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2002/2/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:23956 Activity:nil 50%like:22455
2/22    Ah, motd censorship
        \_ [motd url formatd was here]
        \_ I don't know who deletes threads.  I rather they stay up
           so I can critique them.  -soda conservative
           \_ you mean ridicule.
                \_ Perhaps you're projecting your perception of
                   which side is making the better points.
           \_ Seriously, is there really a point to it?  The article is so weak
              it almost looks like a strawman.  Why bother? It's too easy.
2002/2/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:23957 Activity:insanely high
2/22    How famous is professor Culler? Looking for a decent prof to do
        undergrad research with. I've heard bad things about Patterson and
        other "big shot" profs. Any comment?                    -junior
        \_ Some of the things that should be said in response to an inquiry
           like this are best said off the record and offline. Drop by
           the CSUA office or the HKN office some time, and there should
           be people around who can say some of said things. Certainly
           if I'm around I should be able to give you a braindump. -alexf
        \_ Maybe you want someone famous like bh who got listed in the geek
           book as "the friendly hacker" or something like that.
           \_ what is "the geek book"? --geek wanna-be
        \_ He is well known and respected in his field.  Here's a question
           for you: Why do you want to do research?  --jon
           \_ I'm bored of undergrad classes. I want more challenge. I want
              to read and publish interesting research topic. I want to go
              to read and publish on interesting research topics. I want to go
              reason jon???
              \_ All your research topic are belong to us.
              \_ And wants em good engrish skill!
              to grad school (research experience helps). Are those good
              reasons, jon?
              \_ Jon's question was totally valid. If you care more about
                 grad school (and want to go to school for prestige/money)
                 than the other things mentioned, than picking a name-brand
                 prof might be more important. Also, the CSUA is off-the-rec
                 as long as you don't sign your posts...
                 \_ I would not, in general, trust advice from unsigned motd
                    posts on anything remotely important. -alexf
                    \_ Is this self-fulfilling?
                    \_ alexf, I strongly advise you *not* to go on a killing
                       spree on campus.  --unsigned motd poster
        \_ Pick a professor that you like, that you respect, whose philosophy
           agrees with yours. Don't worry about "fame". You're at Berkeley.
           Everyone's pretty great. Look for someone whose interests are like
2002/2/23-24 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:23958 Activity:insanely high
2/22    Just curious, when the Olympics was held in Berlin back in the 30s
        how many gold medals did Germans get?
        \_  ya gotta love google...
                Top winners          G   S   B    Total
            1.  Germany             33  26  30    89
            2.  USA                 24  20  12    56
            3.  Italy                8   9   5    22
           \_ wow those Nazis are really good... or not :)
           \_ wow, taking performance enhancing drugs even then, eh?
        \_ Keep in mind, that Germany before WW2 was the techincally
           most advanced nation in the world.  Nazi party managed to
           pull Germany out of depression which lasted 10 years.
           Too bad, among other things, Hitler never been to Asia
           at the time, otherwise, he probably will not complain about
           lack of "living space" for the German people.
           \_ Max Schmeling and Jesse Owens would tell you otherwise.  -John
           \_ Nah, Germany was really advanced pre-WWI.  By pre-WWII,
              it has slipped a little relatively speaking.  Also,
              Germany is crowded even by Asian standards.
           \_ Hitler not complain about bad engrish on motd not either!
        \_ Why does UK suck so bad in the Olympics relative to the
           other European nations?
           \_ because their wide success in rock music has encouraged
              more youth to pick up music as opposed to sports.
           \_ They don't have mountains.  -tom
           \_ they have bad teeth
           \_ All the males died in WW I / II, leaving mostly
              effeminate noncombatants to repopulate.  Plus they are
              socialists and their societies are dying, literally.
              \_ But UK is less socialist than Sweden and Norway!
                 \_ Sweden and Norway don't have zillions of foreigners on
                    welfare swamping their shores.
              \_ Is it "dying", too?
                    \_ yeah that's it - blame the foreigners.
                       \_ Blame goes where it belongs.  shrug.
                    \_ Canada is just as socialist, has just as many
                       foreigners, and still did well at the Olympics.
                       Your explanation is stupid.  I like Tom's
                       explanation better.  But then UK also kind of
                       sucks at Summer Olympics.  The rock music
                       explanation ain't bad either.
                        \_ Hey genius, the topic moved beyond medal count.
                           Try again.
                           \_ Why do you insist on trying to explain
                              your stupidity.  I suggest the best way
                              for you to cover it up is to delete
                              this thread in its entirety.
                              \_ No one was explaining anything.  You were
                                 being corrected.  So this makes two times you
                                 needed correcting on the same thread.  You
                                 stick around, son, you'll get it one day.  I
                                 suggest a basic reading comprehension course
                                 at a local community college for a good start.
                                 \_ The only time the topic changed was when
                                    it shifted from medal count to how stupid
                                    you are.
                                    \_ Maybe you're not ready for community
                                       college basic reading comp. courses.
2002/2/23 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:23959 Activity:nil
2/23  For emacs guru.  Within a region, I want to insert a carriage return
      before some keyword.  I was hoping I can express carriage return
      as string expression thus just simply replace string.  But instead,
      I got: ^Mkeyword.......^Mkeyword..... etc.
      What is the right way to do this?             --- kngharv
      \_ ob^X^Cperl
2002/2/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:23960 Activity:kinda low
2/23    Requiescat in pacem, Chuck Jones.
        \_ Tha tha tha tha that's all, folks!
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