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2002/3/18 [Computer/Theory] UID:24144 Activity:very high
3/17    What are some good schools that do quantum computing research?
        \_ Stanford, Berkeley, MIT.
           \_ Stanford only has Colin Williams and not much else. Berkeley
              and MIT are probably the main hubs right now. There's also
              Andrew Yao at Princeton, some people at Cambridge and Weissman
              IIRC, and the rest are at Almaden and some of the national labs.
              Why do you ask? Is there some particular flavor of quantum
              you're interested in? -alexf
                \_ interested in the abstraction and application layer (eg
                   simulator based on primitives defined by physicists, etc)
                   Got comments?
                   \_ Ehhh... Based on my rather limited understanding of
                      the field, it will be a decade or two before the
                      application and abstraction layer become relevant. The
                      application and abstraction layers become relevant. The
                      highest-level work that exists right now is using
                      physical primitives to get algorithmic primitives, and
                      even then the algorithmic primitives under consideration
                      are rather abstract and rarely of any practical value.
                      Also, quite a few people are working on lower bounds,
                      at an equally abstract level. Perhaps you may find
                      the following tutorial on quantum computing interesting:
                      \_ I was unable to view this URL. Maybe another, or
                         perhaps I'm misunderstanding a cue in how you wrote it?
                      While written a few years ago, it is still showing the
                      state of the art insofar as the practical aspects
                      of quantum go. -alexf
                \_ Shore's at AT&T Labs, too, but no one else. - chialea
                   \_ Lea, it's Shor, and there're other quantum people there,
                      including a few fairly well-known names (Sloane, Rains).
                      If I were you, I wouldn't make blanket statements such
                      as the above on a topic I haven't worked on much...-alexf
                      \_ Aww, cut the bitch some slack -- she hasn't finished
                         E190 yet, after all.
                         \_ Yet another anonymous behind-the-computer-screen
                            tough guy.
                      \_ why not? you do. :P -chialea
                         \_ Mmm? Explain? -alexf
                                \_ wow look at this great online rivalry.
                                   \_ Seen better.  Both are off the cuff, one
                                      is arrogant off the charts, the other is
                                      motd normal.  The arrogance holier-than-
                                      -thou thing has really been done.  Very
2002/3/18 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:24145 Activity:high
3/17    alexf, who'd you take e190 with?  Maybe that would clear up some
        confusion.  I thought e190 (w/ Phillipi) was one of the best courses
        I've taken here.
        \_ He has Nevader, IIRC. I have Phillipe, and he's annoying as all
           get out. Entertaining in class, sure, but I just spent several
           hours (HOURS!) doing typesetting for the midterm paper. A little
           much, yes? -chialea
           \_ are you using LaTeX or something? I don't remember spending a
              significant amount of time typesetting. I just used MS Word.
        \_ Nevader. Who is a reasonably pleasant person to talk to, but an
           utterly incompetent fool insofar as my impression of his teaching
           goes. -alexf
           \_ Maybe your english is good enough where e190 won't help you so
                \_ If that was really alexf writing that reply then he could
                   use e190 or something.  That was horrible writing.
2002/3/18 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:24146 Activity:very high 66%like:24416
3/17    Chialea, which grad schools are you considering going?
        \_why do you give a damn?
          \_ wow..  who pissed in your cheerios?
                \_ I agree with whoever wrote that. wtf doesn't this
                   guy email chialea personally?
        \_ Why do you care (again)?
           \_ Stalkers... gotta love 'em!
              \_ Is Chialea the most fantastic woman to ever grave the planet
                 or what?  --no clue who Chialea is
2002/3/18-19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24147 Activity:insanely high
3/18    Grad Skool Poll. Where are you going next year (add others as
Dear Applicant,
I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to
graduate study at U.C. Berkeley.  This year we received more than 3,100
applications for approximately 100 openings.
Because of the limited number of admission slots available, we turned away
many qualified applicants.  Nonetheless, I would like to wish you the best
of luck in pursuing your educational and professional goals.
        'furd: .
        UCLA: ..
        Vista: . (what is this?)
        San Jose State: . (I had a 2.7 GPA at Cal)
        Santa Clara: .
        Deciding: .
        \_ Haven't you heard?  MIT is not accepting this year.
        'furd: .
        UCLA: ..
                \_ Get a clue. It was intentionally misspelled.
        Vista: . (what is this?)
        \_ If you don't know what Vista is you don't deserve to go.
        San Jose State: . (I had a 2.7 GPA at Cal)
                                   \_ EE/CS or just CS?
                                        \_ at 2.7, DOES IT MATTER? Duh.
        Santa Clara: .
        Deciding: .
                  \_ Where did you get in?
        \_ I prefer Berger King
            \_ at the very least, spell it correctly.
                \_ Now you know why he's going to BK after Cal.
                \_ Get a clue. It was misspelled intentionally.
                   \_ How so?  I don't get it.
                      \_ How do you spell the place that sells Big Macs?
                \_ If he had taken E 190, this heartbreak might have been
2002/3/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:24148 Activity:high
3/18    I'm looking for research done on symmetric multiprocessing.
        Particularly as it applies to networking.  Anybody know if anything
                                      \_ Bingo!
        has been done in this area?  Thanks.
        \_ why smp?  is there some particular characteristic of networking
           that makes smp more applicable than say asymmetric mp or some
           kind of message passing distributed processing?  or did you just
           slap two buzz words together randomly?
           \_ I vote for random buzzword slapping.  Possibly for a report to
              some PHB.
        \_ does the OP mean symmetric multithreading (smt)?
2002/3/18-19 [Computer/HW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24149 Activity:moderate
3/18    Anybody supported Cadence CAD tools before?  An application has a
        license file that's expiring and I'm asked to put in a new license
        file.  Is it a simple case of entering the path to the new license
        file or is it more complicated?  Thanks.
        \_ yes.
        \_ is it a node locked license or a floating license?
           if floating, with redundant license servers? cadence isnt too bad
           but there are a few distinct and fairly common cases -jon
           \_ it's a license for one single machine.  No license server.
              \_ put the license file anywhere and have the environment
                 variable LM_LICENSE_FILE set to be that pathname.  having
                 it in the same place as the old license file is the easiest
                 way to accomplish this. -jon
2002/3/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:24150 Activity:very high
3/18    Can someone remind me what is required to prevent programs like
        less, for example, from sending their output to a "separate" screen
        that gets erased when the program is killed, as opposed to just on
        the normal stdout terminal like, for example, ls? Thanks.
        \_ you must not have taken e190 yet.
           \_ ugh... typos corrected. I assume that's what you were talking
              about?  ...and by the way, I'm L&S CS.
              \_ You passed Subject A?
                 \_ I passed out of it with my awesome AP English score.
                    boo-ya, bee-otch.
                    \_ Clearly the difficulty of the AP exam has declined in
                       recent years, "boo-ya, bee-otch".
                       \_ I took it in '96, biznatch. boo-fuckin-ya.
                          \_ Like I said.  "... in recent years".  Anything
                             from after the time they changed all the tests and
                             dumbed everything down so you could still get a
                             high score to preserve your precious self-esteem
                             without taking a double dose of prozac doesn't
                             count as a serious academic success.
                             \_ I was joking and you're a complete dweeb.
        \_ Your best bet is less -X, although YMMV depending on your terminal's
           termcap entry's quirks. -alexf
        \_ if you use xterm, add this to your Xdefaults or wherever you
           incant X resources: XTerm.VT100.titeInhibit:  true
           \_ It's all black cats and cast iron pots at midnight under a full
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