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2002/1/23 [Uncategorized] UID:23638 Activity:nil
1/23    What a static motd lately...  Where have all the trollers gone?
2002/1/23-24 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:23639 Activity:very high
1/23    Carbon or Cocoa
        \_ in what context?
        \_ Cocoa if you like OO ObjC and Java. Carbon for the
           rest of us.
        \_ Depends, is it a #2 test or a milk vs water thing?  Do I have a pot
           stove top to heat the milk or is this a microwave-only deal?
        \_ Carbon if you want your app to run in OS 9, otherwise Cocoa.
           \_ Yeah..i figured.. but i'm wondering if i'd miss out on
              anything by using carbon..  will using the carbon APIs
              give me full run of the OSX features that i can get from
              \_ If you build your Carbon app as a Mach-O app, then you
                 can call any of the OS X APIs without any extra work.
                 If you build it in the OS 9 executable format (PEF, i think)
                 you can still call the OS X APIs, but you'll need to write
                 some glue code.
                 \_ Whether or not you delete my comments I still say this is
                    really insane and don't understand why Mac developers
                    would put up with this.
              \_ iPhoto is written in Cocoa.  Most new apps Apple write will
                 be Cocoa based.  Unless you need backward code compatibility,
                 you should start Cocoa.  (Besides, Cocoa has the possibility
                 of running on other processors/OS..)
        \_ Cocoa and Crabon have equivalent functionality, but it is far easier
           to write gui code using Cocoa. The same gui will take at least
           twice as much code under Carbon. --twohey
           \_ Have they changed Interface Builder+Project Builder much from
              the NextStep 4.x version? Does they do anything new/different?
              \_ you can find out for yourself by joining the free ADC
                 program and then downloading the OS X Developer Tools.
                 \_ I don't own a mac. I used to run NextStep on x86 and
                    sparc hardware. Doubt you can still download IB+PB for those
2002/1/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:23640 Activity:high
1/23    After selling products for years that are "secure", M$ finally says
        they have decided to make their product secure in the future.
        \_ Well no, they only said they should choose security over more
           features.  As 99% of their features are worthless bloat, expect
           the same of their security.  --MS #1 Fan
2002/1/23-24 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:23641 Activity:high
1/23    Battle of the Monoploistic Giants, AOL vs M$FT:
        \_ Hemlock or arsenic?  Damn.. I can't decide!
2002/1/23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:23642 Activity:high
1/23     The U.S. has announced the next site of its Terror War...the
        Philippines' southern island of Mindanao. More than 1,000 armed
        U.S. troops will be marching on Filipino soil in a war that the
        Filipino people oppose with regular mass protests all over the nation.
         The Filipino people know from firsthand experience that U.S.
        militarization will only lead to more human rights violations,
        civilian deaths, environmental destruction and the continued
        displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Despite the people's
        successful efforts to kick out the U.S. military from the archipelago,
        the Philippine government has once again demonstrated who its true
        constituents are by allowing them to return without question.
         The Filipino masses know that the only solution to terrorism is to
        address the root causes - poverty, landlessness, joblessness,
        homelessness - through genuine economic reform, land rights, and a
        democratic government that truly represents the needs of the majority
        rather than the few. Taking their lead, it's time to protest this
        new development right here in the Bay Area.
         Filipinos For Global Justice, Not War Coalition
        For more info call (415) 431-1918
        \_ And stop racial profiling!  Let's have a *BIG* group hug, everyone!
        \_ But then the Phillipines would cease to be a cheap sex
           destination for horney Westerners and Asians.
        \_ we better call them or they'll blow up in sproul
        \_ The Filipinos don't realize all the kidnappings are hurting their
           tourist industry?
        \_ Is this in response to the boring motd comment below? If this is
           true, how about a URL?
2002/1/23-24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23643 Activity:high
1/23    Last week for commenting on the MS antitrust case.  You always wanted
        to comment, right?  Now's the time.
        Quick way to add your voice:
        Good summary of problems with the proposed settlement:
        \_ Yes, my voice will made a difference.  I can feel the power
           flowing through me as I click and type!  Internet me, baby!
2002/1/23 [Uncategorized] UID:23644 Activity:nil
1/23    Are Bengalis in general more vertical challenged?
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