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2002/2/20 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:23916 Activity:high
2/19    Where's a good place to get a hp printer fixedin Oak/Berk/Hayward?
        \_ printers are getting cheaper these days.  What about a new one?
           \_ That isn't environmentally sound.
                \_ Because if OP doesn't buy it, it won't exist?
                   \_ They'll make more.
        \_ Ok, how about a recommendation for a fax service that takes
           my incoming faxes and sends them to me as an email?
           \_ I've had a free account for several years and
                \_ How do you get it FREE? Their website says $9.95/Mo.
                   \_ eFax Free (not eFax Plus).
2002/2/20 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23917 Activity:high
2/19    Is there a way to determine if Backspace is set to ^? or ^H . I'm
        trying to config a login script that will do an 'stty erase'
        to the correct control sequence.
        \_ stty -a | grep ' erase' | sed -e 's/^.*erase = //' \
                                         -e 's/\;.*$//'
           Seems to work on BSD and Linux
           \_ On my HP-UX xterm, if I had previously did 'stty erase ^H' then
              the above will return ^H, but if I didm't, I get DEL. So what
              do I do with DEL? More precisely, I want to be able to log in
              from different xterms (linux, hp-ux, etc) and have my backspace
              mapped correctly.
              \_ AFAIK, DEL == ^?. BTW, why are you doing all this, termcap
                 terminfo, etc. should just take care of everything provided
                 $TERM is set.
                 \_ I guess it's not in my case. TERM is being set, but unless
                    I do a 'stty erase ^H', my backspace won't work (it'll
                    just output ^H). And if I log in from a linux box, it's ^?
2002/2/20 [Uncategorized] UID:23918 Activity:nil
2/20    go breathe elsewhere
2002/2/20 [Uncategorized] UID:23919 Activity:high 60%like:24816
2/19    Where's a good place to get posters of microprocessors?
        \_ 330 soda.  take them from the walls (they're already framed)
           \_ Hi paolo!  You like taking posters, don't you?
              \_ hi ilyas!
              \_ who is paolo?
                 \_ Uid Formerly Known As Paolo is now pst@soda.
pst              ttyE8   Mon Feb 18 19:40 - 03:01  (07:21)
                    \_ i don't think he logs in anymore
2002/2/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:23920 Activity:nil
2/19    Did you guys know there's a sex class in Berkeley?  To bad it's now
2002/2/20 [Computer/SW/P2P, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23921 Activity:high
2/19    Tom posts an intelligent comment on usenet:
        \_ Charging is one possibility except then you get into the problem
           of exactly who to charge.  Do you charge the student assigned to a
           workstation?  Ok, another user logs in from another local machine
           and uses the other student's machine for external access.  Do you
           charge the whole department or sub-unit and "let God sort it out"?
           That just means rich departments stay on the net and poorer ones
           take the net away from most of their users.  You can't charge by
           IP address because IP != unique user and packets don't have user
           names on them.  There's still no answer short of simply cutting off
           a lot of people from external net access and I don't think anyone
           wants that.
           \_ "tragedy of the commons" problems usually have no easy solution.
              The issue of access to national parks is a good example; you
              can't restrict access to Yosemite Valley in a way that's
              pleasing and fair, but you have to restrict access if you want
              Yosemite Valley to retain its value.  At some point you have
              to make some decisions about tradeoffs.  A campus phone isn't
              equivalent to a unique user, either, but we manage to bill
              people for phone service.  -tom
              \_ I don't have a problem with the basic concept of billing for
                 usage but it isn't the same as phones.  Most people aren't on
                 the phone all day.  Most aren't making LD calls.  And it is a
                 bit difficult to login to your phone from my desk without your
                 knowledge and rack up a huge bill to 976-hotsex.  $300 in
                 calls on my phone to my office mate's mother in Tokyo is easy
                 to track down and bill properly.  With the technology at hand
                 I only see raising bandwidth or cutting a lot of people off
                 from the public net.  I don't see the latter as a good choice
                 for a research/educational institution.  It also wouldn't fly
                        \- i think this is naive.
                 \_ How are you planning to pay for this increased bandwidth?
                 \_ I don't think anyone wants to cut people off the net,
                    but providing a certain amount of "free" service, and
                    charging if you go over a certain amount of traffic, is
                    probably a tenable model.  Buying bandwidth indefinitely
                    so kids can fill it up with more kazaa is untenable. -tom
                    \_Just raise tuiton. Make net access a line item that
                    people can elect not to pay for if they don't need it.
                        \_ "Every complex problem has a solution that's
                            simple, elegant, and won't work."  -tom
                            \_ isn that ken lindahl's or msinatra's quote?
                               \- Why doesnt "disallow P2P except on certain
                               subnets/via prior arragement" [say for people
                               using gnutella for collaboration or maybe some-
                               body in cs doing something researchy] solve the
                               problem as long as someone in the dorms can
                               get their own isp access [i am not sure if this
                               is possible]. are students on the dormnet
                               allowed to run WEEB servers? yes, a lot of the
                               http is garbage but you have to attack what is
                               viable and cost-effective. the comment about
                               running the p2p server on port 80 to "hide" is
                               not a real issue. at least with napster,
                               gnutella, kazza, we can detect it on any port
                               [although not in real time, although that doesnt
                               seem important]. Also, the TotC comparison isnt
                               quite right since the Commons is a natural
                               endowment while bandwidth is sort of a "weakly-
                               rival" good paid for by somebody. Say I build a
                               lighthouse for my shipping company along my
                               shipping lane. I dont care if some people use
                               my lighthouses, however if this makes for "my
                               shipping lanes" too crowded for me to use,
                               well, i'd be better off switching technologies.
                               it seems like if you throttled the dormnet
                               traffic onto the routed internet but allowed
                               significant bandwidth to campus, people could
                               do their school work. [i assume most of the
                               p2p sharing isnt local]. --psb
                               [the lighthouse example is a little off because
                               it is not a divisible but a binary good but that
                               wasnt the point i was getting at. someone does
                               own the bandwidth].
                                \_ dorm traffic is already handled under
                                   a separate cap.  You can do things to
                                   discourage P2P sharing, but that only
                                   solves 25% of your problem, and the
                                   more you discourage it, the more incentive
                                   there is to find ways around it.  -tom
        \_ MOTD WANKERY!  None of you people are in position to do anything.
           \_ actually, I am.  -tom
             \_ A chill falls across the room...
           \_ wanking is precisely what they are in the position to do.
2002/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23922 Activity:high
        ".Net marks the dawn of the third age of computing -- embrace it."
        \_ "I get all my tech news from Salon.  Without Salon I couldn't run
           my software startup!  Salon tech news is just swell!"  -- Bill Gates
        \_ .Net question: Wasn't Java/JINI/etc/etc supposed to do all this?
           \_ .Net has pointers.
2002/2/20-21 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:23923 Activity:insanely high
2/20    Is it really true that BMWs are theft proof because of that chip in
        the key?
        \_ NOTHING is theft proof. Theft-resistant, but not theft-proof.
           \_ Not even the one James Bond drove.
        \_ related note:  how many of you actually shell out $700 for the
           GPS tracker security system or $900 for the alarm system?
           \_ I outfitted my car with "Lethal Deterrent".  And it doesn't
           even drain the battery!
        \_ Of course not.  What if the thief has a tow truck?  What if the
           thief plans ahead and bribes someone at BMW to get him the key
           for your car?  Difficult and unlikely, yes.  Impossible, no.
        \_ Follow up question : Is there concrete data on this stuff anywhere?
           \_ You're on the motd.  There is no concrete data here.
        \_ No.  However, it takes a little more skill, a few more tools, and
           a little more time to steal a BMW because of those chips (VWs and
           Audis too).  All of those will cut down on theft.
        \_ anything you do that requires the thief to physically have the
           proper key (i.e. GM's VATs, the lasercut lexus keys, the bmw chip
           etc - is just goin gto increase the carjacking incidents)
           - ex AAA Automobile Locksmith.
           \_ hi paolo, er, prole... er, pst
           \_ Only if they want the car that badly.
        \_ Basically, it comes down to: is the car worth the time to steal?
           If you can steal an unarmed car in 15 seconds vs. one with an
           alarm, a Club, etc in 60 seconds, most likely the unarmed one
           will be taken first.
           \_ not if the unarmed one isn't worth taking.
              \_ well, goes w/o saying, don't park your 535i next to a Pinto.
                 \_ 535i ?  What do you think this is, 1999?  I can't afford
                    that shit.  I only have a 325Ci.
           \_ Practically any car can be stolen if a thief wants it. Thieves
              don't use a lot of the same logic we do, either. I've seen
              older cars stolen that were parked right next to much nicer
              and newer cars. My neighbor had a Saturn (!) stolen that was
              parked next to Hondas, Cadillacs, a BMW, an Acura, and a Porsche
              (none of which had alarms that were armed). My dad was
              carjacked for his beaten-up 1982 Toyota pickup! All you can
              do is your best. Things like Lojack will help you get your
              car back, if you think you want it back after it's been
              stripped. --dim
              \_ I guess that what car they want to steal depends on the
                 current demand in the used parts market.
           \_ This is not related to cars, but I've heard stories where someone
              on campus had a crappy bike and locked it with at Kryptonite
              bike lock that costed more than the bike, yet the bike was still
              \_ I've had a friend who got his *junky* bike stolen off a
                 balcony of a 3rd floor apartment.  The bike theifs in
                 Berkeley will go any distance to steal even a piece of crap.
2002/2/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:23924 Activity:low
2/19    For the person who asked about stty yesterday. Try something
        like the following in your .profile, it might just solve your

        case "$-" in
           *i*) eval `/usr/bin/tset -sQ \?$TERM` ;;
2002/2/20-21 [Computer/HW] UID:23925 Activity:insanely high
2/20    How many people think that the Dell dude is similar to Stifler in
        American Pie (both are stupid and annoying)
        \_ Dell has to hire a spokesman who matches the quality of their
           \_ They're better than Compaq's... for what that's worth.
           \_ What's wrong with Dells?
              \_ del happens to be one of my favorite differential operators.
        \_ Stifler in American Pie was pretty annoying, but I thought he was
           funny as hell in the sequel.  But the Dell dude is way more annoying
           than Stifler in the first movie.
        \_ Dell dude is just kinda it or not the guy
           was useful. Stifler, now that guy's got character. Dude, you
           should've gotten a dell. And dude, where's my car?
2002/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:23926 Activity:high
2/20    Quoting from instructions on how to send a Sony laptop in for
        non-warranty service.  They fuck you so fantastically hard it's
        >Should you choose to send the system for service, you will be
        >responsible for the following:
        >d. You MUST provide proper documentation with your shipment;
        >   - Name, Return Shipping Address (no PO boxes),
        >   - Day and Evening Phone Numbers
        >   - Detailed Errors and symptoms
        >   - Method of payment (MC, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, Money Orders
        >      and Checks (no starters)
        >   - Written letter authorizing charges up to $700.   <======= Rad!
        >NOTE: There is a minimum $25 estimate fee and a $35 return shipping
        >fee. The estimate charge will be waived if the repairs are
        >performed at the Fremont facility. You will be notified of, and
        >must approve the estimate prior to the repair. Service estimates
        >are not available through email. The diagnosis of hardware
        >service issues cannot be handled via e-mail. The system must be
        >shipped in prior to receiving a service estimate quote.
        \_ you are getting a Dell dude!
        \_ we know you're supposed to get a macintosh.
2002/2/20-21 [Transportation/Misc] UID:23927 Activity:high
2/20 (only $60k!)
        \_ can't be a real bid.  $60k for a skateboard with a handle?
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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