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2002/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23790 Activity:very high
2/5     Is it generally true that women don't like USED stuff you buy for
        them (e.g. from eBay)? Why don't they like used stuff?
        \_ Not true.
        \_ As a gift?  Would *you* want someone else's USED stuff as a gift?
           That's no gift.
          \_ Hint: they prefer new tampons.
        \_ Used stuff as in the Hope Diamond or used stuff as in a beaten
           up rocking chair made in China in 1983? Nice stuff is nice
           stuff, new or used. --dim
        \_ depends on the person.  perhaps a used gift which is nice (as dim
           might have suggested) can be a good idea.  Something classic
           or antique can still be a nice gift.  Even a "rock" can
           be a good gift if it means something special.
           \_ that's heavy
        \_ In some cases there are reasons to *prefer* used stuff.  Used
           books have a whole different feel to them, and I prefer that my
           30-year-old sci-fi have 30-year-old cover art.  I can think of a
           couple of books I want that are out of print and very hard to
           find -- if a friend pointed me at a copy so I could pay for it
           *myself* I'd be grateful.  If you're into that kind of thing,
           signed first editions don't tend to be new.  One friend of mine
           is actively searching for an out-of-print CD and a couple of
           out-of-print board games.  Does she bake?  You can find phenomenal
           deals on refurbished kitchen appliances that allow you to give
           someone a much nicer gift (if she bakes, she'll understand the
           difference between the refurbished KitchenAid stand mixer and
           any other model at that price point).  High end audio equipment
           devalues quickly, but still sounds just as good (and tends to be
           bought by people who handle it with kid gloves), allowing you to
           buy nicer stuff than your budget would otherwise allow.  A
           musician friend of mine hunted high and low to find a 1969 Conn
           88H trombone because he likes the way they made the slide on that
           one; it's been over ten years now, and I think you'd have to pry
           it out of his cold, dead hands.  How about antiques?  Finished
           wood develops a patina over time that you can't really fake.
           It depends on what you're buying and who you're buying it for.
           \- arent you taking this thread a little seriously. i mean you
              say reasonable things, so presumable you are not stupid and
              should know well-enough to ignore this thread ... presuambly
              you dont feel that passionately about the subject to weight in
              any way. ok. --psb
           \_ Chill.
           \_ that's heavy (lame pun intended)
           \_ So you're saying if she's stupid I can get her some old junk off
              ebay and she'll like that and not think I'm a cheap bastard?
              \_ okay, I'll bite on your troll.  With an attitude like that,
                 do I have to say anymore?
2002/2/6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23791 Activity:high
2/5     psb, did you have anything to do with the new history
        command-completion function in tcsh?  I like it.
        \- i made a couple of suggestions a little while ago but i am not
           real involved with any opensrc projects any more. i still get
           xmas cards from fsf however. does anyone think it would be useful
           to be able to have the shell dump its env when it gets a SIG ...
           kind of like named dumping its cache? ok tnx --psb
           \_ I think it would be useful for tcsh to take user-defined
              actions when it receives SIGUSR# -jon
                        \_ I think it would be useful for tcsh
                           to bring to me hot nubile virgins.
                           \_ /dev/hotchicks doesn't support that ioctl
                              \_ what about /dev/H07AZNCH1X?
              \- like what else? i think limited stuff like "dump env"
                 isnt too big of a security risk but i dont want someone
                 to figure out some way to get a process into your shell
                 that leads to a trojan horse or a + in your .rhosts --psb
        \_ to you that likes it, can you do all of us a favor and compile
           it on csua so that we can see if we like it too? i would, but i
           don't know if i like it or not :)
        \_ What's new about it?
2002/2/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:23792 Activity:very high
2/5     Just curious, what is the uplink rate for AT&T Broadband?
        \_ AT&T Broadband the cable TV?  No clue.  If you mean AT&T
           Broadband Internet (ATTBI), it's been capped since the @Home
           days at 128kbps (kilo_bits_persec).  Since it became ATTBI,
           they also capped downstream at 1.5Mbps =(  --dbushong
                \_ of course I mean internet, you pedantic moron
        \_ 128kb/s upload.  1.5mb/s download.  Hard caps.
                \_ 128kb/s, is that enough for video conferencing?
                   \_ 64kbps is enough if you don't need high quality. 128
                      is ok and 384 is pretty good for RT streaming.
2002/2/6-7 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:23793 Activity:low
2/6     International reaction to Bush's Axis of Evil declaration was swift,
        as within minutes, France surrendered.
2002/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW] UID:23794 Activity:very high
        \_ eh?
           \_ looks like lila
              \_ Sure, until you actually look.
                 \_ None of my exs ever get on the net.  Even the slutty ones.
                    \_ That's your fault, then.
                        \_ How so?  They're my "ex"'s.  I have no contact with
                           them at all.  Get off drugs.
2002/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:23795 Activity:high
2/6     Where can one buy a region/code-free DVD player in the Bay Area?
        Thanks.  I do not want to order online.
        \_ japan town in SF has some
2002/2/6 [Reference/History] UID:23796 Activity:high
2/6     What is the oddest/most surprising winter/summer olympic event?
        \_ Bangin' yermom.
        \_ distance throwing your caveman mom
        \_ Chess.  (Is it still an Olympic event?)
           \_ Chess was NEVER an olympic event.
        \_ Cricket
        \_ Skeleton is fucking insane.
2002/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23797 Activity:insanely high
2/6     I just got hit by the Nimda worm.  Does anyone have experience
        getting rid of it?  :(
        \_ install *nix
        \_ Reformat, reinstall. Seriously. Nimda installs backdoors.
           *anyone* could have done *anything* to our system.
           \_ Certainly do this. And keep up with patches! Seriously,
              Nimda has been around for so long -- you shouldn't have
              been affected at all.
              \_ I have a RH6.2 Linux on the internal LAN.  Do I need
                 to reinstall that too?  Lots of DNS probes after my
                 windows gateway was compromised.
                 \_ uh... if it was infected. Does Nimbda even
                    affect non-windows?
                    \_ In the anal-sense, yes. But only because Nimda
                       probes randomly-picked IP addresses. However,
                       Nimda can only _infect_ very specific systems
                       (which are usually MS Windows systems).
                 \_ Make sure you have all the patches for RH6.2...
                    Nimda won't get it, but there are other worms
                    that can do some damage.
2002/2/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23798 Activity:high
2/6     For those that know rice.  What's a good rice cooker brand?  I need
        one that cooks and keeps warm.  I only have a "cooker" and not a
        "warmer."  Oh, and where to buy it cheap.
        \_ pot.  stove.  15 minutes.
           \_ You don't understand.  I'm a lazy ass bum who'd rather starve
              than to cook ramen.
        \_ National, aka Panasonic, aka Matsushita -jon
        \_ go to ranch 99 or lion plaza
           \_ Where is Lion Plaza?
              \_ Mission Blvd off 880. But any Ranch 99 or Marina Food will do
                 \_ 99 Ranch, not Ranch 99
                    \_ picky picky. -anti-anal police
                    \_ "Ni Ni Ranch"
                       \_ Tits ranch?
                    \_ Yes, but all my friends call it Ranch 99 for some
                       reason.  If you search the web for "Ranch 99" you can
                       see many references too.  We also say its Chinese name
                       as "Dai Wah 99" even though the printed form is
                       "Dai Wah" only.
                 \_ also one in Milpitas, by Milpitas Blvd. and Dixon Landing
          \_ Or you can go to the one  in Daly City.
        \_ look for an elephant emblem.
           \_ zojirushi.  those rule.
              \_ yes... these are good... I had one. They allegedly utilize
                 "fuzzy logic" in the temperature control.
2002/2/6-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:23799 Activity:insanely high
2/6     I am putting my speakers on speaker stands finally.  The IKEA stands
        I get require holes to be drilled on the speaker's bottom to bolt it
        to the surface of the stand.  Is this a good idea?  I am reluctant to
        modify my speaker (NHT 1.5, if it matters) in some permanent way.
        \_ I would be very cautious drilling holes on the speaker.
           Attaching something like velcro or something like that is okay,
           but drilling holes?  Be careful.
        \_ stay the hell away from Ikea.
        \_ I heard that speaker stands need to be VERY rigid so that the
           speaker on the stand won't recoil when the electromagnet pushes the
           membrane forward.  That way the acoustic characteristics of the
           speaker is preserved.  I don't think anything Ikea sells is up to
           that standard.  Drilling holes to mount the speakers probably
           has the advantage of making the speaker and the stand one more-rigid
           body, but the benefit won't pay for the drawback that the acoustic
           characteristics of the speaker box is destroyed.  If your speaker
           is a low-end one you probably don't care as much about the
           acoustics, but then in that case why bother drilling holes?  -- yuen
           \- dont get a stand for a decent speaker at ikea. for big speakers
           there are stands that stand on spikes for more isolationand ones
           that have hollow tubes that can be filled with lead shot ... some
           such stands are actually not that expensive, compared to the
           speakers. go to a real stereo store for suggestions ... once again
           BAA gives good advice. --psb
           \_ where is BAA? What about The Sound Well? - ! orig poster
              \- BAA is roughly at Sunnyvale-Saratoga and Hwy 85. I believe
              the now have a WEEB site. I am not familar with the sound well.
              The good things about BAA: 1. they know their stuff 2. they are
              reasonable people interested in building a relationship with
              the customer (this include stuff like they may lend you stuff to
              try at home, they wont nickle and dime you ... in at least one
              case they gave be a sale price on some stuff that would have gone
              on sale in a few weeks instead of making me come back) 3. they
              treat you reasonably even if you arent looking to drop 5 figures
              on a stereo. --psb
        \__ IKEA sucks.
              \_ Sounds good... sounds alot like the Sound Well... maybe you
                 would be interested to check it out... about half-way down
                 University, on the south-side of the street.   - rory
        \_ I once built my own subwoofer for my car about two years ago
           with all the research etc that goes on with that, using design
           programs to measure everything, down to coeffiecients of different
           woods, everything. Anyways, I've never heard of a speaker stand where
        \_ I've never heard of a speaker stand where
           using a BOSE speaker then you will be fine. (bose has significantly
           more internalized designs and pathways... its not a good imaging
           company, only makes an expansive, 'bose' sound out of every song..)
           you must drill INTO the speaker box, but as long as you are not
           using a BOSE speaker then you will be fine. (You dont want to
           drill into a bose. it has alot more sound redirecting tubes on
           the inside all crammed usually... than any other company..)
           Acoustically it will not change anything otherwise, but its
           wierd and I'd feel uncomfortable about doing it even though
           it will not change anything.
2002/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:23800 Activity:very high
2/6     Is it technically difficult to create a vcr that accepts both NTSC
        and PAL? Why the format difference?
        \_ 1) No. In fact, all major equipment makers sell such devices. They're
           called "multi-system" VCRs. They are more expensive than
        \_ 1) No. In fact, all major equipment makers sell such devices.
           They're called "multi-system" VCRs. They are more expensive than
           single-system VCRs, however, and since there is very low demand for
           multi-system VCRs, you'd have to order one using manufacturer's
           \_ They are in low demand here but in high demand in East Asian
              countries.  Same for multi-system TVs.
        \_ Wanna watch legal Danish teen porn?
        \_ What is PAL?
2002/2/6-7 [Health] UID:23801 Activity:very high
2/6     Has anyone used Ritalin? I am having trouble concentrating and my
        school work is suffering. I'd like to try SOMETHING... like Ritalin,
        hormone therapy, hypnosis... ANYTHING.
        \_ Inquire with davebrok@csua.
        \_ dexadrine worked wonders.  Too bad they only give it to people
        \_ Try meditation. Start slowly, just concentrate on your breath
           with ADD.  Ask for it from your local fix.
        \_ Don't take boring classes.  Learn some self-discipline.
           It's cheaper than prescription drugs.  -jeffwong
        \_ Try masturbation. Start slowly, just concentrate on your breasts
           for 10 mins every morning and every evening. Try not to think
           about anything else during that time (it will be hard at first).
           As you get used to it, increase by 5 mins every two weeks or
           so, until you get upto about 30 mins or so. This will work
           wonders for you.
           \_ And try some exercise. What is distracting your concentration?
              Maybe address that first and then your mind will be free to
              concentrate. If it's issues, then take care of them. If it's
              a medical problem, contact a doctor before the motd.
        \_ i know people who've used ritalin.  they report that it is in fact
           really good for helping you concentrate and be extraordinarily
           productive, but if you have a tendency toward addiction, be wary.
           \_ And then you get productive and happier and attract more
              of the opposite sex and then you spend all your time partying
              with them and distracted and it gets hard to concentrate again.
              \_ No problem.  Just take more ritalin!
        \_ You probably just hate schoolwork. Do you find it hard to
           concentrate on things that you like to do?
           \_ Actually, yes, I do. Thoughts? - not original poster who has
              the same problem both in classes and with things he enjoys
           \_ Trouble concentrating when masturbating. Therefore cannot cum.
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