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2002/2/15 [Politics] UID:23869 Activity:insanely high
2/14    NBC's coverage of the Olympics was so much better this time
        compared to in Australia.  More focus on the sports themselves
        rather than stupid wannabe stories, a more international focus
        (They show events even when there are no US contenders), and
        much less commercials, and those there are more well-spaced.
        Great job!
        \_ I thought only CNN has a more international focus in news in
                \_ cough, you must live under a rock.  Oh wait, your
                   probably a lib.
           \_ I am talking about Olympics coverage, not news in general.
2002/2/15 [Recreation/Computer] UID:23870 Activity:high 50%like:25165
2/14    motd poll: Who do you think should have won the gold for pairs
        figure skating?
        The Russians: ..
        The Canadians:
        The Martians:
        yermom: ..
        not important: ...
        \_ Exactly what happened?  -- not a fan
        \_ This has already been /.'d to death.
          \_ This may be a shock, but some of us don't read slashdot
             and don't intend to start anytime soon.
        \_ why? because the Canadians are whining cry babies
           \_ crybabies or not, doesn't obscure the fact that the french
              judge was pressured by the FRENCH to vote russian.
              \_ I am glad the Canadians lost. They were so damn smug and
                 I disliked Jamie Sale's attitude. I would've voted
                 against them, too. Now in defeat, they are proving to be
                 the loser primadonnas they appeared to be before the
                 competition. --dim
                 \_ I thought they were pretty gracious.  Certainly much
                    better than those American volleyball players who
                    shaved their heads or those American hockey players
                    who thrashed up the Olympic Village a few years
                    \_ Only gracious in comparison to cretins. The
                       gracious thing to do was shutup about it already.
                          then they were just mostly having fun going
                       \_ Yes that would have been even better.  But
                          then they were mostly just having fun going
                          on Jay Leno show, and this Canadian band
                          (what's it called?).  I kind of think that
                          their performance.  Still it was reasonable
                          given what they did.
                          they should not have celebrated like they
                          already won the gold medal right after
                          their performance, in terms of not
                          unnecessarily alienating any judges.  Still
                          it was reasonable given what they did.
2002/2/15 [Computer/Networking] UID:23871 Activity:very high
2/14    Know any local stores in SF and Oakland area, that sell networking
        products?  Like hubs and cat5 cables?  The Major chain stores like
        compUSA, ciruit city and bestbuy sell hubs at about $60.  I heard
        you can get a 4port hub for around $20, and 25' cat5 cables for
        around $5
        \_Fry's had a 100Mb 4 port switch+lan card for $40. Home despot has a
        500' box of cat5e for $40 and 1000' for $55, and a pack of connectors
        for $8.
        \_ Central Computer is close to downtown but it's not the cheapest
           place. If I need something ASAP that's where I go. Otherwise,
           I drive to Fry's in Palo Alto.
        \_ can't you get dirt cheap deals on this stuff by google'ing? With
           overnight or 2nd day shipping wouldn't this work out similar price
           similar time, more convenience?
           \_ Don't use google for shopping.  Go to or some
              other shopping/comparison engine.  Everything is not a nail.
                \_ yeah but I just nailed yer mom
                   \_ Cheap bastard!  You didn't even leave 3 bucks on the
                      nightstand!  You owe mymom 2 more bucks!
        \_ The $20 4port hub was maybe the refurbished 10Mb linksys/netgear
           at Fry's. Even had 50' CAT5 cables. I think there's
           a Fry's in Fremont. Not that far via 880 (or even BART if u savvy
2002/2/15 [Uncategorized] UID:23872 Activity:kinda low
2/14 is gone?  It was still there yesterday!
        \_ What is Ketchum Kitchen? I like       - rory
        \_ baby
2002/2/15 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23873 Activity:kinda low
2/14    Is there something equivalent to "cp -i" for tar?  I just overwrote
        my project tar file, and I'd like a confirmation before it tries to
        write to an existing file.
        \_ How about untaring to a temporary directory and then cp -Ri the
           files to the intended destination?
           \_ That would be decent, but I was thinking it should have
              something more alias-able. I was actually trying to type
              "tar xf myproj.tar", but I typed "tar cf myproj.tar", which
              created an empty tar file.  Bloody stupid.
        \_ Set noclobber in your shell and get in the habit of doing
           tar cf - > file.tar
           \- you should be able to do something with tcsh's programmable
              completions. exactly what to do depends on what behaviour
              works for you. you could have it offer to complete with
              tar t and tar x but not tar c. i often do:
              lstar   tar -tvf !*
              mktar   tar -cvf !*
              tarcp   tar cf - !:1 | ( cd !:2 ; tar xfBp -)
              \_ That should be cd !:2 && tar xfBp -, or even easier (and though
                 you get large warnings in the manpage, I've never had this
                 fail on any tar or OS): tar -C !:2 -xfBP -     --dbushong
              untar   tar -xvf !*
              zlstar  gzcat !* | tar tf -
              zuntar  gzcat !* | tar xvf -
              ok tnx --psb
2002/2/15 [Recreation/Food] UID:23874 Activity:nil
2/14    Darn!  I just remember today is Valentine's Day.  What should
        I do tonight?  Where do I get dinner from?
                - single guy who got dumped a couple months ago
        \_ Head to the loin and grab you some hos.
        \_ I'm eating leftover Chinese food and watching TV. I'm married
           but my wife is out of town!
2002/2/15-16 [Consumer/Camera] UID:23875 Activity:kinda low
2/15    What's a good digital camera for less than $450??
        \_ Canon PowerShot S110 or S300.
2002/2/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23876 Activity:high
2/15    Soda slow? Blame THEM!

43437 suzuki    51   0 18408K  3096K RUN    388:45 43.70% 43.70% screen-3.9.9+i
63859 ax        51   0  4724K   904K RUN     24.7H 43.65% 43.65% trn
        \_ been trying to kill this all morning.  please kill.  thanks. -e
63859 ax        51   0  4724K   904K RUN     24.7H 43.65% 43.65% trn
        \_ root, please kill them!
2002/2/15-16 [Recreation/Humor] UID:23877 Activity:high
2/15    for all you searle haters.  ucb.class.phil132 apparently is a newsgroup
        on <DEAD><DEAD> that is almost never used for the class.  It
        would it amusing to have it filled with anti-searle _logical_ arguments
        \_ is there any point?  does anyone whose opinion matters actually
           take this guy seriously?  i heard him speak once with a panel
           of real people, and it was kind of a fucking joke that he was even
           \_ He is too an opinion leader. He is almost as smart as Rush
              \_ 3 things: What does "He is too an opinion leader" mean in
                 English?  Have you ever listened to RL or are you just
                 repeating random spew?  What qualifications do you have to
                 judge another's intelligence or ability after your own
                 demonstration of inability?
                 \_ He has an opinion and will only shut up about it if
                    he is unconscious, dead, or with yermom.
                    \_ The last is not true.  He was with mymom only last
                       night and was still going off about how briliant he is
                       right there in the middle of his 15 minute time slot!
2002/2/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:23878 Activity:high
2/15    all, there will be a brief meeting FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15
        6PM on the STEPS OF WHEELER
        it will be to discuss the airport workers activities and the other
        events on the list. please come.  -rachel
        \_I'm confused. What exactly is the purpose of this?
        \_ Will the airport workers discuss hiring some people who speak
           english and are helpful and knowledgeable instead of stupid
           and rude?  -John
           \_ Also, will the airport workers discuss hiring some people who
              just pick on old ladies and avoid confronting those passengers
              who look mean enough?
              \_ You can't racial profile.  You must treat every 89 year old
                 from Topeka the same as someone carrying a bomb and wearing
                 an "Osama is my friend!" tshirt.
              \_ What the fuck!?  Why should I be picked on just because
                 I go to the gym a lot, and have a big build?!
                 \_ 'cause the guards like to check out yerbod.
                 \_ wtf are you talking about?  are you pumping too many
                    steroids?  they damage your brain you know.
2002/2/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23879 Activity:nil
2/14    I have some old "Professional Write" files that I would like to
        convert to unix text files. Is there a program in soda that does
        \_ Run 'strings' on the files and clean them up by hand.
           \_ Browse the ports tree at
        and ask staff to install something that you like.
2002/2/15-16 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:23880 Activity:very high
2/15    This olympic figure skating contraversy brings out something that
        reminded people of the cold war.  All the eastern block former
        communist countries still stick together.  Yeah, they may be
        democracies now, but they still remember their communist roots.
        \_ a Deep Thought, by Jack Handy.
        \_ uh, yes, I'm sure you're the only one who noticed this.  Are you
           next going to point out the French joined them and post the standard
           anti-French tirade about them, too?
           \_ Actually, I think the original post was cut and pasted from
              a SJ Merc article.  Either that or
        \_ That's not quite the situation. The fact that many of these countries
           were under the the thumbs of Soviet-backed military dictatorships
           complicates the "old buddies" theory.
              \_ Then the OP needs to get bashed for not providing a link or
                 quoting ths source in addition to posting the obvious.  I'm
                 still trying to decide if the SF Comical is better or worse
                 than the SJM but neither is a 'good' source of news.
        \_ Just like US and UK still sticking together after two and a quarter
           centuries of independence.
           \_ Uhm, more like since WWI or thereabouts.  1777 wasn't a good year
              for US/British relations.  Also 1776 wasn't the US becoming
              magically independent.  We "declared" it.  That's why we call it
              the "Declaration of Inde" oh nevermind.  Go read a book.  Why do
              I bother?
              \_ Yeah I know we declared independence.  What's your point?
              \_ 1812 wasn't so hot either. --dim
2002/2/15 [Health] UID:23881 Activity:nil
2/15    Why do some atheletes have surgery on worn out body parts (I forgot
        the names of those surgery)? Wouldn't their body naturally repair
        and heal automatically?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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