got admitted to PhD programs in general?
              \_ Not Stanford's, but other Big 4.
                \_ uh, I'm ignorant, what are the big 4? Cal, MIT, Caltech,
                   \_ Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, CMU. I got into CMU.
2002/3/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24167 Activity:insanely high
3/19    Who are the 10 most datable men on soda?
              \_ This question isn't just for the women.  I wonder about the
                 general perception of who has things going for them.
        \_ Phil!
        \_ What an odd question.  I would've expected the question to be
           about datable women.
           \_ Well, that's easy. There are none.
              \_ This question isn't just for the women.  I wonder about the
                 general perception of who has things going for them.
        \_ geordan. -chialea
           \_ That's right, ladies, I'm available.
              Hey!  Where are you all going?  -geordan
              \_ that mean lea's free?
                 \_ geordan has more love than any one woman or chialea
                    can handle alone.
        \_ an interesting question.  Will anyone try dating ten sodans to find
           \_ hm, i've actually dated over 10 sodans, if you count single
              dates.  fear.  -lila
        \_ define "datable"
        \_ why don't you ask "chris"?
              \_ Well then, you're our sample, aren't you? Set 'em up
                 and knock 'em down!
        \_ can we include those guys that have girlfriends?
           or are we talking free men only? -Sofia
           \_ "Eligible Bachelors"
              \_ For what purpose?  Marriage, serious relationship, dating,
        \_ May be CSUA should have a personal ad section on its website
           \_ "Greasy obnoxious nerd wants h0t 4z14n chik!"
        \_ Better question: Are there *any* dateable men on soda?
           \_ A few married ones worth casual dating.
              \_ Who? mehlhaff?
                 \_ Seek and ye shall find.
2002/3/20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:24168 Activity:nil
        Bush rejects "World Tax" to help the world's poor.  What a total
        unsympathetic heartless bastard!
        \_ You _are_ kidding, right?
           \_ No, the link is real.  It isn't fake.  It's the real thing.
              How could I fake a link to *everyone* on soda when they're
              reading the web from all over the country?
2002/3/20 [Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:24169 Activity:high
3/20    Congradulations, Ms. Fiorina!
        \_ Nonsense.  It's too close to call.  Kudos indeed for killing two
           companies with one stone.
                \_ exactly. hope the remaining hewlett's and packard's
                   kick her the hell out of hp.
        \_ Regardless of whether is the right move or not, Fiorina
           made the big mistake of alienating the hewletts and packards.
           when she should have included them in the decision making
           process.  She made her own life difficult, merger or no
           \_ She's a marketing bimbo.  What'd you expect?  Compaq swallowed
              and destroyed DEC.  If they merge, all this means is HP will
              struggle that much more, we'll have 1 less choice in the market
              and what little was left of DEC and their tech will be 100% gone
              instead of 99% gone.
              \_ And don't forget DEC swallowed Tandem before that.
                 \_ Nope. Compaq swallowed up Tandem when it couldn't get
                    DEC. Two years later, it ate up DEC.
                 \_ I'm not seeing how all this consolidation is advancing the
                    field, improving shareholder value over the long term or
                    making the consumers(home/business/enterprise) any
                    happier or better served.  I think it's only helping the
                    chief execs stuff hundreds of millions of dollars in their
                    pockets like we're seeing in the HP/Compaq deal.
           \_ Hewlett didn't show up at the board meetings--that's certainly
              not her fault.  It's amazing how many pathetic geeks suddenly
              become experts on huge mergers when there's a female CEO
              involved.  -tom
              \_ Bullshit.  If he wasn't there how could he have voted on it?
                 URL for "Hewlett didn't show up at the board meetings" please.
                 \_ You're too incompetent to use google yourself?  It turns
                    up dozens of references.  Anyway,
                "Walter Hewlett missed three board meetings in July, including
                one at which HP's bankers from Goldman Sachs presented an
                analysis of the deal. "
                "But to insiders, Hewlett's move was no surprise--he skipped a
                 key meeting four months ago to discuss the largest merger in
                 the technology industry.  Contacted in July about the added
                 importance of a previously scheduled board meeting, Hewlett
                 responded that he had plans to perform in an orchestra at the
                 exclusive Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, Calif., according to a
                 source familiar with the board's actions.  "Everyone was told
                 it was important and that the board would be making a
                 decision to go forward or not to go forward" with the Compaq
                 deal at the regularly scheduled meeting, the source said."
                 \_ The article I read is actually pro-merger, but it says that
                    Hewlett was left out of the loop until a very late stage.
2002/3/20-21 [Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:24170 Activity:very high
3/20    What victim is next on Carly's list of companies to destroy?
        \_ Why are people making such a big deal out of this? I work at HP,
           and I still don't understand. If it were any other company buying
           Compaq, this would barely make the 10th page of the business
           \_ Compaq (even with DEC's resources) doesn't bring much to the
           \_ HP was a big company respected by engineers.
              It's sad to see it die.
              \_ HP is a pos company that needs to die a quick and ugly
                 death.  "Hi, we're the men from HP.  We don't find
                 solutions; we study problems."
2002/3/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:24171 Activity:nil
3/20    Updates to ~scotsman/bin/patch_{dl,in}
2002/3/20-21 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24172 Activity:high
3/20    Shots fired at Stanford. One dead.
        \_ this wouldn't be on the news if it happened at Berkeley
        \_ Russian mafia is more fun than Stanford police:
        \_ so who died? the man that was pulled over?
2002/3/20-21 [Recreation/House] UID:24173 Activity:high
3/20    Anyone know a good place to buy tools, online or off?  Home Depot
        didn't have what I want.
        \_ OSH, TruValue
        \_ Orchard Supply Hardware? ACE? etc...  there are more than the
           big chains still around..
        \_  sears?
        \_ Home Depot is a terrible hardware store...why do people go there?
           Orchard has the best tool selection around here.  -tom
           \_ if all you want to do is buy tools, yeah.  home depot has
              more of everything else.
                \_ I have rarely found anything useful at home depot.
                   The Ace on Grand and OSH are both better.  The Ace on
                   MLK is supposedly also good.  -tom
                   \_ Hehehe, the ACE on San Pablo in Albany/ElCerrito...
                      hot chicks.
        \_ Lowe's is the worst. OSH and home depot are both good. I get my
           tools from a local store. some consider them a rip off, but i like
        \_, Coastal Tool, and Harbor Freight! --dim
         \_ amazon is actually more expensive than home depot
            \_ Maybe for some items. I bought a sawzall and an orbital sander
               through Amazon for less than at Home Depot. Of course, the
               OP said: "Home Depot didn't have what I want." --dim
           razorback tools. tools are heavy so shipping costs are high and
           online doesn't make too much sense (like dog food).
           \_ Some sites (like have free shipping! --dim
        \_ Post Tool.
2002/3/20-22 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24174 Activity:high
3/20    Anyone gotten a letter from UCLA or USC? I've gotten all the
        rejections/acceptance except these two... getting anxious now.
        \_ I recieved my UCLA acceptance almost 3 weeks ago. USC CS
           said that they wouldn't have anything till April (I called
           the dept. last week). It doesn't matter to me, since I've
           decided to go to UCLA.
           BTW, Have you been accepted anywhere?
                \_ yes I did, but they're not on US News' CS list (but are
                   for the general engineering ranking), so I'm rather
                   embarrased about posting them here... thanks for your
                   response, I guess I'm not going to UCLA      -orig poster
                   \_ Yes they are.
                   \_ I applied EE. CS might not be out yet. Hope springs
                        \_ CS is out.
                        \_ EE PhD or MS? If I had known that the # of
                           applications trippled this year I wouldn've applied
                           as a junior (and would still have a better
                           chance). Now I sux   -orig poster
                           \_ MS. I'm not smart enough to do a PhD.
2002/3/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24175 Activity:kinda low
3/20    What are some good reasons to upgrade to OfficeXP? Are XP documents
        readable by Office2000 documents?
        \_ yes.. i believe back to office97.. -shac
           \_ Wow, that's some technology. I didn't know that Office2K
              documents could be used to read other Office docs. I figured
              you'd like like, the actual office software or something.
              I must be getting old. Intelligent word docs! Is this some
              kind of macro thing?
              \_ pedantic "humor" deserves one line at most
2002/3/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:24176 Activity:high
3/20    I need to cram for a test on managing Cisco routers. Cisco Certified
        type stuff. Anyone have a reference (online or book)?
        \_ I am also looking into this.  I got the O`Reilly "IP Routing"
           as a starter book, but that's likely too general for your needs.
           I don't know if it's good since I haven't read it.
           \_ I took EECS 122 and CS 162. I am familiar with IP Routing and
              stacks and stuff. Just wanted to know which Cisco command does
        \_ I took the Cisco ICRC and ACRC courses with Global Knowledge
           (I think the courses have been combined now) and it was absolutely
           excellent--the Cisco course materials were pretty good too.  Cisco
           Press puts out very good study guides for all the certifications.
           Also I think has links to study/cram guides for
           all levels of Cisco exams.  -John
        \_ CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide by Todd Lammle
           \_ cisco "upgraded" their test 10 days ago. so this book and most
              other books at the neighborhood store are outdated. GO CISCO!
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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