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2002/2/22 [ERROR, uid:23939, category id '18005#4.125' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23939 Activity:nil
2/21    Does anyone have a username/password for (wall st journal)?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ did you try csua/csua or motd/motd?
2002/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23940 Activity:high
2/21    Anyone heard of Wink Communications?  What's their deal?
        Should I work there?
        \_ Are you employed?  If not and they offered you a job, take it.
        \_ I worked at Geoworks when Wink spun off six or seven years ago.
           It was a division called Geoworks ITV before spinning off.  Now
           it's still within walking distance from Geoworks.  Don't know much
           about its prospect.  --- yuen
        \_ Wink has been on the verge of hitting the big time since 97. They
           aren't any closer today than in 97. Think of it as yet another
2002/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23941 Activity:nil
2/21    How do recycle companies handle paper envelops that have plastic
        windows?  They're not having workers going through all the envelops
        and tear off the plastics, right?
        \_ Why don't you ask them and tell us?
2002/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23942 Activity:high
2/21    anyone worked with/for james raby @ sgi -- is he a good programmer/mgr?
        \_ he's at sgi.  isn't that enough?  make that he's *still* at
2002/2/22 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23943 Activity:very high
2/21    My moronic boss asked me to write a batch file to auomate a telnet
        session and one requirement is it should not ask user for the
        password.  How do I kindly tell him that he is an idiot?
        \_ setup ssh with passwordless public key or host-based authentication,
           symlink telnet to ssh and let him believe that the users are using
           telnet ;p
           \_ The batch file will be placed in hundreds of Windows 98
              machine's at a client site; none of these machines have ssh.
              How do I tell him off?  I told him it can't be done and he
              insisted that it can be done.
              \_ Why are you still even working there? I can't imagine
                 working in a place with a boss that stupid and an OS
                 that crappy.
                 \_ This isn't 1998.
              \_ Include ssh along with the batch file. --dim
        \_ He's a moron, true, but you've done your duty by telling him so, now
           it is your job to make it work.  I suggest a telnetd that auto-auths
           anyone with no password.  Yes, this is frightfully stupid, etc, etc,
           but unless you want to polish your resume, swallow the bile and just
           do it.  Now is not a good time to get fired.  Make sure you have it
           documented that this is insecure and you told them so but were told
           to do it anyway.  You're then free from serious fallout.  C.Y.A.
        \_ I agree with the SSH suggestion. However, if you still need to
           use telnet, you can embed a known password into the batch script.
           You need to telnet to the same account, though. Or maybe have
           the user save the password somewhere, but not ask on every
        \_ Create a server on a random port that does what he wants and have
                your script telnet to that port.
        \_ write a telnet program that automates the password and ship
           it with your batch file.  And document it that it's insecure.
        \_ Upgrade windows. Realize that even windows has better tools
           than telnet for running remote batch jobs.
        \_ Whatever you do ignore the idiots here who give the 1990's dotcom
           answer of "oh just quit!".  Find a way to do the project and do it.
           Document the insecurity and the specs and forget about it.  Your job
           is more important than religion.
        \_ maybe he's talking about telnet -F option with Kerberos V5
           authentication being used.
        \_ acct with no passwd?
2002/2/22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Reference/Religion] UID:23944 Activity:high
2/21    Daniel Pearl killed.
        \_ this kind of shit happens every day.  since he is american
           and pakistan is a musilim nation it's news because that helps
           feed anti-muslim sentiment in the u.s.
                \_ that's kinda cruel to say. either way it *was* someone
                   who was unfairly killed. that's all...
                \_ innocent people's heads being cut off with a knife and
                   videotaped. Yes, right. That's very common, in Chechnya
                        \_ hehe, or thailand
           \_ actually, i'm surprised it didn't get more coverage. most
              nights the local news hardly mentioned it, and when they did,
              it was, "Oh, and by the way, we're still not sure if
              the reporter's dead or not.  Now onto sports!"
           \_ I guess that's why US sent troops to Bosnia to help
              the muslims there?
              \_ after waiting for how long?? check your facts jack, wasn't
                 until other UN troops were held hostage did the U.S. care.
                 \_ Doesn't matter.  Clinton did the right thing in the
                    end, inspite of Republican opposition.  He is my
              \_ And thats why CLintoon bombed Christian Serbia to help
                 the Muslim KLA, the same muslims we fought in Afghanistan
                 and are now chasing around the world.
                 \_ The muslim world didn't seem to appreciate this, I think.
                    \_ The Bosnian muslims apprecated this, and that's
                       good enough.
                 \_ The Serbian yahoos ain't no Christians.  They are
                    bullies, and it's good that we bombed their arse.
                    Now the Balkans are all peaceful, and participating
                    in the Olympics too.  Clinton is my hero!
        \_ Gotta love the PC Jews at the NYT omitting very important details
           about the situation, just like the major networks wouldn't show
           dozens of people jumping from the WTC.  Pearl was not just murdered,
           he was beheaded.
2002/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23945 Activity:nil
2/21    How come Tara Lipinski didn't compete this year?
        \_ She turned pro.
2002/2/22 [Computer/HW/Display, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23946 Activity:moderate
2/21    Anyone here gotten mulitmonitor working with two video cards?
        \_ Yes. Matrox G400/450 under Windows 2000.
                \_ is this an editing system?  If so please contact brain
        \_ Yes.  Onboard video and ATI Xpert 98 under Win98 and Windows 2000.
        \_ Yes. OS X w/PCI Radeon & GeForce 3
        \_ Yes. /dev/ttya and /dev/ttyb
2002/2/22 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:23947 Activity:very high
2/21    Since I started the thread awhile ago, I felt I should post some info.
        There's a misconception in real estate that the seller pays the 6%.
        Take a house, for sale by owner, for example.  The Seller with an
        agent can sell a house for 400k, and give 24k to the two agents,
        pocketing 276k before closing costs.  A for sale by owner can sell
        for 280k, make 4k more than if he were to sell thru an agent, and
        the buyer also saves 20k.  Where does the 6% come from?  The selling
        price.  Who pays the selling price?  The Buyer. The 6% is a markup
        for agents paid by the buyer.  In actuality, it does come closer to
        3%, since sellers will insist on splitting commissions.  Of course,
        in hot housing markets, throw this out the window.  -nivra
        \_ You meant a $300k house not $400k, right?
        \_ [motd mathd was here]
        \_ That's because the seller is paying the 6%. All houses are
           priced with that 6% in mind. The reality with FSBO is that
           buyers and sellers split the savings, but it's much harder to
           sell the house. The seller is benefitting from the service more
           than the buyer. Also, someone must pay for the buyer's agent if
           there is one. All that really matters is the net. Is that what
           you are saying in a roundabout way? If so, duh. --dim
           \_ the agent is of no use to the buyer whatsoever unless they are
              clueless.  to buy a house you need a lawyer, and that's it.
              this is in direct contradiction to certain advice given
              by loudmouth idiots on the motd.
              \_ *Which* agent? A buyer's agent certainly is useful. An
                 attorney, while beneficial, is not required either in
                 California. Do you have a point? --dim
              \_ Who is going to show you houses without a buyer's agent?
                 The online/public MLS doesn't show addresses and if I was
                 selling my house and a non-agent random fuck called or showed
                 at my door, they're *not* getting a tour.  And there's no one
                 to even let you in if the house is vacant.  You're a fool.
                 You're not getting a discount off the house without an agent.
                 With 2 agents, they split the fee, with 1 agent they take the
                 whole fee.
                 \_ FWIW, the only friends I know to buy a house for <$400 in
                    Berkeley in the past two years found the house on their own
                    while riding around on their bikes and did all the
                    preliminary talking directly to the seller.  Their agent
                    (i.e., the buyer's agent) only helped them shuffle the
                    papers for the sale, though that was non-trivial.
                    \_ I'm having a hard time replying to this.  I'm honestly
                       not sure why you're telling us this.  What does this
                       have to do with anything?
                 \_ IIRC, a lot of the time, a single-agent (who's
                    acting as both buying and selling agent) deal
                    will only net the agent 4.5%; there are sticky legal
                    ramifications of being both, though...
                    \_ If you're the buyer and they have an agent, then the
                       seller's agent also becomes the buyer's agent.  You are
                       going to get screwed.  Beware when they ask to get your
                       OK to run an approval on you, then they know exactly
                       how much they can soak you for.  There's nothing
                       anywhere that I've ever heard of that says 4.5% for a
                       single agent.
                \_ Y'all realize that if the agent works for a brokerage
                house (ie: coldwell) then they split some of their 3% with
                the broker. So a buyer or seller's agent may get as little
                as 1.5% on the transaction.
                \_ Sure sure but that wasn't the point.  The idea was how much
                   it costs the buyer/seller to have an agent, not the final
                   destination for that fee.
2002/2/22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23948 Activity:high
2/21    "BUSH'S VIETNAM"
        \_ Ted Rall should stick to drawing mediocre comic strips.  Or see
           somebody about getting his medication changed.
2002/2/22 [Computer/HW] UID:23949 Activity:very high
2/21    What kind of server crashes after receiving 16,000 mail messages?
        Are they seriously using Gateway HW for that? (gateway is one of the
        official equipment providers for the Olympic games)
        \_ telnet port 25 and see.  you'll let us know.
        \_ Shouldn't you be blaiming the software instead?
           \_ Or maybe "blaming" it.
              \_ Oops.
        \_ why, did crash or something?
2002/2/22 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:23950 Activity:nil
2/21    To the French/Sartre/existentialist buffs out there
        an english translation of "Les Jeux Sont Faits" available? My
        French has completely degraded over the past few years so I can't
        read the original version.
        \_ Babelfish!
        \_ Run the motd archive through the french version of jive.  Same
           \_ OK let me rephrase the request. Is there a good or reputable
              translation of the book? -op
              \_ Why the f&%k are you asking the motd this (other than
                 anonymously boasting about your erudite reading requirements)?
                 \_ Because the motd is sometimes a good source of info.
                    \_ Consider me duly slapped and carry on. (!sarcasm)
2002/2/22 [Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Activities] UID:23951 Activity:very high
2/22    Michelle Kwan is a perfect example of an over-ambitious Asian who
        stopped skating for the sake of fun and just fell flat on her face.
        \_ You're over reaching on the troll-o-meter.  Anyway she didn't fall
           on her face.  She fell on her ass.  You must not have seen it.
        \_ What does being an Asian have anything to do with that?
          \_ obviously, you don't have Asian parents. They push you too hard
             and make you miserable unless you become a doctor (or get a gold
             metal in some cases)               -miserable asian kid
             \_ lol, you are miserable because you are weak, and can handle
                the challenge.  You have no will to excel.  So what she fell
                on her ass, but she earned the respect from many.  You know
                what she said at the end "I didn't give up".
                \_ Yes, and I think she contributed more to the sport
                   than say, Tara Lipinski, who won gold at a young
                   age, and immediately turned pro.
                   \_ Please tell us how she 'contributed to the sport'.  By
                      doing commercials for Chrystler?
                      \_ By setting a high standard for an extensive period?
                         Take her away from this year's competition and it
                         would be much more boring.  The sport would be
                         much more boring if all the competitors are
                         happy-go-lucky 16-year olds.
                         \_ Yesterday's news, pal.  The best got the medal.
                            \_ Don't feel obliged to continue arguing if you
                               have no point to make.
                               \_ You missed the point.  There's no argument.
                                  Bronze medal winners are yesterday's news.
                                  Gold medal winners are champions.  No one
                                  likes a loser.  Get used to seeing the new
                                  girl.  Bye Michelle, now go away, loser.
                                  \_ Really?  How about Anna Kournikova?
                                     \_ Duh.  Great tits and skirt.
                                        \_ Good.  Now you are getting brighter.
             \_ medal.  Train harder.
             \_ I think Michelle wanted to skate.  Her parents worked
                several jobs so she could train.  I believe her sister
                was her inspiration.
        \_ A whole bunch of skaters on the men's side fell, and most
           were not asian.  The Russian guy who won and his Russian
           rival also seem to care a lot about winning.  It's
           good if you are skating for fun cause it makes you
           relaxed, but if winning is important, as it is for many
           of the skaters, no point pretending that it isn't.
           \_ "most were not asian".  Meaning?  Asians are more talented?
        \_ Olympic skaters do not compete for fun.  I assure you that by the
           time someone becomes competitive at the National/International
           level, any sense of fun has been ground out of them and replaced
           with a desire to win at all costs.  Skaters have learned to put on
           a happy face, and make faux-sportsmanlike/inspirational statements
           like 'I tried my best, but xxxx really deserved the gold.' when on
           camera because they know that people will fawn over how gracious
           they are for doing it.  That, and sore loser skaters have a history
           of becoming total paraiahs for expressing their disappointment.
           If you have the chance, try catching a skater's off camera reaction
           in the locker room after a bad performance.  Reality and media
           images are very different.  And yes, skaters are pretty much
           universally like this, regardless of nationality or skin color.
2002/2/22-23 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:23952 Activity:moderate
2/22    I want to access a networded printer from OSX.  I can access it
        from a regular unix computer but somehow it is not showing up in
        AppleTalk listing and I cannot change its setup.  How do I find
        its IP and print through that?  Ok tnx.
        \_ Walk to the printer and press some buttons to print out a server
           config page?  If there's one, it should show the printer's IP
        \_ Your unix workstations will also know.
           \_ I tried and the hp LaserJet 2200 just printed some advertisement
              for itself.  How do I find the IP from the unix workstation?
              \_ try looking in /etc/printcap
               \_ /etc/printcap might use an IP or a DNS name. You can nslookup
                  the dns if need be.  OP is drifting into RTFM area now....
                  [dont reindent this.  its where I meant it to be]
2002/2/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23953 Activity:high
2/22    I got a Gameboy Advance for my birthday.  Where can I find a good
        selection of cheap GB games?  (Used cartidges are fine; non-GBA games
        are fine.  I just want to play more than the one game it came with, at
        less than $29.95/game . . . )
        \_ Funcoland
        \_ What are you? 12?
        \_ ebay
        \_ you're supposed to get one of those flash cart things and download
           every f'n game in existence, then never play them.
           some of the high ranking GBA games are awesome!! My favorites
           are THPS2 and Advanced Wars.
        \_ if you're annoyed by the lack of visibility in all but the
           optimal lighting conditions, check out
2002/2/22-23 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:23954 Activity:high
2/22    Why do alarm companies install the home alarm panels at visible places
        in your house?  Someone can just break in to your house and use a
        hammer to smash the panel within the 45-second delay, and nothing will
        beep or call the police, right?  I'm thinking if it's worthwile to
        install one.  Thanks.
        \_ Because when the panel goes out the alarm company knows?  Or maybe
           you've discovered The Secret Method no one else has ever considered.
        \_ the keypanel and the alarm box are two different things. You'll set
            off the alarm in the box if you smask the panel.  The alarm box is
            generally hidden on the premesis.  Interestingly, the alarm cannot
            call the police if you have the presence of mind to first cut the
            house's phone lines (at the MPO, usually outside where bell techs
                                        \_ MPoE: Minimum Point of Entry
            can get to it).
            \_ in some cases, there's a wireless transmitter installed by
               alarm company to monitor any intrusion or for system
                  phone line is cut. I'm sure it's something like a pinger
                  that check to see that the alarm is alive and happy. --dim
               \_ Many have an option to automatically "call" if the phone
                  line is cut. I'm sure it's something like a pinger that
                  checks to see that the alarm is alive and happy. --dim
2002/2/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:23955 Activity:nil
2/22    The dangers of coffee.  It really can kill you:
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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