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2002/2/5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23775 Activity:nil
2/4     The largest fiber optic network in the world is about to be
        'bought' by the Chicoms, and where is the media?
        A national disgrace.
2002/2/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23776 Activity:nil
2/3     I'm working with xml (my resume), but I can't get emacs to
        correctly indent with open and closing tags.  I have psgml, xml,
        and html -mode at my disposal, but I don't know how to make it
        format correctly.  Any hints?
2002/2/5 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/HW/IO] UID:23777 Activity:high
2/3     3 weeks into using Dvorak (pain in the ass to learn) I am almost as
        proficient at it as I was with qwerty. However my wrist+fingers
        still hurt and now I'm looking at alternatives like ViaVoice or
        Dragon speech software. Any comments?
        \_ You lack sufficient faith, my son.
        \_ have you tried Datahand or Kinesis? They're soooo cool...
                \_ datahand is indeed way c00l! But as a starving student
                   a $1000 keyboard is a bit too much!
        \_ Make sure that its not your fingers and hands getting _tired_
           Also, make sure to use one of those broken "M$" natural keyboards.
           When switching, I noticed significant fatigue in my hands and
           fingers when learning the new keymap-  it did go away...  On the
           other hand, two hours of qwerty will nuke my hands for the next
           two days.  Also helpful-  do away with the evil emacs control key.
                \_ eh, without CTRL emacs is useless!
2002/2/5 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:23778 Activity:high
2/4     Rent Ceiling Database, maintained by Berkeley Rent Stabilization
        Board.  Allows you to see the rent ceilings on all apartments in
        \_ Communists.
           \_ Privileged rich fascist.  You sit here enjoying your free
              CSUA email account while you hope to steal money from
              students, poor and disabled folks and keep people homeless!
           \_ Publishing this information is a GOOD thing.  In fact,
              having this data public will make it easier to remove
              all rent control since tenants will no longer be at a
              disadvantage because they lack information about the market.
              The big question is, does this help or hinder landlord collusion?
        \_ Hmm, so my neighbor whose moaning I used to listen to thru her
           door while her bf did her is paying $950/mo, if that's still her
           living there.
           \_ This excites me.
        \_ So what does it mean if I'm paying more than the amount listed
           here for my apartment?  Can I get my rent reduced or something?
2002/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:23779 Activity:nil
2/5     the following was posted to the motd yesterday:
        " \_ antisymmetry is when you buy a house, ring, etc etc and then
             you get a divorce, pay alimony, lose a house, so on and so
             forth.                       -bmg"
        bmg?? wtf?  did Bitter Divorced Guy get re-married?  Say it ain't so!
2002/2/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23780 Activity:high
2/3     I admit it, I use pine (old habits die hard). I'm always getting
        mail with attachments or mail that's in both plain text and HTML.
        is there a way in pine to take an e-mail message and delete just
        the attachment part (or one of the attachments if there are several)
        but keep other parts of the e-mail message intact?
        \_ All these things and more are possible with mutt.  Switch, then
           we'll talk.
           \_ Hey mutt zealot guy, I was using mutt for a little while and
              stopped because I didn't find something that allows for
              grabbing email addresses into my addressbook. I did RTFM.
              I read several manuals and webpages but perhaps I'm just
              dense. Can you point me to how to incorporate such a
              \_ i don't know if you need the next two lines,
                 but I use them:
                 set alias_file="~/.mutt.aliases"
                 source "~/.mutt.aliases"
                 then i hit "a" to add someone to my aliases.
                 easy, huh?
        \_ You don't have to switch to mutt.  Just switch to anything that
           isn't pine.  This thread has 3 hours to live then it gets blasted.
           \_ Then I'll replace it. There's an actual answered question with
              useful information above.
              \_ Yes, the thread I saved from someone else's axe.  You're
           \_ I use M$ Outlook 2000 and I can't find a way to do this either.
              \_ Right click on address in header, select "add to contacts"
                 \_ I meant I can't find a way to delete just the attachment
                    part(s) of the e-mail message, like what the original
                    poster wants to do in Pine.
           \_ Why is Pine "crap", because it's somewhat easy to use at first?
                \_ it has very limited functionality, screws up mail spools,
                   is extremely slow and bloated compared to more reasonable
                   mail clients, and, well, is crap.  -tom
                        \_ Ah Ha. Thanks. One question: With your preferred
                           mail program, if you are composing a message and
                           you get disconnected from soda, do you loose your
                           \_ Nope. See also: screen(1).
                           \_ This is really a question about your editor, not
                              your mail program.  -tom
                           \_ One O in 'lose' as it relates to the Bad
                              News Bears.  Two O's in 'loose' as it
                              relates to your mom.
                           \_ And two O's as in "".
        \_ While viewing the message, "v", select the attachment, and then "d"
           \_ How do you get pine to actually expunge the attachment
              afterward? -!op
              \_ save the message.  you can save to the same folder.
                 attachments marked as deleted will not get copied along
2002/2/5-7 [Reference/Tax] UID:23781 Activity:high
2/5     Is the "Standard Deduction" for taxes the same for all people
        or does it vary according to your income?
        \_ the same
        \_ probably different if you are single, married, head of household.
         \_ I don't like it much cause I make charitable contributions, and
            it adds up to just slightly above the "Standard Deduction" so
            I am not getting much of a tax break. - bitter-charitable-donor
            \_ The tax laws are written to benefit homeowners. Give it up.
               \_ Darn!  But I absolutely detest mowing the lawn, lugging
                  around wood shavings, fixing toilet, remodelling the
                  basement and stuff like that, and don't think I can
                  afford to hire someone to do it.  :(  Are tax laws kind
                  to small apartment owners too?
                  \_ if you buy a condo you'll get the same benefit.  -tom
                     \_ Mostly. "Homeowner Association" fees run $200/mo
                        or more and are not tax-deductable...unless you
                        rent out your condo and live somewhere else, but
                        that kind of defeats the purpose. --ulysses
                     \_ You also get to share in the liabilities of any
                        neglected maintenance.  A friend of mine just
                        moved out of a complex where they found that the
                        management had neglected termite inspections for
                        the enormous, central 4-floor wooden balcony/walkway
                        that connects and provides access to all the condos.
                        Now they each get to share in the multimillion dollar
                        \_ I wouldn't buy a condo, but the conversation was
                           about tax benefit.  -tom

You have new mail.
2002/2/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:23782 Activity:low
2/5     Size 9/9.5? climbing shoes free to good home; too small for me. -pld
2002/2/5-6 [Reference/RealEstate, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Industry/Startup] UID:23783 Activity:insanely high
2/5     I'm a sysadmin. Made a house-call to fix CEO's wife's computer.
        She already did a great job of troubleshooting so there wasnt
        much for me to do. Instead I came up with a simple alternative
        that worked. She was very thankful and now sent me a Fry's gift
        certificate for a couple hundred dollars.  Is this too much money?
        What should I do? Just send a thank-you card? Or decline it and say
        I was just happy to help and was just "doing my job"?
        If kept, I will spend it on something my colleagues will also enjoy.
        Please give any advice, motd.
        \_ Thank you card.  It's annoying to have your gestures of thanks
           \_ thanks for helping confirm this for me.
        \_ Is your CEO using company resource for personal need?
           \_ she's a big part of his continued success. if he does well,
              the company does well and so does my job and stock do well.
              Anyways, I had to go out there to check on other things.
        \_ Return the gift and ask for sex instead.
           \_ Only if she's hot.  Is she?
              \_ She's hella hot. No sex.
        \_ I'd send her a thank you card, use the money to buy something,
           and not talk about it to others.  You might want to mention it
           \_ Seconded.
           to your CEO, depending on what kind of guy he is.
           \- thisisthecorrect advice. this probably isntthat much for a
           ceo and family.
        \_ Split the gift money into two halves. Buy yourself something nice
           with one half and a gift for your CEO with the other half..
           \_ That is just weird.
        \_ Nice!  I can see it now.  "Dear PCWorld forum...."
        \_ Buy her a nice sex toy as a thank you.
           \_ With a Fry's gift certificate?
              \_ One of those vibrating joysticks?
        \_ It is *not* part of your job to do house calls.  I've done house
           calls because it was clear that if I didn't I'd be looking for a
           new job.  Unless it says so in your contract, house calls aren't
           included.  Think I'm being a dick?  Who is liable if you get
           injured?  Slip on their floor?  Get in an auto accident?  The
           insurance company won't cover you for worker's comp. You're fucked.
           Take the gift, send a nice thank you to her and don't tell anyone
           else about it.  Don't do it again if at all possible.  The 'gift'
           is not a gift. It is payment for your work as a consultant.  Don't
           do any weird shit like splitting it and buying a gift for them or
           mentioning it to the CEO or anything else.  You're nice but very
           \_ You bring up some good points I did not think about. I think it
              is part of my job even though it's not written down anywhere
              I set up their computer systems at this home. I also helped
              with their home down south (flew on a jet).
              \_ So they paid you extra/bonus/OT/whatevr for being their
                 personal compupet setting up their computers and home networks
                 all over the country?  This isn't your job.  You're being
                 taken advantage of.  Let's compare.  I'm the admin at an
                 online place in the Bay Area.  I work less than 8 hours a day,
                 I don't visit homes, I don't do windows, I don't fill out
                 time sheets, I don't kiss anyone's ass, but I do report to
                 stupid people (can't have it all) and I make a lot more than
                 $100k.  The parent company is 50+ years old, stable, private
                 and will never IPO but I'll have this job as long as I can
                 stand it.  Which job would you rather have?
2002/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:23784 Activity:nil
2/5     Is anyone else made violently ill by the shitty music in commercials
        lately?  Or does everyone have Tivo's?
2002/2/5-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23785 Activity:high
2/5     Hi, I'm looking for a web site whereby people can enter a surname
        and it'll identify from what country the name originated in.  Is
        there such a thing?  Thanks.
        \_ Just post the name here and we'll tell you.
            \_ If you don't mind 3 pop-up windows and blinking ad's.
                \_ It's a new net.  No more supported-by-tax-dollars.
        \_ google it and look for the country code
2002/2/5 [Politics] UID:23786 Activity:nil
2/5     Capitalism these days really sucks- I am a firm believer in
        capitalism but.... the ideas of capitalism assumes low barriers
        to entry.  currently the barriers to enter industry have never
        been higher. I never understood why there are only 2 airplane
        producers, 8 car producers, 4 tire producers, 1 os producer, 5 hd
        producers, 2 chip producers, etc.  we live the age of monopoly
        disquised as capitalism and competition.
          the taste of competition and the capitalist market are beyond the
        senses. We need to look no further than the dot com explosion.
        Finally an industry formed where the barriers to entry were low
        and the ideals of our creators were realized. However, what
        happened, the new industry had to transform itself to fit into
        our disquised capitalist system.
          we can also observe the market for communications services. The
        availability of massive amounts of financing allowed gradiouse
        network buildouts to attempt to compete against the like of ATT,
        Sprint, WorldCom and the Regional Bell (RBOC's). However in the
        end the forces of our economy pushed us into the direction of
        continued monopoly.
          To see this more explicitly one need only to open the business
        section of the paper. Our monopolistic firms are firing countless
        numbers of employees and at the same time announcing earnings in
        the BILLIONS of $$$. ExxonMobile announced 3B in PROFIT in what
        could the be harshest business environment in history. Citigroup
        anounced 3.3B in PROFIT in parhaps the harshest banking
        environment in HISTORY. If things are so bad and if we are
        operating in a recssion how can it be that our leading
        corporations are generating billions in profits. Simple, we do
        not operate or live in a capitalist system.
          Thus any attack on capitalism is not an attack on today's
        economy. We must derive new terms and new descriptions to attack
        the travesities of todays economic order which falsly disquises
        itself as capitalism.
2002/2/5 [Politics] UID:23787 Activity:nil
2/5     Oh boy, Kinney's back.
        \_ Kinney's been listening to paolo too much.  At any rate, America's
           economic system is obviously not free market capitalism, it is
           'mixed' capitalism with a lot of government control.  In fact,
           many current monopolies were at one point government sponsored.
           I wonder what the current economic landscape would look like if
           it has always been a free, unregulated market.
           \_ who's paolo?
        \_ Wait... where? I miss that boy's nonsensical ravings!
2002/2/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:23788 Activity:nil
2/5     Drivel deleted.
2002/2/5-6 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:23789 Activity:nil
2/5     When I try to PGP encrypt outgoing messages in conjunction with mutt,
        I get several screens of hex numbers and then a fault notification.
        Does anyone have mutt + PGP working on soda? Can I get a look at your
        [ reformatted - motd formatting daemon ]
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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