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2002/3/15 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:24119 Activity:nil
3/14    Am I the only one who finds it's funny that everytime a leftist goes
        off on the motd the thread stays until the conservatives set them
        straight and then the thread immediately vanishes?
        \_ the motd is dominated by asshole socialists and asshole
           libertarians.  lots of other people post intersting stuff,
           and i think the asshole right wing kooks and the asshole
           left wing kooks delete in roughly equal amounts.
           the key word is asshole.  if you delete posts based on content
           that is what you are.
           \_ I only delete posts that are neither informative nor
              entertaining like the other day when someone posted some
              boring spam scam on the motd I deleted it. - xxx-wing kook
              \_ right. that makes you an asshole.  you don't need
                 to decide what the rest of us find enterntaining or
                 \_ So the motd should grow without limit? You are an idiot.
        \_ I don't know about that, but I do know that everytime I posted
           some excellent rebuttal bashing idiotic right-wing rabid dogs,
           the whole thread gets deleted.  Oh well.
        \_ I do notice that whenever the motd degenerates into one of the
           three dreaded topics, the thread gets deleted. They are
           gun control, abortion and Israel/Palestine.
        \_ No, you're just the only one who thinks it's true.
2002/3/15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24120 Activity:nil
3/14    FYI: The zlib patch for OpenBSD 2.9 and 3.0 has been released.
2002/3/15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:24121 Activity:insanely high
3/15    US aid paltry:

        "Not only is the United States the stingiest of all rich-country aid
        donors (spending only 0.1% of its national income on foreign aid,
        compared with the European average of 0.3%), its aid is particularly

        "President Bush today proposed a three- year, $5 billion
        increase in American foreign aid to poor nations that support human
        rights, adhere to strong systems of law and have open markets."
        \_ Whelp!  That's that!  Our TAX PAYER FUNDED AID is being wasted so
           we should just stop bothering and end all aid programs.  Thanks for
           the link.
        \_ Get a f'ing clue.  Who exactly footed the bill for all
           UN excursions around the world the past two decades?  Who
           stations the 5th Fleet to guard the Saudi Arabian oil
           predominantly used by Europe?  The US has been the de facto
           national defense of Europe the past 5 decades.
           \_ Stationing troops in the Middle East for the benefit
                \_ So in the glofified world of political virtue you live name me
                   one country that would want us to leave.  And then
              of (primarily) American owned oil companies can't be
              called foreign aid, by any stretch of the word or idea.
              Most people would consider it thinly veiled imperialism.
                \_ You're right.  Let's pull out and let the whole area fall to
                   shit and see exactly how this had no benefit to Europe who
                   gets the bulk of their energy from the Middle East.  It's
                   funny how if we go somewhere it's imperialism and we're bad
                   and if we don't then we're isolationist and we're bad.
                   \_ Did Europe clamor for the US to come to the aid of
                      Kuwait? Your knowledge is history is very rudimentary.
                      Kuwait? The only people who cared were the Texas
                      oil boys and their puppets in Kuwait. If you don't
                      think American foreign and domestic policy is
                      in the service of Big Oil, you should at least
                      consider it.
                      \_ how does middle eastern oil help texas?  as an
                         alaskan, i can tell you that poeple up there
                         are more against our dependence on middle
                         eastern oil than anyone.  alsaska has a negative tax
                         because of *alaskan* oil riches, not oil company
                         profits in general. i don't see why texas would be
                         any different.
                         \_ you do know we get more oil from the US and Canada
                            than we do from the middle east don't you?
                         \_ Not Texans so much as Exxon, Mobile, Texaco,
                            and Chevron executives and shareholders.
                \_ So in the glofified world of political virtue you live name
                   me one country that would want us to leave.  And then
                   ask yourself why you don't live there?
                   \_ South Korea.  And I did.
                      \_ South Korea wants the American military out of the
                         DMZ?  You're stupid and a liar.
                         \_ He answered your inane question and you call
                            him stupid and a liar. You are a dolt.
                                \_ And what a complete disaster US involvement
                                   in South Korea has been.  Great point!
        \_ the problem is not with the hard core figures. It has to do with
           perception and marketing. US should save that money and spend it
           on marketing (setup proxy radio+TV stations) which portrays that
           we're not all that greedy and evil. And it should do that in
           Muslim countries ASAP.
           \_ Why?  Why do you care what "The Arab Street" thinks?  That's not
              who the terrorists are.
              \_ Sympathy lends legitimacy.
2002/3/15 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:24122 Activity:nil
3/15    Any one uses pgp4pine and gpg?  for some reason, my send filter
        worked, but display filter (for recieving encrypted / signed
        email) does not.  What really puzzle me, is that when I
        open the file contains pgp (uses _BEGINNING("-----USE  PGP")),
        my default editor (in this case, jove) launched, and has an
        error message in jove saying: "invalid switch -c"  anyone
        has any clue?                           -kngharv
2002/3/15 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:24123 Activity:high
3/15    i want to take this opportunity to publicly insult newark
        electronics customer service.  they suck donkey balls. their web
        site is lame was programmed by yermom. go digikey or allied!
        \_ This is the motd, not a customer satisfaction line. Your complaint
           is entirely too banal and does not once mention yermom.
2002/3/15 [Uncategorized] UID:24124 Activity:nil
3/15    i hereby retract my insult to newark.  they finally accepted
        my returned parts.
2002/3/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:24125 Activity:moderate
3/15    Is there some way to get into JavaOne for free by being a volunteer?
        \_ Its not hard to get into JavaOne for free with a little
           "social engineering". Security wasn't too tight last year.
        \_ If you work for a company exhibiting then the answer is yes.
2002/3/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24126 Activity:high
3/15    If I want to use my Pentium100 as a router, do I need do download
        LRP? Can't I just use routed/ifconfig stuff? Please help   -newbie
        \_ Never heard of LRP. If you want to do serious routing look at
           gated from and zebra. A P100 is probably not enough
           to be a serious router unless you have a really small network
           an very few outbound paths.
        \_ I use Oxygen ( It's a descendent
           of LRP. There are others in the LEAF family. A P100 should
           be fine for a small network (home DSL/cable connection).
        \_ I use a p166.  It's more than fast enough for my home net.
           There's a million ways to do it.  Pick whatever software set has
           the best docs and makes you feel most warm n fuzzy.
        \_ For three years I've used a P100 with 32MB ram as a:
           1. DNS Server, 2. Mail Server, 3. Web Server (10 domains)
           and drum roll please: 4. Router... Standard RedHat will do it,
           it just takes some configuring...
        \_ I've used both linux and openbsd as routers on a p100, p133, and
           p166.  Never had problems.
           \_ do you need a special software to do this? Or can you do it with
              that routed thing?   -newbie
              \_ OpenBSD comes with everything you need.
              \_ OpenBSD comes with everything you need. Routed will handle
                 a few networks, but it isn't a scalable solution (gated
                 is much better). I don't know about Linux 2.whatever, but
                 back in the 2.0 days, linux came with everything you needed.
2002/3/15-16 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24127 Activity:high
3/15    If your school is based on the quarter system, do you still have
        the fall term? Or you call it autumn?
        \_ fall b4 xmas, winter & spring after
        \_ um, there is a fall, winter, spring and sumer qtr when I was at
           UCLA.  Transferring to cal I had to get used to the long sems.
        \_ fall, autumn... what's the difference what its called?
        \_ The farm has autumn, winter, spring and summer, but prof's at
           the farm still call the autumn term the fall term.
        \_ reiterating something someone else said: what's the difference?
           i say tomato, you say tomatoe.
           \_ potatoe
           \_ I understand yermom when she says "autumn" with her mouth full
        \_ You say Stanford, I say Stanfurd.
           \_ Its written S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D but is pronounced as "the farm"
           \_ Hail Trees. The school that had the hutspah to get 280 built.
              \-Just refer to it as The Fraud as in Stanfraud as in using
              tax dollars for yachts and flowers for weddings. --psb
              \_ as opposed to berkeley charging its students for money to
                 complete citris projects when citris funds have been mis-
                 appropriated?  No thanks.  At least Stanford didn't promise
                 hope to the state and then lie about it.
                 \_ citris projects?
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