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2002/2/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23991 Activity:very high
2/27    How do I turn off autocorrect in tcsh?
        \_ unset autocorrect?
           \_ And "unset correct".

You have mail.
Are you happy with just that, though?
2002/2/28 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:23992 Activity:high
2/27    Finally, some transparency
        \_ Boring.  We already know all this stuff.
2002/2/28 [Uncategorized] UID:23993 Activity:nil
2/27    What is the purpose of the flap in men's briefs?
        - guy who never had a dad
        \_ No idea.  -has dad
        \_ so when the hooker's blowing you, the band doesn't constrict.
        \_ they're used to increase drag and ultimately to increase the
           descend rate without picking up extra speed.
                \_ Am I supposed to put my penis through it?
                  \_ It does beat the pull-down,whip-out method for saving
                     the elastic, I imagine most guys prefer pd/wo.
        \_ even if you had a dad, would you ask him?  At what age would
           you ask him?
        \_ it's a pocket for rolls of quarters.
        \_ never had a dad?  You have two mothers and a genetics lab?
           Is the story of your conception and birth suitable for an xfiles
           episode?  Is this a Messiah/Christ immaculate thing?
        \_ Just in case this is serious, it's to pee standing up without having
           to drop your pants or unbuckle your belt.
           \_ that is not exactly correct.  It allows you to not have to
              drop your underwear, but unless you have a fly in your pants
              you still have to drop them.  hence this feature is likely to
              be useless if you always wear sweat pants.
2002/2/28 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Reference/History/WW2] UID:23994 Activity:very high
2/27    What's the best way to go about asking for nice keyboards and trays
        from your boss? And yes my wrists really hurt.
        \_ "My wrists are starting to hurt.  I need a better keyboard."
           They shouldn't take offense to that.
           \_ and if they do take offense, go to a doctor and try "My doctor
              says I'm permanently injured because of you, so I'll buy
              myself a new keyboard and tray with my huge worker's comp
              settlement."  -tom
           \_ Or you could do what a normal and reasonable person would do
              and just patiently explain to them it's a serious issue and
              you're "certain that the company doesn't want me to end up
              crippled and unable to work" because that'll get the point across
              without making you look like an asshole.  Also once you start
              making noise about lawyers you need to put up or shutup and
              you're fucking up your future at that job and any place else you
              run into those people in the future at other companies.  After
              that you're not good for anything but working for the government
              or university or maybe some lab.  Just be nice about it.
                \_ what's wrong with government jobs? It's laid back and
                   there isn't a lot of overtime. I get to bike as much as
                   I want.
                   \_ See! That's just evil! You should be overworked and
                      suffering emotionally and physically to achieve the
                      American Dream(tm). That's what is right!
                      \_ From each according to his means.  To each according
                         to his need.  Overall, the wealth of the society is
                         better shared in communist and most socialist nations
                         than in the capitalist west.  People are happier
                         \_ how much time did you spend in russia before
                            the fall of the soviet union? how much time
                            did you spend in China before the reforms of the
                            '80s?  if life was so much better in the
                            Communist Bloc, why did they have guard towers
                            and razor wire all along the beach in Tallin to
                            keep people from fleeing to Finland?
                            ok, i just re-read your reply.  you're a troll.
                            sorry, i'm the moron..
                            \_ Because those people were unwilling to share
                               with others.  They were selfishly trying to
                               destroy the system.  It only works if everyone
                               wants it to, the same as any other system.
        \_ whatever you do, take care of your health. if you get hurt,
           claim workman's comp, etc. you make your value in the workforce
           worthless for all practical purposes. if someone tries to hire
           you, their insurance rates will skyrocket. they will prob hire
           someone else, instead.
        \_ wrist pads are cheap at CompUSA or Fry's or Internet
           Likewise for the other stuff. Now if you asking for an adjustable
           desk like the professors have or being able to drill holes
           in the furniture or a reasonable chair, you may wish to
           contact your friendly local Ergonomics department. What?
           Your company is so small and so tech-unsavvy that they
           don't have either an onsite dept or bring in periodic
           consultants? Well,  I don't know then.
           [You're vs. Your correction motd god was here]
           \_ "the professors" at Berkeley, except in departments with more
              money than they know what to do with (EECS), have terrible
              ergonomic setups.  Most are using WWII Navy-surplus Steelcase
              desks as computer desks.  -tom
              \_ Too bad the T-buildings are gone.  Nothing was better than
                 using WWII military surplus in a WWII military "T"emporary
                 \_ we have new T-buildings at Hearst Gym now.  -tom
                    \_ Yeah but they're not from 3 or 4 wars ago.  It's just
                       not the same....  -T building lover
              \_ don't speak too soon, tom.
                \_ what?  -tom
        \_ If you really feel you are injuring yourself, buy whatever supplies
           you need with your own money.  The amount of money will be trivial
           in terms of the amount of suffering you are sparing yourself.  Then
           you can take your special keyboard and mouse with you to your next
           job when you leave.  -ax [motd formatd god was here]
        \_ When I needed to raise the monitor, I just used two packs of 8.5x11
           paper thinking that it costs much less than a monitor stand and just
           works as well.  One day my manager saw that, and he felt sorry and
           automatically got me a monitor stand.  I didn't intend to make him
           feel guilty, but he just did it himself.  So it depends on your
           luck with what kind of manager or finance department you have.
           \_ protecting people from injury is just good business.  Any
              manager that doesn't see that needs to be awakened in an
              abrupt and painful manner.  -tom
           \_ As Tom said.  Figure the cost of a $15 stand vs. the potential
              liability.  You think you were doing the company a favor.  You
              weren't.  A lame-o monitor stand means *nothing* in the overall
              budget.  It's petty pocket change.  Don't be a martyr.  No one
              likes a martyr.
              \_ Well, on the other hand I requested the most expensive anti-
                 radiation anti-glare Polaroid brand screen filter that I could
                 find in the supply catalog, because a cheaper one doesn't work
                 as well.  So I wasn't really a martyr.  It all depends on
                 whether or not a cheap alternative works as well as the
                 conventional option.
                 \_ Even your $100 or whatever filter is still chump change.
                    Always order the best.  It won't make a difference to the
                    budget and they'll feel better knowing they got you the
                    best out there so liability is no longer an issue.  The
                    cost for even _looking_ at a lawyer is higher for them
                    than just buying you all that stuff at any market price.
2002/2/28 [Uncategorized] UID:23995 Activity:nil
2/28    Recession officially over.  Find your own URL.
2002/2/28 [Uncategorized] UID:23996 Activity:high
2/28    how could that asshole who kidnapped/killed Danielle van Dam
        so vehemently deny that he's done it all despite the evidence.
        \_ It depends on what the meaning of "is" is.
           \_ He never used the word "is".
                \_ Ah ha!  He must be innocent then!
        \_ Son, that's what we have trials and juries and stuff for.  You want
           to do all trials in the oh-so independent media?  Or maybe a nice
2002/2/28-3/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:23997 Activity:high
2/28    Just got DSL. Only getting max 320k uplink per dslreports
        Tried bunch of tweaks, no change. Tried different machines.
        Tried PPPoE hardware-router box, no change. What's up? Is
        it Pacbell doing this to me? How can I check?
        \_ dude, did you get dsl for XBox?  Which carrier did you use?
           Did you take my advice and ordered DirectvDSL from Circuit City?
           It's sweet, 1.2mbps/75k (d/u).  I can't do anything about the
           upload speed though.  Used Dr. TCP from <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Cable is 1.5/128.  What's so sweet about 1.2/75?
             \_ well, I don't get cable modem here.  My DSL speed was supposed
                to be 1.5/128.  But dslreports shows it 1.2/75.  Anyone
                know how to tract down upstream bottleneck?
        \_ 320k after the TCP/IP overhead? --oj
        \_ 320k is very good and more than they promise (128k). What
           are you getting for downlink speed? --dim
        \_ aw sh*t, sorry, I mean 320k download speed. ugh. too
           much caffeine and too little sleep. uplink is 104k, ok.
           I signed up for 384-1500/128. Are they screwing me?
           \_ Depends? How far are you away from the station? I'm right
              at the border (about 3miles away I think), and I'm getting
              \- hello, just out of curiosity, what are you measuing the
              per hop bandwidth with? this is kind of a hard problem i have
              some research interest in which is why i ask. or are you just
              checking you ftp speed tosome large well-connected site [i.e.
              path thruput rather than per-link bandwidth]. ok tnx --psb
              \_ like the orig. poster, i used
                 \_ Give me a more precise url than that. dslreports is a mass
                    of confusing cluttered links. I can't find anything there.
                    \- somewhere on that site is a "bandwidth tester" but it
                    isnt clear how it works, but it is clearly doing path-thrpt
                    and apparently it has kind of a low upper bound. --psb
                    \_ Some sort of client side app gets dumped on you.  God
                       only know what it's doing.  Sniffit.
2002/2/28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:23998 Activity:nil
2/28    In case there was any doubt what he was all about
        "Clinton to dedicate life to redistributing world's wealth"
        \_ That's a headline, not a quote.  The man is scum and I'm sure he'd
           be thrilled to redistribute everyone's wealth (but his own) if it
           got him a blue ribbon or a medal from some UN committee but don't
           troll around here with pseudo quotes.  There's enough real spew
           coming from the man's mouth that you don't need to make it up.
           \_ I always find you conservative little monkeys so entertaining.
                go burn a cross or something.
                \_ Yawn.  Personal attack smearing an entire segment of the
                   population.  Go away lefty troll.
        \_ context is misleading, it's about removing AIDS from the world
2002/2/28-3/1 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:23999 Activity:high
        Tonya Harding vs. Amy Fisher.  3 rounds of boxing on a Fox special.
        I'm not sure who came up with this but it might be funny seeing a
        psycho WT athlete beat the crap out of the wenchy WT psycho chick.
        \_ I forgot, but what did Amy Fisher do to get herself in jail,
           and what did she do in jail?
        \_ What's "WT"?
2002/2/28-3/1 [Recreation/House] UID:24000 Activity:moderate
2/28    Man, my aeron chair is sweeeeet.  Glad management thought smart
        this time.  They really get it.
        \_ I tried out someone else's aeron.  I didn't get it.  What's the
           big deal?  Is this a chair-label-penis thing?
           \_ You tried it by yourself, didn't you?  Try it again with a hot
              chick alone and you'll get it. :-)
              \_ "Hot chick alone"? Does that mean without me or the chair?
                 Besides, try any chair with a hot chick and it's good.
              \_ Ok... so it *is* just a chair-label-penis thing.
2002/2/28-3/1 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24001 Activity:high
2/28    What are the rankings of the 7 UCs, for undergrad? This is for my
        little cousin.
        \_ Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, LA, SD, Irvine/Davis, the rest
           \_ CAL SUCKS ASS, YO. - *recent* cal cs grad.
           \_ talg was graduated from Cal. That is the kind of "student"
              cal is graduating these days.
              \_ who is talg?
        \_ Just look at UC News for an approximation.
        \_ I think in general: 1 Cal, 2 UCLA, 7 Santa Barbara.  Don't know
           Top Tier: 1 Cal, 2 UCLA, 3 UCSD
           Mid Tier: SB, Irvine, Davis (ranked by major)
           Bottom Tier: 7 SC, 8 Riverside
        \_ I think in general: 1 Cal, 2 UCLA, 5 Santa Barbara.  Don't know
           about the others.  Of course rankings depend on the major.  Which
           one is your cousin going for?
           \_ Is Merced open yet?
        \_ Isn't Riverside the worst? My understanding is: SD=yuppie school,
           Irvine=riceboy Integra school, SC=dumb surfer school,
           Davis=boring school, Riverside=drug school, and SB=party school.
           \_ Will depend on major, but 3. UCSD ...  7. Riverside
           \_ SB is definitely not 7.
        \_ There's 8 undergrad UC campuses; probably better tell your cousin
        \_ does your cousin learn like high or low pressure learning situations?
           that first. I'd go Cal, LA, SD, Davis, SB, Irvine, SC, Riverside.
        \_ does your cousin learn like high or low pressure learning
           \_ SB has a really outstanding condensed matter experimental
              physics research program, and is world class is particle
              theory. overall, their ranked in the top ten nationwide
              in physics at the grad level.  of course this is unrelated
              to undergrad, unless your cousin is *Absolutely* positive
              about going into physics..
              \_ SB has the college of creative studies for ugrad. Majors
                 include physics, literature, etc. CCS at UCSB is probably
                 better than any of the mid-tier schools and maybe better than
                 what you'd get at LA or Cal.
           \_ Their 3-5 semiconductor work is also world class. But use the
              same advice you ought to get when you go to grad school. If
              you know exactly what you want to do (for undergrad, that means
              major, for grad that means research area), go to the best place
              for that subject. Otherwise, other things being roughly equal,
              go to the best school you get into.
        \_ As Per US News:
           Cal, UCLA, UCSD, Irvine/Davis (Tie), UCSB
                            \_ Davis slightly more selective as per US News
           Unranked: UCSC, Riverside
2002/2/28-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:24002 Activity:high
2/28    Whacky.  Got a recruiter calling from a place that doesn't seem to
        \_ Be careful, its probably the feds checking if the wiretap is
           \- wouldnt it be more likely to be your employer spying on you?
        \_ how do you know it doesnt exist?
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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