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2002/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:23963 Activity:low
2/24    Brian Harvey is listed in the Specail Thanks section of Serious Sam,
        the Second Encounter.  Cool.
        \_ Yeah cool, your profs are playing FPS's all day instead of doing
           something that might improve your otherwise dismal education.
2002/2/25 [Industry/Jobs] UID:23964 Activity:very high
2/24    Getting tired of Bay Area.  What is a good place to look for
        technical jobs abroad?  I speak Chinese and some Japanese.
        \_ Are you talking about Web sites or actual locales?
        \_ Check out Shanghai.
                \_ tell us about the stars^H^H^H^Hhookers aaron
                   \_ shookers?
                   \_ aaron?  try sky.
                \_ Actually, if you are into software, then, I suggest
                   you look at Beijing instead.  Northwest part of Beijing
                   is where most action is... having said that, I am not
                   sure how to go about this, as I am not originally from
                   mainland.  Those who are from mainland, please fill
                   up the detail.
        \_ Taipei or Tokyo.  Shanghai if you're a pioneer.
        \_ related: anyone know about how the pay falls off for software
           engineering positions as you go overseas? eg, Europe, asia,
           latin america.  I'd like to try living/working somewhere else
           for a while but don't want to sacrifice alot of pay.
                \_ expect: $10k rmb/mon in china, $50k ntd/mon in taiwan
                        \_ where do you get the $10K RMB figure.  Starting
                           salary for software engineer is about at max
                           $2K RMB.  Unless you're in a real senior
                           position, $10K RMB / month is a lot at the
                           local standard.
                        \_ I also heard 10k to 20k, but this is for
                           people with a few years of experience in
           \_ About 10% (ie. 90% off) of the pay here of you go to India, but
              you can live like a lord with that pay over there.
        \_ There is a salary survey in archives -
           2001 (data for 2000).
        \_ it would be nice if someone can share his/her experience on
           working abroad (specifically, China and Japan).  i am
           interested on ASIC design opportunity. -original poster
2002/2/25 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23965 Activity:low
2/24    And Canada gets the gold in men's hockey! That's it for another
        four years.
        \_ these were a fun olympic games. slc came through!
           \_ Fun?  Not the way NBC fucked them up.  It was like MTV Olympic
              Broadcasting.  It was better before NBC got their dirty paws on
              the games and made them unwatchable.
2002/2/25 [Recreation/Food] UID:23966 Activity:kinda low
2/25    I forgot to put an unopened cheddar cheese in the fridge when I got
        home from the grocery store, and it was sitting at room temp for
        about 8 hours. If I put it in the fridge now, will it be ok to eat?
        \_ yes, it is ok to eat.
        \_ cheese is mold in the first place anyhow.
           \_ Only some cheeses use mold for flavor.  It's never used for
              curdling, which almost always uses bacterial cultures.  Warm
              cheese is fine to re-refrigerate; letting a cheese warm up
              before eating makes it taste better, anyway.  --pld
           \_ there are different kinds of mold (healthy and unhealthy)...
              though in response to the original poster, cutting off any
              visible (blue, green, etc) mold should be more than enough
              to keep from getting sick.
2002/2/25 [Finance/Shopping] UID:23967 Activity:high
2/25    Where's the best place to get bulk vitamins?  I need some calcium
        and iron supplements and don't want to spend a lot - soda gal
        \_ Adjust your diet.  It's easier and cheaper.
           \_ Women need extra calcium and iron supplements because of their
              monthly..."grumpiness."  Actually, most athletes should take
              supplements as well, or eat a whole lot of everything.
              Try Costco for the vitamins.
              \_ Grumpiness?  Only in this country.  It's cultural.  And it's
                 ok to call it a 'period'.
              \_ Agreed.  The supplement stuff in Costco seems pretty cheap
                 compared to other stores.
        \_ Trader Joe's has good prices if you're not looking for anything
           overly exotic.
           \_ definitely second tj for cheap vitamins.
        \_ Eat dirt and rocks.
           \_ And suck nails.
2002/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:23968 Activity:high
2/25    YES!  Cal is finally ranked!  (AP No. 25)
        \_ what the hell are you talking about?
           \_ sounds like ncaa basketball
        \_ Jackass. We're AP No. 21.            (ESPN #25)
           \_ So how was he wrong and deserving of "jackass"? Not like AP
              is better or more accurate than the ESPN/USA Today poll. And
              it's really about the RPI ratings when it comes down to the
              Tourney anyway.
              \_ He was wrong because he said we were ranked AP #25, and that
                 is an incorrect statement. We are ranked AP #21. If he said
                 that we were ranked #25, I would have simply added "21 in AP!"
                 He gets the jackass title because I'm a jackass myself. Also,
                 he gets it because he's not giving "us" the credit we're due.
           \_ The Coach's poll is widely seen as a joke this year, esp
              after Utah's guy was tossed for voting for a team with a
              .500 record.  Just last week, ASU had more points than
              Cal and you can thank their having a vote for this.  The
              polls are more revelent than RPI for seeding the top 25.
        \_ Dude!  There's a new point release out!  You know where to get it!
           Upgrade now!
2002/2/25 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:23969 Activity:moderate
2/25    I need to give a user console X access but no remote login access
        of any kind (translation: secure location, but a bad password).
        Other users need to have remote access.  Setup is kde/freebsd.
        What's the easiest way to do this?
        \_sshd has allowuser/denyuser allowgroup/denygroup useful for
                an ftp-only account -dwc
           \_ Perfect, thank you.
2002/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:23970 Activity:high
2/25    Is there anyone out who understands the NT security API? All I'm
        trying to do is set permissions on a directory: Everyone group,
        full control, inheritable by child objects and containers. Then I
        need to know how to create files so that they don't override the
        parent ACL. Should they have a NULL SD, or a default SD with a NULL

        What I'm doing now is setting security on every file create and
        copy, which is error prone. CopyFile doesn't copy the SD, so I do
        PROTECTED_DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION) on the new file. It would be
        better if it just obeyed the parent directory settings.  -sky
        \_ I know how to do the similar on Solaris on but not NT. Sorry.
           In Solaris I set the parent directories ACL and mask and then all
           children (both files & directories) inherit ACL. At least when
           you do commands like cp/cat/vi. Okay, so it's not going thru the
           API so it's not similar thing. There are some oddities when on
           older versions of Veritas products though. Are you using Veritas?
        \_ Apparently no one understands the NT security API.  What I _do_
           know is it has nothing to do with the way Veritas or Solaris work.
2002/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:23971 Activity:high
2/25    What happened to the program "vis"? I thought it was supposed to show
        the output of a program repeatedly. /usr/bin/vis "is a filter
        for converting non-printable characters into a visual
2002/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:23972 Activity:nil
2/25    i guess they flunked  =
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